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Puppies and Kittens Get a Private Tour of the Georgia Aquarium Now that It’s Emptied of People

As the humans of the world hang tight and wait for the COVID 19 storm to pass, events are postponed or canceled and the doors to attractions remain closed to visitors. The Louvre museum was among the first major attractions to close up, and locations across the world soon followed suit. The Humane Society and the Georgia Aquarium decided to take advantage of the emptiness. And they did something truly amazing.

Puppies and Kittens Get a Private Tour of the Atlanta Aquarium 1
Image: Business Insider

The Humane Society got in touch with the aquarium and suggested that since there are no visitors, it would be a great opportunity to take some baby animals there and let them wander around inside. Everyone decided that it was an amazing idea, and they made it happen. You are about to see the almost-too-cute-to-be-real result!

Some Adorable Pups Enjoy an Exclusive Visit

The first guests from the Humane Society that were brought to the Georgia Aquarium were two cute-as-can-be little puppies, named Odie and Carmel. When they arrived at the aquarium, they were first taken to a long circular hallway (with the aquarium surrounding all sides, including above) called The Ocean Voyager.

Puppies and Kittens Get a Private Tour of the Atlanta Aquarium 2
Image: Business Insider

Next up, they were taken to an area called The Bubble Window, which is basically a platform where you are totally encapsulated in aquarium glass from all sides. Here again, the puppies were just ecstatic! They shivered with excitement as they followed around some fish on the other side of the glass. By the end of the visit, Odie and Carmel were seriously worn out and sleepy. Too cute!

Some Sweet Little Kittens Get the Grand Tour

A week after the stupefyingly cute result they got when they brought in the puppies, the Humane Society and the Georgia Aquarium teamed up for round two. This time, they brought in a few sweet little foster kittens. And as we know, cats and aquarium fish have a ‘special’ relationship.

Puppies and Kittens Get a Private Tour of the Atlanta Aquarium 3
Image: Atlanta Humane Society

Whereas the puppies were bouncing off the walls, the correct word to describe the kittens’ reaction is ‘enthralled.’ Their eyes were wide and their heads swilled and pivoted as they strained to follow the movements of the huge fish swimming all around them on the other side of the glass. We can’t even come close to imagining what that experience must have been like for them!

We send major pats on the back and kudos to the Atlanta Humane Society and to the Georgia Aquarium for making this whole thing happen. As a zookeeper in Detroit noted last week when he took advantage of the emptiness to let a penguin roam around freely, “it’s an incredibly enriching experience.” Letting animals walk around in novel environments has huge psychological benefits for them and huge cuteness benefits for us!