Moms Who Went to the Next Level and Hilariously Trolled Their Kids With Their Back to School Photos

Let’s face it. For most parents, it was a long summer. We’re sure some parents were happy for the chance to spend those precious long summer days with their little ones. They were also more than thrilled to find an endless stream of exciting ways to entertain their children every second of the day too. Others were just exhausted. They were most probably counting down the seconds until the first day of school.

Moms are Trolling Their Kids With Their Back to School Photos and Its Hilarious 3
Image: Instagram / Leslie Anne Brooks

Finally, when that big day arrived, parents worldwide got swept up with the tradition of back to school photos. Soon enough, our social media feeds were flooded with adorable pictures of random children standing outside their doorsteps. Some photos featured heartwarming captions like, “I can’t believe my baby is growing up so fast.” However, other parents took things to the next level. So let’s look at the creative mom’s who won the internet and hilariously trolled their kids on their first day back to school.

The Happy Moms

While some parents seemed emotional about seeing their little ones fly the nest for their next school year, there are plenty of “Happy moms” on the internet. This particular group of happy moms seemed more excited, relieved and ready to party. These gals, who became close friends after moving to the same neighborhood in Florida, shared this hilarious photo of their back to school celebrations, holding wine glasses. They are also sitting next to a priceless sign which reads, “First Day of School 2019 #byeFelicia.”

Moms are Trolling Their Kids With Their Back to School Photos and Its Hilarious 4
Image: People Magazine

The winning shot was even more awesome as it was captioned, “Some of you are sad. This is me and my girls. We will be juuuuuust fine.” One of the mom’s explained how their summer “was very chaotic. Lots of ‘Mom, I’m bored.’ ‘Mom, let’s do something.” So to commemorate the fact that they finally had their time back, they created a fun photo. Although they later revealed that the wine was actually fruit punch, one mother added, “People thought we were drinking. But we only do that when the kids are at school!”

The Troll Moms

Another parenting trend that seems to have blown up in the past few years, is the emergence of “The Troll Mom”. One mom, Leslie Ann Brooks recently hit the headlines when she shared a series of photos on Instagram, where she hilariously trolls her kids in their back to school photos. The photos were originally the result of a joke with her husband, which soon spiraled into a series of hilarious annual family photoshoots with their children.

Moms are Trolling Their Kids With Their Back to School Photos and Its Hilarious 2
Image: Instagram / Leslie Anne Brooks

Each of Leslie’s annual photoshoots features a different theme. In one photo, Leslie is celebrating in the pool floating on a swan pool toy with a frappuccino and a book, while her kids are clearly not impressed. In another photo, she is pictured in a tutu and trying to drag her children away from the front porch. Reportedly, the kids were a little embarrassed at first when the photos were shared, but now they actually now look forward to getting creative with their photoshoots.

The Leaping Moms

Over the past few years, we have also seen the emergence of “The Leaping Mom”. One creative mom from Alabama has started her own annual family tradition. Since 2013, Keishia Gardner has been nailing her back to school photos. In each shot, she has mastered her signature move and hilariously leaps for joy, while “throwing the kids a back to school party”. In most photos, her kids, which are both foster and biological children, are lurking in the background, looking glum, which makes it even more comical.

Moms are Trolling Their Kids With Their Back to School Photos and Its Hilarious 5 1
Image: US Weekly

In this iconic photo, she went to the next level and even invited her husband, balloons, and the family pets into the shot. This shot is even more bizarre as we actually have no idea why the family cat is sitting on her husband’s hat. We also don’t quite know why he is holding some random balloons wither. We can only imagine that having the kids at home for the summer made everyone a little loopy!