Like weird stuff? Well, guess what?! Popular Everything has gained access to an amusing assortment of pictures, featuring people that oddly resemble random objects. As we completely support everyone having their own individual style, there are some special people out there, who’ve taken their fashion statements a little too far. If you think we’re exaggerating, then check out these rare Kodak moments, below. Get ready to giggle!

It’s not rare to hear someone tell you, “hey you look like that girl from that TV show.” It’s also not so far off to have someone tell you that you look like your dog. Although some may take offense to this, being compared to a cute pup ain’t bad at all. Dogs rule. However, a strange comparison that no one wants to hear is that they resemble their surroundings. There’s no ring to this sentence “Hey you look like that wallpaper!”

We wake up in the morning and try to stand out, to be different. Everyone has their face, their personality, and their own style. Nobody really wants to match, especially not girls. Ever see a reality tv show where two girls show up wearing the same thing? If you haven’t, its a disaster and that’s not spoiler alert it is just plain old fact. Yes, there are people who would rather not stand out. They’re shy or just don’t want unnecessary attention. No matter what the reason for wanting to stay on the DL is, none of these discrete people want to blend in, to the point that they match their surroundings.

No one wants to look like a bus chair or a chair. That’s just embarrassing. But let’s face it; it happens to all of us. The best way to handle the coming to a wedding wearing the same pattern as all the tablecloth in the room is to just laugh it off and dodge every camera possible.

The pictures you’re about to see people who left their homes feeling like their own person and suddenly realized that they match their surroundings. The important thing to think while you’re going through these is “omg. this could be me.” Good news is that they survived the embarrassment¬†and here are the pictures to tell their story.

Girl's Shirt Matches Wall