Newlyweds Share a Romantic Look Among a Sea Protesters on Their Big Day

No question, these are turbulent times for America and the rest of the world. The coronavirus is still with us and things are tough economically. On May 25, further tragedy struck when George Floyd was killed during an arrest for allegedly using a counterfeit bill. Protests consequently erupted across the U.S. and in other parts of the world with the intention of standing up against police brutality, inequality, and systemic racism.

Newlyweds Share a Romantic Look Among a Sea Protesters on Their Big Day2
Image: The New York Times

Amid all the upheaval, however, life goes on, including love. One Philadelphia couple tied the knot after having their March wedding canceled due to the virus. Before they finalized the ceremony, they saw a group of Black Lives Matter protesters walking toward the wedding venue. The couple decided to take to the streets and share their first look among a sea of demonstrators.

The Unforgettable Moment

Dr. Kerry-Anne Perkins and Michael Gordon got engaged in 2019 and had planned their wedding for this March. They invited around 250 people. Then COVID-19 happened, and they were forced to cancel the event.

Not only did they cancel because of the restrictions of social gatherings, but Dr. Anne-Perkins is a frontline doctor, and she has been working incredibly hard during the crisis, no time for weddings or the planning involved. But since the virus has slowed down a little, giving the country some breathing room, the couple could now tie the knot.

Newlyweds Share a Romantic Look Among a Sea Protesters on Their Big Day 4
Image: Instagram / Dr. Kerry-Anne Perkins

As Michael stood outside the hotel wedding venue, looking sharp with his tux, and ready to marry the love of his life, he heard shouting and chanting. It grew increasingly loud as he realized that a huge group of protesters was approaching.

As the crowd got closer and the chants boomed, flocks of guests from the wedding – all wearing masks designed for the occasion – went over to the protest to see what’s up. Soon the wedding party was absorbed into the demonstration. When Michael entered the crowd, everyone “parted like the Red Sea,” realizing he was the groom.

Newlyweds Share a Romantic Look Among a Sea Protesters on Their Big Day1
Image: U.S. News

And there stood Kerry-Anne, happy, nervous, and trembling. The crowd formed a circle around them as they embraced and shared their first look at each other as a married couple. The emotions from the last few months, the happiness, the loss, the love, and the sadness all culminated for the bride in groom in this long romantic stare. They will now go down in history as the couple that got hitched in the street during a protest!

The Love Birds

The bride’s name is Dr. Kerry-Anne Perkins, 35 years old. She’s a staff surgeon at a hospital in Philadelphia who has been working on the frontline during the crisis. The groom, Michael Gordon, 42 is a captain in the Army reserve and a senior project manager at Athena Global Advisors.

The couple met back in 2013 at a gym. They exchanged digits, and then Michael proceeded to contact Anne shortly after (no, don’t worry, it wasn’t within 48 hours of getting her number). After chatting for a period of time through text messages, Michael decided to ask Anne out. But she wasn’t into it, and she declined.

Newlyweds Share a Romantic Look Among a Sea Protesters on Their Big Day3
Image: The New York Times

Michael and Anne share some nodes in each other’s social circles, so they still had some contact. And they would occasionally hear about one another through their mutual friends and acquaintances. Even though Anne had denied Michael a date, they still sporadically exchanged messages throughout this period.

Two years later, Michael gave it a second chance and he asked her out again. To his delight (and slight surprise), she agreed, and the two started dating. Anne said, “I had realized he was not pushy, he was just a gentleman, he had good energy, he never came across in a way that was negative. Why not give him a chance?” They hit it off on their first date and they never looked back.