31+ Epic Photos of People and Random Objects that Look Totally Identical

Like weird stuff and freaky resemblances? So do we! Popular Everything serves you an amusing assortment of pictures, featuring people that resemble random objects. Don’t get us wrong, we completely support everyone having a unique style, but there are some people out there who’ve taken their fashion statements to a whole new level. If you think we’re exaggerating, then check out these amazing Kodak moments below.

31 Epic Photos of People and Random Objects that Look Totally Identical 16

Many of the pictures you’re about to see are of people who left their homes feeling confident about their individuality and suddenly, to their amusement (and probably horror), realized that they match their surroundings. Here are the pictures to tell their story. Get ready to giggle!

We Might Be In the Matrix

Mirrors? glitches in the matrix? Or plain old coincidence? Which one of these culprits is responsible for creating this odd scene? Something is clearly up here.

31 Epic Photos of People and Random Objects that Look Totally Identical 3
Image: For Fun

When we look at this picture, besides wondering if we are crazy or lacking a good night’s sleep we wonder if these people were aware of what’s going on. Sometimes, the universe presents us with photo opportunities that are just too good to be true.

Sleepy Heads

This is the stuff of everyday life for many. These gentlemen don’t miss an opportunity to catch up on some Zs. Besides the fact that this photo is amazing, there a couple of interesting things going on here.

31 Epic Photos of People and Random Objects that Look Totally Identical 2
Image: The Sun

For one, besides the genius photographer (thank you, whoever you are!), no one seems to notice that this is happening. Everyone seems to be plugged into their phones. Also, notice the facial expressions on these slumbering fellas, they’re nearly identical!

Hopefully Not the First Day on the Job

Hopefully, for this guy, it’s not his first day at work. At your job, there are a lot of different embarrassing things that could transpire. You could “accidentally” eat someone’s lunch and get caught. You could whip out a gorgonzola cheese sandwich and forget how smelly things can be.

31 Epic Photos of People and Random Objects that Look Totally Identical 1
Image: Reddit / northparkdanger

Or, like this dude, you could dress the same as not one, but two coworkers. Remember wearing a shirt to school that was remotely similar to someone else’s? People would tease and say “hey, did you guys talk on the phone before school?” Well, when we see this guy and his office buddies, that’s precisely what we want to ask.

Accidental Interior Decorator

It’s not uncommon for someone to say, “hey, you look like that girl from that TV show.” But no one wants to be compared to random inanimate objects. Unless, maybe, you’re a bodybuilder being compared to a bag of bricks? Not many people have the fashion goals of blending in with their surroundings.

31 Epic Photos of People and Random Objects that Look Totally Identical 30
Image: Diply

There’s nothing flattering about the statement, “Hey you look like that wallpaper!” This girl had no idea when she entered her hotel that she wore a shirt that matched the exact color and pattern of the walls around her. This coincidence is too good not to photograph. Amazing.

Walking Construction Zone

As if the surrounding areas with bright orange construction cones and reflective tape weren’t enough. This man acted as a friendly walking reminder that construction was taking place.

31 Epic Photos of People and Random Objects that Look Totally Identical 8
Image: Pleated Jeans

The most ironic thing was that he wasn’t even working in the construction zone. But maybe the municipality should put him on the payroll. He was passing by the area on his way to lunch. We guess this means “slow down and stay out of the way, I’m hungry!”

Long Lost Love

It seems she’s found her soul mate and she’s thrilled. It’s a match that was meant to be. A match made in fabric heaven. She’s ecstatic over the coincidence, she can’t even compose herself!

31 Epic Photos of People and Random Objects that Look Totally Identical 42
Image: Shareably

She fell head over heels into the arms of her perfect match. Well, they say you find love in the least likely of places and when you least expect it! Lucky gal. Hard to argue that they are not soulmates.

Am I OK?

Sometimes, in situations like this, it’s hard to not question our own sanity. Seriously, not only are these three women blond woman with the same hairstyle sitting in eerily uniform positions, but they are all wearing what looks like the same leather jacket.

31 Epic Photos of People and Random Objects that Look Totally Identical 7
Image: Bits And Pieces

But wait! The fun (or eeriness – however you feel about it things here) doesn’t stop there. In addition to the insane similarities with clothing, have a look at the dudes sitting next to the women. They, too, are making us question our sanity.

Tim Tim Hortons Hortons

Did these ladies coordinate their clothes before they set out (in the morning probably) to grab some tasty Tim Hortons? Or is this just a fluke? It’s really hard to tell in these situations. It’s reasonable to assume that this would have been difficult for the employees…

31 Epic Photos of People and Random Objects that Look Totally Identical 6
Image: Brightside

Actually, maybe this is what prompted restaurants to start using the name system when giving customers their orders. Can you imagine “Butter bagel and small double-double coffee for the lady in the pink shirt.” You can see how this would cause problems.

Snug as a Rug

Some people wake up in the morning and try to stand out and be different.
But sometimes this intention can backfire. At least this human chameleon embraced her matching dress and saw it as a hilarious photo opportunity.

New People Who Oddly Resemble Random Objects 9
Image: Reader’s Digest

Or maybe she was feeling antisocial and wanted to blend into the floor. Either way, this strange coincidence must have made for an entertaining evening. And she could teach us all a thing or two about the fine art of camouflage.

The Not-So-Unique Hipster

Thinking you are a hipster could lead to some serious embarrassment on the wrong couch. This guy likes to think he has a unique style. You know, the kind of guys who think it’s cool to be different than the rest of us.

New People Who Oddly Resemble Random Objects 15
Image: Reddit / skatermario3

He nailed it when he decided to wear this sweater. But success was short-lived – his uniqueness was abruptly crushed when he took a seat on this couch. Talk about getting caught wearing the same outfit! Come on man, we know that you were inspired by the couch and not vice versa.

Seeing Double

Speaking of doppelgangers, the resemblance here is almost scary! This girl looks exactly like the girl shown in the painting behind her. They have the same dark eyes, eyebrows, nose, and lips! Is this Photoshopped? Incredibly, no.

31 Epic Photos of People and Random Objects that Look Totally Identical 14
Image: Twitter / joyfultati

The resemblance is almost too striking to be genuine. She is even wearing a dark blue shirt that matches the skirt of the girl in the painting. Maybe there is some relation here that she should look into. With pics like this one, it’s hard to not wonder if there’s something else going on.

The Disney Fanatic

You hear of people getting tattoos all the time as a tribute to something that means a lot to them. Clearly, this woman was so mesmerized by Sleeping Beauty’s castle at Disney World, she decided to get it permanently inked on! There are hardcore fans, then there’s this lady.

31 Epic Photos of People and Random Objects that Look Totally Identical 20
Image: For Fun

She may be amid all the action right now, but when this woman returns back home from her magical vacation, there will still be a part of Disney World that stayed with her. Talk about taking Disney home. After all, little toy souvenirs are way too cliche these days! Standing out from the crowd is key.

Media Mixing Pals

Art galleries are fun. One of the best ways to keep yourself entertained at these sorts of places (besides admiring the beautiful paintings, of course) is trying to recreate a good masterpiece. Hats off to these two visitors, they’ve done a pretty good job!

More Hilarious Photos of People Who Resemble Random Objects 77
Image: For Fun

These two girls look so similar to the women in the painting, we’re starting to think it’s the same people, they’ve just reappeared in a different lifetime! What we love most about this snapshot is how they seem to have modernized the picture, swapping the poetry book for a smartphone. Social media is everything these days.

Keeping You in Check

If there was ever a universal shirt for embarrassing dads, it would likely be one in garish colors and covered in check print. Well, whaddya know! We’ve spotted the ambassador for dad’s fashion everywhere. Clearly, this important man likes to keep a low-profile on most days – as you can barely spot him!

31 Epic Photos of People and Random Objects that Look Totally Identical 17
Image: For Fun

We’re pretty impressed that this guy managed to find a shirt almost totally identical to the couch he’s sitting on. What a genius way to avoid getting told to help out with the dishes. With camouflage like that, you’d have to take a second, or maybe even a third glance to spot him.

Nothing to See Here Folks, Keep Moving Please

While out furniture shopping, this guy seems to have found the perfect seat. He’s now trying to convince his wife to buy this couch so he can avoid doing any housework. He can just sit on the couch and blend into the scenery when she asks him to do the dishes. Talk about the perfect getaway.

New People Who Oddly Resemble Random Objects 5

He seems pretty happy with his perfect match. Or maybe he is completely oblivious and just took a seat to play games on his phone while his wife shopped. We hope whoever took this photo at least gave him a heads up.

When Your iPhone Finds its Soul Mate

Who knew that this casual stroll through town would end with such a serendipitous moment. This lady is matching perfectly with a fellow wanderer’s iPhone case. Nice.

New People Who Oddly Resemble Random Objects 14
Image: Instagram / 99Likes

We are glad the phone owner had another camera handy to snap this picture-perfect moment. We wonder if this is the first time this has happened to this woman. She seems pretty indifferent. Or maybe she’s busy shopping for a green and black and white striped phone case!

Two-Tone Fail

You try to pull off the two-tone look only to match two dividing rooms. Might as well drop to the carpet floor and hide! This woman managed to not only match one floor but two. That’s impressive.

New People Who Oddly Resemble Random Objects 18
Image: Wroops

There should be an award for this type of unexpected coordination. Its a gamble to know that contrasting shades could be so complimentary in any situation. Someone should tell her to not be ashamed – because this is quite an achievement.

Two-Dimensional Twin

Have you ever thought about what you’d look like if you were a seventeenth-century masterpiece? This woman clearly couldn’t bear to wonder any longer. She dressed herself up as the infamous Girl with the Pearl Earring and even nailed the pose.

31 Epic Photos of People and Random Objects that Look Totally Identical 21
Image: Twitter / mygirlwithapearl

We have to give credit to this adventurous woman, she does share a pretty strong resemblance with the real deal. We’re sure when Johannes Vermeer was painting his masterpiece, he had no idea it would be met by an exact replica of his subject, nearly 400 years later. We wonder if it’s a real pearl she’s donning too.


Now this one has got to be a glitch in the matrix right? That, or just a typical day in the mid-west U.S.A. It’s really hard to tell, but the former actually seems more likely.

31 Epic Photos of People and Random Objects that Look Totally Identical 5
Image: UK Home

Either way, this group of guys might want to consider expanding their fashion choices. While plaid might be a fun choice of print, Old Navy has so much more to offer. Who volunteers to take them shopping?

Stipes and Stripes

Sometimes, classics are the best way to go. This advice holds for many aspects of life. There’s a reason why classics made it to the status at which they are. Shakespeare didn’t make it into 21st-century literature classes entirely at random.

31 Epic Photos of People and Random Objects that Look Totally Identical 4

Such is the case with these striped ladies. What surely started as these ladies getting up in the morning and deciding to wear something classic quickly turned into something else. If they weren’t busy shopping, one could easily mistake them for employees wearing uniforms.

Flying in Style

You try to be creative but it ends up looking like you tried too hard. Who would have guessed you’d be in trend at the airport? An unexpected carpet catastrophe. Sometimes it’s photos like this are hard to believe. Is there something else going on here? Are these makeshift socks fashioned from strips of the airport carpet?

New People Who Oddly Resemble Random Objects 7
Image: Deccan Chronicle

The coordination here is almost too good to believe. We bet when he bought these socks he never thought something like this would happen. It must have been a relief to get on the plane and off that carpet! Let’s just pretend that didn’t happen, ok guys?

I Can Spot You!

Nobody wants to be seen in the same outfit as someone else; it’s downright embarrassing! But it’s not nearly as bad as blending into the furniture you are sitting on. That is the case for this poor girl. She left the house feeling great in her new sundress, only to find out the chairs in the subway had made the same style choices. According to the picture though, she appears to be keeping a low profile. We don’t blame her.

31 Epic Photos of People and Random Objects that Look Totally Identical 34
Image: Awesome Inventions

But let’s face it; this can happen to any of us. Sometimes you just have to embrace it, ride the subway with pride and just hope no one takes a picture. Unbeknownst to her, someone (thank you, whoever you are) captured this picture-perfect coincidence.

Sinking In

This girl looks giddy by the fact that she matches this comfy chair. She is embracing the fashion faux pa head-on and looks cozy as ever. She has no shame and is lounging in style. Honestly, she looks likes she’s just as comfortable with her clothing choice as she is in that chair.

Photos of People Who Oddly Resemble Random Objects - Girl's Shirt Matches Striped Couch
Image: Facebook / Cheezburger

No one can deny that she has full dibs on this comfy seat. Her friends can find somewhere else to sit because this one was clearly meant to be hers. There’s even a footstool to match! Some matches are indeed made in fashion heaven.

When You Didn’t Get the Invite

It’s easy to hitch a ride when you can pass as luggage. And it is pretty fun having the back seat all to yourself. All you have to do is jump on board and the driver will be none the wiser. Maybe you can try this out next time you need to hitch a ride.

New People Who Oddly Resemble Random Objects 1

Just don’t forget to wear your favorite plaid shirt and test your flexibility as you curl into a ball! We wonder how long it took people to notice this extra cargo. It’s hard to tell if this dude is wearing a bag or is in one.

Dad’s Got the Team Spirit

Yes, we see you dad! We kept our eye on the ball and now we won’t lose sight of you either. This supportive dad went beyond wearing school colors when showing his team spirit. Maybe he purchased this ball and his shirt as part of a package though?

New People Who Oddly Resemble Random Objects 12
Image: UK News

This guy could be a candidate for a team mascot. If anything, it would make for a great distraction for the opposing team. We just hope that his kid does not get embarrassed too easily.

The Best Way to Show Your Nature Style

What happens when you show up at the beach as a walking advertisement? It’s great to be excited or passionate about what you love but it’s a little much because the picture isn’t quite as serene as the real thing.

New People Who Oddly Resemble Random Objects 16
Image: Elite Readers

We give her props for her efforts to display her unique style and she seems to be ok with the awkward situation. She owned that outfit and we are sure she got some well earned double takes on the beach that day. Great Attitude. Swim on!

I Can’t See My Feet!

You can feel them but you can’t see them. These warm and fuzzy socks blended in perfectly with the equally soft carpet and they disappeared in the shaggy floor without. In all sorts of ways, this potential interchangeability looks convenient. Need some socks?.

New People Who Oddly Resemble Random Objects 11
Image: Design You Trust

Grab a piece of rug. Got a hole in your carpet? Patch it up with some socks This guy or gal must have enjoyed walking on invisible feet all day. It must have been nice to float around in blue jeans! We just hope that no one stepped on his toes.

Wild Thing

Is that a wig that someone put on the couch? Wait. No. Is that a person? Acting as if she were a cat in the wild, avoiding larger predators, this girl clings on for dear life on her camouflage leopard print bed. Or maybe she is just super tired, having a bad day, or doesn’t walk to talk with anyone.

New People Who Oddly Resemble Random Objects 2
Image: Izismile

Whatever her reason for hiding in the wild, she bought the perfect onesie in order to be able to do so. Chances are she has one to match every comforter she owns. Something tells me this girl is a bit of an introvert.

Lord of the Crossing

It’s no doubt this is the most awkward walk she ever had to endure. We’re sure everyone took this warning seriously because she was a moving advertisement for safety! It’d be hard to miss her if your eyes are any good.

9 3 1
Image: FunnyPicsonly

We’re sure she will be more… How to put it? “Aware of her surroundings” with her next outfit choice. This just gives “walk of shame” a whole new meaning. Surely she’s tired of all the attention by now.

This Guy is Asking For a Broken Toe

Someone is bound to step on these feet. And as an honest mistake. If it weren’t for the black shoelaces and Nike logo, these shoes would blend right in. Do Nike and flooring companies somehow get their design schemes from the same source? It’s hard to tell.

31 Epic Photos of People and Random Objects that Look Totally Identical 32
Image: Awesome Inventions

We wonder if this guy knew what he was doing when he bought these shoes. Maybe he hopes that someone special will step on his toes so he can initiate a friendly conversation. It would be an interesting ice breaker tactic, to say the least.

Its Been a Long Flight, Now for Some Couch Time

This guy just got back from deployment and we’ve never seen someone so happy to be back on the couch! We know they don’t always have these luxuries in the military. And the couch us probably happy to see him – them being twins and all…

31 Epic Photos of People and Random Objects that Look Totally Identical 45
Image: Twitter / Y2SHAF

It seems he is accustomed to camouflaging into his surroundings. Even at home, he is ready for battle and is clearly trained as a master of disguise. We hope he at least greeted his family first because his return might go unnoticed otherwise.

Curriculum Vitae-min

Orange you glad you took your vitamins? Vitamin water represents good health and vitality and so does wearing the right colors. A simple style mishap was a hilarious experience for this vitamin water drinker.

31 Epic Photos of People and Random Objects that Look Totally Identical 43
Image: Design You Trust

Her vitamin water was an almost perfect match for a passing woman’s colorful top. We aren’t sure if this shirt was an innocent coincidence or some form of guerilla marketing.

Dining In Style

Who would have expected that you go out to eat in a very busy restaurant only to match the upholstery on the chairs! And houndstooth is not a subtle print. We bet she’s biting herself for this fashion fail. In these situations, it’s hard to tell where human ends and furniture begins.

31 Epic Photos of People and Random Objects that Look Totally Identical 44
Image: The Awesome Daily

Oddly enough, these chairs seem to be the only ones with the matching pattern. It makes us wonder if she chose those chairs on purpose. Maybe she thought the green polka dot chairs would clash with her style choices.

Reunited and It Feels So Good

Another soldier is back from the battlefield and we see how much he truly missed his home life. Although he still has his camo skills, he’s ready for a little rest and relaxation. Or maybe he’s still training? After all, he still has his helmet on.

New People Who Oddly Resemble Random Objects 30 1
Image: Visual Fun House Optical Illusions

He’ll need it he ever sees this smashing photo. Our guess is he won’t be leaving this spot for a few hours, it looks like he crash-landed. And the fortunate thing is that probably no one will take notice. Enjoy buddy!

Resting Stone Face

Who would ever imagine taking a trip to a new city to see the sights only to discover you are a carved entity for all to admire? Hairstyle, glasses, facial expression, it’s all there.

More Hilarious Photos of People Who Resemble Random Objects80 1
Image: Facebook / Cheezburger

It’s hard to tell if he was aware of this miracle, but if he was, then you could say he’s a pro at stone face. Later research revealed that he didn’t even notice until this side by side picture was taken until he randomly came across it. He couldn’t believe it.

Watch Out! She’s Buzzing By!

Scientists say bees are in the throes of depreciation. This picture says otherwise. As this girl chatted on her cell phone she wanted all to know, “stay outta my way!” Her warning was without words with an implied message, as she walked around looking like a bumblebee.

More Hilarious Photos of People Who Resemble Random Objects81
Image: Facebook / Cheezburger

It’s easy to see what she was trying to say. The caution signs matching her outfit were also a friendly reminder; she needed the path clear. Watch her buzz along, and be cautious! You wouldn’t want to be stung!

Mad For Plaid!

Henry is an enthusiastic guy – when he loves something he’s all in! He would wear his plaid shirt daily and often slept in it. In fact, he loved it so much, that he had a matching blanket made. Legend has it that on Father’s Day, he was given a wonderful surprise on Father’s Day.

31 Epic Photos of People and Random Objects that Look Totally Identical 23
Image: The Tango

Since his wife knew of his love for the plaid, she gifted with him something which he can fall asleep with at night, and doesn’t have to be washed so often! Let’s just say he’s more than happy! But now he’s wearing the shirt with his matching blanket to bed!

Second Thoughts

You just bought a new cell phone case now you’re having second thoughts. Thank goodness the box is unopened. You failed to notice this style was a little dated. Or maybe this lady was inspired by your new phone.

31 Epic Photos of People and Random Objects that Look Totally Identical 12
Image: Totally The

We gotta always keep in mind that styles come and go. Yesterday’s jackets are today’s cellphone cases. It’s sometimes impossible to stay caught up. Sometimes we just have to embrace it.

Take a Look in the Mirror

This guy looks like he stepped out of a history book. His style choice and body type make it look as if this painting is actually a mirror image staring back at him. He even has the shoes to match!

31 Epic Photos of People and Random Objects that Look Totally Identical 26
Image: Scopic Impulse

Now we know what it means when someone’s style is referred to as “stuck in the past.” This guy had no idea his outfit was so outdated until he got an artistic reality check. As we see him checking himself out in the “mirror”, we see that the situation is starting to dawn on him.

Striped Discovery

Whoa, slow down! That’s not her arm? While on a journey at the mall, this woman found her perfect match! We all know stripes are a classic style, so why not wear them head to toe! If she doesn’t buy these shoes, we’d all be disappointed…

31 Epic Photos of People and Random Objects that Look Totally Identical 11
Image: Facebook / I Scream Sundae

Sometimes you just have to go with the flow. She comes to the mall, sees a shoe that matches (isn’t there a stronger word than “matches”?) and buys it. Wait a sec. Maybe this dress and these shoes come as part of a set?

Family Reunion

Some colors and styles never get old. Exhibit A: this woman. She looks like she just stepped out of the painting. Dressed for the family portrait in the coordinating colors, she fits right in. Who said antiquity doesn’t belong in modern times?

31 Epic Photos of People and Random Objects that Look Totally Identical 46
Image: NY Daily News

Well, if someone actually did say it, they’re obviously wrong. This woman’s complementary colors look fantastic with the gold frame. We think she should get back in touch with her family roots. Apparently, the past has been a great source of inspiration.

Room for Style

This dude is too cool. So cool in fact, that a whole bathroom was dedicated to his style. Rockin’ red white and black he feels like he’s in a shrine, sadly it’s only a public restroom. Maybe someday his unique style will break the confines of the restroom and he’ll have his time to shine.

31 Epic Photos of People and Random Objects that Look Totally Identical 48
Image: Shareably

He sure is enjoying the selfies while flaunting his stylish coordination. We might recommend he crop out the urinal. Sometimes in situations such as these, it’s hard to tell if object inspired human or if it was the other way around.

Is He Looking at Me? Oh No, I Think He Is

A day at the museum brings entertainment and awkwardness. Have you ever been so scared you turned white as a ghost? Well. maybe this guy did. What’s so scary here? The setting sun? The wagon? The nude statue?

31 Epic Photos of People and Random Objects that Look Totally Identical 10
Image: LensCulture

Maybe this guy is in pure shock to see a doppelganger statue looking down at him while he is admiring an art piece. At least the guy is fully dressed, so we think. Amusingly, it looks like the nude statue is looking at him condescendingly.

Connecting to His Spanish Roots

This man had no idea that he would find his long lost twin when visiting Catedral De Burgos in Spain. The painting of El Cid, a military leader in medieval Spain, caught this guy’s eye as he was sightseeing.

31 Epic Photos of People and Random Objects that Look Totally Identical 13
Image: My Modern Met

Maybe he should look into his family tree to see if there is any relation, because the resemblance is uncanny. From the facial hair to the glaring eyes and prominent cheekbones, this tourist seems to have found his medieval alter ego.

Ready for Battle, Or “Striking” a Pose

Art selfies seem to be the next big thing. Everyone is finding their look-alike from way back when. The man in the painting here must have a long family line because his genes somehow made it to this museum visitor.

31 Epic Photos of People and Random Objects that Look Totally Identical 15
Image: My Modern Met

All he is missing is the extravagant military uniform and they would look exactly alike. It’s too bad that adorning suits of armor on a daily basis isn’t in fashion anymore. Maybe this guy will be the one to bring it back.

History Rhymes

This picture is freaking us all out. One man went on a trip to the art museum, hoping to see a few masterpieces, but instead came out finding his great, great, great grandfather! Everything about these two just screams similarity.

31 Epic Photos of People and Random Objects that Look Totally Identical 18
Image: For Fun

Ok, so there may be a few modern embellishments, such as the clothes, ear piercing and lack of spectacles, but other than that, this guy has pretty much nailed this masterpiece to a T! Even the angle they’re looking at the camera (or painter) is the same. That’s a talent only a family member could master.

Duvet Day

This is one man who took the term “a day in bed” a little too literally. He’s clearly so passionate about having a lay-in that he’s doing whatever it takes not to get caught and told to get up! We guess that’s one way to get out of a long shift at work. A+ for his effort.

31 Epic Photos of People and Random Objects that Look Totally Identical 16
Image: For Fun

Just to add to this guy’s steps to stay in his bed, he’s lying flat out, looking very still. Don’t move, and no one will suspect a thing! We wonder if this is a trend that will catch on for all the lazy people of the world who dream of nothing more than having a good ol’ snooze. Blend in and you won’t be bothered