Have You Been Getting These Lyrics Wrong All This Time?

Admit it; there’s nothing more embarrassing than belting out a tune you think you know the words to, only to find out from everyone around you that you’ve messed up the lyrics entirely. Whether you want to admit it or not, this is sadly a bitter truth for most of us. If you’re still adamant this isn’t the case for you, try out our quiz to discover once and for all whether you are a lyrical mastermind.

Adele’s first ever song about unrequited love pulled all of our heartstrings. But what was she asking about chasing in the chorus?
  • Chasing payments
  • Chasing pavements
  • Chasing penguins
  • Chasing pale mints
In 2008, Adele made her music debut with "Chasing Pavements." Guaranteed everyone was astounded by that incredible voice of hers!
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