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People From Around the World Are Taking to Their Balconies to Come Together in Song

As the people of the world stay inside their homes in a widespread international effort to stop the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, it’s clear that the beat goes on. In a beautiful show of humanity, people all over the globe take to their balconies to play and listen to live music.

People from Around the World Take to Their Balconies and Come Together in Song5
Image: The Times of Israel

From Italy to India, from the United States to Lebanon, the world’s citizens overpower some of the doom and gloom of the virus and spread music and hope throughout their neighborhoods. We know that these are hard times, but we will see the other side of it!

From Italy with Love

Italy is the hardest-hit country in Europe, and for some time it was considered the epicenter of the outbreak. As of today, the daily number of new cases has begun to stabilize and we are seeing glimmers of hope.

Due to the severity of the situation there, the Italian government was among the world’s first to implement a lockdown and strict social distancing measures. But a few weeks ago, what emerged in Italy out of the gloom was beautiful.

People from Around the World Take to Their Balconies and Come Together in Song3
Image: The Atlantic

In a few towns and cities in the northern area of the country, citizens took to their balconies and united in a chorus of national anthems and songs in an effort to boost morale. Videos were captured and posted on social media and they provided a source of inspiration, hope, and happiness that spread across the world even faster than the virus.

One resident from Siena, a northern town in Italy near Florence, said, “People of my hometown Siena sing a popular song from their houses along an empty street to warm their hearts during the Italian COVID 19 lockdown.” Another Italian, this one from Naples, said, ” People locked inside turn to their windows and balconies singing so everyone feels less lonely.”

Balcony Song Spreads Across the Globe

Italians are among the first to unite in a balcony chorus, but they are not alone. In recent weeks, we have seen the heartwarming phenomenon spread far and wide. People from France, Spain, Canada, Iraq, Germany, Portugal, Israel, to name just a few of the many countries, also managed to musically socialize during social distancing.

People from Around the World Take to Their Balconies and Come Together in Song1
Image: Independent

A woman in Panama brought her cello out to her balcony and serenaded the neighborhood. Families in Israel last week stepped out or leaned out of windows and united at 8:30 pm to sing a holiday song during their Passover holiday. In Louisiana, opera singers put on a show for a quarantined assisted-living residence. The examples are abundant, and it’s a beautiful thing.

People from Around the World Take to Their Balconies and Come Together in Song2
Image: The Atlantic

The balcony miracles are not limited to music. The touching stories are diverse. People have also taken to their balconies in unison to give roaring rounds of applause to healthcare workers and grocery store employees. Many looking for love have been able to go on dates from across the streets, or even across the country. True, we are experiencing hard times, but don’t forget, we’re in this together, and the world is a wonderful place!