It’s strange to think that somewhere out there; there’s a person who looks exactly like you. Although we are all genetically unique, some people believe in a thing called a doppelganger. According to their theory, at any given moment one person has six people who look exactly like them roaming the planet. Doppelgangers are not the people that sort of look like you. They look exactly like you. The chances of knowing who your doppelganger is are slim to none. Who knows, you could be living in Miami, and you doppelganger could be in Russia ice fishing!

The only time the whole doppelganger thing gets easy is if yours is a celebrity. If an average person has a doppelganger then why can’t a famous person? Movie stars, singers, and actors get their face posted on some sort of social media platform day after day. No matter where you are in the world, you know who Rihanna is. Some celebrities’ doppelgangers posted pictures of selfies that went totally viral. These average joes are just like the rest of us non-famous folk, except they get chased around by swarms of fans. Their similarity to celebrities is so intense that people can’t tell the difference. If you never believed in doppelgangers, these pictures will change your mind.

1. Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran is the singing redhead we all love. He’s done songs with people like Taylor Swift and has us all dancing to his tune “Shape of You” (even if we heard it more than 1,000 times). His talent is so unique you’d never guess that somewhere out there, there’s a dude who looks exactly like him. Ty Jones is a normal guy from Manchester who just happens too looks remarkably similar to the famous pop star Ed Sheeran. Although we all think this whole celebrity resemblance is fine and dandy, Jones thinks otherwise. He says he feels as if everyone is comparing him to this big time celeb. “It’s made my relationships worse I’d say because now I have to weigh up if they like me for me or are they’re just interested in me because I’m the next best thing to Ed if they really like him.” Jones explains, “When girls ask me for pictures in the streets it’s annoyed some of my girlfriends in the past and caused problems. It’s hard to explain because it’s not like I can help it and I don’t like being horrible to people and deny them a picture if they want one.”

2. George Clooney

Ok, so the Ed Sheeran guy may have his complaints, but if you come out looking exactly like this hunk, there’s no reason to ask for a different life. It’s safe to say that men would do literally anything to look like THE George Clooney. This sexy salt and pepper-haired stud won the “Sexiest Man Alive” title by People Magazine… TWICE! I mean what else is there to say about that? This doppelganger is almost an exact copy of Clooney except for the fact that his eyes are a tad lighter. He’s probably followed on a regular basis by some chick looking to get the doctor from ER’s number, and he should probably go along with it when someone confuses him with the real celeb. If this guy dare complains about how rough it is to be him, he clearly has no clue how to handle all that hotness.

3. Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne is also known as the queen of everything eyebrows! This young icon took the old tweezing and waxing thing to the junkyard. Because of her, we’re all obsessed with our natural bushy brows. Cara is a fearless and rule-breaking bad ass that comes from a line of royalty. Her doppelganger has the same look going for her. She has the bushy brows, the beanie, and the spunky vibe shining through her pictures. Cara is the ultimate trendsetter and there’s no doubt that teens wish they could be her for a day. If this doppelganger doesn’t like Cara, she better start. Their similarities are so shocking that no one would guess she’s not the real thing. She might as well use her looks to get all the advantages celebrities have. For example, why not skip to the front of the line at some high-end club? If Cara isn’t wasting her time in line, neither should this chick.

4. Hugh Laurie

Hugh Laurie is better known as the sexy, smart, and bad-ass doctor on the show House. He always cracks mysterious medical cases and looks so good doing it. Women drool over his whole intellectual-and-knows-it kind of vibe, (even if he’s not really a doctor in real life). He just has something about him that is irresistible – and it’s not lupus, (It never is). This doppelganger probably gets tons of attention when he goes about his routine. It would not be surprising if, one time, he went to buy milk and someone faked a heart attack just to be saved by Dr. House. Hey, lady who did that, if you’re out there, we don’t blame you!

5. Rihanna

Rihanna is the queen of the red carpet. This Island beauty is also tough as nails. Just ask Drake. He bought her a billboard, and she still wanted nothing to do with him. Her radiant beauty is so unique that no one would expect there to be anyone like her. Against all the odds, the beauty has a doppelganger, and everyone around her knows it. Andele Lara, an ordinary girl from Boston, is well aware that she looked exactly like Rihanna. She said one day a boy printed out a picture of the pop-singer and held it up to her face.

From that moment on, her peers could not unsee her resemblance. Lara says she can’t go anywhere without someone asking her for a photo. “The moment I step out anywhere, everyone starts staring and whispering before I get bombarded by strangers asking to take their photo with me,” she said. “This happens every day – It doesn’t matter what I do. I can’t go twenty-four hours without hearing Rihanna’s name.” Rather than getting fed up with all the undeserved attention, Lara says she’s willing to work as a Rihanna double.

6. Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman is that guy with the heavenly voice. We all associate him with images of a powerful, yet, fair being. This is probably because he played the role of god in the movie Bruce Almighty. His voice is so loved that there’s even a science behind why we love his voice so darn much. Many believe god comes in many forms, but so does the man who we most commonly associate god with. Freeman’s doppelganger is an average security guard looking to pass the days. Surely, everyone is super nice to him! These two guys look so much alike it’s hard to tell them apart. The only test is to see if they have the same rumbling voice. If not, it’s a dead giveaway that he’s not the real Freeman!

7. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift, Hollywood’s sweetheart, has got herself a doppelganger! These two share the same style, and both look rocking in red lipstick. Their eye shape and cute chin are almost identical. Surely a swarm of screaming girls follow this doppelganger around town. So many love the singer for her sweet and relatable songs about love and heartbreak. While we’re not sure if this girl knows anything about the love we’re sure she’s an expert on heartbreak. Just imagine how many times she’s had to let people down when she tells them she’s not actually Taylor Swift. Taylor, you gotta add this girl to your army of empowered women!

8. Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie is nothing short of stunning. Her pouty lips and crystal blue eyes are a breath taker every time you see them. In addition to her stunning looks shes also a fantastic actress and philanthropist. Her Doppelganger had a load of work done to her face, but you can’t deny their resemblance. Not to mention, Angelina also had work done herself. At first glance, this comparison doesn’t look like it’s worth being on this list. There’s so much plastic we can’t tell if they actually look alike or not. However, there is something that’s pretty alarming when you take a second look. Detectives pay close attention to a person’s ears when they can’t get a hold of fingerprints. These two beautiful women have ears so similar you would think they’re the same person! What are the odds?

9. Johnny Dep

Jonny Dep, what can we say about him. This celebrity bad-boy hits the list of Hollywood’s hottest men all the time. His looks are so good the world needs two of him! This version of Jonny Depp is slightly older than the one who leads a gang of pirates in the Carribean. However, you can tell that he’s really milking the situation. Doppelganger Johnny went out of his way to buy the same wide brim hat that Depp wears all the time. They also have similar arm candy and tattoo placings. We’re not suggesting that anyone is as amazing as the real Johnny Depp, but we do however know what the next best thing is! Thank you, doppelganger gods, for blessing us with this Depp remix!

10. Jennifer Lopez

Her love doesn’t cost a thang, but her looks sure do. This Doppelganger clearly had a mission to look like this spicy Latina. Jenifer Lopez is an incredibly famous and multi-talented celebrity. From her singing to her acting it’s hard to keep up with this woman. No wonder someone would pay so much to look like her. Although there’s a lot of plastic going on, you gotta admit how closely they resemble one another.

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