One Brave Star: Antonio Banderas Faced All His Fears for His Latest Role in Pain and Glory

    Let’s face it, we’ve all seen a movie at one point in our lives that features the talented Spanish señor, going by the name of Antonio Banderas. Whether it be 1995’s mystery movie Desperado, or the classic rom-com Two Much, the Malaga-born actor seems to nail the role for just about every motion picture he gets cast in. Let’s now take a look at one of his most recent projects!

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    Directed by Pedro Almodovar, the latest drama Pain and Glory hit our cinema screens this August, but already it’s proven to be a big hit with viewers. Not only are fans reveling over the tragic story that unfolds in the movie, but the main star, Mr. Banderas, did more than a good job of portraying such a complex character. Here’s how it all went down.

    Battling His Own Personal Demons

    Those who like to keep on track with the latest entertainment news will know that Antonio has not been on an easy ride these past few years! In 2017, while most actors were going about their daily, star-studded lives, the situation could not be more different for Banderas. The star was spending most days in the hospital, recovering from a life-threatening condition.

    News of the condition came from the man himself, disclosing at the Malaga Film Festival that despite needing surgery, the incident that occurred on January 26th “wasn’t serious and hadn’t caused any damages.” After some much needed time spent alone recovering, the talented star was back on our cinema-loving screens in no time.

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    It was while he spent days in the hospital, that Mr. Banderas underwent a revelation. Upon a fleeting visit to check up on how he was doing, one of the nurses mentioned to the Spanish star that it was likely his emotions would change in the coming weeks. Believe it or not, that’s exactly what happened! Antonio’s usual tough exterior was beginning to break down.

    Seeing Himself in a Whole New Light

    To put it simply, Mr. Banderas started getting in touch with his sensitive side while he was getting better in the hospital. The star began listening to more music and watching more movies than he previously would have done, and even shedding a couple of tears every now and then! It certainly wasn’t like him, but he welcomed the new emotions.

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    Here’s where it all gets interesting. Despite this sudden change in behavior, Antonio felt grateful for what had happened to him. The actor noted: “It just gave me a perspective of who I was, and it just made the important things [go to] the surface.” Now, let’s apply this sudden alteration in Antonio Banderas’ life to his acting pursuits.

    Making Him the Best Star for the Role

    Here’s a quick rundown of Almodovar’s new movie. Pain and Glory centers around the life of Salvador Mallo; a film director who spends a lot of recent time reflecting on past and present events in his life, and how the famous man eventually comes to terms with his own personal decline, which has affected him both mentally and physically. This sounds a little familiar.

    In the motion picture, these reflective thoughts take a number of different forms. Some are flashbacks of emigration from Mallo’s childhood in the 1960s, while others are current events playing out in real-time. What’s important to note, is that at the end of all these encounters, Salvador eventually re-emerges from his creative pause.

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    After the movie’s debut on 22nd March 2019, director Almodovar received a swarm of positive reviews; it was considered by many as a masterpiece! Of course, the director has his main star, Antonion Banderas to thank for a lot of his success. The leading man received the award for Best Actor at the Cannes Film Festival, and we can’t say we’re surprised.

    As of recent news, both film critics and Antonio himself have expressed the belief that the actor’s time in the hospital prepped him for the role. This may be a pretty strange assumption to make, but the officials have their reasoning. If it wasn’t for the emotional epiphany Mr. Banderas went through, who knows whether he would’ve nailed the part so well.

    Changing Himself for the Better, Not Worse

    Well, it all becomes pretty clear to us now why Antonio likened his condition to “one of the best things that ever happened in my life.” In many ways, Mr. Banderas time in hospital allowed the star to fully get in character, there are so many similarities between his own state two years ago, and the main protagonist; it was better than any drama lesson!

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    While on set, the Spanish filmmaker himself, Pedro Almodovar mentioned to Banderas that something had changed in the Spanish star’s general persona. To make his production as successful as possible, the director urged Antonio not to hide this shift in behavior. Clearly, he could notice the similarities, too!