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New York Fashion Freak: Our Pick of the Strangest Trends to Grace the Runway This Week

High-fashion has always had a thing for theatrics; challenging our views on style and art. So we just knew 2019 wouldn’t disappoint… With New York Fashion Week (NYFW) in full swing, we thought we’d kept up-to-date on the weirdest trends spotted this week on the runway.

Image: Fox News

Fresh off the runway, these out-there creations have dared to be different and are awaiting feedback from the fashion world and the public. So what’s your opinion on them – could you see yourself trying any of these? From unprecedented beauty fads to gender-bending accessories, check out the latest trends that we’re not too sure about…

Haute Couture à la Cheetos

We thought we’d never see the day. It’s 2019 and Cheetos, the neon orange cheese-flavored cornmeal snack, had their runway debut this week at NYFW. Encouraged by the “Cheetos-inspired looks” that fans have created and shared on social media, Cheetos believed they’ve spotted a gap in the market. We must have been busy the day when there was a demand for this kind of fashion.

Image: High Snobiety

But truthfully we can’t remember the last time we saw a crunchy snack unveil their take on high-fashion. It’s original – we’re just waiting to see who bites the bullet and starts investing in their… er… occasion wear. We can see it now: “dangerously cheesy” is set to be the new must-have t-shirt slogan.

Nothing Is Safe at NYFW

Is nothing sacred? Some of the models at CDLM’s collaborative fashion show were subjected to a bizarre beauty decision – blackened teeth. They were also given some autonomy, as makeup artist Jen Myles said, they sported a “red, drawn-on-themselves, penciled-in lip.” This makeup choice is definitely giving us a morning-after vibe – if you got into a fight on your night out that is.

Image: Pinterest

In a makeup choice that seems to defy all logic, it does carry some other-worldly charm. As a bold move that was sure to add theatrics, it would have fared well as a reminder to the audience that runway fashion is an outlet for the avant-garde. Whether or not we’re all going to be hitting the shops for ingestable black paint in 2020 still remains to be seen.

Bewjellewed Beards Are the Future of Androgeny

If a facial accessory puts you in mind of Hulu’s Handmaid’s Tale, it surely can’t be a good thing? Well, tell that to AREA, a ground-breaking fashion house that doesn’t mind pushing the boundaries. We’ve seen flowers in men’s beards before, but 2020 is ushering in fancy facial hair for women! In an increasingly androgynous world, decked-out face fuzz is being flagged as the future.

Image: New York Post

These sparkly beards could prove to be a hit in an attempt to bridge the gender gap. They bring a touch of glamour to any outfit and don’t hinder you from eating or drinking! We can even see these marketed towards men as a beard topper… However, perhaps they’d fair better as a winter accessory as they could create some unusual tan lines… but perhaps that’s the point?

Fashion for Those in Denial That Summer Has Ended

We also don’t want to believe it’s true. But Kate Spade would have us living a lie, rocking florals in the most literal way possible. Many of her models were adorned with flowers, plant-pots, even a glass vase of orchids on one occasion, in a runway first for NYFW. With the theme title of “City Safari,” they certainly found a way to breathe fresh life into the high-fashion world.

Image: Newsy Today

And Kate Spade isn’t the only fashion house with eco-friendly undertones this week. Gabriela Hearst specifically requested her show’s stylist not to use any electricity to aid in hair styling. With a high global interest in environmental awareness, plants on the runway might be part of a bigger conversation. Then again, they might just be there to match the floral motifs in the fabric.