NYC Subway Banned Dogs Unless They Fit in a Bag. Local Commuters Found the Most Creative Loop Hole

    In NYC, “bag dogs” are fast becoming the latest must-have accessory. The pup trend began in 2016 after NYC City enforced a new rule banning dogs on the subway. The rules simply stated that pets have to be “enclosed in a container.” Well, New York dog owners love a good loophole. Thankfully, the rules didn’t state anything about the size of the animal, or the style of the container. So, for these creative and fashion-forward commuters, it was “challenge accepted!”

    Image: Instagram / Bag Dogs

    Ever since the law has been set in motion, New Yorkers have been wowing us with a series of ingenious, stylish and fabulous ways to push the law to the limits. From tiny dogs in designer tote bags to trendy dogs in backpacks, commuters really let their creativity shine. Some even stunned us with some pretty trailblazing ways to squeeze oversized dogs into an IKEA bag. So let’s take a glimpse at the most creative “bag dogs” to ever grace the NYC Subway.