People Are Calling Out Farrah Abraham’s Questionable Parenting Methods and Not Without Reason

Thu Sep 22 2022

Reality TV personality Farrah Abraham rose to fame through the MTV shows 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom, which saw the then-teenage mom adapt to life as a young parent. Since the latter show ended in 2012, Farrah has been trying to find her place in the entertainment world – whether it’s appearing as a contestant on Big Brother or attempting to break into the adult entertainment industry.

Farrah is mom to 13-year-old Sophia, and over the years, the reality star has been raising people’s eyebrows over her controversial parenting choices. But now that her daughter is entering into her teen years, Farrah’s parenting decisions have been getting even more controversial. Take a look at what questionable choices Farrah has made that simply don’t sit well with the public.

Farrah Doesn’t Allow Sophia To Have a Relationship With Her Grandma

In 2010, Farrah didn’t allow the father of her child’s mother to come and meet the baby. Farrah was embroiled in a conflict with baby Sophia’s father, Derek Underwood, and as a result, refused to let the grandmother have any contact with Sophia whatsoever. Sophia’s father Derek, however, was killed in a car accident before Sophia was even born, and fans found Farrah’s approach to be far too harsh and unfair on the little one and grandma alike.

The Grandmother spoke to a news outlet to give her side of the story, stating, “It’s more than any human being should have to go through to lose her son and his only daughter.” The grandmother continued, “It’s just really sad that I have to miss out on all of her baby years,” before concluding: “If I were able to talk to Sophia, I would say, ‘Grandma loves you. I really want to be a part of your life.’ “

Farrah Has Been Controlling Sophia’s Image From a Very Young Age

Farrah’s daughter Sophia has been appearing on TV alongside her mom ever since she was a baby – and arguably even earlier than that as Farrah documented her entire pregnancy on television. But Sophia’s reality TV presence has led to some negative consequences, including having her autonomy taken away when it comes to her wardrobe.

News outlets have reported that Farrah has enforced a stylist upon her daughter from a young age so that her little one is always looking her best. This even affects the hairstyles she’s allowed to sport, as like Farrah, she wants Sophia to always have her best for forward. To many, this type of controlling parental behavior does more damage than good to a young child looking to experiment with their style.

Farrah Brought Sophia Into Her Feud With Nicki Minaj

Farrah was embroiled in a Twitter feud with Nicki Minaj back in 2016 after the rapper called out her bad behavior. Nicki wrote, “Farrah is a c*** to her mother,” adding that Sophia was even forced to step in: “she was like b**** go do some porn & leave gramma alone.”

Farrah responded on Twitter, writing “cause your a parent right? Your videos look like p*** Horrible good luck being negative #Godbless busy making TV” (sic). And it didn’t end there. Farrah later posted a video of her daughter Sophia telling Nicki Minaj off for her bad language and calling her a loser. People called Farrah out for dragging her daughter into the feud.

Farrah Treats Sophia More Like a Best Friend Than a Daughter

One aspect of Farrah’s parenting that has riled fans for years is the fact that she treats Sophia more like a friend than a child. And it’s possibly having disastrous effects on Sophia’s development. One example of this is that Farrah decided to homeschool Sophia to allow the youngster to attend more adult social events.

As far as Farrah is concerned, she’s giving Sophia the opportunities that she wishes she had at a young age. People have witnessed Farrah also attempt to teach Sophia how to act more grown up for her age through clothes, makeup, and social media use. Ironically, Farrah famously said of her daughter, “She has her own life and is doing her own thing, and I’m doing mine.” But increasingly, Sophia has been exhibiting more adult behavior similar to her mother.

Farrah Calls Sophia “Too Stupid” on TV

Farrah called out Nicki Minaj for her poor choice of words, but Farrah has herself been in the spotlight for using inappropriate language when talking about her young daughter. When Farrah was appearing on the MTV spin-off series Teen Mom OG, Farrah was heard calling her little girl “stupid”.

Farrah was heard uttering under her breath in a moment of frustration, “Sophia is too stupid to get ready. It’s not my issue right now.” Naturally, viewers were surprised to hear her talk so critically of Sophia and didn’t take well to it. Sophia wasn’t in the room at the time, but Farrah still received a ton of backlash from fans.

Farrah Let Sophia Wear Makeup Whenever She Wanted

One aspect of Farrah’s parenting that makes much of the public feel uncomfortable is her attitude towards makeup for children. She not only allows Sophia to wear makeup regularly but encourages her to experiment with the medium, even allowing her to post makeup videos on social media.

To date, Farrah doesn’t mind the negative criticism that she’s received an has previously stated, “She can wear as much as she pleases. It makes her feel pretty.” Things were made worse when in 2021, Sophia was pictured wearing a full face of heavy makeup and looked “unrecognizable” according to fans.

Farrah Gets Help From Sophia In Promoting Inappropriate Products

Farrah has received a lot of criticism over the years for using her daughter to help promote sponsored products. But it was a whole other kettle of fish when Farrah used Sophia’s Twitter account to help promote her own adult-only products. That was simply a step to far for much of the public.

Fans commented things like, “This…. This is disturbing,” and “I support what you do but I can’t support this. Sophia is a child and this shouldn’t be posted from her Twitter or YouTube. How inappropriate.” Even one of Farrah’s colleagues took to Twitter to call out the behavior: “Really? Really? @ManyVids PLEASE do something about this. I work for you and don’t want to be associated with a minor.”

Farrah Gave Sophia $600 When She Lost Her Baby Teeth

Farrah received a lot of flack for her seemingly disproportionate response to Sophia when the youngster lost baby teeth. It’s tradition in many households to put a coin under a child’s pillow at night claiming that the tooth fairy paid them a visit, upon the loss of baby teeth. But Farrah appears to have taken it way too far.

When Sophia lost baby teeth, however, Farrah gifted her daughter $600 a pop, which is more money than a small child can even comprehend. People criticized Farrah for setting unrealistic expectations for her young developing child and heaping praise on Sophia for the wrong things.

Farrah Posted an Inappropriate Bathing Suit Photo of Sophia Online

When Farrah took Sophia on vacation in 2017, she received criticism for posting a revealing photo of her young daughter in a bathing suit, and including an inappropriate caption. The mother-daughter duo had been touring around the Mediterranean and promoting products on social media when the photo was posted.

Farrah had captioned the image of her and her daughter, “Suns out buns out”, which left a lot of fans upset. They thought Farrah was exposing her daughter in an untasteful fashion, even if Farrah meant no harm by it. One Twitter user wrote, “Is she trying to get her kidnapped?!?!?! There’s so many child human traffickers out there!!! She needs a reality check quick!”

Farrah Is Encouraging Sophia To Have a Heavy Online Presence

Fans have pointed out that Farrah seems hellbent on making her daughter her very own “mini-me”, complete with a social media following and some semblance of celebrity status. Like Farrah, Sophia has been promoting brands on her social platforms and posting updates every day.

Most recently, Sophia has been busy trying to amass a big following on TikTok. But lots of followers online believe this behavior is an extension of her mother’s desire to see her child become famous. Right now, Sophia has around 850k followers on Instagram, 45k on Twitter, and nearly 90k on TikTok.

Farrah Plucked Sophia’s Eyebrows When She Was Just Three Years Old

Fans of Farrah were outraged to learn that the reality TV star was plucking Sophia’s eyebrows when she was only a small child. Sophia was only three years old when Farrah had taken a pair of tweezers to the toddler’s eyebrows, having justified it but saying “She is on board with the upkeep because she likes the way they look”.

Farrah continued: “If I can help my daughter in a little way by just plucking a few hairs… I think I did something right.” She added on Twitter, “Unibrows are not sacred! Do the right thing tweeze no matter what age”, followed by “Sophia’s beautiful with [a] unibrow or without! Point is take care of your child’s hygiene”. But as many people pointed out, it wasn’t really a question of hygiene.

Farrah Likes To Bring Sophia To Adult After Parties

For Farrah, it seems as though Sophia is never too young to rub shoulders with celebrities, even if it means bringing her to after parties. It’s not common for the kids of stars to come along to red carpet events let alone the late-night social gatherings, but Farrah has defied that rule time and time again.

Farrah has taken Sophia to tons of red carpet events, like the VMAs, the TV Awards, Cannes Film Festival, and the MTV Movie & TV Awards to name a few. But fans have called Farrah for allowing Sophia to attend after-parties well before her time. A bunch of intoxicated stars is likely not such a child-friendly environment.

Farrah Forces Sophia To Give The Fans What They Want

Farrah appears to have her priorities in the wrong place, according to the public. She gave an interview to Cosmopolitan in which she admitted that the hoards of fans and paparazzi can be overwhelming for Sophia, but that she has to push through anyway and greet the crowds.

Farrah explained in 2015: “I understand that there’s a lot of people on us a lot of time and it’s a lot of giving, but I also want her to know that these people probably waited hours to meet her. These people traveled a whole day to get here.” Sophia was about six years old at the time of the interview.

Farrah Allowed Sophia To Treat a Horse Like an Art Project

People were unimpressed when Farrah allowed Sophia to turn a horse into her own arts and craft project. The mother-daughter duo attended one of Sophia’s friends’ eighth birthday party, in which a miniature horse named Starburst was present as part of the entertainment. Sophia posted a photo of the pony covered in pink and purple on her Instagram, with a heart emblem painted on her stomach.

Farrah didn’t mention whether the paint was non-toxic or not, but she did share Sarah’s handiwork with her own IG following. Fans commented things like “Poor little pony. Deserves to go to a deserving home and not used as a fashion accessory by a family of idiots” and accused the mom of not respecting animals. Farrah, however, failed to address people’s concerns.

Farrah Prefers To Have Sophia Homeschooled So She Can Attend Events

Farrah’s decision to homeschool Sophia has raised the eyebrows of fans and critics alike. It’s not uncommon for the children of celebrities to receive their education from home, but Farrah’s reasons seemed questionable from the start. For one, she’s alluded to homeschooling being more convenient for her daughter’s developing celebrity lifestyle.

Farrah has previously stated, “She has a lot going on and this just helps her be the better her.” More recently, Sophia shared her homeschool setup with her TikTok following, where she admitted to not even having a desk to work from. “My biggest distractions are my dogs because they love my room. They never leave my room. But anyway, they have to go,” Sophia explained before admitting that she mainly studies from her bed.

Farrah Has Given Sophia Free Reign On Social Media From the Age of Six

Sophia’s strong social media presence has been heavily criticized. The 13-year-old has had her own Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and TikTok account for years, which fans have pointed out leaves her little privacy. But since Farrah encourages her daughter to grow her fan base, Sophia hasn’t known any other way.

One of the aspects that raises the most concern among the public is Sophia’s exposure to online “hate” comments. When Sophia was 10, she posted a Youtube video addressing criticism that she had come across online, writing to her IG following: “REACTING TO HATER COMMENTS ON MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL. LINK IN BIO FOR FULL HATER COMMENT REACTIONS.”

Farrah Encourages Sophia To Consider Cosmetic Surgery

People are concerned that Farrah is encouraging Sophia to consider plastic surgery in her adult years. Referencing cosmetic enhancements for Sophia, Farrah told RadarOnline: “I know in the future I can be supportive and just educate [Sophia] on anything she has questions about.”

But she continued: “So when Sophia is at the age where she wants her teeth to be cosmetically done or maybe get a breast augmentation, or she is questioning, ‘Hey, Mom, I envision myself like this, I’m not myself,’ of course I am going to be supportive and make her feel loved and like herself.”

Farrah’s Lifestyle Habits Encourage Sophia To Be Conscious of Her Weight

Sophia helping her mom promote sponsored products online is one thing, but when Farrah posted a photo of her and Sophia drinking Flat Tummy Tea, alarm bells rang. The controversial tea company claims to help people lose weight due to the tea’s laxative-like qualities, which people believe could be damaging for Sophia for a number of reasons.

Fans criticized Farrah for encouraging Sophia to be conscious of her weight and take measures to prevent weight gain at such a young age. Farrah responded to the concern by stating that Sophia actually wasn’t drinking Flat Tummy Tea, but a strawberry milkshake instead. But her comments didn’t go far in convincing the doubters.

Farrah Has Said That Sometimes She Needs a Break From Sophia

In February 2022, an interview with Farrah resurfaced on the internet in which she was heard stating that she sometimes needs a “break” from her daughter. “It’s healthy that we have a break,” Farrah told the interviewer, which led to a vocal reaction from fans online.

One person on Reddit sarcastically commented, “Not many people know this but social distancing was actually discovered by Farrah Abraham back in 2013.” Another user wrote, “It’s interesting to me, because she could have easily spun this as – it’s really tough, but this is the best way to provide for my child right now – but instead her brain told her to say this.”

Farrah Allowed Sophia To Start Dying Her Hair at the Age of 12

People were outraged when preteen Sophia debuted her new grown-up appearance on TikTok. The 12-year-old had dyed her hair purple, which left fans wondering why Farrah would allow her daughter to start dying her hair at such a young age. She sported her new do with some gothic-style clothes, her latest aesthetic development.

At first, Sophia had added some streaks of color in her hair, before she went all in and dyed her whole head of hair completely. People complained that Farrah was giving Sophia too much free license when it came to her appearance, and should limit how much Sophia should be allowed to permanently alter her looks.

Farrah Allows Sophia To Get Manicures With the Playboy Bunny Symbol

Sophia was 12 years old when her mom Farrah allowed her to get long fake nails at the beauty salon (left). But to make matters worse, Sophia left the nail parlor with nails with a Playboy bunny logo design (right). Fans spotted the manicure in Sophia’s video on Instagram, which showed her using cash to wipe away fake tears.

Of course, not only does the Playboy brand have an ultra-sexualized image, but the emblem of the bunny is especially imbued with meaning. Founder Hugh Hefner previously stated that the bunny rabbit holds onto the sexual association. People online were appalled at Farrah for allowing Sophia to parade around with adult-themed acrylics.

Farrah Uploaded a TikTok Video of Her Twerking With Sophia

One of Farrah’s videos went viral on TikTok for all the wrong reasons. The mom posted a short clip of her dancing with Sophia in the kitchen, whereby they twerked at the camera. Judging from a public Reddit thread, people were horrified to see Farrah upload such “exploitative” and “inappropriate” content.

Farrah captioned the video, “just streaming games on the internet like…” but Sophia was only 12 years old at the time. One Reddit user commented: “My eldest is 15 and I would discharge a nail gun into my eyeball before I ever encouraged her to participate in a video like this… with me, of all people.”

Farrah Let Sophia Get Pierced on Her 13th Birthday

When Sophia turned 13 on February 23, 2022, Farrah allowed her to mark the start of her teen years with a controversial change to her appearance. Farrah allowed Sophia to get her septum pierced (AKA Nasal cartilage), which at the age of 13 legally requires parental consent. Much of the public criticized Farrah’s decision to let Sophia get pierced so young, but the reality star defended her decision.

“I think her generation of 13 is much different than my generation of 13. Sophia is the first… in my family to get a septum piercing, especially at 13,” Farrah stated. She continued: “We abided by the law. I am doing my best as a parent to make sure that she is healthy and happy, and I covered those bases. So congratulations to Sophia. I’m wishing her the best in her teen years, and if she wants to get more piercings, more power to her.”

Farrah Kicked off 2022 By Slapping a Security Guard and Getting Arrested

In the beginning of 2022 Farrah was arrested on a night out after having allegedly slapped a security guard. She was partying at Grandmaster Records in Hollywood when she was supposedly asked to leave the venue, but she refused. She later stated, “I’m tired of being maliciously battered, attacked, conspired against while having dinner at Grand Master Records”.

Fans questioned Farrah’s parenting ability’s following the arrest, as they wondered how she could be present for her daughter with so much happening in her own life. It wasn’t the first time Farrah had been arrested, either. In 2018, Farrah allegedly hit a Beverly Hills Hotel employee and subsequently got herself banned from the luxury resort.

Farrah Is Seen Drinking and Clubbing With Her 13-Year-Old

Farrah received a heap of criticism when she documented herself and Sophia going clubbing together. Sophia, only 13 years old at the time, isn’t old enough to be clubbing, to which Farrah’s fans pointed out. But Farrah defended herself online by stating that they had attended an “all ages” concert in Texas.

It was later discovered that Sophia was still under the venue’s age limit. To add to that, Farrah appeared to be drinking alcohol in the Instagram videos. But she later claimed that she had only been drinking water during the event as at the time, Farrah had been going through a 12-step substance abuse program.

Farrah Is Accused of Being Inappropriate In Front of Sophia In a Resurfaced Video

A video resurfaced on the internet of Farrah dressing and dancing inappropriately around Sophia when she was only 10 years old. In the video, Farrah was seen wearing red lingerie on a yacht and dancing provocatively with a violin player, despite Sophia being onboard. Comments ranged from “So weird. Just creepy” to “Your 10 yr old watching behind the camera is the worst part”.

In response to the concern, Farrah stated the her and Sophia “live in a household together. We are really open”. She contined, “There’s nothing wrong with a woman being fully dressed in clothing, if that’s a bikini set or whatever.” Farrah concluded, “I didn’t do anything that nobody else is doing. I actually think I live my life a little bit more conservatively than some people do.”

Farrah Is Accused of Using Her Ex-Boyfriend’s Passing For Attention

Upon the passing of Farrah’s ex-boyfriend and father to Sophia, Derek Underwood, the reality star took her little one to visit his grave on a number of occassions. But fans began to feel as though Farrah was being disingenuous when she heavily documented her and Sophia’s experiences at the gravesite.

Farrah received criticism for publicizing Sophia’s personal moments and was accused of using Underwood’s passing to further her publicity. One Instagram user commented on an Instagram post about one of their graveyard outings, writing “For the camera. Per usual. Dont care what others have to say bc she is just fooling you all as well. I mean come the frick on! (sic)”.

Farrah Calls Herself a “Cool Mom” For Allowing Sophia To Get Pierced

Farrah responded to critics who claimed the Sophia is too young to be getting pierced. She defended her decision to let Sophia get her septum pierced, saying “I think her generation of 13 is much different than my generation of 13. Sophia is the first… in my family to get a septum piercing, especially at 13.”

Farrah claimed that she allowed Sophia to get pierced so that she could ensure her daughter was doing it as safe as possible. She suggested that she may just be “the cool mom” or a “loving parent”, before concluding that “I’m wishing her the best in her teen years, and if she wants to get more piercings, more power to her”.

Farrah Puts Sophia on Blast in a YouTube Video for 10 Minutes

Farrah released a Youtube video on her channel in which she complained about her daughter. People were angry that Farrah “mocked” Sophia on a public platform under the guise that the reality star was performing a comedy skit. One publication went so far as to suggest that it was more like a “drug-fueled tirade”.

Farrah filmed herself complaining about Sophia’s lack of a work ethic, revealing that Sophia fails to complete some of her homework and that she complains about doing chores. One of the top comments under Farrah’s Youtube video stated “I feel really really bad for Sophia, she will eventually hate Farrah the same way she hates her own mom because that is what she sees and hears, it is a vicious cycle.”

Farrah Is Accused Of Grooming Sophia Now That She’s Monetizing Herself on Instagram

People were extremely concerned when they saw Sophia on TikTok promoting a giveaway. In a video Sophia was heard stating, “Hey guys I’m doing a giveaway for my subscribers! To win a dose of roses black and white teddy bear: you and your friend must message me on Insta in my subscriber feed, and say that you want to be entered in the giveaway.”

Considering how a “subscriber feed” is an Instagram subscription that gives fans more access to creators for a monetary fee, people online accused Farrah of having groomed Sophia for this type of social media money-making for her entire life. Fans commented things like “Farrah has been selling DMs with Sophia since she was like 7. The sad reality is that Farrah is grooming her daughter publicly” to What’s next, Only Fans?”

Farrah Was Accused of Hitting Sophia in the Face With an Adult Toy

Fans were horrified to see Farrah throw an adult toy in Sophia’s face back in 2020. Farrah had uploaded a TikTok video of herself with Sophia in the car, in which she unboxed the adult toy in front of her daughter and proceeded to almost hit her with it, however jokingly. Farrah is then overheard saying, “You’re not even supposed to be in the front seat, get in the backseat right now”.

Fans voiced their dismay, writing things like “Didn’t your mom hit you with a v******* and have you film her butt injections too?”, “God someone please take this child away from this woman” and “You ACTUALLY had a v******* around your daughter? Wow… and I thought I had seen it all.”

Farrah Took Sophia on a “Mental Health” Vacation When She Should Have Been At School

When Farrah took Sophia out of school to go on a “mental health” retreat, fans weren’t impressed. She shared Instagram videos of herself with her daughter on a luxury vacation in the Seychelles, in which the mommy-daughter duo indulged in fine dining and luxurious spa sessions. Disappointed fans pointed out that they had rarely seen Sophia in school lately.

Farrah wrote, “Happy Mental Health Awareness month. Were getting our 6 senses in sync before my birthday it’s time to get balanced for a new decade 🌊🌊🌊🧘‍♀️”. In response, one fan stated “She’s there for ‘work’ and took her child” while another replied, “Does that kid ever go to school? Asking for a friend”.

Farrah Is Accused of Leaving Sophia Home Alone To Party In Mexico

When Farrah went on a work trip to Mexico, fans believed that the reality star had left her daughter at home alone. Farrah was seen posting photos from the Hotel Viceroy Los Cabos with a male companion, while Sophia was seen making TikTok videos alone at home. As far as fans could see, there wasn’t an adult about.

Farrah’s mom, Debra Danielsen, defended Farrah by releasing a statement to The Sun, in which she claimed that Sophia wasn’t left by herself without an adult. “Sophia was being cared for” Debra claimed, before telling the publication that Sophia TikTok account had been hacked: “People hacked into Sophia’s account. Obviously this is false because Sophia was not home alone. I find it deplorable that anyone would believe some hacker.”

Farrah Allowed Sophia To Fire Employees As She Wished

Another questionable moment resurfaced on internet that showed Farrah in a bad light. When Sophia was just seven years old, Farrah admitted that Sophia was allowed to hire and fire employees of her children’s fashion boutique as she pleased, which fans found to be untasteful. Farrah was opening the Sophia Laurent Children’s Boutique at the time, for which her daughter was to be the figurehead.

In talking to Radar, Farrah revealed: “She will be in charge of hiring, firing, picking the best products and clothing to order for the store… Sophia said she may bring her dog Blue in with her while she works.” People online criticized Farrah for this, saying that she was allowing Sophia far too much freedom and responsibility at such a young age.

Farrah Is Accused of Being an Overreactive Parent In a Resurfaced Video

Another video resurfaced that showed Farrah in a bad light. A scene from Teen Mom OG aged badly when it made rounds on the internet, and people accused Farrah of having bad parenting methods. A young Sophia was seen asking her mom aout nudists on the beach: “There’s just some naked people around.”

Farrah is then heard yelling at Sophia, “So just stare at mommy. Stare at mommy!” as the camera pans to the nudists. People online claimed that Farrah was being an “idiot”, with one commenter writing “… The funniest part is she made it worse. Obviously just leave if you’re uncomfortable but Sophia didn’t even notice and probably never would have at her age. She’s just busy playing.”