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Old School Pastimes of Yesteryear Have Been Making a Come Back in 2020

With most of us living very much indoors for most of this year, people have been turning to some unexpected hobbies to pass the time. It seems like many us are harking back to simpler activities, or at least doing our best to make use of the garden. We running through a few of the retro throwback pastimes that have been booming in sales during the global pandemic. And yes – young people are just as responsible for the surge in interest as everyone else!

Old School Pastimes of Yesteryear Have Been Making a Come Back This Year4
Image: Instagram / starratales

If you weren’t already aware of it, jigsaw puzzles are seeing a historical high at the moment. People are searching high and low to purchase puzzles, with U.S. sales increasing to over 500% between March 27 to April 26, 2020. That’s a new record for the game. Large American puzzle producer Ravensburger admitted to coping with a sudden heavy demand. “Even on our internet sales – we’re not as strong on e-commerce as we are at retail, but we started getting orders, thousands a day, which is astronomical.”

A New Mode of Transport, Nowhere To Go

No one could have seen this one coming. Rollerskating has taken on a whole new life since the pandemic with sales soaring online. Mercari, an online marketplace, has reported an increase of almost 900% in searches for second-hand roller skates. On average, they’re seeing over 21,000 searches a week now for the item. And more than 300 new listings are being added over the same period.

Old School Pastimes of Yesteryear Have Been Making a Come Back This Year1
Image: Instagram / lamoucheparis

Michelle Steilen, the founder of the Californian-based skating company Moxi Roller Skates, has admitted to seeing over 12 times the amount of sales she’s used to. In order to cope with the sudden influx of customers they’ve had to open up a second factory, to carry through with their backlog of orders. It makes sense that people want to get as much fresh air as they can these days.

Fancy a Dip?

With everyone being cooped up all day and every day, those who are lucky enough to have their own outdoor space have looked for ways to better utilize it. That, or they’re trying to bring that holiday vibe home. The inflatable pool has become a hot ticket item across the states, and not just for families with young children. In fact, they’ve been so sought after this year that there’s actually been a global inflatable pool shortage.

Old School Pastimes of Yesteryear Have Been Making a Come Back This Year3
Image: Instagram / sarahelesecowen

Surprisingly, these pools became impossible to buy almost overnight. And they’re not the simplest items to quickly reproduce as there’s a lot more that goes into them than just plastic. The chief executive of Only Alpha Pool Products, Thomas Epple, revealed: “The shortage of materials in the industry is great – pumps, heaters, above-ground pools have been sold out for some time.” He added: “I’ve been in this industry for 35 years and I’ve never seen anything like this.” Only time will tell what other old school pastimes will come to light.