It seems to be that the most intriguing photos are the ones of minor, simple, and specific detailed moments that make legendary stories so real. It’s hard to imagine the pivotal moments. The greatness we learn about only includes the most important parts, and that’s what makes it so unrealistic. Once we see that these stories are also made up of ordinary things and ordinary people, we can grasp the magnitude of these events. We hear about dictators but we never heard about the family dinner he ate at that made his darkness so creepily human. Everyone knows about the worlds most celebrated inventors but have you ever seen a picture of them at work before they knew they would make it big? That legendary figure was assassinated but what did he pick out to wear the day of his death? All these simple pictures make us realize that people, similar to us, experienced and or created history, its mindblowing. 

1. Meet the MGM Lion

Try to find a person who’s unfamiliar with this cat’s crackling roar. MGM’s signature lion is probably the most famous lion ever to live, but we all take for granted the fact that this feline had a casting day.

MGM lion