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Harry and Meghan’s Royal Exit: Take a Look at the Home Options and the Real Reasons for Their Move

Prince Harry has always been living in the shadow of his older brother, Prince William. After all, William is set to be king.

These two quickly became one of the more powerful couples in the world. Although they’re currently living in Harry’s old place in the Kensington Palace, Meghan and Harry are getting ready to move into one of the royal properties.

The Bachelor Pad

Before the red-haired prince found the love of his life, he was living alone in the Nottingham Cottage, also known as NottCott. This small cottage is located on the grounds of Kensington Palace but not inside of it.

It’s only a short walk away from Princess Kate and Prince Williams place located on the other side if the gardens. Although NottCott doesn’t look like an attractive place it lives, it fit all of Harry’s needs.

No Time to Move

Harry and Meghan’s relationship moved quite quickly. They knew they were going to get married soon after they met. This speedy love left them little time to plan a royal wedding, schedule their first royal tour and decide on another place to move — the wedding and tour took precedence over finding a new home.

Two days after they tied the knot, Meghan moved into the Nottingham Cottage and adjusted to its size. This is what will be hard for Meghan to give up when she leaves Nott Cott. It has a beautiful gardening space, but it won’t be enough for Harry and Meghan to stay there for long. Once Meghan gives birth, that cottage will only feel smaller than it already is.

The place only has two bedrooms, so if a second baby comes along, there’s going to be an issue. Also, the house only has one bathroom and, worst of all; it doesn’t have air conditioning. This royal cottage is surprisingly quaint considering the fact that Harry is a royal prince.

Getting a Glimpse of the Inside of Their Old Home

Getting a look at the inside of this cottage is pretty tricky. The royal family lives by a strict code to maintain as much privacy as possible for safety reasons. The only time we’ve had the chance to see inside the Nottingham Cottage was when Meghan and Harry gave their first television interview.

The two were sitting on the couch gushing out the details of their engagement. However, we’re afraid we’ll never see the kitchen where Harry purposed.

Heavy Renovations Prove Meghan and Harry Originally Wanted to Move Next Kate and William

While the Nottingham Cottage holds a lot of good memories for these two, it won’t do for long, or at least that’s the hint we’re getting. Serious construction was being carried out on Apartment 1 which is on the Kensington Palace’s Grounds.

Apparently, this construction is going on to prepare for Meghan and Harry’s next big move. Daily Mail reported that the apartment’s construction was finished early in October. But once Meghan and Kate had an incident… they realized the renovations were pointless. A relationship needed to be fixed. 

Off to Bigger and Better Things… So They Thought…

Apartment one is much larger than the Nottingham Cottage. The building has a total of 21 rooms which is 19 rooms more than Harry and Meghan have at the moment.

Surely this will rid a couple of any worries about where their kids will sleep. Apartment 1 is potentially bigger than William and Kate’s home that has 20 rooms in it.*****Here’s Why Kate Doesn’t Want to Live Next to Meghan: 

Meghan & Kate Have Issues

Apparently, the new sisters are constantly in disagreement. Sources say that their differences became apparent when Kate left a fitting for bridesmaid’s dress in tears.

The Princess and Meghan began arguing ever since an “incident” happened in the days leading up to Harry’s wedding. Kate had just given birth and was quite emotional at the time of the dress fitting. Meghan is very outspoken and clearly hurt Kate’s feelings. The tension between them was building up and, according to sources, has never gone away.

Meghan’s Assistant Quit

Meghan always looks like she can hold it together, but apparently, people are not always what they seem. Meghan’s assistant, Melisa, recently quit her job. Working for people in high places has its perks, but the cons outweighed the pros for Melissa. She mentioned that Meghan Markle was “difficult” to work for.

The former assistant won’t give any additional details, but all we know is that no one could convince her to keep working for the Duchess of Sussex.

The Palace Staff Can’t Stand Meghan

Apparently, the lovely Duchess of Sussex is making enemies left and right. Some of the Staff at the Kensington Palace leaked that Meghan can get very short tempered.

One of them even said that Meghan “snaps” at staff members and she does it quite often. The staff at the Kensington Palace are highly trained professionals, so if they can’t please her, we’re not sure who can.

The Royal Staff Loved Diana

Princess Diana and Meghan have a lot in common. Diana was described as a charitable woman and Meghan spent a lot of her life working for charity causes before she was royal.

However, the biggest difference between the two is that the Royal staff loved Diana and they can’t stand Meghan. When Diana passed away, the staff opened up to let the world know how amazing Diana was to them

Prince Harry Is Blindly Optimistic

Reporters asked Prince William and Prince Harry if the Royal family experienced any inner differences. To that, William accidentally blurted out “Oh, yes!”

Harry tried to cover up the embarrassing slip and added: “Working as a family does have its challenges, of course, it does, But we’re stuck together for the rest of our lives.” This statement confirms Apartment 1 a bad option for Meghan and Harry, and here’s why:

Apartment 1 is Connected to William and Kate’s Home

Prince William and Princess Kate live in Apartment 1A which is connected to Apartment 1. They’ve already established their territory long before Meghan came into the picture, but it doesn’t look like they’ll want to stay if the Duchess of Sussex lives so close to them.

Harry stands by his belief that if they work at their relationship, everything will eventually get better. Harry and William are best friends, so they really want the girls to get along.:

William and Harry Wanted To Be Neighbors

These two have always been each other’s best friends. They’ve been described to have a unique bond. Harry and William went through all chapters of life together. That’s why they dreamed of living right next door to each other.

Unfortunately, this dream may not come true with all the drama happening between Kate and Meghan.

Princess Diana & Fergie’s Feud

Like Princess Diana, Sarah Ferguson married into the royal family. Diana and Sara were friends before they became royal. Princess Diana even introduced Sarah to Prince Andrew.

However, these women had their differences, and the whole world knew about it. They were each other’s support system and rivals all at the same time. Hopefully, we’ll see Meghan and Princess Kate supporting each other at some point too.

The Paparazzi Doesn’t Want the Royal Couples to be Neighbors

The fact of the matter is that paparazzi get their best shots of the Royal family when they’re headed to each other’s homes.

These apartments have joining doors so the paparazzi won’t be able to snap a photo of them all dressed up and heading to the others house for dinner.

Similar Design

Little was known about this massive apartment in the first place. Now that there’s been so much construction being done on it, the thing is even more of a mystery.

However, we can get a little glimpse of the inside when William and Kate had an interview with the Obamas. Sources say that the infrastructure of Apartment 1 is similar to Kate and Williams.

Princess Kate Loves Ikea!

Yep, you read that right. Princess Kate is a big fan of Ikea furniture. She’s a very hands-on designer and is responsible for a majority of her four-story apartment’s interior design.

The Princess did ask for some help here and there, but that’s because she had 20 rooms to work on!

Meghan Will Hire Celebrity Designer Vickey Charles

Vicky Charles is an incredible designer. Celebrities such as David Beckham and Harry Cotswolds had her design their homes

Now it’s Meghan and Harry’s turn to have Charles work her magic on their home, wherever it may be.

Royal Grounds

Nottingham Cottage, Apartment 1 and several other properties are all located on the grounds of the Kensington Palace; The Palace belonged to the British Royal Family since the 1600s.

Generations of royal family members made buildings like Apartment 1 their homes. While most of the intimate areas of the Kensington Palace are off limits to the public, some areas are open for tours.

History in its Walls

The Kensington Palace brings in loads of tourists on a yearly basis. Many of the tourists come, hoping they’ll get a glimpse of the royal family going about their daily routine.

This old structure has been restored multiple times over the generations. People who visit go into different rooms that have interactive videos that teach about the history of the palace.

Meghan and Harry Chose the Frogmore Cottage

Harry and Meghan Announced that they would not live anywhere on the Kensington Property. They’re moving out of the estate and headed for  Windsor.

The feud between Meghan and Princess Kate split the family up. Apparently, the Queen is not happy about this feud getting in the way of family bonding.

Other Options

Although reports say that Apartment 1 is getting refurbished so that Harry and Meghan can move in, there are other places for them to choose from. Shortly after they got engaged, the couple went to look at a few properties in the Cotswolds.

They are both fans of the countryside, so the Oxfordshire seemed like the perfect choice for the two. There is a chance that they were looking at Costwold properties to find a place to vacation.

Their Dream Home Taken Is No Longer on the Market

Harry and Meghan were interested in the Luckington Court. This property was used in a TV show based off the book “Pride and Prejudice.”

The property was taken off the market very soon after these two got engaged. Luckington Court was a perfect fit for these two. The interior design is very different than what Meghan is used to, but she still found it to be beautiful.

They Considered Moving Here Too

After spending some time looking at properties in the Cotswolds, the two finally agreed to live on the property front. Country Living announced that Harry and Meghan signed a two-year lease in an area known as Westfield Large.

This home is located on the Great Tew Estate right near the place Meghan had her bachelorette party. Although we don’t know for sure that they chose this spot over Apartment 1, we can absolutely say that it’s big enough for a family.I

Surrounded by Famous People

The properties in the Cotswolds are no stranger to famous people. The reason for that is because the Great Tew Estate is also home to David and Victoria Beckham.

The Beckham’s own a $7.6 Million mansion in this area and they’re already friends. Having great neighbors will make this the perfect neighborhood.

Wedding Gifts

Most people would think that the Nottingham Cottage, Westfield Estate and Apartment 1 are large enough properties for one couple. However, the queen disagrees.

Mail Online reported that the queen gave them the Adelaide Cottage located on the Windsor Castle grounds as a gift for their wedding. So the question is; if the Queen buys you a house, can you respectfully turn it down?

Fit for a Prince

If they decide to go with the Adelaide cottage, then they made a pretty good choice. The property was refurbished back in 2015 and it absolutely stunning.

The massive home has a Greco-Egyptian fireplace and high ceiling that are decorated with gilded dolphins. It’s certainly a perfect place for royalty. But there’s one specific thing that makes it stand out more than all other properties.

A Peaceful Place

Meghan and Harry have had an especially rough time dealing with social media. Their need for privacy might even be higher than Princess Kate and Prince William’s.

The house on the Windsor Castle is the perfect fit for Meghan and Harry because it’s the most private of all. It has seven separate and private exists which makes it a perfect place to come and go to without the paparazzi knowing.That’s not all the Queen gifted Harry for his wedding:

Rumors Running

The Queen also gave Harry the York Cottage which is located on the Sandringham estate. The Sandringham Estate is one of the royal family’s favorite properties. They spend every Christmas there. However, Royal Family expert,  Marlene Koenig tweeted that there is no sign that the property was given to Harry and Meghan.

None of the people on the estate have heard such a thing. Also, it would be an odd place for a royal to live considering how close it is to the tourist path.

Where They’ll Most Probably Live

The most likely possibility is that we’ll see Harry and Meghan move into their property at the Kensington Palace. Now that they’re expecting to have a child in September, they’re going to want to move into someplace new.

The two are planning on raising a large family, so hopefully, they’ll choose Apartment 1. Twenty-one rooms should be enough!

The Kensington Palace is Very Kid Friendly

The large palace is like a large playground for kids. The kids have loads of toys including the toy horse you see Prince George sitting on.

Not to mention, there are acres upon acres of green grass to roll around in.

Meghan Could Have Hired One of these Prestigious Nannies

Most people hire nannies when they’re not planning on taking maternity leave for an extended period. The Royals, on the other hand, always hire a nanny and they don’t just hire any nanny.

Norland College is the most prestigious school for English nannies. There they learn about all aspects of child-rearing, specifically for royal children. Their training includes learning how to evade the paparazzi and some serious self-defense moves. Meghan was expected to choose a nanny from this school, but she had plans of her own…

Meghan Will Hire Justin Timberlake’s Former Nanny From Alabama!

Meghan and Harry have the privilege to choose from any professional nanny that graduated from the top nanny schools in England. However, they’re going a different route with this decision.

Sources say that the two will hire a nanny from Mobile, Alabama. Apparently, this is a nanny that A-list celebrities confide in and trust around their children. Justin Timberlake, Jessica Alba, and Emily Blunt, all hired Mrs. Simpson to be their nanny at one point. They highly recommend her.

Nottingham Design Before Meghan’s Arrival

Before Meghan go to live in the Nottingham Cottage, it was decorated with neutral tones. The living room is quite homie and proper.

However, the place looks totally different now that Meghan’s had her way with it.

Meghan’s Personal Touch

As we mentioned before, Meghan is all about the pops of color when it comes to design. She took the living room and made it her own with touches of purple and modernized couches.

It looks less like what you’d expect to see in the home of royalty, but that’s what Meghan feels the most comfortable coming home to.

The Nottingham Cottage is too Popular for its Own Good

Here’s another look of the Nottingham Cottage from a different view. The royal family tries to keep this place as private as possible. However, fans of the royal family and Meghan Markle will do anything in their power to get a peek of this place.

Even if Meghan and Harry decided they wanted to live in NottCott for another year, they couldn’t. This couple is too famous for their own good. Now that there will be another baby living with them, they’ll need a safer place to live.

Absolutely Stunning

This is the outer core of the Nottingham Cottage. Meghan and Harry don’t live in this part of the building, but they are highly associated with it. Nottingham Cottage is where Princes and Princesses move to begin their lives as independent people.

Harry and Meghan see this when they walk outside of their current home. Visitors book tours just to get a view of the outside

The Adelaide Cottage View

This incredible structure looks like it came straight out of a fairy tale. The Adelaide property that Meghan and Harry can choose to live in faced this beauty! The Windsor Castle is incredible to see.

Its interior design is breathtaking. Imagine walking out of your cottage and looking at this. This might be a reason to pick the Adelaide property.

Meghan and Harry Are Officially Part of the Estate

Meghan may have made millions before she was royal, but she was never prepared for this type of thing.

The Queen gifted the Adelaide Cottage, located on the Windsor Estate, to Meghan and Harry. That means they’re part owners of this massive and beautiful property.

If You Can’t Get Into Hogwarts, Try Getting in Here

The structure of the Windsor castle resembles something you’d find in a “Harry Potter” movie. Although it isn’t Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, the Windsor castle is still magical.

Harry and Meghan would be giving up a lot by not living on this estate. It’s the most private property out of all their options.

York Cottage’s Perks

As mentioned before, the York Cottage was one of the properties gifted to Meghan and Harry after they got married.

One of the perks that come with living here is the fact that it’s on a quiet river. The serene atmosphere makes relaxing after a whole day of hiding from paparazzi, a lot easier.

Meghan’s Favorite Thing About NottCott

This “humble” cottage does not have the most significant amount of space inside of it, but it does have a massive area for gardening.

Meghan has a green thumb and loves putting it to use. Her favorite flowers are peonies. Princess Diana loved peonies as well, but she went with more neutral tones. Meghan loves bright colors which you’ll find a lot of when you see what she did with the NottCott livingroom.

No Matter Where They Live

Choosing one of these incredible properties is not as much as a problem as we’d like to think it is. The fact of the matter is that they have amazing choices that will make them happy no matter what.

Besides, they own a few properties now that the Queen gave them a few cottages for their wedding gift. We can’t wait to see what they choose. Hopefully, Meghan will give the world a sneak peek at her design.