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Man Reunites With Stolen Dog After Emailing Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos

Richard Gutifield came home from work and was faced with every pet owner’s biggest fear. His 11-month- old dog, Wilma, was missing. The moment’s before he realized his pup was gone, an Amazon Delivery truck came and dropped off an order of dog food to Richard’s home in England.

Richard suspected that the Amazon driver stole his dog and took off. First, he made a post on Facebook explaining what had happened. He wrote, “my miniature schnauzer went missing from my house in Marsworth near Tring, any help in helping us find her would be so appreciated.”

Resulting to Social Media

The post reached 130 shares, and loads of comments from people who said they would help Richard find his beloved Wilma. Richard put some thought into it and realized that the driver of the Amazon truck stole his dog.

Amazon Delivery Suspicions

The dog food was supposed to be a standard delivery. This means that the package needed to be in a safe box. However, Richard found the dog food inside his porch. Apparently, the driver let himself in the house.

Richard had his suspicions but didn’t want to get the driver in trouble until he investigated other possibilities.

One Email to Jeff Bezos

Days went by, and Richard tried everything. He finally decided he was ready to make a complaint to Amazon. Richard wanted to cut the customer service line and send an email to the direct source, Amazon’s CEO, Jeff Bezos.

Most CEO’s are too busy to bother with the load of emails they receive every minute. Had this been any other company, Richard wouldn’t stand a chance against the hundreds of emails a CEO as big as Bezos has to sort through. Luckily, Jeff is not like most CEOs. An email about a lost puppy is nowhere beneath him.

Bezos hires people to check his emails and report back when they find something important. An Amazon employee, Rob, whose job is to sift through Jeff’s emails found Richard’s story and began to do some further investigation.

The Investigation

Rob took matters into his own hands and went to the driver’s house. There he found Wilma, Richard’s lost puppy. “Rob at Amazon UK was simply wonderful, he didn’t listen to the driver when he said he didn’t remember the dogs and he went to the drivers home and found Wilma and brought her straight back, thanks Rob!” reads Richard’s Facebook post.

The driver who stole Wilma no longer works for the company. “This is inexcusable and does not reflect the high standards we have for our delivery partners – we take these matters seriously,” Amazon’s spokesperson said.

Paying it Forward

Richard is ecstatic to be back with Wilma. He’s currently paying this kindness forward and is helping others find their lost dog.