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People Who Take Their Fandom and Obsessions to the Next Level

Once in a while, we stumble across a fan or enthusiast whose passion towards a certain person, animal, team, or pop culture franchise exceeds all others. They are willing to go the extra mile for their unique lifestyle and see no problem in dedicating their lives to their proud obsession.

These fans can find themselves completely dedicated to a certain sports team, an exhilarating hobby, an iconic celebrity, or even a childhood cartoon that helped them out of a dark place way back when. Here is our collection of some of the most exceptional aficionados who know no bounds when it comes to their obsessions.

My Little Brony

Hasbro’s My Little Pony franchise has gained an unexpected group of fans called Bronies. The animated television series released in the 1980s was originally intended for younger audiences but decided to include a cross-generational appeal to keep parents entertained in its 2010 relaunch.

This relaunch attracted a unique and enthusiastic audience through a popular internet imageboard. The enterprise soon gathered a large following with fans mostly consisting of grown men. The bronies now gather together once a year for the annual BronyCon convention. Attendees, of which an estimated 85% are male adults, dress up as their favorite My Little Pony characters and participate in activities and panels dedicated to the show.

Packer Fence Painter

Green Bay Packers fan, Chris Handler, known to locals as the Packer Fence Painter has been painting fences in dedication to the Wisconsin based NFL team for 15 years. The role had become part of his identity as people on the street recognize him, even without his elaborate fence painter hat.

As a handyman and painter, Handler made it a tradition of his to paint slogans on the “Packer Fence” across from Labeau Field. Fellow fans and Packer enthusiasts often suggest slogans to the painter through his website. Handler is also known for never missing a Packers home game or tailgate.

Merman Lifestyle

Eric Ducharme knew he wanted to be a merman at a very early age. Mermaids had been a part of his life for as long as he could remember. His grandpa would take him to an underwater theater in Florida when he was no more than 3 years old. He began making his own tails and gathered all the mermaid knowledge that he could, including getting a scuba diving certification.

Eric was only 14 when he created his own company, designing and selling “mertails” for other enthusiasts as well as celebrities such as Lady Gaga. He gave himself the proud title of “The Mertailor.” When he isn’t sewing tails, Eric spends his time swimming underwater wearing his own tail, becoming the merman he always dreamt of being.

Lucky Number 23

Michael Jordan fans are hardly few and far between. Many have dedicated a wall or two in their homes to the NBA superstar but few have gone as extreme as this man. Enthusiast, known on Instagram as “El Kon3 Viga” has gone as far as getting Jordan’s jersey tattooed across his entire back.

The tattoo is detailed to completely resemble the jersey, even including the mesh dots and the ripple of the fabric. The inked jersey also includes Jordan’s signature. The jersey isn’t the fan’s only Jordan tattoo. He also has a “Jumpman” logo near his ear as well as Jordan sneakers on his calf.

Barbie Girl

Gabriela Jirackova spends around $1,400 a month on maintaining her Barbie doll appearance. Her Barbie persona Lolo Ta Bella has long blonde hair, pouty lips, and even a Barbie-life figure. The 18-year-old Czech native has made it her life aspiration to make herself look as close to the popular doll as possible.

When speaking about this commitment, Jirackova says, “each of us has a dream and a goal. Yes, I am turning into a doll, I risk my body in a certain sense, but others jump from a springboard, but no one condemns them although they risk way more than I.”

Ring the Wedding Bells

The HBO show, Game of Thrones has some of the most die-hard fans in TV history. Some people, however, take their fandom to a whole new level. Kerry Ford and Darren Prew decided to bring their obsession to the altar. Kerry dressed ad Daenerys Targaryen and Darren as Jon Snow celebrated their nuptials with a fully committed Game of Thrones wedding.

Even the guests dressed up as their favorite characters. The pre-wedding photoshoot included a castle in its backdrop as well as a couple of wolves to fit the theme. They also had an intricate Game of Thrones wedding cake with a figurine of the iron throne seated on top.


Harry Potter superfan, Victoria Maclean has broken the Guinness World Record for having the largest collection of Harry Potter memorabilia. The 39-year-old mother of three has worked on building this collection for 18 years. She now has 3,686 pieces in her home. Maclean’s obsession began when she was 21 years old after reading the first Harry Potter Book, four years after its 1997 release.

In an interview with Guinness World Records Maclean said, “everyone kept going on about this wonderful boy wizard, this amazing story that people were becoming immersed in that took you away to somewhere magical, I finally gave in in 2001 and never looked back.” As for her Hogwarts house, Wales native says, “I associate being Ravenclaw and a Slytherin…I think I’d be a Slytherclaw!”

Brazil’s Biggest Fan

This super fan’s enthusiasm has made him into somewhat of a World Cup Icon. Clovis Fernandes, known worldwide as Gaucho de Copa, has attended more than 150 national team matches and has traveled to 30 different countries to watch the Brazilian soccer team play.

Jokingly referring to himself as the team’s 12th player, Fernandes was renowned for attending every game carrying an exact replica of the FIFA World Cup trophy. After losing his battle to cancer in 2015, his sons passed on his tradition and continue to bring the replica with them when attending matches.

Real-Life Anime

A professional cosplayer, Stella Chuu has made over 300 costumes. She is a self-taught artist dedicated to promoting “geek culture.” Chu attends over 30 Cosplay conventions a year. Cosplay or the act of dressing up as your favorite character from movies books and video games has been a passion of Chuu’s since 2011.

Stella grew up watching Japanese cartoons, called anime and wore her first cosplay costume while she was attending college. She didn’t even know how to sew or make anything but as soon as she graduated she began to teach herself. Now she can sew anything, build any kind of armor and can even work with electronics, all for the love of cosplay.

Shooting for the Stars

Highschooler Jacob Staudenmaier went above and beyond to try and impress his all-time favorite actress, Emma Stone. In an effort to try and impress the star, Staudenmaier recreated a scene from her 2016 film, La La Land. His video included classmates from his school in Arizona and rewritten lyrics from the movie.

The 17-year-old had high hopes that the video would woo Stone so much that she would agree to be his date for prom. It seems his serenades did not quite cut it and the 30-year-old actress (28 at the time of the video) did not accompany him to the dance. Does anyone else think Straudenmaier kind of look like a Ryan Gosling?

Gotta Catch Them All

Lisa Courtney did not take the “catch them all” tag line very lightly. The 31-year-old has more than 16,000 pieces of Pokemon memorabilia, making one of the largest Pokemon collections in the world. Her obsession started at the young age of nine when her mother ordered her a large Psyduck plush toy from Japan.

Lisa knows no bounds when it comes to her collection, traveling as far as Japan in order to get her hands on the most exclusive merchandise. “I try and get new merchandise as soon as the new characters come out – it’s often difficult as they are only available in Japan and America or are too expensive.’ Lisa has no plans in stopping and still spends hours on the internet in search of the latest items.

He Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

Englishman, Carl McCoid knows exactly what it’s like to be a superfan. As of 2016, the then 43-year old had accumulated 29 tattoos all dedicated to singer and actress, Miley Cyrus. The tattoos include the singer’s name, song lyrics, and initials all over his body. This father of three has spent a total of $3,430 on his Cyrus body art.

His obsession with Miley goes so far, he even named one of his children after the star. That being said, it has been reported that McCoid has begun feeling regretful about the obsession, as it is getting in the way of his dating life. He plans on getting some of the ink removed in hopes to have an easier time finding love.

All Shook Up for Elvis

Elvis fanatic, Paul MacLeod has transformed his Mississippi home into a full-fledged Elvis Presley shrine. The now 76-year-old truly takes fandom to a whole new level, even going as far as to say that he would give his life to bring Elvis back to life. MacLeod, who has his hair slicked back like the 50’s king of rock n’ roll, owns a floor-to-ceiling collection of photos, records, cutouts, figurines, records, and other random trinkets all in memory of Elvis.

His home, which he has officially named “Graceland Too” has a 24/7 open-door policy for guests from around the world to arrive at all hours of the day. Macleod also named his son Elvis Aron Presley. He also claims to have chosen the Elvis collection over his wife when she offered the ultimatum. MacLeod also boasts about having attended 120 Elvis concerts growing up. We are going to go ahead and take his word for it.

Bieber Fever

This self-proclaimed Belieber does not take her obsession with pop star Justin Bieber very lightly. After meeting the singer in 2014, mega fan Alina Akselrad didn’t just show off her photo with the star; she also decided to keep an extra piece of memorabilia.

The South American beauty queen decided to chop off the portion of her hair that made the most contact with Bieber so that she could save that piece for years to come. We can’t imagine what Justin must have thought when he saw this.

Galaxy Far Far Away

Star Wars collector Luke Kaye wanted to take his memorabilia collection to a whole new level. Instead of buying more figurines, Kaye decided to tattoo the cast of the films all over his body. As of 2010, Kaye had 14 Star Wars tattoo’s which took a total of 100 hours in the chair.

We would not be surprised if he has many more now considering he expressed no intention of stopping. In a 2010 interview, Luke had said, ‘I want to add more characters to form a sleeve on my arm and move on to getting full-size spaceships down my sides.”

Pet Paradise

Kelly Cruse proudly identifies herself as a crazy cat lady. As of 2015, Kelly owned 35 Snowshoe Siamese cats, in addition to five Chihuahuas and one Doberman. Her then-husband was so fed up with the insane amount of cats that he gave her an ultimatum, “either I go or the cats do.” Kelly did not hesitate to choose her cats over her husband.

She now lives happily with her pets as well as her two children Jamie and Oliver. Kelly is also an award-winning cat breeder and has produced more than 200 Snowshoes. Despite spending close to $20,000 a year on vet bills, pet insurance, and food, the pet enthusiast says she couldn’t be happier.

Beam Me Up, Scotty

In an effort to offer the ultimate experience for fellow Trekkies, Star Trek mega-fan, James Crawley and hundreds of loyal volunteers recreated the set of the original 1960s TV series. Since its official debut in 2006, Crawley and the volunteers offer what they call a “Star Trek Original Series Tour” which walks visitors through the detailed replica, which is situated in Ticonderoga NY.

50-year-old Crawley, who is also an Elvis impersonator began the process of building the set in 1997 after getting his hands on a copy of the show’s original Enterprise blueprints. The replica also includes some original pieces from the show and the tour is designed to perfectly emulate the rooms and the gadgets used on the original set.

Packer Family

Since Packer fans are known for being as enthusiastic as they are dedicated, we thought it was only right to include another die-hard Green Bay Packer fan to this list. This time the fandom extends across an entire family. The Gutting family, of Geneva, Iowa decorated every room in their home with green and yellow, including it’s exterior.

In addition to the outer paneling, their back deck is also painted like a football field with a “Packer ring of fame.” Game time in the Gutting household is taken very seriously. They even have televisions in the bathroom to make sure no one misses a second of the game.


Michele Ivey has been obsessed with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for over 20 years and she does not see that changing anytime soon. Ivey explains that her affinity with the animated turtles is rooted in her struggle with bullying growing up. She says that the turtles were the first heroes that taught her she could stand up for herself, without the use of superpowers or weapons.

Her obsession started as a collection of memorabilia, toys, and comic books but quickly grew more than that. Ivey constructed her very own Ninja Turtle costume that she utilizes to spread good by attending birthday parties, parades, and hospital wards. She also spent around $4000 on purchasing two Ninja Turtle masks. Ivey sticks to a strict Ninja Turtle diet of eating pizza every day covered with bizarre toppings. Her dream is to one day work for the franchise.

Champion Heckler

NBA fan Robin Ficker has become well known for his intense heckling practices. As a die-hard Washington Bullets fan, Ficker would sit right behind the opposing team bench and attempt to get in the players’ heads and impact the game with his taunts. The team has embraced his strategy, even securing him strategic seats at important games.

In 1993, former basketball player Charles Barkley secured Ficker seats for the NBA Finals against the Chicago Bulls, so he could taunt Michael Jordan about his gambling problem. He even brought oversized dice and playing cards to the game as props. He does not limit his heckling skills to basketball, also attending wrestling matches and baseball games.

Going Green

In 2012, then 35-year-old Paulo Henrique dos Santos decided to dress like the Hulk for a running event and went all out for the affair. In addition to dressing as the Marvel hero, Santos also turned up to the race with full green body paint.

Once the even was over, however, Santos found himself in a bit of a bind. The industrial paint he had used would not come off of his skin, even after 20 baths. It took the help of his friends scrubbing him down to finally get the green paint off.

Wild, Wild Broncos

NFL team, The Denver Broncos is known for having some of the most die-hard fans in the game. Lonnie Moreno of Thornton Colorado is no exception. He goes all out for every game, painting his face, dressing head to toe in orange and blue and showing off his many Broncos tattoos.

Moreno does not shame away from going the distance for his favorite football team. For the 2014 Super Bowl, when the Broncos played against the Seattle Seahawks, Moreno did not hesitate to travel the 1,900 miles to New Jersey, where the game was held. When asked if he drove he responded, “yes, in my Bronco mobile.”

A Golden Fan

This Star Wars fanatic is utilizing his obsession to do good. After spending more than 2,000 hours building his C-3PO suit, enthusiast, Simon Wilkie now uses the suit to raise money for charity. The costume cost over $5,000 to construct.

It takes Wilkie half an hour as well as assistance from his loving wife to get bolted into the costume. Other than Star Wars conventions, Wilkie also wears the suit for parties and functions after which he donates all proceeds for children’s charity, Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Real Life Spider-Man

Frenchman Alain Robert is obsessed with climbing and never fails to take it to the extreme. He has become famous for scaling buildings around the world. The 56-year-old climber has already ascended up the Eiffel Tower, Empire State Building, the Petronas Towers in Malaysia and the Four Seasons Hotel in Hong Kong, to name a few.

When discussing his daring hobby Robert writes on his website, “I already knew that climbing was for me as important as eating or breathing.” He climbs using nothing but his hands and feet, without any spotters or belays. Robert suffered a harmful fall at the age of 19 after which doctors warned him he might never climb again. He seems to have clear intentions on proving them wrong.