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Princess Diana, the Fashion Icon: How the Monarch Earned Her Crown in Street Style Royalty

    There are many things people remember Lady Diana Spencer for despite her royal status. Her endless humanitarian duties, the love she held for her two sons, and her determination to stand up for what she believed in are just a few things that made Princess Diana stand out. Recently, photos have emerged of the Princess of Wales which people can’t help but fall at their feet in admiration over.

    So, what do these photos detail? On those casual, off-duty days, this monarch was, in fact, a real fashionista! A lot of the garments Diana rocks in these paparazzi pics you might recognize as trends which have taken the current style industry by storm. Sit back, relax, and let Popular Everything take you through all the images highlighting Lady Di’s trendsetting ways.

    The Biggest Icon for Street Style

    If you know anything about the fashion industry, you’ll know how much street style has risen in importance over the years. Gone are the days of glitzy ball gowns and tall stilettos, we now want to see what people are wearing to do their groceries in! Here’s a prime example of how the stylish monarch was truly ahead of her time. Rock those cycling shorts with pride, Di!

    Sure, this woman knew how to style up an evening getup during one of her many prestigious events, but did you know, the monarch liked to put as much thought and effort into her more off guard looks too? This princess’s passion for fashion has catapulted her into Instagram stardom, with thousands of A-listers looking up to her for regular fashion inspiration.

    The Big Reveal Into Her Personality

    Have you ever heard the saying “you can tell a lot about a person by their shoes?” For a lot of people, clothing can be used as a means of expression. Judging this series of iconic street style looks worn by the Princess of Wales, fans have taken to the world wide web, and placed their bets on what the monarch’s clothing says about her character. Smart or what?

    Other than the obvious fact that this woman is a clear trendsetter, what do the trendy garments reveal about Lady Di as a person? For starters, people are convinced the casual looks reveal Diana’s more daring side, and her desire to remind the population that despite her high and mighty status, she’s still a regular person underneath it all.

    Putting Her Style to a Good Cause

    As a lover of all things humanitarian, it would only follow suit that Lady Di would find a way to give back to the community through her effortless style. What could we possibly mean by this? As soon as the monarch realized her fashion sense was making headlines, she thought of a way to share it with anyone who was interested.

    Start your bids, there’s a Princess’ wardrobe up for grabs! Once Diana was done wearing an item of clothing, she’d enter it into clothing auctions, where all the donations go to charity. Even when she’s selling off her old clothes, she’d still be doing her bit for the less fortunate! We couldn’t commend this woman’s selflessness, and need to help others enough.