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The People’s Princess: How The Nation Fell In Love With Diana

Known throughout the world as the “People’s Princess,” Diana somehow managed to capture the hearts of people across the globe. Her bubbly personality and constant desire to help others resonated from home to home and changed the face of the British monarchy.  Diana set a standard for women everywhere to stand up for what they believe in.

Not only was she the first wife of Charles, Prince of Wales, but she was a fabulous mother to two dashing sons. Popular Everything is delighted to take a look back at all the moments which defined this confessed “rebel” as the strong, independent lady who always put others first.

Motherhood Came First 

Princess Diana lived an extraordinary life. Out of all the remarkable things she did, we’re sure being a mother to her two sons would stand at the very top of her list. The bond she shared with William and Harry was indeed like no other.

When she was given a break from traveling the world or completing philanthropic duties, Diana enjoyed raising her sons in the best way she could. Here she is photographed in 1985, teaching her little ones how to play the piano at the renowned Kensington Palace. Have you ever seen anything so adorable?

She Adored Her Fans

What made Princess Diana differ from most figures in the spotlight was the tremendous respect she had for her public supporters. While many celebrities have been criticized for shunning away their fans, Lady Di remained grateful and gracious at all times.

There’s no denying the princess was going through a rough patch in her life when this picture was taken, having recently divorced from Prince Charles. Being the Diana we know and love though, she was keen to put this behind her, and start a positive new chapter in her life. 

Diana Was Known as an Icon

She may no longer be with us, but elements of Princess Diana’s life are still remnant within today’s society. One of her many legacies was the way this woman carried herself.  While she is better known for her more relatable days off-duty, there’s no doubt she went the extra mile on more formal occasions too.

Rewinding to the year 1987, where the princess is seen attending the Cannes Film Festival. She dazzled the crowd as she stepped out with her husband Charles by her side. We’re sure that at this moment, Charles felt nothing but pride standing next to his confident wife.

A Heart of Gold 

Want to know how heroic Diana was? One of her humanitarian duties involved a trip to London Middlesex Hospital. This was one of the first units in the UK which treated HIV and AIDS patients. It was one particular thing that happened on this day that left a significant mark on Diana’s inspirational legacy.

1987 was a big year for the Princess of Wales. In this photograph, the royal was captured doing something iconic: shaking hands with an AIDS patient without gloves. Today, this may not seem like such a big deal considering HIV cannot get transferred through touching hands. Back in the late twentieth century, this was not common knowledge. Through such a simple act, Diana singlehandedly challenged the ways of society.

Diana Never Missed a Philanthropic Opportunity

What many people love the most about Princess Diana, was how much interest she paid to the public and helping others. At one point in her life, the royal was the patron of over 100 charities. She never expected an award for what she was doing, other than the pure knowledge that she was helping those marginalized by society.

It was essential to Diana that she was raising awareness for these causes. Here she is feeding refugees in 1993 at the Red Cross Nemazura center in Zimbabwe. What a remarkable woman she was.

She Wasn’t Afraid to Let Her Hair Down

Even though she was a part of the British monarchy, she did not let their strict rulings get the better of her. Keen to show to the world she was still a regular girl, Lady Di pretty much enjoyed doing what she wanted, when she wanted. Go, girl!

Here the princess is sharing jokes alongside her sisters Lady Sarah McCorquodale and Lady Jane Fellowes Tuck as they were leaving the Royal Opera House in 1995.  Just because she’s in the public eye, doesn’t mean this lady doesn’t know how to have fun. 

Diana Was a Hit With the Stars

The high-spirited Princess of Wales’ proved to be a favorite of several Hollywood stars. Take a look at this snapshot of her rubbing shoulders with some big names in the acting business.

After attending the premiere of the then-hottest new movie “Apollo 13,” Lady Di was spotted working her charm on Tom Hanks. She left such a lasting impression on the American actor that he presented himself at Diana’s funeral in 1997. There he expressed his deepest sympathies to her sons.

Just Like Any Other Mom

You’d think that growing up in the British monarchy would keep Harry and William from having a normal childhood. With a mother like Diana though, it was always of utmost importance that her two boys enjoyed themselves just like any other kids would.

Glimpsing at this snapshot, who would guess the people photographed were a part of Britain’s most prestigious family? In this action shot from 1993, Diana is having the time of her life vacationing at Walt Disney World, as she rides one of the log flumes with her boys. Unlike the previous line of mothers from the royal family, Diana was very much like a friend to her sons. Who said the Royals couldn’t act like big kids now and again?

Not Afraid to Get Her Hands Dirty

Lady Di put on a brave face during her trip to Angola in 1997. Here she is pictured walking through an active minefield. Why? The princess was a contributor to the nongovernmental Organization: Hazardous Areas Life-Support Organization, or HALO for short.

When questioned by the press as to why she picked to travel as far as Angola, Diana responded that “this nation has the highest number of amputees per population than anywhere in the world.” In case you weren’t sure how selfless this woman was, picture her risking her life in an active minefield, all for the good of others.

She Danced like No One was Watching 

Lady Di was quick to generate headlines, but unlike several members of the royal family, she wasn’t overly fussed about what she was caught doing. That is just the beauty of Diana, her fearlessness in the face of judgment. Her courageousness took her to the dancefloor in 1985, as she was caught shimmying along with a very familiar face.

Diana looked like a real-life Cinderella as she danced the night away at President Ronald Reagan’s ball, with none other than Hollywood legend John Travolta. Like the true independent women she was, the princess led the way as Travolta let his starstruck nerves get in the way of his moves. The couple was recorded waltzing around to the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack for fifteen minutes.

She Wanted to Be Just Like the Rest of Us

Many believe that it is not until we accessed the private side of Lady Di’s life that we learned what it was like to be her. She certainly felt more comfortable on more casual family days, and as we can see she pulls it off just perfectly.

Princess Diana always appeared comfortable amongst others, but it was still her most casual moments where this woman really felt at home. During a casual spring day spent with son Will in 1988, Diana walks along the park as if she’s just any other mother taking their son out for the day.

The Face of Britain

Lady Di was a very smart woman. She knew exactly the kind of power she had, being in the public eye, and used this to her advantage. The short of it is, she made use of her royal status to bring around a greater awareness. She believed that it was not about who you are, but how you treat others in this world that makes you a noble person.

The public immediately recognized what Diana was trying to do and respected her for being one of the first royals to stand up for what she believed in, no matter the consequences. Here we see the ‘People’s Princess’ being greeted by swarms of adoring fans in 1990, upon a visit to Cullompton in Devon, England.

When Two Legends Meet

Something magical happened in 1997. Princess Diana was spotted in South Africa, hitting it off with then-president, Nelson Mandela. It was reported that meeting the political leader was a dream of the princesses. Had it been just any princess, we suspect Mandela would not have been so starstruck as he was upon meeting our Di.

The politician spent an hour singing Diana’s praise, as he congratulated her for all her work with AIDS charities. In the following interview, the president appeared to still be gushing as he admitted that “It’s not often that I meet princesses. I am still trembling.” If you can make a president shake with happiness, you must be doing something right in the world.

One Happy Family

She may not have loved following most royal traditions, but one thing she was passionate about was her family. Over the years, Lady Di enjoyed various holidays with her two sons.

Skiing was one of the princess’s favorite past times. Here she is in Austria, 1991, waiting to take the slopes alongside her children. This particular vacation occurred during a hard time in the royal’s life. She had been going through some extreme struggles in her personal life, yet still managed to put this aside and put on a big smile for her boys. It’s not every day you come across such a strong character.

Yet Another Charitable Mission

While she was in Angola, Princess Diana kept herself busy with various ventures, working towards the greater good. At this point, we wonder if there is anything this woman hasn’t done to help the less fortunate.

This picture details Diana on her trip to Angola’s Neves Bendinha in 1997. This was an ICRC Orthopaedic workshop which treated injured children. Diana is all smiles as she gets to know some of the children; she makes no judgments and aims to bring some happiness to their day.

This Princess Had One Big Heart

Diana loved her two sons dearly, but they weren’t the only children the princess cared for. One of her many charitable endeavors involved a trip to a hostel for abandoned children in Sao Paolo, Brazil.

The princess used her motherly instincts to care for these less fortunate children. Many of them suffered from HIV or AIDS, but once again that didn’t stop this woman from showing them affection. Diana deeply disapproved of the widespread ignorance surrounding AIDS. She wanted to go above and beyond to prove a point to the world.

When Diana Met Michael

Probably one of the biggest musical stars Princess Diana had the pleasure of meeting was the “King of Pop” himself, Michael Jackson. The two seemed to get along just fine upon meeting at London’s Wembley stadium, in 1988.

If we told you the pop star was happy to meet her, we’d be underexaggerating. Jackson was enamored by the princess and even revealed to his confidant, Matt Fiddes, that he was “in love” with the British royal. Unsurprisingly, Diana’s charm left this same lasting impact on many people who met her.

A Cultured Princess

Princess Diana wanted to make the most of her high-profile status. She enjoyed traveling the world, with the primary purpose of helping the less fortunate and doing good. During a trip to India in 1992, Lady Di was keen to pay a visit to an old age welfare center in Hyderabad.

Being as friendly as we all know her to be, the princess was found meeting and greeting the “Untouchables.” These were what the members of India’s lowest castle were referred to. Despite the Untouchables being made outcasts from society, Princess Diana made them feel like they were no different from her. It is these selfless acts of kindness that encouraged the nation to fall for the royal.

A Role Model for Her Children

As we now know, Princess Diana left a lasting impression on her children. Her passion for charitable aims reflected strongly in both William and Harry’s decision to open a charitable foundation in 2009. Growing up, Diana took meticulous care to ensure her boys were appropriately raised.

Prince William’s first engagement was met with thousands of fans gushing at how polite the young boy was. Diana stayed by his side throughout the royal engagement, to ensure his behavior towards the public was courteous and that he showed them the same amount of respect as she would. It takes a powerful woman to raise her children as successfully as she did.

Forever a Free Spirit

Diana’s legacy is defined by her refusal to conform to traditional norms. If there’s one quote you should remember her by, it’s this one: “I don’t go by the rule book. I lead from the heart, not the head.” This quote resonated in 1985, when Diana had the unique idea to surprise audience members of the Royal Ballet, including her husband, Prince Charles.

During a performance at the Royal Opera House, The Princess of Wales decided to take the stage and performed a choreographed duet with dancer, Wayne Sleep. This is just another example of how Diana danced to the beat of her own drum…literally. The duet was choreographed to Billy Yoel’s “Uptown Girl” and Diana enjoyed every minute of the routine.

Another Day, Another Duty

To give you a bigger picture of how keen Diana was to help people around the world, we must go into detail about several of her charitable visits. In 1991, the royal was spotted at the University of Ottawa Heart Institute.

The princess was keen to explore all areas of the institute including artificial heart research, prevention programs, and clinical wards. As you can see from this snapshot taken during the visit, Diana lives up to the title of “People’s Princess” as the institute members look at the royal adoringly.

Royal Luxuries Didn’t Interest Her

Many people would jump at the chance of being part of the royal family. Endless wealth, world-renowned fame and the luxury of being treated better than anyone else. This didn’t appeal to everyone though. Princess Diana wanted to try and live a normal life and gave her children the most ordinary upbringing she could.

Just because they lived in a palace, didn’t mean Lady Di couldn’t enjoy being an embarrassing mom to her children. She loved to play classic pranks on her boys and always challenged the boundaries when it came to their playful relationship.

Influencer from Day One

Princess Diana was not always keen to show off her glamorous lifestyle. It was important for her to be relatable and humble. She stood apart from the Royal crowd and made important statements while doing so.

Looking at this picture, one would never expect Diana was a part of the British monarchy. Diana wanted to show to the world that despite her high-profile status, she was still a regular human being.

A Long-Lasting Legacy

People across the entire world were found mourning the tragic and unexpected passing of Princess Diana in 1997. Of course, the two people most affected by the news were her beloved sons. The pair recently attended the 21st anniversary of her death, and it is clear she’ll never be forgotten.

When reflecting, Prince Harry admitted that “there’s not a day that William and I don’t wish that she was still around.” After learning about the bond these three shared, we’re not surprised to hear this. We’re sure our Di would be extremely proud to learn of how her boys have turned out today.

A Work-Out Wonder

We’ve mentioned how Princess Diana’s more casual days set her apart from previous members of the royal family, but did you know that she also became a pioneer for new activities? That’s right; she wasn’t only trying to look like a member of the public on off-duty days, but act like one too.

Who said the Royals couldn’t work out? In 1985, the royal was snapped in West Berlin sporting some casual exercise gear. It may be an uncommon sight to see members of the British monarchy ready to go out for a run, but Diana tried her hardest to blend in with the public and make it the norm. After all, a healthy body is a healthy mind!

Mother Knows Best

It’s clear to us that Princess Diana shared an unbreakable bond between her two sons, William and Harry. She also had no real interest in status or hierarchy, judging people only on their life decisions. It comes as no surprise to hear that her former private secretary believed Diana would have wanted both her boys to “marry for love.”

In light of recent circumstances regarding Harry’s marriage to Meghan Markle, the secretary shared some insight. He trusts that had Diana been around today; she would be the one to guide Markle through life as a royal, making her feel welcomed into the family. As such a remarkable woman, we think this would be the case too.

Making an Impact on the North East

As we know, Diana liked to travel near and far to help people across the globe. In 1983, her good deeds took her over to the North East of England, for her first ever solo trip. Here she attended the opening ceremony for the Redheugh Bridge, built over the Tyne River.

Despite that day’s blisteringly cold winds, Diana still managed to amaze the public with her poise. It may have been freezing cold, but that didn’t seem to bother her. She still had a smile on her face and showed respect to the visitors who’d shown up to see her. One attendee even proclaimed that “she was absolutely gorgeous. Just a lovely person.” We’d expect nothing less from our Di.

Still Celebrating Her Legacy Today

Hopping over to the year 1991, and the princess is back in the North East. This time, to attend the Royal opening of St Peter’s Marina. Once again, the crowds were overcome with happiness after witnessing Diana’s genuine warmth and graciousness. Now that’s what we call courtesy.

This picture shows an 8-year old Katherine Mundy, starstruck as she hands flowers over to their important visitor. This was such a celebrated event that in 2016, the residents decided to host a commemorative gathering at the Merchants Tavern. They all flocked to the nearby pub, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Diana’s visit.

Famous Faces Paid Their Respects to Her

Princess Diana was undoubtedly popular across the globe. On several occasions, she was spotted rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous. Get this though, imagine knowing the ultra-rich-and-famous Richard Branson? The two hit it off immediately. The princess of Wales had such an impact on this businessman that upon her passing, he felt compelled to come up with a grand gesture to commemorate her memory.

In fact, Branson was the reason behind Elton John re-writing the hit song “Candle in the Wind” at Diana’s funeral in 1997. The re-written version was intended to pay an exceptional tribute to the late-princess. It included lyrics such as “you were the grace that placed itself where lives were torn apart.” Everyone loved this woman.

Her Generosity Continued to Grow

Despite Diana being renowned for her iconic looks, material objects didn’t bother her much. She was frequently found sharing her most coveted garments with those who were close to her.

Diana’s sisters and close friends were often pictured sporting some of Diana’s clothes, and we bet they felt fabulous in them. We’re not jealous of these women at all, not even a little bit…

An Arabian Adventure

Lady Di traveled to Saudi Arabia in 1986. The six-day trip involved an extensive tour of the Arabian Gulf, where she would meet some notable figures.

The Princess of Wales had packed a full-length burqa, just in case she needed it when attending the religious sites. It was later disregarded, in fear of upsetting the locals. The principle still stands though that Diana was happy to immerse herself in other cultures and wanted to learn as much as she could about them.

On Set for a Big Motion Picture

Who remembers the movie “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial?” what many of you superfans may not know was that our Lady Di visited the cast, on set during the filming of the movie. One actress, in particular, was mesmerized by the loving princess that came to visit her.

The 7-year-old Drew Barrymore immediately fell for Diana, as she was pictured handing her an E.T toy. The impact she had over Barrymore remains with her today. In a recent Jimmy Kimmel interview, the acting sensation describes the royal as someone who “was, and is, and will always be the epitome of a woman that all little girls look up to.” Given Diana’s grace, kindness and lack of prejudice, we certainly agree with Drew’s statement.

Girl Power at Its Finest

Every marriage is a work in progress, which can get very challenging at times. A royal marriage is no exception to that rule. Straight after dealing with a marital conflict with Prince Charles, Diana arrived at the Serpentine Gallery in possibly one of her most iconic looks.

This woman brings girl power to new heights; she is completely unfazed by the breakdown of her relationship and wants to enjoy herself at this event. If there’s any woman you wish to look up to for some post-breakup confidence, Princess Diana is your girl.

Diana in Australia

Newlyweds Harry and Meghan recently enjoyed their royal tour across Australia, Fiji, Tonga, and New Zealand. This was not an entirely new idea, however. The royal couple partook in a tradition that has dated back in their family since 1954. It comes as no surprise to learn Diana was one of the royals who took part on the trip.

Diana must have been a fan of life down under, as she visited Australia three times before she passed away. She visited Alice Springs, Sydney Opera House, and several other famous landmarks while wowing the public with every one of her gorgeous ensembles. This picture captures Lady Di on her last official engagement in Australia in 1996 where she visited various hospitals and clinics throughout the country.

Paying a Quick Visit to the States

In 1985, Princess Diana went on a brief trip to Palm Beach County in South Florida. She was there for only 21 hours, not even a whole day. Per usual, adoring fans greeted Diana with flowers upon her arrival to the Palm Beach International Airport.

During her short stay, the royal attended a benefit dinner held in honor of two honorary board chairpersons. We imagine only the most prestigious people received an invitation to such an event.

One Smart Cookie

Diana’s undoubtedly wowed the crowds, even when she tried to blend in, which made powerful statements about her personality. Her fashion choices also served a practical function. Cue Diana’s wise idea of donning the simple clutch bag.

Briefly gazing at this picture, the bag may not seem much more than an accessory. In an interview with the royal, however, she admitted to using the clutch to block out any embarrassing or inappropriate malfunctions that might strike negative media attention. What a smart woman! It was 1-0 to Diana in her battle against the tabloids.

Diana Is Always in Her Son’s Hearts

As a part of their ‘Heads Together Campaign’ which supports people with mental health issues, both Harry and William finally agreed to speak out about the death of their late mother, Diana. It is relatively uncommon for the Royals to discuss their emotions openly, but the public supported their decision to do so with open arms. In the discussion, William shed some insight into his relationship with Lady Di.

The Duke of Cambridge admitted to making an adorable promise to his mother, just one year before her passing away. She asked to keep the title of “Her Royal Highness” despite her divorce to Charles. The 14-year-old William responded with “don’t worry, Mummy. I will give it back to you one day when I am King.” We know now that her two sons continue to honor her in all their actions.

Standing Out From the Crowd

We’re already aware of Diana’s disregard for living a life of luxury and using her royal status as a means to raise awareness for important causes. This woman didn’t gain her confessed title as a ‘rebel’ overnight.

For starters, the royal refused to have a nanny for Will and Harry, intending on being the best mother she could be by raising them herself. She showed no interest in having a traditional heirloom as a ring but instead picked one out of a catalog. She was adamant on being independent, and not obeying Charles’ every word. These decisions, among others, may have received scrutiny by the royal family, but forever remains in the hearts of the public.

Doing it for the Girls

As such an outspoken woman who was not afraid to stand up for her beliefs, Diana was unashamed to be a fully-fledged women’s advocate. The history of patriarchal rulings within the royal family meant absolutely nothing to Diana. She felt strongly about giving women a voice in all walks of life.

The Princess of Wales frequently visited women’s centers or homeless shelters for women. There were no prejudices or hidden agenda for these visits. Diana simply wanted these women to recognize their power.

The Belle of the Ball

It would appear after seeing this collection of photos that one of Diana’s favorite pastimes was dancing! Here the royal was snapped sharing a waltz with her then-husband, Prince Charles, during their tour of Australia in 1988.

What we love so much about this image is that it shows how amongst her regular duties as a princess, she still managed to find the time to unwind. It’s her life, after all.

A Sporting Legend

It’s unlikely that you will find many photos of the members of the British Monarchy taking part in any sort of sporting activity. That’s where Diana stood out from the crowd.

Here the royal is snapped mid-action, as she runs to the finish line in a competitive race in 1991. Once again, if you observed this picture with no prior knowledge of the Royal family, you would assume Diana was just like any other mother trying to get in on the action from her children’s sports day.

Getting Out of Her Comfort Zone

As we know, Lady Di was not one for holding prejudices. She loved the fact that her royal status meant she could tour the world and explore how people different to her lived their life. One of her royal tours took this lady all the way to Pakistan.

She may be thousands of miles away from Buckingham Palace, but the princess couldn’t have looked more at home. During this trip to the small village, Diana blends in with the locals as she converses with them, learning as much as possible about their unique culture.

She Stood Her Ground on Social Issues

As part of her efforts towards AIDS awareness, Diana sat down for an intimate interview with Sylvia Killick, the only woman resident at the time at The London Lighthouse.

The London Lighthouse was an independent AIDS hospice, which opened despite opposition in 1986. As we know, Diana always went above the call of duty for helping others and advocating for important issues. Despite the controversy, Diana visited the center and its residents several times before her passing

Celebrities Couldn’t Get Enough

Yet another big star that took a liking to the Princess of Wales was none other than Canadian singer, Bryan Adams. At this point, we wonder if there was any celebrity that wasn’t a good friend of Diana’s.

Even after she passed away, Adams had nothing but praise to sing about the late-Royal. He explained their relationship as being “good friends” and we’re sure like she did with many others, Diana made a lasting mark on his life.

Setting the Standard for her Boys

Princess Diana wanted to combine her passions for motherhood with philanthropy, so how did she do it? She taught her two sons how to feel empathy for those who were far less fortunate than them.

William and Harry were to attend AIDS clinics and homeless shelters with their mother. She wanted to teach them from the offset that not everyone in the world lived such a privileged life as they did. Without the relevant enforcement from their mother, we wonder if the two Dukes would have done as much charity work as they do now.

Diana’s Award for Selflessness

Did you know that Diana’s endless good deeds around the world have led authorities to create an award after her? That’s right, the ‘Diana Award’ is granted to individuals who want to create a positive impact in the world. These people reflect the same level of selflessness as the princess herself, who wished to help those in less favorable circumstances to her own.

Right now, 47,000 people have received the Diana award – that’s one huge step in the right direction for humankind! If the current generation recognizes just how much of a role model the royal was, imagine how much the world would start to become a better place.

A Special Bond Diana Shared

During her lifetime, the Princess of Wales had met her fair share of historical legends. Possibly the most influential bond she shared was that with the Roman Catholic nun and missionary, Mother Teresa.

Here, Diana is pictured visiting her friend’s hospice in India, in 1992. Diana made a conscious effort to meet and greet every single patient within the building, who was near death. The two would frequently meet around this period to talk about various humanitarian missions they hoped to complete.

Once an Animal Lover, Always an Animal Lover

It wasn’t just humans Lady Di was passionate about helping. The Princess of Wales also spent a lot of time and effort dedicated to protecting animals. Despite it being frowned upon for members of the Royal family to make their independent views widely heard, she never missed an opportunity to publicly denounce hunting.

It would seem Di’s not the only animal activist in the family. Her efforts may be what influenced son, William, to ban all ivory artifacts from the Royal Palace. Good on you for standing up for what you believe in, Will!

Her Association With Centrepoint

Amongst the hundred charities, Diana was a patron for, one of the causes she felt most strongly about was Centrepoint. The U.K based organization supported 9,000 homeless youths in her country, all aged between 16-25 years old.

In one of her duties, the princess was snapped chatting to some members of the charity about the ‘Cold Weather’ project. Her passion for helping this organization transferred to her children. William took over her role and became a patron of the same charity in 2005. We bet Diana would be extremely proud of her son’s efforts to follow in her footsteps.

Diana Set a Certain Wedding Trend

We all know Diana to be an independent woman, but did you know this story? During her wedding to Prince Charles back in 1981, the Princess omitted a certain vow to obey her husband. This may have been a royal tradition, but this woman was not ready to give up her morals for some fancy royal status.

The world had already fallen in love with Diana, and Prince Charles was under a lot of pressure to get married, so they came to a point where whatever Diana requested had to be accepted. This set the standard for women all across the world. It inspired female strength and self-ownership.

Displaying Equal Power

Here the former princess sits next to her then-husband wearing a suit that is very similar to his. As mentioned before, Diana was a woman who would not stand for inequality in her marriage. She refused to vow that she would obey her husband during her wedding ceremony, and she often ignored advise and took on projects that were close to her heart.

Diana also made statements with her attire. In this photo, you can see that she chose to wear a very similar suit to her husbands. The matching outfits caught a lot of media attention. That’s why people loved her so much; she is not afraid to speak up.

She Put Love Before Everything

Princess Diana was honored to be a member of the royal family. However, status meant nothing to this former princess. While many people would do unforgivable things just to have been in her position, Diana hardly gave it importance. Her goal in life was to be happy, to help people, and to live her best life.

When being a princess went against all three of those fundamental hopes and dreams, she gave it all up. Diana fell out of love with her husband as well as her role as a princess. She gave up the dream to spend a life with ‘Prince Charming,’ and so many people adore her for doing so.

Another Rebel Moment

Again, Diana was a rebel, but in a very sweet way. She simply was not born to live a life full of “do’s and don’ts.” Here we see the princess standing on a boat surrounded by her peers and security guards. Notice how she is not wearing a life jacket…

We’re not trying to say that disregarding a life jacket is a good idea. We simply want to point out just how much Diana played by her own rules. She was never pressured to do what people told her to. Diana was the queen of her own world and that’s what the public wanted to see in the royal family; independent people.

A Trend Setter

Diana was a lot of things. She was sweet, loving, adventurous, warm and everything else on the list of all things good. One thing Diana could not help becoming was a trendsetter.

Once the world fell in love with Princess Diana, everything she wore became a trend. Diana’s haircut was the most common hairstyle women asked for at the salon. The world fell in love with Diana, and they also fell in love with her sense of style.