Photos of Kids Crying for the Most Hilarious Reasons

Are you new to the parenting game, just witnessed one of your friends welcome a new bundle of joy to the world, or work with kids? One way or another, you’ll know how much of a struggle it can be at times to keep a little one happy.

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Whether you’ve witnessed every single one of these, or simply find them amusing, Popular Everything has delved into the world of children’s temper tantrums. You might find yourself having a few laughs at some of the reasons for them.

The Food Lover

How many of you get emotional over food? Quite a lot of you, we bet. One thing that’s even worse than having to wait for ages for your favorite grub to arrive on your plate, is being told you’ve had enough.

Photos of Kids Crying for the Most Hilarious Reasons 9

This girl may be just a toddler, but it could happen to any of us, really. Bacon is life, after all. We hope this young girl enjoyed her crispy strips while they lasted before the traumatic event happened!

The Sibling Rivals

As we grow older, we begin to realize that our siblings are one of our closest friends. The case isn’t quite so adorable when we’re young though. It’s not rare to grow up thinking your brother or sister was the absolute enemy.

Photos of Kids Crying for the Most Hilarious Reasons 7

We’ve all been there at one point in our life! This young girl looks distraught at the prospect of having to share her morning with her older brother. We hope that in a few years, these two can only laugh about this moment!

The Underachiever

Being a kid is the only time you really have an excuse to be lazy. Your parents are always there to pick up the pieces you couldn’t reach yourself, and isn’t this a perfect example of that!

Photos of Kids Crying for the Most Hilarious Reasons 8

The struggle is real! We bet if this little one reached his arms out just a little further, he’d be able to continue playing with every single one of those pennies. While he’s still young though, we guess the tears will suffice. This one’s a job for mom and dad to complete.

The President Hater

When we come face to face with our idols, our inhibitions tend to take over. Some of us are left speechless, while others cannot stop blabbing on about what an honor it is to be in their presence. This one girl showed us a totally new reaction, though.

Photos of Kids Crying for the Most Hilarious Reasons 21

We’re not sure whether this little one disagreed with Barack Obama’s policies, or she just really loved the feel of his expensive rug and couldn’t bear to leave it. Either way, we bet this was one meet-and-greet the president will never forget!

The Extreme Foodie

Sometimes, our hunger can take over our conscience. Going hours, minutes, and even seconds without a snack can lead us to do some pretty crazy things. Proving our obsession with food starts from a young age is this teary toddler.

Photos of Kids Crying for the Most Hilarious Reasons 12

When we’re young, we go to some extreme measures to discover some new delicacies. Not convinced a football would make an appealing treat? This young boy was happily snacking until mom had to end the fun. Warning: do not try this one at home! This kid has a seriously acquired taste.

The Hygiene Neglector

Germs simply were not a concern of ours as a kid. Want to lick something off the floor? Go ahead. Dropped your snack in the sink? No problem. One girl proves to us that the correct skincare rituals are not given a second thought when you’re small.

Photos of Kids Crying for the Most Hilarious Reasons 13

In today’s beauty-conscious day and age, we wouldn’t dream of going to bed without our routinely cleanse, moisturize and exfoliate schedule. For this little one though, a multi-purpose sponge would suffice for the face. Take away her sponge though, and the waterworks begin!

The Fashionista

Being a child is really the only opportunity you get to experiment with styles and trends, without worrying about what the outside world would think of you. Take a look at this progressive statement maker.

Photos of Kids Crying for the Most Hilarious Reasons 18

We’re not sure the underwear-hat would go down a treat in public, but who cares? This girl was so sure she was going to turn heads in her fashion statement, that when mommy said she wasn’t allowed – well, the waterworks came out in full force!

The Sentimental Type

Material objects aren’t such a worry of ours as children – that is until someone tries to take them away from us! While you may assume we’re talking about kid’s toys here, the reality may surprise you.

Photos of Kids Crying for the Most Hilarious Reasons 24

We’re not sure why this toddler’s crying about having to say goodbye to his nappy forever, but if we tried to understand everything a child did we’d be here all day. Let’s just hope he got over the trauma quickly.

The Clumsy Eater

One of the biggest life lessons we have to tackle as children is eating with a knife and fork. While this skill may have come naturally to some of you, other children just can’t help but overcomplicate things.

Photos of Kids Crying for the Most Hilarious Reasons 25

Children do some questionable things, but could this be the most confusing one yet? Someone should probably tell this little girl she’d have a lot less trouble enjoying her scrambled eggs if she ditched the oven gloves. It would save a lot of tears!

The Drama Queen

One of the best things about being a kid is the enjoyment we got from the simplest things in life. We didn’t need millions of dollars worth of entertainment, just something that we could play along with. Proving there’s no exception to that rule is this kid.

Photos of Kids Crying for the Most Hilarious Reasons 2

Kids can form attachments to the weirdest things. Who knew a gas station receipt could hold such strong sentimental value to this girl? Judging by the mother’s face, we’re guessing this isn’t the first tantrum she’s experienced after having a random item taken away from her!

The Halloween Lover

Halloween is easily up there in the list of children’s favorite days of the year. Who wouldn’t love spending an evening getting candy from everyone in their neighborhood? One kid was so exicted, he wanted to kick off the celebrations a little early.

Photos of Kids Crying for the Most Hilarious Reasons 20

Ok, maybe very early. Here’s this little guy throwing a temper tantrum after being refused the rights to celebrate Halloween, seven months in advance. Let’s hope it comes around quick!

The Misunderstood One

Even the simplest of things can start off the waterworks when you’re a child. What can we say? We were clearly in touch with our emotional sides back then. The reason for this tantrum may spark amusement for some of you.

Photos of Kids Crying for the Most Hilarious Reasons 11

We don’t even know where to begin here. It’s a commonly held phrase that children cry over nothing, but this child is literally crying over nothing. We guess they just needed a moment to let it all out (whatever ‘it’ is.)

The Dog Whisperer

The bond between a kid and their childhood pet is like no other. While little ones generally get along with their furry friends, that’s not to say some don’t have their issues.

Photos of Kids Crying for the Most Hilarious Reasons 5

It was 1-0 to the canine in this battle between young child and dog. We hope that when this child grows older, he’ll find a better tactic than switching on the waterworks.

The Eager Eater

We all get a little antsy around meal time, waiting for what can feel like a lifetime for your favorite meal to finish cooking. It turns out that for children, the experience is even more traumatizing.

Photos of Kids Crying for the Most Hilarious Reasons 1

Take a look at this poor kid, he must have been waiting minutes for his chicken nuggets to arrive on his plate! He may be a young child, but it’s fair to say we can all relate to this one.

The Unhappy Sharer

One of the biggest hurdles in life every child must learn at some point is how to share. Whether it’s with siblings, friends, or even parents; this is a tough time for any little one. Proving the struggle is real, is this guy.

Photos of Kids Crying for the Most Hilarious Reasons 15

Trips to the grocery store are hectic enough, having your mom whiz past all your favorite snacks without even giving them a second thought, let alone this! This young boy was heartbroken to learn his trip in the trolley would have to be joined by another.

The Household Snacker

Being a child is all about experimenting with new foods. There’s nothing more exciting that discovering new tastes, with some children going above and beyond on their quest. This kid is a perfect example of that.

Photos of Kids Crying for the Most Hilarious Reasons 3

We’re not sure a doormat would really satisfy this child’s hunger, but creds to being so inventive! This little one may be crying now, but we’re certain in a few years they’ll be thanking the parents for putting a stop to it.

The Food Conossieur

Ice cream is definitely most kid’s snack of choice. Despite this, not all children are always prepared for the ‘ice’ element of this delicious snack. Check out how surprised this young girl was.

Photos of Kids Crying for the Most Hilarious Reasons 10

Who knew birthday cakes made of ice cream would be cold? Not this girl. It would seem that by her reaction, this girl’s birthday was ruined by the realization. Next time, stick to chocolate sponge!

The Overachiever

While parents often marvel at times at how tiny their children are, sometimes this revelation hits the kids themselves just as hard. This young boy certainly overestimated his size.

Photos of Kids Crying for the Most Hilarious Reasons 16

Now, isn’t that sad! Here was this little guy thinking he was going to become the next Pablo Picasso, but his dream of creating a masterpiece was cut short after realizing his hand simply wasn’t big enough to hold all the crayons. Give it a few years!

The Unusual Toy Lover

As we mentioned before, children are easily pleased when it comes to the entertainment industry. Proving that just about anything can be turned into a toy is this kid.

Photos of Kids Crying for the Most Hilarious Reasons 19

This little guy was struck with sadness after being told that he couldn’t allow his tampon to accompany him on his travels. What happened to a good old fashioned toy car?

The Fruit Fearer

As children, the words we all dreaded to hear were “eat your fruits and vegetables.” For one child, the fear of possibly having to be asked such a request got to him more than most.

Photos of Kids Crying for the Most Hilarious Reasons 23

This little boy fears being asked to eat a banana before the words even came out of his mother’s mouth. We hope one day he becomes a little less fussy – bananas are a great source of potassium, after all!

The Beer Belly

One of the first rules all parents must adhere to after giving birth is making sure their home is ‘baby-proofed’ – making sure their little ones can’t get their hands on things they shouldn’t. It would appear some parents even have to be careful of the things they hold!

Photos of Kids Crying for the Most Hilarious Reasons 4

This snapshot takes the term ‘starting them young’ to a whole new level. Although we’re positive no alcohol was given to this baby in the making of this photo, there’s no denying that this kid masters the angry drunk face perfectly!

The Chef Prodigy

Introducing a young child to the world of electrical appliances for the first time can be a tiresome task. Not everyone understands cooking tools instantly, and this kid proves exactly that.

Photos of Kids Crying for the Most Hilarious Reasons 6

Now, this is truly heartbreaking. As if the concept of an oven letting his muffin mixture rise wasn’t mind-blowing enough, the temperature change was a little too much for this child to handle.

The Confused Fan

As we said before, meeting our idols can cause us to react in a variety of strange ways. Have a look at this young boy who clearly was not starstruck to meet one famous face.

Photos of Kids Crying for the Most Hilarious Reasons 17

He may be a successful comedian, but one fan who was not laughing at all upon meeting Bill Murray was this kid – in fact, he’s burst into tears! It’s good to see Murray finding the funny side to it all. Either that, or he’s just as upset that the child was not happy to meet him.

The Shopaholic

What’s a child’s favorite pastime? A trip to the mall! Parents everywhere get ready to open their wallets, as the little ones just have to have everything on the display shelf. If you’re not convinced this is the case, have a look at this picture.

Photos of Kids Crying for the Most Hilarious Reasons 22

This is the face of a child who never realized he needed hundreds of pairs of socks in his life, until this day, and that need became demolished before his very eyes. Parents who take their kids out to the shops are clearly a brave specimen of human!