Meet the Grandson Taking His 89-Year-Old Grandmother to All 61 National Parks

    Since 2015, Brad Ryan and his 89- year old grandma Joy have been taking the nation by storm and capturing the imagination of strangers across the world. Over the past few years, Brad and his grandma have been on a life-changing adventure. When Joy revealed she had one regret in life, that she had never seen “the ocean or mountains,” Brad took her on her first hike. This then spiraled into an epic road trip across the country.


    While the adorable duo have been touring the U.S., life wasn’t always so sweet for the pair. They lost touch for a decade and definitely have had a bumpy ride. Still, they have now experienced more in a short time than most do in a lifetime, and the open road has helped them re-connect again. It also opened up some unanswered questions, and sent them both on a life-changing personal journey like no other.