Not All Heroes Wear Capes: How Leonardo Dicaprio Plans to Save Our Planet

    Years have passed since Leonardo DiCaprio won the world over with his charm, dashing smile and impeccable talent. He received the reputation of wowing audiences with his range and heartfelt performances at the very start of his career. DiCaprio made his big screen debut in the early ’90s, starring alongside Robert De Niro in This Boy’s Life and Johnny Depp in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, for which he received his first Oscar nomination at the young age of 19.

    In 1997, he starred in James Cameron legendary movie, Titanic and his career skyrocketed from there. The world watched him develop from a teen heartthrob to a Hollywood powerhouse. In recent years, we hear less about Dicaprio’s irrefutable talents in front of the big screen and more about his commitment to safeguarding the earth and promoting positive change in our world. Whether it’s through creating feature-length documentaries or spearheading important initiatives, Leonardo knows no bounds when it comes to saving our planet