Perfectly Timed Photos Sure to Put a Smile on Your Face

Sometimes the most picture-perfect moments happen when we least expect them. Luckily, today more than ever, we all have our camera phones to the ready and can capture and share these beautiful, hilarious, and awe-worthy moments whenever and wherever.

Perfectly Timed Photos 118

In some cases, it takes a skilled professional to capture the most beautiful split-second moments. Other times, it’s just a question of being at the right place at the right time. Here is our collection of some of the most perfectly timed photos. Whether they are professionally staged or lucky coincidences, we will let you be the judge.

Waltz of the Flowers

This photo looks straight out of a fairy tale. The elegant dancer poses perfectly in front of her window, catching the light in the most majestic way possible.

Perfectly Timed Photos 2019 1

The wilting flower in her room made for a perfect romantic tutu for the ballerina’s solo performance. We can’t imagine that this gorgeous moment came out of coincidence. Posed or not, the photo is too beautiful not to include in our list.

Glinda the Good Boy

This photo is proof that it’s all about perspective. The poor pup looks like he’s trapped in a bubble and doesn’t know how to escape. Not only that but the bubble looks humongous, all thanks to camera angles.

Perfectly Timed Photos 2019 16

This photo makes us think about Glinda the Good Witch from The Wizard of Oz floating into the scene to help Dorthy find her way. If only the reality were that magical.

Eating Like a Bird

The poor man in this photo could not have expected that there was such a sly thief on the loose. He probably waited all day to finally get out of work and have his ice cream.

Perfectly Timed Photos 2019 10

The seagull didn’t care though. He set his sites on that sweet treat and dove right for it. The man looks in a state of shock as the bird flies away with his delicious dessert.

Puppy Parkour

This pup will stop at nothing to catch his ball, especially with his friends watching. He had to pounce to impress but onlookers appear to be more concerned for their own safety.

Perfectly Timed Photos 2019 2

This show-off is in for a tough landing. To make matters worse, chances are one of the less ambitious dogs will end up with the ball and this furry high jumper will end up with empty paws.

One With the Fish

Talk about being in the right place at the right time. This little fishy has no idea that it is posing for a closeup as it curiously swims towards the camera lens.

Perfectly Timed Photos 2019 15

The snorkeler posing for his photo is in for a treat when he sees this gem. The half-fish half-human hybrid captured here is sure to get some laughs.

Along for The Ride

NBA star Danny Green is caught in an obvious foul on his opponent, Klay Thompson. With a perfectly timed photo like this, there’s no denying that fact.

Perfectly Timed Photos 2019 6

We can only imagine that sports fan photoshop experts probably had a field day with this snap. It almost looks like Green is playing a game of “guess who” with Thompson.

Did You Say Treat?!

This little guy has his eyes on the prize and can barely contain his excitement as his treat comes straight towards him. We have no doubt that he caught that tasty piece of kibble right in mid-air.

Perfectly Timed Photos 2019 7

“Good boy” seems to be an understatement here as the pup sits patiently for the well-deserved treat to come his way. We are just glad someone was around to capture his moment of truth.

Man-Eating Puppy

Ever heard of how news outlets make a photo out to be something it’s not in order to attract readers? We imagine the headline for this picture would read something like, “Man-Eating Dog on the Loose.”

Perfectly Timed Photos 2019 9

However, if you zoom out, it is plain to see that this is just a tired pup chilling on the beach. The photographer captured his yawn at the perfect time while the mom and baby happen to play nearby.

Yippee Dee I Doo Daa

This Disneyland attendee was in for the surprise of her life while riding the parks famous Splash Mountain ride. Just as the animatronic forest creatures finished their song and dance and the log ride took a plunge, the couple had a very special moment.

Perfectly Timed Photos 2019 13

Luckily the ride’s camera caught the exact moment when he took out the ring and asked his girlfriend for her hand in marriage. What a fun way to pop the question. We hope she said yes!

I Believe I Can Fly

This beach puppy is ready for takeoff. In yet another example of perspective, the dog running straight for an airborne seagull made for the best photo. We just hope the bird made it out of harm’s way in time.

Perfectly Timed Photos 2019 11

It looks like the dog has found his calling and is ready to take to the skies. Hey, if Mowgli could survive in the jungle why can’t the little guy hack it at a birds life?

Tired Outlier

One of these things is not like the other. As these soldiers stand at attention, one tired soul gets a little overwhelmed with boredom and can’t seem to shake it.

Perfectly Timed Photos 2019 14

He’s got the bad case of the yawns, and unfortunately, someone was there to capture it on camera. Hopefully, his commander didn’t give him too hard of a time after seeing this picture.

Nuts for Nuts

This little guy can’t believe his eyes. This peanut must have fallen from squirrel heaven just for him. He can’t wait to sink his teeth in the salty snack and it shows.

Perfectly Timed Photos 2019 12

This photographer must have a great camera or else that’s one brave squirrel to get that close to the lens. That being said, sometimes hunger overcomes all other instincts.

Bird’s Eye View

It looks as if this girl seems to have found her spirit animal. Her and her feathered friend have become one and created a photographic work of art in the process.

Perfectly Timed Photos 2019 4

This rebellious redhead must not have heard that birds of a feather flock together because it seems to prefer and hang out with a crowd of a different kind.

Surfs Up

This has to be one of the most beautiful shots we’ve ever seen. That dolphin must have seen the surfer riding waves and wanted to show off his own skills.

Perfectly Timed Photos 111

Joining in on the fun, the dolphin took a giant leap and the surfer could not have expected such a gorgeous scene behind him. This is the definition of a picture-perfect moment.

Reaching for The Sky

No, this isn’t an oversized giraffe, but rather just another example of right place, right time. A private plane zooms by, appearing closer than it is, making for a gorgeous photo of man vs. wilderness.

Perfectly Timed Photos 2019 17

As if this photo wasn’t double-take worthy enough, it also managed to capture an adorable baby giraffe standing next to its mother. Both mom and baby glance curiously at the plane passing by.

Live and Let Liev

Hollywood actor, director, and producer, Liev Schreiber is caught in a somewhat perplexing position as he sightsees with his family. If you’re thinking wow, those legs do not fit his body, look again.

Perfectly Timed Photos 113

Those are actually his wife’s leg as she crouches down to peer into the nearby cave with her children. This optical illusion makes for the most confusing and hilarious mistake we’ve seen in a while.

Whale’s Tale

This diver has no idea how close she’s swimming to a giant whale! She comes out of the water only to create another perfectly timed photo. It almost looks like the tale belongs to her.

Perfectly Timed Photos 114

Although we would like to think that giant mermaids are a possibility in the oceans unknown, we aren’t here to spread conspiracy theories. Instead, we are happy to praise this photographer on their expert level timing.

Lost in Reading

Nothing is going to distract this reader from finishing the last few pages of her book, Memoirs of a Geisha. She is deep in reading while the hustle and bustle of the city continue around her.

Perfectly Timed Photos 116

Little does she know, that an onlooker noticed a photo opportunity too good to miss. Her raven black hair matched perfectly with actress Ziyi Zhang’s stunning portrait on the books cover.

Wet Seats

We aren’t sure what part of this photo is more hilarious; the men trying to escape the giant wave, or the man out of harm’s reach looking on at the show.

Perfectly Timed Photos 122

Either way, we are just glad someone was there to capture such an epic moment. We highly doubt those guys made it home dry. There’s really no escaping a wave like that.

Flying Lizards

Wow, this one is crazy cool. This woman posing for the photo did not even see the lizard before it took its giant leap of faith across the wall. Its timing was perfect.

Perfectly Timed Photos 121

This little dude deserves an award for his photobomb skills. We just hope he made it across the wall without a scratch.

Aquatic Wedding Guest

Looks like the efficient at this wedding is taking his job very seriously as he makes sure the groom signs on the correct dotted line. We wonder if he also has a speech prepared for the couple.

Perfectly Timed Photos 2019 3

The adorable Beluga had no idea it was upstaging the newlyweds as it mosied on over to the altar. Didn’t anyone tell this curious whale never to wear white to a wedding?

Giants Among Us

We are never too old to use our imagination. With just the right camera angle, this photo looks like we’ve stumbled into some alternative universe where giants are real!

Perfectly Timed Photos 112

It seems like the “giant” here is playing with car toys which the photographer has managed to make look like life-sized cars. If anyone has a more logical explanation, we are happy to hear it.

Cross Canine

Speaking of giants, we would not want to get in the way of this seemingly humongous and angry canine. Looks like the other dog just wants to play but this pup is not having it. Sharing is not caring for everyone it seems.

Perfectly Timed Photos 117

We can’t help but feel bad for the little one who seems completely ignorant to the fact that the dog he is approaching has no intention of giving away his toys or making new puppy pals. We’ll be your friend little guy!

When Two Become One

The best thing about optical illusions is that they can happen when you least expect them, even when you’re in the middle of the African safari scoping out the wildlife. This seemingly double-bodied beast is the perfect example.

Perfectly Timed Photos 120

What’s better than spotting two zebras while on safari? Spotting one zebra with two bodies and no place to go. This guy is ready to stare the camera down as the photographer tries to make sense of what they are seeing.

Oscar? Is That You?

Who remembers Oscar, the grumpy green Sesame Street character who lives in the trash? This double-take worthy photo makes us wonder if someone was trying to adopt his lifestyle and moved into the closest city trash can.

Perfectly Timed Photos 151

Yes, we realize that it’s just a crumpled-up magazine inside of a city bin but you can’t blame us for using our imagination on this one. This trash almost looks like an art installation rather than a random coincidence.

Natural Art Abroad

For some reason, visiting El Salar de Uyuni in southwest Bolivia always brings out people’s creative sides. This is the world’s largest salt flat which formed after a prehistoric lake dried up, exposing bright-white salt and rock formations.

Perfectly Timed Photos 152

Walking around on the flat and salty earth feels like you have stepped onto a different planet and visiting the area provides a real out of this world experience. Salar de Uyuni attracts tourists from around the world and there are even hotels that are built with salt blocks from the Salar itself.

Inanimate Photobomb

This couple was more than ready for their close up but looks like someone had a better idea. We’ve heard of people photobombing photos and we’ve even heard about animal photobombs but this is a new one for us.

Perfectly Timed Photos 153

We just wonder if this was a stroke of photobomb genius or if some kid was just playing with his toy plane and tossed it over at the right time. Either way, it seems the pair had ‘nose’ idea that it was coming.

The Holy Tourist

In this moment of right place, right time, it almost looks like these tourists had a visit from Jesus himself. If we wanted to make sense of it, we could easily conclude that this couple was paying a visit to Rio De Janeiro’s Christ the Redeemer statue in Brazil and wanted to snap a selfie.

Perfectly Timed Photos 158

The man behind them must be an expert level photobomber though. With his straight long hair and grown out beard, it’s hard to believe that he did not know what he was doing when posing behind the selfie-takers. Either way, the couple seemed to enjoy the holy visit.

Juggling the Sun

Wow, this perfectly timed photo is simply gorgeous. We can’t blame the guy in this picture for wanting to make the most of such a beautiful sunset. He put his soccer skills to work and the result is awesome.

Perfectly Timed Photos 156

Photographer, Waleed Almotar appropriately titled this photo “SunBall” and we can see why. The man in the photo looks as though he is balancing the entire sun on one leg. Almotar clearly has some crazy good skills.

Power Pose

It’s hard to believe that this snap was achieved Photoshop free. This guy probably practiced all summer long to achieve this epic photo. Good thing he had a camera with the shutter speed fast enough to capture this mili-second of greatness.

Perfectly Timed Photos 159

We are predicting a new social media challenge in the works here. We wonder if anyone can outdo this pool photo when it comes to timing the perfect shot.

Hungry Giant

And the silliest couple award goes to…This pair wanted to take their beach experience to a whole new level of wacky with this forced perspective photograph.

Perfectly Timed Photos 157

You’ve got to appreciate the creativity. We wonder how many takes it took them to get it right or who the third wheel was that they recruited to capture the shot. Hopefully, it was a friend and not a poor stranger.

Always Making Friends

Visiting the aquarium is a fun and educational experience for people of all ages. Rarely do visitors have the opportunity to get this up close to the aquatic wildlife though.

Perfectly Timed Photos 150

It looks like this little girl had the opportunity to take a snap with a new friend during her trip to the Bristol Aquarium in England. The stingray almost looks like it’s smirking for the camera.

Juggling Skills

Well here’s a family photo shoot gone wrong if we’ve ever seen one. We aren’t sure what they were hoping to achieve but it seems gravity had another idea altogether.

Perfectly Timed Photos Sure to Put a Smile on Your Face 71

Hopefully, these two managed to trigger their super-parent reflexes and catch both of their little ones before hitting the sand. The look of pure shock on all their faces is everything.

Unexpected Bromance

This shark had no idea when he woke up that morning that he was about to meet his new BFF. At least that’s the vibe that we get from this shark, human high five.

Perfectly Timed Photos Sure to Put a Smile on Your Face 61

Truth be told, the shark probably just happened to curiously swim by while the diver and his photographer companion took advantage of this split-second moment. Still, you can’t blame us for trying to create a shark friendly narrative.

Au Naturale

Nothing like a fresh cup of tea to get the day started right? It seems like this kid not only has a great imagination but an appreciation for nature as well. He takes forced perspective to a whole new level of symbolism.

Perfectly Timed Photos Sure to Put a Smile on Your Face 77

The photo looks to us like it is capturing man’s reliance on nature and how we should always respect these natural sources of life. Ok, ok, so maybe this guy is too young to make such a deep metaphor, but we appreciate it none the less.

I’m Open!

Who says the annual touch football game is a tradition only human families can partake in? Not only that, but it looks like these squirrels have game! The critter on the right came in clutch with his acorn interception.

Perfectly Timed Photos Sure to Put a Smile on Your Face 63

The squirrel on the left is open and ready to run that acorn straight into a victorious touchdown. We aren’t sure who captured these championship moves but we are sure glad they were around to do so.

Current Mood

Sometimes there’s nothing better than spending the day lazing around, basking in the sun. Seems these two had the same idea on this particular day and thankfully for us, they chose to do so back to back.

Perfectly Timed Photos Sure to Put a Smile on Your Face 70

Although the person in the shot might be oblivious to the fact that they are posing for this epic shot, we can’t blame the photographer for taking advantage of the moment. This pug was all for sharing his mood with the camera and we can all relate.

Sweetest Moments

Wow! What a perfect moment of victory captured right when this birthday piñata finally cracked open. The sugary surprise almost looks like it was sent down from the heavens above, as the sunlight beams its rays down on the colorful cluster.

Perfectly Timed Photos Sure to Put a Smile on Your Face 79

All the kids have their game face on as they know that once that candy hits the floor, the race is on to snag as many sweets as they can. We can almost picture this moment happening in slow motion as if in a movie.

Get Your Beak Outta Here!

For this bird brain, sharing is not caring and he has no intention of giving away any of his seeds to his feathery frienemy. Who knew such a sweet, seemingly innocent bird could throw down such kung fu style front kicks.

Perfectly Timed Photos Sure to Put a Smile on Your Face 64

When it comes to protecting his bird feed, this little guy shows no bounds and his hungry guest could not have seen this act of aggression coming. Here’s hoping he finds his lunch elsewhere.

Taste the Rainbow

Skittles might have coined the phrase “taste the rainbow” many years ago but it’s people like this guy that are keeping its relevance alive. When a double rainbow shows up, there’s always someone around who comes up with a creative snap.

Perfectly Timed Photos Sure to Put a Smile on Your Face 73

We’ve seen many attempts at this type of forced perspective shot, but this is one of the best ones yet. Not sure about you, but I would rather see a video of them trying to position this photo perfectly. Something tells us it’s hilarious.

Angry but Aero

This majestic owl was just gliding over the trees with grace, minding his own business when an appreciative nature photographer caught him on camera. Although the photographer was only trying to capture its natural beauty, this owl was just not having it.

Perfectly Timed Photos Sure to Put a Smile on Your Face 80

This owl’s mean mug is understandable. No one appreciates an uninvited candid, no matter how rare your species might be. This photographer better watch himself before the feathery predator decides to retaliate.

In for a Surprise

We are so happy the photographer was on stand by, ready to capture this split-second moment of dog vs. bubble. While it might appear to be just any ball to the poor pup, he is about to get a very soapy surprise.

Perfectly Timed Photos Sure to Put a Smile on Your Face 66

We can’t blame the cute canine. Bubbles are tempting for people too. Children and adults alike are rarely able to see a bubble pass by without chasing it down. That being said, we wouldn’t recommend catching one with your mouth.

Fall is in the Air

They’ve done it again. This is a forced perspective shot that we wish we would have thought about first. Not only did they manage to make the girl in the background look tiny, but she also looks like she’s actually holding on to the leaf with both hands.

Perfectly Timed Photos Sure to Put a Smile on Your Face 81

This photograph just screams fall and it’s making us crave some Thanksgiving turkey and a pumpkin spice latte. We can’t think of a better way to showcase fall colors than with this magical snap.


There are two ways we can see this going. Either the tiger is reciprocating the child’s fascination and only wants to snuggle up, or on the flip side, the tiger could have his mind on far less cuddly matters.

Perfectly Timed Photos Sure to Put a Smile on Your Face 65

Either way, we are thankful for that thick layer of glass between the huge beast and his new friend. Maybe the child understands the tiger’s frustration of being cooped up and just wants to bring some light to its day. All we can do is appreciate the photo as we are left guessing.

What’s the Tea?

Who else used to imagine that clouds were marshmallows we could one day bite into or add to our hot cocoa? Seems like this photographer knows exactly what we are talking about.

Perfectly Timed Photos Sure to Put a Smile on Your Face 78

This optical illusion forces the clouds to perfectly mimic hot steam flowing out of a teacup. With such a beautiful merging of the natural and material world, this photo deserves to be framed and hung up at the closest local coffee shop.

When Corn is Life

This squirrel bit off more than it can chew and we mean that literally. Although seemingly in over his head, we can’t help but be impressed by how much corn he can fit in those adorable little cheeks.

Perfectly Timed Photos Sure to Put a Smile on Your Face 69

Looking innocent as ever, the squirrel shows no sign of stopping as he devours this corn on the cob. Chances are he is collecting some grub for the whole squirrel family. That or he plans on chowing down on that whole cob himself. You do you squirrel!

The Perfect Silhouette

Photography is all about combining skill with luck while finding unlikely moments like this one with the camera settings at the ready. The chameleon perched on its branch wraps it’s tail perfectly around the setting sun.

Perfectly Timed Photos Sure to Put a Smile on Your Face 68

Talk about being in the right place at the right time. The beauty captured in this photo is absolutely mesmerizing. Nature never seems to stop throwing us off guard with its unrefutable beauty.

Beach Day Gone Wild

The beach is full of all kinds of fun activities. You can ride your bike, relax in the sand, practice your tight rope skils, or even play fetch with a giant pup!

Perfectly Timed Photos Sure to Put a Smile on Your Face 67

While we are well aware that this is yet another case of forced perspective, you can’t blame us for wanting to play along. Either way, this photo perfectly captures the commotion of city beach life.

Model Behavior

Nothing is going to sway this man from posing for the camera as he discovers his inner blue steel. Hard as the turquoise waters might try, no wave will break this staredown between model and photographer.

Perfectly Timed Photos Sure to Put a Smile on Your Face 72

Whether or not this is a moment of true professionalism or this random dude is just trying to play it cool before he gets knocked over, you’ve got to appreciate the photograph that was snapped never the less.

Getting Carried Away

We can’t blame this pup for having his tail between his legs in this situation. Although we understand that the intimidating eagle hovering above him is only a drawing on the blanket, it’s still pretty scary none the less.

Perfectly Timed Photos Sure to Put a Smile on Your Face 74

While the scared canine raises his paws in surrender, the onlooking photographer managed to capture the perfect illusion. We hope this pup gets the courage to stand his own before his imagination carries him too far away.

Fight or Flight

Speaking of courage, this collie could also learn a thing or two about standing his ground. This battle between stuffed mouse and adorable doggo makes for a perfect photo.

Perfectly Timed Photos Sure to Put a Smile on Your Face 75

The dog is either pouncing in an offensive attack or this is a leap of fear as the chew toy caught him off guard. Either way, we bet the collie might come out victorious on this one.

After School Activities

What do you think? Is this photo pure coincidence or is this guy about to ace his forced perspective assignment in his AP photography class? One way or another, someone just found his next profile photo.

Perfectly Timed Photos Sure to Put a Smile on Your Face 76

Not sure about you, but this photo has us asking ourselves many more questions. First and foremost, what is this chair doing in the middle of the field? We may never know!

A Royal Perspective

Great Britain’s Prince Charles is caught analyzing one piece of art a little too closely. We imagine the royal highness is expected to keep his eyes up when it comes to situations like these but sometimes the temptation is just too much to resist.

Perfectly Timed Photos 2019 5

Luckily his wife, Camilla finds the humor in her awestruck husband. They probably didn’t realize at the time that a photographer was around to catch the moment.