Momma’s Boys and Girls: Stars Who Brought Their Leading Lady to the Biggest Red Carpet Affairs

    When we’re kids, we sometimes get embarrassed if we’re seen with our moms. We certainly wouldn’t be caught dead bringing them to a party. At some point in our lives, things change, and most of us start to welcome any opportunity to spend time with them. These days, most of us would be more than happy to bring our moms along with us to an event, especially if that event is special, and gives us a chance to make momma proud.

    Image: Parents

    Celebrities, after all, and contrary to what some people think, are humans too. We’re sure that growing up, they’ve had the same anxieties about being embarrassed by the presence of a parent. But, as we’ll soon see, these famous guys and girls got over it and brought their moms to exclusive red carpet events. As we see from these cool photos, it must have been an awesome experience for everyone involved!