It seems to be that the most intriguing photos are the ones of minor, simple, and specific detailed moments that make legendary stories so real. It’s hard to imagine the pivotal moments. The greatness we learn about only includes the most important parts, and that’s what makes it so unrealistic. Once we see that these stories are also made up of ordinary things and ordinary people, we can grasp the magnitude of these events. We hear about dictators but we never heard about the family dinner he ate at that made his darkness so creepily human. Everyone knows about the worlds most celebrated inventors but have you ever seen a picture of them at work before they knew they would make it big? That legendary figure was assassinated but what did he pick out to wear the day of his death? All these simple pictures make us realize that people, similar to us, experienced and or created history, its mindblowing. 

1. Meet the MGM Lion

Try to find a person who’s unfamiliar with this cat’s crackling roar. MGM’s signature lion is probably the most famous lion ever to live, but we all take for granted the fact that this feline had a casting day.

MGM lion

2. Clyde’s “Ride or Die”

Here’s a photo of Bonnie Parker, posing in all her glory. She and her husband Clyde famously robbed their way through Central America during the Great Depression. They made sure to capture their B.A. moments on camera. If being young and unmarried wasn’t shocking enough, American folks dropped their jaws when they saw a lady holding a gun with a cigar in her mouth.

bonnie and clyde

3. “The Rock” Dwayne Johnson Feelin Small

It’s hard to believe this 6 ft 5, 260-pound celeb started out small, and in a pink suit. This photo of “The Rock” next to his father shows us just what size shoe Johnson had to fill.

the rock and his dad

4. A Small Piece of John Lennon’s Demise

John Lennon’s murder still stings the hearts of those who loved him so. The day one man shot down a spreader of peace and love becomes so real upon seeing the glasses he wore. He didn’t know his choice of shades would filter the last moments of his life.

beatles glasses

5. How Do You Measure the Damage of War

650 officers and enlisted men pay tribute to the 8 million, horses, donkeys, and mules during WW1.

650 officer ww1

6. Anne Frank’s Father Stands In the Attic Where She Hid

Students learn about history’s darkest of moments. Simply memorizing how many lost their lives to evil is not enough to grasp the magnitude. Anne Frank’s diary puts WW2 in perspective, but what makes her story even more relatable is this photo of her father standing in the attic she hid in for her life’s sake. Then the world was dark, but to Otto Frank, this attic is a place that will never see the light.

Anna Frank

7. Microsoft Staff 1978

Yep, that’s right. The company that currently employs around 124 thousand people worldwide started out as a gang of eleven tech-geeks. They had no idea their tiny company would eventually build the future. Check out Bill Gates in the bottom left corner.

Microsoft original staff

8. Steven Spielberg Lying in the Mouth of ‘’Bruce the shark’’ on the Set of Jaws, 1975

The legendary movie that scared most of the world out of the ocean looks harmless once you see Spielberg chilling in “Bruce the shark’s” mouth.

Steven Jaws

9. Frank Sinatra Was A “Selfie” Man Himself

The skilled musician was a trendsetter. He may or may not have started the viral “selfie” trend. Either way, it’s good to know the successful people snap a bathroom-selfie when they’re feeling hot too.

Frank Sinatra

10. A Child’s Gas Mask From WW2

WW2 makes us think of soldiers, fighter jets, and sirens. This picture of a gas mask adds another factor to the equation, the children. Many look back at their childhood and remember a stuffed teddy-bear, but the children of WW2 remember their kid-friendly gas masks.

ww1 gas mask

11. St. Pope John Paul II Meets With Man Who Tried to Kill Him

In 1983 Mehmet Agca, the man who tried to assassinate St. Pope John Paul II, gets an unexpected visitor; the Pope himself.

pope meets man who wants to kill him

12. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Plays a Game of Pool

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. made the world a better place; he also played pool. We’re so used to seeing pictures of him making speeches, but nothing’s more inspiring than seeing an icon doing “average joe things.”


13. The Real Uncle Sam

Walter Botts, the man who modeled Uncle Sam’s pose for J.M. Flagg’s famous poster. Photograph by David Dreier, 1970. Now you know the guy who wants YOU to join the army.

Uncle Sam

14. Can You Name These Little Fellas

Big shots Tobey Maguire and Leonardo DiCaprio bowling, 1989.

leo and toby

15. Jackie Mitchell Strikes Out Babe Ruth

The only female in history to strike out Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig. You go, girl! (1931). If only other woman were given the opportunity to do the same.

babe ruth defeated by female

16. Auschwitz Liberation 1945

Prisoners step out of Awshwitz into their freedom.

freed from camp

17. Andre the Gian Meets A Little Fan

This cute photo of Andre the Giant smiling as he meets his tiniest fan puts his height in perspective.

andre the giant

18. 5MB IBM hard drive, 1956.

Back then, people considered this massive hard drive to be an impressive one. Today a hard drive small enough to fit in your pocket can hold over ten times the megabytes.

19. A Master Piece in the Making

Construction of Eiffel Tower, 1888. The beautiful things take time.

20. Soldiers Send A “Friendly” Message to Hitler

These added a hint of irony to their duties.

21. The First of Many Many Laughs

The legendary comedian on the set of Seinfeld’s first episode.

22. The Bigger Things in Life

Brooklyn Supreme, the worlds largest horse 1928-1948

23. The Masterminds of Our Generation

A young Bill Gates with Steve Jobs, 1985

24.  Hitchcock Knows No Fear

The famous director of multiple horror films on set with a lion. It looks like this big kitty is more scared than Hitchcock.

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