Momma’s Boys and Girls: Stars Who Brought Their Leading Lady to the Biggest Red Carpet Affairs

When we’re kids, we sometimes get embarrassed if we’re seen with our moms. We certainly wouldn’t be caught dead bringing them to a party. At some point in our lives, things change, and most of us start to welcome any opportunity to spend time with them. These days, most of us would be more than happy to bring our moms along with us to an event, especially if that event is special, and gives us a chance to make momma proud.

Mammas Boys and Girls  Stars Who Brought Their Leading Lady to the Biggest Red Carpet Affairs 1
Image: Parents

Celebrities, after all, and contrary to what some people think, are humans too. We’re sure that growing up, they’ve had the same anxieties about being embarrassed by the presence of a parent. But, as we’ll soon see, these famous guys and girls got over it and brought their moms to exclusive red carpet events. As we see from these cool photos, it must have been an awesome experience for everyone involved!

Jonah Hill Has Always Been a Momma’s Boy

Jonah Hill had always wanted to be a writer. As a kid, he dreamed of writing for The Simpsons and Saturday Night Live. He had his big break with the release of Superbad (if you haven’t seen it, you must because it’s super-good). One thing that is important to know about him though, is that he is a major momma’s boy. Sharon Chalkin (his mom) has always been extremely supportive of her talented son.

Mammas Boys and Girls  Stars Who Brought Their Leading Lady to the Biggest Red Carpet Affairs 27

It’s reported that growing up, the two have always been best buds. Jonah was also tight with his grandma. In fact, he even got a tattoo on his forearm as a tribute to her. It says “Nancy rules.” Anyway, we’re sure Feldstein was delighted when Jonah took her to the red carpet, in the sweet and true spirit of a Hollywood momma’s boy.

Dakota Johnson Returns the Red Carpet-Invite Favor

Dakota Johnson is awesome. You might know her best from her lead role in the Fifty Shades movies, but she’s had a steady presence in films since 2010, where she played in The Social Network, and then appeared again in 2012 in 21 Jump Street. Dakota Johnson has a solid Hollywood pedigree. She is the daughter to actors Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith, and wait for it… She’s the granddaughter of Alfred Hitchcock!

Mammas Boys and Girls  Stars Who Brought Their Leading Lady to the Biggest Red Carpet Affairs 16
Image: Business Insider

In 2015, Dakota Johnson brought her favorite lady, her mom, to the Oscars. But, as it turns out, 15 years earlier, Griffith attended the Oscars with her then-husband, Antonio Banderas. Dakota, only ten years old at the time, accompanied her mom and Banderas on the red carpet. So, in some ways, when Dakota brought her mom along in 2015, she was kind of returning the favor, which is absolutely adorable.

A Large Part of Colin Farrell’s Career Is About Making His Mom Happy

Fright Night is the greatest success of my career,” said Colin Farrell a few years ago. He went on to explain that he feels this way not necessarily due to the film’s box office success (which was good, but not great), but rather because of a love story that was born on the set. One day, Farrell’s mother, Rita, came to visit her son during the production. One of the producers was struck with how sweet and nice Rita was.

Mammas Boys and Girls  Stars Who Brought Their Leading Lady to the Biggest Red Carpet Affairs 25
Image: Entertainment Weekly

The producer, Alison Rosenzweig, then slipped into the role of Cupid. She phoned her friend (also a producer) Joel Michaels and told him she has the perfect lady for him. Rita and Joel subsequently were set up on a date. They hit it off excellently, and the rest is history. Now they’re happily married. According to Colin, this is one of the best things that has ever happened to him. He loves his momma, she loves him, and he was thrilled to be able to make her happy.

Yara Shahidi’s Mom Is Her Biggest Fan, Best Bud, and Unrelenting Supporter

Yara Shahidi has been an increasingly prominent Gen-Z voice and face. Well, that’s cool, because she’s awesome, super talented, and very funny. You might know her best from her role in the comedy sitcom Black-ish. There, she played the eldest daughter of the family that made us all giggle.

Mammas Boys and Girls  Stars Who Brought Their Leading Lady to the Biggest Red Carpet Affairs 23
Image: Your Next Shoes

But behind the magic, a pillar of support has been standing strong the whole time: Yara’s mother – Keri Shahidi. In 2019, Yara was quoted saying “Mommy and I are genuinely best friends, while she is still very much my parent,” They like to chill a lot (as seen by their Instagrams), and Yara even brings her fave lady along with her to bigtime Hollywood award shows. And this sweet pair alway look like they’re having a blast.

Rami Malek’s Real Queen Is His Momma

These days, Mr. Malek is killin’ it. He bagged an Oscar for Best Actor at last year’s Academy Awards for his role in Bohemian Rapsody. Mr. Robot, where Malek plays the dark and intriguing lead role, has been doing very well. And standing at his back is his sweet cute mom, Nelly Malek. When Rami started getting interested in a career in acting, his parents were a little uneasy.

Mammas Boys and Girls  Stars Who Brought Their Leading Lady to the Biggest Red Carpet Affairs 24
Image: Heavy.com

Understandably so, because only one in a few million Hollywood aspirers makes it. The unease they expressed was only there because Rami’s parent’s only wanted what’s best for their son. Fast forward a few years, their son is bringing his momma to red carpet events! At the Oscars, Rami allegedly had to usher his mom away from some attendees because “She’ll go on forever…” about how proud of him she is. That’s downright heart-melting.

Margot Robbie and Her Mom Show Us Real Mother-Daughter Love

You might know Margot Robbie from her role as Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad, where she’s a real rebel. Waving baseball bats, shooting guns, beating dudes up, she’s no joke. But behind the screens, she’s a real sweetheart and a serious momma’s girl. In 2018, she brought her mom, Sarie Kessler, as her date to the Oscars. After the event, they also went together to the Vanity Fair after-party.

Mammas Boys and Girls  Stars Who Brought Their Leading Lady to the Biggest Red Carpet Affairs 22

Reports indicate that Robbie and her momma have always been tight, which is super sweet. Recently, rumor has it, that Robbie even dropped some serious cash flow and bought her mom and her sister side by side houses in their home country, Australia. Robbie’s mom has always treated her well and even spoiled her at times, so she wanted to return the favor.

Michael B. Jordan and His Relationship With His Mom Might Melt Our Hearts

Michael B. Jordan is a rising star. His big breakthrough came with the release of Black Panther in 2018. In the movie, he plays the lead action-packed tough guy role, and he kills it. But under the superhero, skull-bashing Marvel tough guy, Michael B. Jordan is actually a super sweet dude.

Mammas Boys and Girls  Stars Who Brought Their Leading Lady to the Biggest Red Carpet Affairs 18
Image: Us Weekly

His lives with his parents, or as he’s stated before: his parents live with him. His mother, Donna Jordan, suffers from a disease called lupus, where autoimmune inflammatory symptoms can cause pain throughout her body. Having family around helps her tons. So the fact that Jordan lives with his parents really helps her through her struggles. In 2019, he brought his mom to the Oscars as his date. Cute!

Kerry Washington Has Some Extremely Proud Folks

Kerry Washington may best be recognized for her outstanding role as the crisis management expert in the ABC series Scandal. For that role, she got some major praise and received some huge nominations. Back in 2013, she brought her parents as her guests to the 44th NAACP Image Awards. There are a bunch of awesome photos showing the family walking around the awards and being happy. Really, it’s nice to see.

Mammas Boys and Girls  Stars Who Brought Their Leading Lady to the Biggest Red Carpet Affairs 21
Image: Zimbio

But this wasn’t the first time Washington brought her folks to an award show. In fact, with the Washingtons, it has become a sweet tradition. Kerry brought her parents, Earl and Valerie as her dates to the party celebrating her cover on Glamour. Also, Kerry tried to get her dad some work in show biz as an artist. Hopefully, she succeeds!

Lin-Manuel Miranda Is a Megastar, and His Mom Gets Some of the Credit

Lin-Manuel Miranda is super talented, and his profound work has seeped deep into Hollywood and other landing spots in our culture. Seriously – his work has won him a Pulitzer Prize, Tony Awards, Grammy Awards, and more. When looking at his hyper-success, we shouldn’t forget that his mom has had his back the whole time. And, not to mention, they looked super cute when he brought her to the Oscars.

Mammas Boys and Girls  Stars Who Brought Their Leading Lady to the Biggest Red Carpet Affairs 17
Image: CBS News

Miranda’s mother, Luz Towns-Miranda, explains that as a child in school, Lin-Manuel was often wracked with anxiety and he suffered from headaches and stomach aches often. But, as a psychologist, Towns-Miranda had the know-how (and the deep love) to always have her son’s back. She was always there for him both as a great momma and a mental health professional. Some say he certainly wouldn’t have got to where he is now without her love and care.

Sharon Chalkin Is the Mother of Two Hilarious and Talented Superstars

That’s right people, Sharon Chalkin is not the mother of one, but two Hollywood comedy legends! Here, we see her at the Golden Globes, accompanying her daughter, Beanie Feldstein, who made us die of laughter with her amazing lead role in the smash-hit Booksmart. She was awesome in the film, and she sure made Mrs. Chalkin one proud momma.

Mammas Boys and Girls  Stars Who Brought Their Leading Lady to the Biggest Red Carpet Affairs 20
Image: Flipboard

But Beanie isn’t her only superstar kid. Who’s the other one? Wait for it… (drum roll) Jonah Hill! Jonah Hill and Beanie Feldstein are siblings, and they are both serious momma’s kids. In fact, like Jonah, Beanie fondly recounts her childhood memories with her mother and emphasizes that she was always there for them, in good times and bad.

Common Has Got Mad Love For His Supportive Mamma

” I think parents are definitely very instrumental in how their children turn out as adults,” said Lonnie Corant Jaman Shuka Rashid Lynn’s (a.k.a Common) mother in an interview about her son. Besides being a superstar who is loved for his mad skills as a rapper, author, and actor, he’s apparently a super nice and thoughtful guy.

Mammas Boys and Girls  Stars Who Brought Their Leading Lady to the Biggest Red Carpet Affairs 15

His mother, Mahalia Ann Hines, has an impressive resume herself – having worked as a marketing expert for Gillette, and a long-time educator. Common and Mahalia have always had a tight bond, and growing up, she always did her best to enable Common’s creative side to flourish. And flourish it did (that’s an understatement). In 2015, Common brought her to the Oscars as his date, and by all accounts, they had a great time!

Despite a Troubled Past, Charlize Theron and Her Mom Are Closer Than Ever

Since the 1990s, Charlize Theron has been racking up the Hollywood points. She’s the recipient of some major accolades. And so some of the ceremonies, Charlize brought her momma. The list includes an Academy Award, a Golden Globe, an American Cinematheque Award, and the Silver Bear, In 2016, Time named her as one of the 100 most influential people. But it hasn’t been smooth sailing her entire life.

Mammas Boys and Girls  Stars Who Brought Their Leading Lady to the Biggest Red Carpet Affairs 14
Image: UK Home

In her childhood, she and her mother, Gerda Jacoba Aletta Maritz, were troubled by a difficult relationship with her father. Back in South Africa, their country of origin, Charlize’s father was a heavy drinker, and things often got bad. But despite all odds, the two women broke free. Charlize went on to become a superstar, and the two never looked back. Through thick and thin, mother and daughter had each other’s backs.

Michael Fassbender Loves His Mom Deeply, But He’s Happy She Couldn’t Attend His Screening

One of the earliest times Michael Fassbender hit our screens was with the 2001 release of Tom Hanks and Steven Speilberg’s epic miniseries Band of Brothers. In the subsequent years of that decade, he found real mainstream success and went on to play in a bunch of awesome roles, including in X-Men: First Class. In 2011, he starred in Shame. Let’s just say the movie is not exactly PG-13.

Mammas Boys and Girls  Stars Who Brought Their Leading Lady to the Biggest Red Carpet Affairs 13
Image: Hollywood Reporter

And let’s just say that his character seems to have misplaced most of his clothes for the better part of an hour and 41 minutes… Fassbender’s mother, Adele Fassbender was supposed to attend the screening. But at the last minute, her back started acting up, and she couldn’t make it. Needless to say, both mother and son were relieved. But he made up it to her a couple of years later by taking her as his date to the Oscars!

Sandra Oh’s Super Grateful for Her Parents’ Support and She’s Not Afraid to Scream It From the Rooftops

Sandra Oh is one cool lady. You might know her from her star role in Grey’s Anatomy, or maybe you’ve seen her on Killing Eve. Wherever you’ve seen her, it’s clear she’s got some awesome acting skills. She’s the second Asian woman in history to win the award for Best Leading Actress (the first was Yoko Shimanda in 1981).

Mammas Boys and Girls  Stars Who Brought Their Leading Lady to the Biggest Red Carpet Affairs 9
Image: Teen Vogue

In a super cute gesture, she brought her parents along with her to the award ceremony. But the sweetness doesn’t end there. In her acceptance speech, she gave a shoutout to her folks: “Eomma, Appa! Shalanghaeyo.” Which means in Korean “Mom, Dad, I love you.” The speech and the props were really heartwarming for her parents, and also to us fans.

Ansel Elgort Proved to the World That He’s Witty, Maybe He Gets It From Momma?

“I know you are but what am I?” “Your face!” Remember these epic comebacks? Yep, so do we. And even though their vogue is no longer, they’re still fun. But Ansel Elgort has one-upped everyone. Stay tuned. You might know Ansel Elgort from the awesome flick Baby Driver, where he was really slayin’ it. But with regards to 2019’s The Goldfinch, critics were less charitable.

Mammas Boys and Girls  Stars Who Brought Their Leading Lady to the Biggest Red Carpet Affairs 12
Image: UK Home

Elgort played the lead role in the film rendition of this deep narrative. But critics responded to its release with tons of negativity. In commenting on the bad press, Elgort dropped the mic when he said a version of “I don’t care, my mom liked it.” Lol. Anyway, he was clearly unphased by the haters, just have a look at him and his mom, Grethe Barrett Holby, having a blast together at the Academy Awards.

Katie Holmes Gets Her Good Values From Mom and Dad and Passes Them to Her Daughter

Katie Holmes has always been close to her parents. Now, at 41, the Dawson’s Creek star can often be seen chilling with her folks at basketball games, on red carpets, and the like. You know, usual parent-child venues. In a revelatory interview with the UK Daily Mail, Holmes mentioned that her parents are largely responsible for her values. Holmes has a good heart and she is always involved in all sorts of volunteer work.

Mammas Boys and Girls  Stars Who Brought Their Leading Lady to the Biggest Red Carpet Affairs 19
Image: CelebMafia

And another cool thing about the emphasis on being a good human that Holmes got from her parents is that she tries hard to pass it on to her daughter. She tries to make her daughter understand that she comes from a really privileged background, and because of that, she stresses the importance of volunteer work. For example, last year, Holmes and her daughter traveled to Greece to volunteer in a Syrian refugee camp.

Justin Timberlake’s Mom’s Pride for Her Son Is Almost Too Cute

There’s something about Justin Timberlake, maybe his demeanor, maybe his face, maybe his voice, that just makes us think “He must be a nice guy.” Well, his mom, Lynn Harless, would certainly agree. Justin and his mom have a super relationship. Look at how sweet they look here at the Oscars! #famgoals. In addition to taking her to the 2011 Oscars, just last year, Timberlake took his momma out for a super nice celebratory occasion.

Mammas Boys and Girls  Stars Who Brought Their Leading Lady to the Biggest Red Carpet Affairs 11

Berklee College awarded Timberlake an honorary Doctor of Music degree. How did he celebrate? He took his mom out for a nice dinner at an awesome NYC restaurant. Reports indicate that although they were trying to keep a low profile, Harless could barely contain her giggles and conspicuous smiles. Now honestly, how cute is that? Almost too cute. It makes us want to all call our moms and take them out tonight!

Alicia Vikander Is Carrying on the Family Torch

Alicia Vikander is a real cutie. She’s a super talented actress and allegedly a really sweet person. Vikander and her mom, Maria Vikander, have a really close connection, and her mother played an instrumental part in her success. Alicia’s parents separated when she only a couple of months old. Despite difficulties, her mother took on full responsibility and raised her solo. Which, of course, is no small undertaking and speaks volumes of her love.

Mammas Boys and Girls  Stars Who Brought Their Leading Lady to the Biggest Red Carpet Affairs 6
Image: UK Home

Also, when it comes to acting, it’s abundantly clear that Alicia drew inspiration from momma, who was also a stage actress. Alicia grew up immersed in theatre. When Maria couldn’t find a babysitter, she would bring little Alicia to work, which was often the theatre. Going forward a couple of decades, Alicia hit it huge and had the pleasure of taking her mom for a stroll on the red carpet.

Ryan Gosling Was Approached Numerous Times At His Mother’s Wedding, But Not Necessarily by Starstruck Fans

Ryan Gosling and his mother, Donna Gosling, have quite a history of attending events together. She has accompanied him to award ceremonies and various red carpet events. And we have to say, all the pictures we see of them together are super adorable. During one of his appearances on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, he told the world a hilarious story.

Mammas Boys and Girls  Stars Who Brought Their Leading Lady to the Biggest Red Carpet Affairs 7
Image: People.com

At his mother’s wedding in Italy, Gosling kept getting approached by guests, particularly from his stepdad’s side. Being used to all sorts of people coming up to him starstruck, he was ready for it. But this isn’t what happened. As it turns out, the guests coming up to him weren’t coming to ogle. They were coming to point out the amazing food! One mentioned smoked mozzarella. Another enthusiastic guest mentioned tortellini.

If There Was an Award for “Most-Brought Mom to Red Carpet”, Emma Stone and Her Mom Would Win

Seriously people, fire up Google, type in “Emma Stone and mom” and your computer will output an infinite scroll of pictures showing Emma Stone and her mom, Krista Stone, at red carpet events. We don’t even know how many, but it certainly looks like it’s in the double digits. This pair really gives us some mother/daughter goals.

Mammas Boys and Girls  Stars Who Brought Their Leading Lady to the Biggest Red Carpet Affairs 26
Image: AceShowbiz.com

These days, Emma Stone is a superstar, but growing up, she had some real anxiety issues. It was her mother who noticed her daughter’s affliction, and she made the move to sign her up for therapy. In Emma’s case, it worked miracles. The therapy was transformative and it played a big part in her finding the confidence to pursue her acting goals. And she made it – big time, partly thanks to her loving mother.

Xavier Bardem Isn’t so Scary When He’s Kissing His Beloved Momma on the Cheek

We shivered when he swallowed cyanide in Skyfall. We trembled in fear when his uber-villain ominously crept through the halls in No Country for Old Men. We repeatedly gasped in horror during his performance in Mother! But what’s about when he takes his mom to the Oscars and gives her a big smooch in front of the cameras? Somehow, that scariness that we love him for dissipates and gives way to sweet mother/son affection.

Mammas Boys and Girls  Stars Who Brought Their Leading Lady to the Biggest Red Carpet Affairs 5
Image: Vogue

At the 2008 Academy Awards ceremony, he was awarded Best Actor in a Supporting Role for his outstanding performance in No Country for Old Men, and he paid tribute to his loving and supportive mom. After accepting the statuette in English, he switched to Spanish (his native language) and said: “Mom, this is for you, for your grandparents, for Spain’s comedians, for Spain, and for all of us, thank you very much.”

Fergie and Her Mom Look Smashing at the Grammys

Fergie Duhamel, a.k.a. Fergie, is the talented singer, rapper, and actress we all know and love from her part in the legendary Black Eyed Peas. Her debut album, The Dutchess, saw commercial success pretty much the first week it hit the stores. It quickly climbed a bunch of billboards and made its marks on pop history. A few years later, she joined the Black Eyed Peas and further went down in our musical memories as a goddess.

Mammas Boys and Girls  Stars Who Brought Their Leading Lady to the Biggest Red Carpet Affairs 2
Image: ET Canada

In addition to her stunning voice and awesome rockstar-esque performances, Fergie is often praised for her sense of fashion. According to the legend herself, she gets a lot of it from her momma. In every picture we see of Theresa Ferguson (Fergie’s mom), she looks dashing. And interestingly, if we observe closely we can see that when the two ladies are hanging out together, each one’s choice of apparel complements the other.

Dev Patel’s Momma Lit the Spark that Led to the Explosion that Became His Career

The photos of Dev Patel and his mom, Anita Patel, at the 2017 Oscars are just too cute. In every single picture, we see her grinning ear to ear while photographers and interviews fight for a piece of her talented son, and talented he is. He gave an outstanding performance in Lion (2016) and was consequently nominated for Best Supporting Actor. His breakthrough though was in 2008 with his role in Slumdog Millionaire.

Mammas Boys and Girls  Stars Who Brought Their Leading Lady to the Biggest Red Carpet Affairs 8
Image: Bollywood Mantra

In interviews with the rising superstar, it came to light that a big part of his success can be attributed to his loving and caring momma. Dev always had an interest in creative pursuits. In 2006, Anita pushed him hard to go to an audition for Skins, she was also the one to physically take him there. Sparks flew, magic happened. He knocked the audition out of the park and got the part. The rest is Hollywood history.

Regina King Is a Real Queen and Her Mom Is Her Princess

As you probably know, Regina King is a big-time actress and director. She has played in huge titles such as Friday and Jerry Maguire and has done directorial work on other great shows, like Insecure. She has also received various awards, including an Academy Award, a Golden Globe, and an Emmy. King’s mom, Gloria King has always shown her daughter utterly unrelenting support.

Mammas Boys and Girls  Stars Who Brought Their Leading Lady to the Biggest Red Carpet Affairs 41
Image: 4Chion Lifestyle

After she bagged herself the first award of the show at last year’s Oscars, during her speech, King teared up and said “It’s appropriate for me to be standing here because I’m an example of what it looks like when support and love is poured into someone. Mom, I love you so much,” Then, the camera turned to her mom, who was also in tears! Adorable and truly touching.

Through Thick and Thin, Russell Brand and His Mom Have Always Been There for Each Other

Russell Brand is one hilarious dude. Maybe you remember him from Get Him to the Greek, where he made us pretty much die of laughter. Or maybe you like his podcast Under the Skin. Wherever you know him from, we’re sure he’s made you crack up. And standing at his side the whole time, is his mom, Barabara Elizabeth. Well, she’s not literally at his side on set or in the studio, but you get the point.

Mammas Boys and Girls  Stars Who Brought Their Leading Lady to the Biggest Red Carpet Affairs 29
Image: Latest News

Unfortunately, Elizabeth has had some bad luck. She has been battling cancer (successfully), and it’s been a struggle. Also, a couple of years ago, she got into a bad car accident and was injured. Thankfully, she’s doing great now. Brand loves her a lot, and just as she has been at his side the whole time, he has also been there for her, helping her heal, and giving her his love.

We Fondly Remember Carrie Fisher and Her Awesome Mom, and We Miss Them Dearly

Carrie Fisher is an absolute legend, and we miss her so much. Famous for her historical roles in Star Wars and The Blues Brothers, she’s brought smiles to millions of people’s faces. She was an amazing woman, funny, beautiful, witty, and extremely talented. Thankfully, her legacy lives on and we have some awesome movies to watch when we miss her too much. We also have sweet pics like these of them at award shows.

Mammas Boys and Girls  Stars Who Brought Their Leading Lady to the Biggest Red Carpet Affairs 33
Image: People.com

Fisher’s mom was also an awesome actress. Debbie Reynolds had a career that spanned almost 70 years. She played in dozens of great movies and was nominated for tons of awards. Sadly, when Fisher passed away in 2016, Reynolds passed soon thereafter. Fisher’s passing is sad but thankfully, these two great ladies left huge legacies and a large body of work for us to remember them by.

Bradley Cooper and His Momma Have a Really Special Relationship, Which Makes Us a Bit Jealous

By now, you’re probably well-acquainted with the Bradster. Maybe you fell in love with him when you saw American Hustle or maybe you were blown out of the water with his mad singing skills on display in A Star Is Born. Regardless of where you know him from, it’s clear that he’s something special.

Mammas Boys and Girls  Stars Who Brought Their Leading Lady to the Biggest Red Carpet Affairs 34

Something else that we should consider when we think about Bradley Cooper, is his deep relationship with his mom, Gloria Campano. The passing of Cooper’s father in 2011 hit both mother and son really hard. And ever since, they’ve expanded their relationship to include labels such as red carpet date, travel companions, travel buddy, coworkers, and roommates. Yeah, the Bradster and his momma are super tight, and it’s super sweet!

From Humble Beginnings to Red Carpets With Momma, Hilary Swank Is Great

Hilary Swank is a sweetheart and Academy Award-winning actress who did a great job in Million Dollar Baby and other big films. When her father had to undergo a complicated lung transplant, Swank moved him into her L.A. home. And she has always had a great relationship with her mother, Judy Swank. It’s sort of unknown, but in fact, Judy was also an actress. She’s maybe best known for her role in Heartwood (1998).

Mammas Boys and Girls  Stars Who Brought Their Leading Lady to the Biggest Red Carpet Affairs 42
Image: New York Gossip Gal

In any case, the Swanks come from modest backgrounds, but they’ve always had mad love for each other. Growing up in Lincoln Nebraska, the Swanks also had a few cute dogs who meant the world to them. By all accounts, high or low profile, the Swank household has always been warm. Maybe this is why Hilary is smiling in pretty much every photo we see of her.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Has Rockin’ Thing Going With His Momma

As ABC News aptly put it a couple of years ago: “The Rock is at it again.” What exactly is the “it” referring to? Well, it refers to being cool. A couple a years ago, he bought his mother a new home for Christmas! Wow. We wish our super talented and famous sons would do the same for us… Johnson recounts that growing up, things weren’t always easy. They moved a lot, and they lived in small apartments all over the country.

Mammas Boys and Girls  Stars Who Brought Their Leading Lady to the Biggest Red Carpet Affairs 32

Johnson wrote in an Instagram post ” [We] Lived like gypsies on the road and in one state or another.” His career started taking off when he wrestled in the WWF, and then he switched to acting, where he started really slamin’ it. Flash forward to his stardom, and he makes sure his mom and dad have everything they need: cars, houses, money, red carpet dates, etc. So clearly, he loves his momma tons, which is really heartwarming to see.

Kate Walsh Loves Her Mom, and She’s Not Afraid to Crack a Good Joke About Her

Where does Kate Walsh get her spunk? Well, the clue is in the title of this article, but if you’ve seen Walsh in Bad Judge, Grey’s Anatomy, or any other good work she’s been involved in, then you know she’s great. When Walsh and her mother, Angela C. Bochetto. are seen on the red carpet, they’re always adorably inseparable.

Mammas Boys and Girls  Stars Who Brought Their Leading Lady to the Biggest Red Carpet Affairs 40
Image: Us Magazine

Walsh says that she gets a lot of her youthful character and good vibes from her mom, and she’s even hilariously said that Bochetto is the “original cougar.” We don’t want to speculate too much, but maybe this is because she was involved with a man 17 years younger than her? Anywho, Walsh and her mom have a great relationship, and whether it’s on the red carpet, at more anonymous events, or in their spare time, they’re always chilling.

Leonardo DiCaprio Is A Ladies’ Man, But He Says That His True Love Is His Mom

In Hollywood (and maybe in the rest of the world), it’s hard to find someone who fits the definition of “momma’s boy’ more than Leonardo DiCaprio. Really, DiCaprio doesn’t need any formal introduction here, as he’s a mega, award-winning superstar, loved for his monumental roles in stuff like Titanic and The Wolf of Wall Street.

Mammas Boys and Girls  Stars Who Brought Their Leading Lady to the Biggest Red Carpet Affairs 31
Image: UK Home

DiCaprio didn’t grow up privileged. He grew up poor in L.A. and his loving mom, Irmelin DiCaprio, sometimes struggled to make ends meet and give Leonardo unwavering support. She even put him through university and drove him there every day. What’s extremely sweet is that Leo and his mom have a long red carpet history, dating all the way back to 1993. Leo is a ladies’ man, but his momma is number one.

Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson Are Momma/Daughter Superstars

From looking at pictures of Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson together on the red carpet, it’s hard to tell who brought who. But who cares? They’re both hyper-talented, amazing actresses. It’s also hard to say what they’re best works are. One of our favorites of hers might be Death Becomes Her. And what’s about Hudson?

Mammas Boys and Girls  Stars Who Brought Their Leading Lady to the Biggest Red Carpet Affairs 38
Image: Us Weekly

She’s had so many great roles in so many good movies, it’s also hard to tell. Maybe it’s Almost Famous. Wait, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days is also really good. Hmm. Whatever film you like of both actresses, it’s clear that this Hollywood daughter and mother give us some serious #mommalovegoals.

Kelly and the Rest of the Osbournes Will Never Stop Being Awesome

Despite what it may sometimes look like on The Osbournes, or when they appeared together on the panel on Masked Singer, Kelly and Sharon Osbourne are actually super tight and cutesy together. The pair have perfect chemistry and they’re always hanging out all over the place. A couple of years ago, paparazzi and Osbourne fans had a field day when people spotted the two walkings around in downtown L.A.

Mammas Boys and Girls  Stars Who Brought Their Leading Lady to the Biggest Red Carpet Affairs 37
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Apparently, they were spending some time together and going for a stroll. These ladies are super fun of course, but how couldn’t they be? After all, one of them is the daughter, and the other is the wife of the Prince of Darkness himself, the legendary Ozzy Osbourne. Obviously some of his magic rubs off on them.

Thirty Seconds to Mars, but Only a Millisecond’s Distance From His Momma, Meet Jared Leto

Jared Leto is a real polymath: singer, songwriter, actor, joker, rockstar – he does it all, and he’s not afraid to get his hands dirty. Just think of his crazy performance in the highly disturbing and moving hit Requiem for a Dream or his award-winning role in Dallas Buyers Club. His acting career started in 1994, and the band in which he’s the lead singer, Thirty Seconds to Mars, started gaining momentum in the early 2000s.

Mammas Boys and Girls  Stars Who Brought Their Leading Lady to the Biggest Red Carpet Affairs 30
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Even though he’s a superstar and super busy, he’s always spending lots of time with his fam, and in particular, with his momma, Constance Leto. When he brought his mom to the carpet and won his Academy Award for Dallas Buyers Club, he captivated the audience by telling his mom’s touching story. He said “high school dropout and a single mom, but somehow she managed to make a better life for herself and her children”.

Straight Outta Texas, Eva Longoria Works Hard, Just Like Her Dear Momma

Eva Longoria is an impressive woman. She comes from of very modest background, born to Mexican-American parents. Longoria has always worked hard for what she wants. Before getting involved in acting and hitting it big from her role in Desperate Housewives, she did a B.S.c in kinesiology (the scientific study of movement) at a college in Texas. Eva is the youngest of four daughters.

Mammas Boys and Girls  Stars Who Brought Their Leading Lady to the Biggest Red Carpet Affairs 36

She attributes lots of her rigorous work ethic and dedication to her mother Ella Longoria, whom she would eventually take as a date on the red carpet. Her sister has special needs, and her loving mother has always been there 110%. Eva said of her mom “…because I saw how hard my mother worked and all she did for my sister.” Anyway, her mom is a real special lady, and she and Eva mean the universe to each other.

Drake and His Mom on the Red Carpet Are Adorable, and We Can See Where He Gets His Smile

In some ways Drake and his mom, Sandi Graham, look like super cute twins rather than mother and son. They both have this crazy heart-melting smile that makes it clear they’re family. Fun fact though: Did you know Drake’s full name is Aubrey Drake Graham? Cool. Drake first got some attention when he played on Degrassi. Then, he took things to the next level and they escalated quickly.

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His first album, Room for Improvement only sold about 6,000 copies. Then, he released Comeback Season and boom! He was on the fast track to superstardom. What’s really sweet though, is that Drake has tons of songs that are about his mom! “I know you like to worry, it’ll be better if you don’t, cause you know everything gon’ be alright, I promise.” Big-time momma’s boy right there.

Beyoncé, the Queen B, Has Lots of Nice Things to Say About Her Momma

Beyoncé is another one of those shining stars that barely needs any introduction. Whether you like pop or not, heck, whether you like music or not, you know Beyoncé. Her rise to fame came in the late 1990s when she was the lead singer in Destiny’s Child, and she’s been stunning us with her soulful music and rockstar performances ever since.

Mammas Boys and Girls  Stars Who Brought Their Leading Lady to the Biggest Red Carpet Affairs 35
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We all know her husband of course – Jay Z, and we kind of know her kids, but what’s about her mother, Tina Knowles? Well, as it turns out, Beyoncé actually got her singing voice from her mom. In high school, Tina was in a band called The Veltones, and in the subsequent years, she continued to sing and be a huge music enthusiast. What’s that old saying? Something about a falling apple and a tree?

Laura Dern Is A 90s Icon, and Not to Mention, Her and Her Mom Are Best Friends

Maybe, as we do, you recognize Laura Dern for her iconic role as Ellie in the game-changing movie Jurassic Park. Seriously, that movie never gets old, and some say it’s one of the best ever made. Sources say that since she was a little girl, Laura Dern had wanted to act. Her first brush with show biz was at 11 years old.

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But her parents, and especially her mom, Diane Ladd, didn’t like the idea. Laura’s parents were actors themselves who struggled to carve out names for themselves in Hollywood, so they knew hard it was to succeed. In short, they worried. But nevertheless, Diane supported her daughter’s choices, and that paid off! Now, they’re cruising the red carpet together.

Chris Evans’s Mom’s Philosophy and Advice Has Guided Him Throughout the Years

Legend has it that when he was 10 years old, Chris Evans got on a school bus and saw some kids being really mean to another child. The incident stuck with him the whole day and was still troubling him in the evening. When his mom, Lisa Evans, was tucking him into bed, he asked her about it. He recalls that she told him that in some ways, it’s good that he feels affected because that means his heart matters.

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She then told him “… make sure your heart stays true.” According to Chris, his momma’s timeless advice has stayed with him. Moving forward a few decades, he is donning his Captain America costume and visiting innumerable children’s hospitals and making kids smile. Also, he is killin’ it in Hollywood, and bringing his mom along for fun rides on the red carpet!