How Well Do You Remember Growing Up in the 1970s

The 1970s was a decade of many changes and memorable moments. The hippie culture, which started in the latter half of the 1960s reached its celebrated peak in the 1970s. Throughout this time, exciting genres of music grew and fashion was all the rage. Counter cultures thrived and society had completely evolved, setting the pace for years to come. Here we commemorate and celebrate some of the best moments of our past. Let’s see what you can remember.


Who was the president of the United States at the end of the Vietnam War?
  • Richard Nixon
  • Gerald Ford
  • Lyndon Johnson
  • Jimmy Carter
President Gerald Ford says Vietnam War is over for America on April 23, 1975. President Richard M. Nixon assumed responsibility for the Vietnam War as he swore the oath of office on January 20, 1969. He knew that ending this war honorably was essential to his success in the presidency. The end of the Vietnam War on April 30, 1975, was a much-anticipated and emotionally fraught event for the American public.
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