On the fourth Thursday of every November, America celebrates Thanksgiving. We remember this day strictly by its notorious foods. While we wait all year to get our hands on the traditional and unforgettably delicious dishes, we are reminded why we chose to forget so much about the previous Thanksgiving dinner. Thanksgiving is the first time the whole family gets together to sit around a table in 365 days! It is the “ice-breaking” dinner that prepares us for the awkward holiday meals to come.

The mere thought of having everyone together, (including those we’ve strategically avoided), is slightly unbearable. Like a version of The Hunger Games, with a bit of a holiday spin, it’s the first time we battle with ourselves, our family, and our self-control, all at once.  Rather than letting you go into full shock, Popular Everything has decided to prepare you for the hilarious and awkward moments that will unfold this Thursday so that “the odds be ever in your favor.”