No Laughing Matter: Joaquin Phoenix’s Journey From Hollywood Wild Card to Big Top Star

    When Joaquin Phoenix first landed the role of the twisted supervillain in the latest DC Comics The Joker movie, it sent shocks through Hollywood. Many hailed Joaquin as a “wild card” choice. Well, the Joker is one of the most iconic comic characters of all time, and many talented actors have offered their own epic take on the villain. Still, after Heath Ledger’s legendary as the Joker in Dark Knight; whoever reprised the role, clearly had big shoes to fill.

    Image: Hollywood.com

    Joaquin does seem to have come from nowhere, and the famously reclusive actor has also spent a lifetime shunning mainstream blockbusters. While he has been more drawn to edgy characters and unconventional movies, the prolific star has also proved time and time again that he can transform into any role. He’s often seen as Hollywood’s most underrated actor. So let’s glimpse at his journey to stardom, and see why reprising the role of the angry clown, was a long time coming for Joaquin Phoenix.