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Maternal Meghan Is Simply Adorable & Here Are the Photos to Prove It

Woah! Safe to say Markle has dazzled us all with her show-stopping looks, proving this woman is rocking the pregnancy game right now.

If anyone is wondering how to make maternity look glam, this is your go-to gal. Here is a round-up of our favorite looks from the mom-to-be.

Tuesday Night Fever

She may have a bun in the oven, but no way is she letting that put a halt on her glamorous lifestyle. Markle recently attended an evening performance about Charles Darwin’s voyage on the HMS Beagle at the National History Museum in London with husband, Harry. Just look at the glow on her:

Who would’ve guessed she’s around six months pregnant here? Meghan is a picture of radiance in this cream Calvin Klein number. Not an awkward lump or bump in sight, this classy ensemble hugs her figure in all the right places.

A Royal Engagement

She may be expecting, but it’s still business as usual for the Duchess. Meghan steps out in Merseyside, Liverpool for various meetings with her other half. Each destination held a charitable aim: from commemorating World War II poets to visiting a café eradicating hunger in the UK. The couple also greeted crowds who’d gathered after hearing the royals would be in town, gawking over Meghan’s pre-baby glow:

Just because you’re pregnant, doesn’t mean you can’t express yourself. Meghan is a bold beauty in this vibrant number. Pairing a purple Aritizia dress with a red Sentaler coat is a choice not many of us were expecting to see from the Duchess of Sussex, but boy can she pull it off! Many have also speculated that Markle was channeling Princess Diana’s iconic 1989 Hong Kong look, where she modeled a similar color scheme.

A Trip to the West

Future parents Meghan and Harry took a trip to the Old Vic theatre in Bristol. Here they attended a workshop and learned about the history of the Old Vic which backed some big names in the acting business, such as Daniel Day-Lewis and Jeremy Irons. Of course, the Duchess was given her fair share of well-wishes on her pregnancy by many members of the public.

Pregnancy has taken no toll on Meghan, by the looks of things. She gets five stars from us in this elegant floral Oscar de la Renta dress, teamed with a black coat and khaki boots. Stylish as ever, the Duchess has got pregnant women everywhere wondering what her secret is. Get ready to see many more glammed-up future mommies after this look.

A Spring in Her Step

The Duchess of Sussex went out on a solo trip to Brinsworth House’s nursing and care home in Twickenham; the last of the outings before a well-deserved Christmas break. These homes are famous for catering previous members of the British entertainment business. As the 37-year-old spent the day greeting these residents, we were blown away once again by how she looked:

Despite this event being amidst a time of winter festivities, Markle is keeping the joy of spring alive in this floral Brock Collection number. An image of youth, for many of us just looking at Markle, will be enough to stop us when we feel like having a lazy day in sweaters and track pants.

Another Day, Another Awards Evening

This time last year, Markle appeared at the Endeavour Funds Awards Evening as a presenter, beside her fiancé Prince Harry. Skip to present day, and the Duchess has made her second visit to the prestigious event which celebrates members of the Armed Forces Community. This time, however, she is not only part of the royal family, but a future mother; and oh, how pregnancy suits her.

Never one to let her pregnancy maker her miss out on a moment to wow us, Meghan brings the sophistication in this bespoke Givenchy shirt and skirt. We must say, this look may not come as a surprise to many as Markle presented an award to Givenchy designer Clare Waight Keller at the British Fashion Awards. Even so, the Givenchy-lover does the impossible, making pregnancy look effortless in this stylish number.

Saving Man’s Best Friend

Calling all you dog-lovers out there, Meghan spent the day at Mayhew’s animal rescue charity, where she learned all about the various actions of the organization. The issue of animal welfare resides close to Meghan’s heart, as two of her pets were, in fact, rescue dogs. This may have been a mucky day, but Markle made sure to keep up her fashionista title, even while pregnant.

We don’t know what stuns us more about this look: the fact that Meghan makes pregnancy look like a breeze in this cream maternity dress and jacket combo or the fact that the gown is none other than a high street brand. That’s right, for just $35 all of you moms out there can try and emulate the Duchess’ chic look.

Meghan Is a Busy Bee

Is Meghan Markle the pregnant version of Wonder Woman? After visiting Mayhew’s animal welfare charity, Meghan also made an appearance at the slightly more glamorous Royal Albert Hall in London, to watch a Cirque du Soleil performance. And what an outfit change this turned out to be.

Looking like the fully-fledged glamazon that she is, Meghan sported a blue Sarandon wrap-up gown, coated in sparkling sequins. With the dress costing a slightly less obtainable $5,595, the Duchess of Sussex was turning heads the minute she stepped inside the building. Oh, and would you have guessed she’s around five months pregnant here?!

One Starstruck Schoolboy

The future super-mom steps out once again in another solo trip, this time to observe a school’s performance of War Horse in London’s National Theater. One young boy, a confessed superfan of Markle’s, had been anxiously waiting for this day to come, as he got the opportunity to get up close and personal with the stunning Duchess.

And stunning she was. The maternal woman was pretty-in-pink in this matching dress and jacket medley by Brandon Maxwell, teamed with some cream Aquazurra heals that brought the whole outfit together. Braving the cold weathers, Meghan just oozed elegance in this number that perfectly highlighted her baby bump. It’s no wonder the young schoolboy was so starstruck.


The Duchess of Sussex shocked us all when she made an unexpected appearance at the British Fashion Awards last year, an event which celebrates individual talents everywhere in the world of fashion. Showing the enormous amount of respect she has for Givenchy designer, Clare Waight Keller, Markle was proud to present her with the British Designer of the Year Womenswear honor. We have to say though; all eyes were on the expectant Duchess in that dress.

Could this be Meghan’s most iconic pregnancy look to date? We certainly think so. No words can explain just how remarkable the future-mother looked, as she strutted her stuff in a one-shoulder black velvet Givenchy dress. With such a subtle yet influential look, this outfit is giving us all the old-Hollywood feels. Markle is going above and beyond to send a message to moms everywhere, that bearing a child shouldn’t stop you from doing what you love.

Overthrowing Tradition

Just when you thought she couldn’t surprise us anymore, she goes one step further. The Duchess of Sussex was pictured visiting the University of London in an all-black Givenchy ensemble. What’s so surprising about this look you ask? It is a commonly known rule that royals are discouraged to wear black unless attending a funeral or Remembrance Day event.

Whether she’s following the rules or not, we can all agree that Meghan looks like a real fashionista in this get-up. Is there a time where pregnancy will ever get the best of this woman? It appears not, as the Duchess rocks the maternal look every time, keep doing what you’re doing, Meghan!

Dashing in Red

The Duchess of Sussex was seen walking hand-in-hand with her spouse upon their arrival in Tonga, one of the stops on their royal tour. That’s right, Markle may be pregnant, but nothing is stopping her from touring the world.

And what a glamorous tourer she is. Meghan’s shift dress by Jason Wu features the same red hue as the Tongan flag, was this intentional? We can’t say but either way, Markle is once again going above and beyond to show to us exactly how pregnant women can look gorgeous.

Philanthropic Duties

Keen to continue her busy schedule even while pregnant, Markle took on the challenge of paying visits to various charities that reflect her own moral values. Here she is during her visit to the Smart Works charity for unemployed and vulnerable women.

In this candid shot, the Duchess is spotted delicately cradling her baby bump while laughing away with one of the charity’s officials. No signs of morning sickness or tiredness here, Meghan is strictly business when it comes to her patronages, and looks great all the while!

The Happy Couple

We’ve shown you plenty of times how Meghan works the maternal-goddess look on her own, but how do they look, as a duo? The prospective parents have not let their situation stop them from doing their rounds, as they continue stepping out in the spotlight even days before the big day.

Can you imagine having such glamorous parents? The pair seems to give Black Tie a new, more refined meaning as they entered the Endeavour Funds Awards evening in style. Matching in their elegant black and white garments, love is clearly in the air as the couple walks hand-in-hand to the event. If there’s one thing we can predict, for now, it’s that this is going to be one good-looking family.

An Elegant Match

In true Meghan style, another glamorous event ensues. In November 2018, the royal couple were pictured at the Royal Variety show in London. The couple was seen holding hands as they exited the performance, and we can’t help but smile when looking at them.

Love is clearly in the air here, as Harry is captured looking down at his spouse’s baby bump adoringly. Meghan’s black and white Safiyaa ensemble gave her the perfect amount of sparkle for the flashy event, while shaping her bump perfectly. With a wife as beautiful as Meghan, who can blame Harry for the way he looks at her?

Festive Love

It’s all smiles between the Duchess and the Prince of Wales as they walk arm-in-arm to the church service on Christmas Day in Sandringham. In their matching navy suits, this couple brings a whole new meaning to ‘his and hers.’

We wonder if it’s all the festive commotion, or simply the undying love these two have for each other that keep these two the smiling. Just look at the way these two complement one another, it’s almost as if this picture was taken straight from a Disney movie. Side note: how much the pregnant Meghan glowing here?!

All in the Body Language

The trip to the infamous Old Vic theatre in Bristol may have marked an important day in the royal couple’s calendar, but the future father could not take his eyes off of Meghan.

Have you ever heard the term, when a couple ‘look good together?’ It’s as if the statement was made for these two: with Meghan, the maternal beauty in Oscar de la Renta and the dapper-as-ever Harry. The devotion between this pair is evident every time we look at them, just making us even more excited for the big day. Just days to go!

One Enamored Prince

From one country to another. One of the stops on the couple’s royal tour included New Zealand, and here they are in this picture observing some of the animals local to the area. Once again, the couple was being shown some fascinating things, but Harry remains fixated on his glamorous wife.

Meghan is keeping her pregnancy a secret to no one in this image, as she lovingly takes hold of the baby bump, almost as if she’s trying to share the excitement of seeing these creatures with her future child, how adorable! It would seem Harry is thinking exactly the same as us in this picture, as he marvels at the beauty of his expectant wife.

A Royal Competition

Meghan’s pregnancy marks an essential date in the royal calendar, being the first baby for the newly-weds. Safe to say the baby will be in good company, with three cousins to play with. Today, sister-in-law Kate Middleton has George, Charlotte and her youngest, Louis with Harry’s brother Prince William. But who rocked the pregnant look better?

Check out this snapshot of the Duchess of Cambridge, back in March 2018 on her third pregnancy. Just like Markle, Middleton is an image of class in this royal blue Seraphine Marlene dress, with a perfect lace detail featuring towards the top. What’s your verdict? Are you marveling on Markle or crazy for Kate?

A Different Style

While we can agree that both the Duchess of Cambridge and Sussex showed their pregnancies to the world in the most elegant ways possible, a notable difference arose when examining the style choices of both royals:

Navy appeared to be one of Kate’s biggest go-to colors during her pregnancy, captured here in this Beulah London coat from the Commonwealth Day church service. As sophisticated as she looks, we’ve noticed that Kate gravitated towards flowier formed maternity outfits, while Meghan seems determined to continue showing off her amazing figure, in more form-fitting clothes.

Another Busy Bee

Meghan isn’t the only Duchess keeping busy with royal duties during her pregnancy. Kate Middleton spent all three of her pregnancies staying involved with charitable events, in 2018 for example, she attended a London school to discuss children’s mental health.

Looking stunning as always, Kate is spotted once again in a flattering blue number which gave her a sophisticated look, yet still oozing stylishness. Who said you couldn’t look like a professional when you’re pregnant?

Flowing Phenomenon

From one glamazon to another: Kate is stunning in this Alexander McQueen gown at the royal palace in Norway. Standing in front of her husband, William, the Duchess of Cambridge couldn’t make her pregnancy look more elegant, prepare to be wowed:

Pastel pink seemed to be working wonders for future-mother Middleton here, and once again we are shown her trademark free-flowing style during her pregnancy, as the dress drapes over her baby bump flawlessly. The jewel embellishment at the top of the dress gives this number just the right level of glam, while keeping it classy.

Nearing the Big Reveal

We’ve gone on quite a journey over the last few months, witnessing some of Meghan Markle’s most stylish looks throughout her pregnancy. With the baby due any day now, one question resides in our minds: what will the post-birth outfit be? Here’s a sentimental look back at some past royals on this exact day:

Talk about paying a tribute; Kate brought a tear to our eyes when she stepped out after the birth of a third child, Louis, in almost an identical outfit to her spouse’s mother. The late Lady Diana sported a very similar red dress when she introduced the birth of Prince Harry in 1984. It would seem the tributes do not end here, however, as another royal has been spotted channeling plenty of Lady Diana’s most iconic outfits.

Daring to be Bold

After looking at this selection of pictures, we can safely say Meghan is the picture of beauty while carrying her future baby. But who was her main inspiration? We’ve already seen how the Duchess of Sussex channeled Diana on her trip to Liverpool, but just how similar were they?

Wow…that’s pretty similar. The 80s marked a time for Diana where her confidence in fashion grew. Looking at this snapshot taken during Diana’s visit to Hong Kong in November 1989, we can confirm she succeeded in this mission. So, was Markle attempting to bring across the same sort of message, that despite her pregnancy, she wants to make a statement? Whatever she’s doing, we think she looks fabulous.

Keeping Inspiration in the Family

Princess Diana was sure to turn heads in this midnight blue dress at the Shirley film festival. Who else agrees this dress looks familiar…where have we seen it before? That’s right; it’s almost identical to Meghan’s wrap-up gown she wore to the Royal Albert Hall. We’re calling it: Princess Diana is Markle’s style icon, and what a special icon to look up to.

Once again, this stunning outfit was worn by Diana during her progressive 80s period, where her confident fashion choices were used to emulate how she wanted to be represented in the media. If this is what Meghan is trying to do too, what better moment to try this than at the peak of her pregnancy? She’s not letting anyone or anything define her. Go, Markle!

It Doesn’t Stop There

If you thought maybe these matching outfits between the Duchess of Sussex and Princess Diana were a coincidence, think again as we show you yet another captured image which proves just how much the Duchess looks up to her spouse’s mother.

In this picture taken towards the earlier stages of Meghan’s pregnancy, we are shown how she dazzled crowds in this Emerald dress before taking off for Fiji with Harry. The resemblance is almost uncanny as we avert our eyes to the right, at the pregnant Princess Diana in 1982. This may have been a slightly more progressive look for Diana given the earlier time it was worn, but we can’t deny both royals bring a certain elegance to maternity.

Like Mother, Like Daughter

When Markle’s mother, Doria Ragland was asked for comment on her daughters’ pregnancy, we were all left gushing after Kensington Palace released that she was “very happy at this lovely news and is looking forward to welcoming her first grandchild.” What a moving time this is for those close to the royal couple! With Meghan seemingly glowing throughout her pregnancy, this makes the whole process that much more exciting.

Can you see the resemblance here between Doria and Meghan? Growing up, the Duchess shared a special bond with her mother, who nicknamed her ‘Flower’ from a young age. Meghan believes her mother’s contributions towards the less-fortunate made her into a “young adult with social consciousness.” It would seem Meghan looks just as radiant as her mother, so we’re placing our bets that she’ll act just like her too: being that same, selfless role-model for her child. Now is that adorable, or what!

Place Your Bets

Check out this adorable image of Meghan back when she was just a baby. Looking at this piece of nostalgia, who would’ve guessed she’d become the poised woman she is now, with a charm that ultimately stole the heart of a member of the British monarchy. Today, she is seen flaunting her pregnancy in the most glamorous way possible.

It seems the public can’t wait for the big day. Several fans have even taken to Twitter to make their assumptions on what they believe Meghan and Harry’s baby will look like. Will they take after their mother’s effortless glam, or the father’s bold charm and charisma?

Flashback to The First Sight of Her Baby Bump

It’s clear that Meghan Markle has grown so much. Throughout the past months, she’s found a way to make maternity a fashion trend! Her classy looks and healthy habits are really what keep her glowing through this stage in her life.

The more we see her with the baby bump, the more we get excited for her to be a mother. In this picture, Meghan announced that she was pregnant. Looking at her on this day is the ultimate Markle flashback. The Duchess came into the royal family as a former actress, and now she’s going to be a royal mother. This sure marks a milestone in her life.

Meghan’s Baby Shower in NYC

Meghan was seen jetting out of the UK to attend her baby shower in NYC. We all know that Meghan is settling into the United Kingdom, but she clearly cannot forget her American roots.

Her friends from home are extremely excited for her to have her baby and felt the need to throw her a shower that she will never forget. Although throwing a party for your pregnant friend may seem fun, it’s actually against the royal pregnancy rules.

Pink Roses and a Celebrity Guest List

Meghan is royalty, so her friends obviously threw her the party of a lifetime. Paparazzi spotted hundreds of pale pink roses outside her hotel. Either her favorite color is pink, or this Duchess is having a girl! In addition to the roses, two Michelin star chefs were seen bringing in food and setting up shop at the hotel.

Now it is safe to assume that the guest list for this event was more than fabulous. Namal Clooney, Serena Williams, Jessica Mulroney, and Avigail Spencer are just a few celebrities that were in attendance.

Did Meghan Break a Royal Pregnancy Rule?

According to the royal tradition, royal family members may not have a baby shower. This tradition was actually made for a very good reason. The royal family is very aware of the fact that they are more than financially ok.

They have a lot of money, and they do not want to impose on others by inviting guests to a baby shower, because they usually require gifts. So, basically, Meghan broke a very important and humbling rule, and we’re not sure what the Queen thinks about this.

Hard Times in England

Meghan Markle uprooted her life in NYC and planted herself right into England. Many people suspect that the fact that she had her baby shower in NYC is proof that she’s having a difficult time making friends in England.

The truth is that when she’s in England, people treat her with the respect of a royal. This “royal treatment” puts a wall between her and other people which can make it hard for her to make friends. On the other hand, when she’s in America, she is able to return to the more grounded reality that she grew up in.

Jetting Back in Style

After her lavish party with her friends, Meghna jetted back to England. Unfortunately, no one was lucky enough to get a seat next to this lovely lady, and that’s because she flew back on a royal private jet work 200,000 Euros!

Perhaps not having friends in England gives her the chance to ride in style. This is the definition of what we call “royal treatment.”

She Broke the Glove Rule

Having a baby shower was not the only rule that Megan broke. Meghan has been photographed shaking hands with fans without wearing gloves. Decades ago, the royal family made a rule that family members have to wear gloves when they shake the hands of commoners.

This was instilled to prevent them from catching any viruses or anything that could make them sick. The rule is especially important while pregnant because when a woman is pregnant, she can’t take certain medications. Meghan refused to keep this rule time and again.

Diana Also Hated The Glove Rule

Meghan was not the only one against shaking hands with gloves on. Princess Diana goes down in royal history for being the first member of the family to shake hands without wearing gloves. Diana did this because she did not like the idea of making other people feel dirty.

As a princess, she aimed to connect with people, sympathize with them and show them love. Shaking hands without gloves was her way of showing people that she saw them as humans, and not as “non-royals.”

How She Calms Her Nerves

All pregnant women experience hormonal changes during their nine months of pregnancy. In addition, Meghan has been in the middle of some stressful drama and things were starting to get on her nerves.

Putting aside all the rumors about her staff not liking her in the palace, Meghan has to deal with the feuds between Harry and William. She can’t handle all the stress, especially while she is carrying a baby. People suspect that Harry let Meghan leave to NYC to get away from it all.

Years of Brotherhood On Thin Ice

One disagreement we never expected to see is that between brothers, Harry and William. It would seem the ‘falling out’ between the two Dukes has taken a pretty extreme turn, with news circulating that Harry and Meghan’s decision to move out is due to this exact conflict.

But why, after all these years of getting along, are the brothers bumping heads? Rumors have begun to surface that the feud is due to the personalities between their spouses, Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton.

Harry & Meghan’s New Home

So what’s the real deal? Princes Harry and William have been living together in their grand home of Kensington Palace. Up until recent events, however, Duke and Duchess of Sussex Harry and Meghan have made the decision to relocate to the Queens’s Windsor Park estate.

If you wanted to know the extent of this rift, get this: the newly-weds had the option to move to a Kensington Palace apartment, just next door to brother William. This offer was politely shunned away, however, as Harry and Meghan decided to move 25 miles away.

Keeping Work and Home Life Separate

They may be facing their fair share of disagreements at the moment, but it’s still business as usual for the royal men. What does this mean? They’ll still be working together, whether they like it or not.

Despite reports that the brothers will soon be living miles apart, their offices will remain close to each other. So whatever tensions they have going on, will have to be put to bed during work time. But what about their wives? Has anything unusual happened between these two?

The One Person Not Invited to Meghan’s Party

One of the biggest surprises which have come in light of the recent royal events was Meghan Markle’s baby shower which took place February 20th of this year. Several close friends showed up, but it appears the ceremony was missing one particular person, sister-in-law, Kate Middleton.

Something doesn’t seem quite right about this. What were her reasons for not attending? Fans everywhere found themselves putting their detective hats on, in attempts to find the answer.

A Long-Standing Battle

Rumors about these two Duchesses not seeing eye-to-eye have remained hot in the press for several months now, but what is the actual story behind their dislike for one another, and is it even true?

For starters, the pair couldn’t have less in common if they tried. Yes, there’s the obvious cultural difference with one being from the UK and the other from the States, but it goes beyond this. While Kate’s upbringing virtually destined the Duchess for royalty, Meghan had a much less prestigious childhood. After learning this, it may not be such a surprise to learn about Kate ditching the celebration of Meghan’s future baby.

Preparation for the New Baby

In light of it being so soon until Markle is set to give birth, one question we all want to know is: will the happy couple be having a boy or a girl? An expert recently disclosed that the couple is not allowed to find out the gender, due to ‘royal philosophy.’

What’s this? Predictions already beginning? Despite the couple not allowed to reveal the baby’s gender, Prince Harry recently disclosed in an interview that “everyone is predicting it’s going to be a girl.” But what’s your verdict? The jury’s out on this one until the big day.

An Exciting Future

Whether you’re rooting on the baby being a Mini-Markle or a Handsome-Harry, one thing’s for certain; this baby is going to be one of the most exciting things 2019 has in store for us.

They’ve been on a huge fairytale ride ever since they met, and this has to be the most exciting time in both Harry and Meghan’s lives to date. We just can’t wait to see what becoming parents will bring.

So Much to Look Forward To

So, that’s it! We’ve officially shown you the entire round-up of our favorite looks on Meghan Markle since her pregnancy. What do you think? Are you a fan of her spring-time florals in Twickenham, or voting for the vibrancy with her purple and orange number in Liverpool?

The royal couple spent a weekend at the end of February traveling around Morocco, visiting “Her Majesty’s Government.” Meghan looked as stunning as ever on this vacation, and she continues showing off her pregnancy in the most fabulous ways possible. With the duchess set to give birth in just a few days, we are certain motherhood will look great on her too.