Take a Sleigh Ride Through The Holidays With Our Ultimate Christmas Movie Quiz

There’s no doubt that Hollywood has a serious case of the festive bug. Every year, as the movie industry continues to churn out more heartfelt movies, filled with Christmas cheer. With our boundless enthusiasm for Santa, and all things festive, the list of fantasy holiday classics has reached an all-time high. If if you’ve watched Elf too many times to mention, can recite every line from Miracle on 34th Street, or ever had a Home Alone marathon, then you might know your yuletide classics.

So take a sleigh ride with us through the holidays with our ultimate Christmas movie quiz!

In the romantic holiday comedy, Love Actually, what event did Natalie and the Prime Minister David attend together?
  • A New Year's Eve party
  • A school nativity play
  • An Christmas party
  • A themed charity benefit
In the festive comedy, Love Actually, Natalie attended her little brother Sam's unconventional Nativity play. Incidentally, he was dressed as an octopus. Natalie, played by Martine Mccutcheon, was joined at the play by the Prime Minister, David, played by Hugh Grant. They were trying their best to stay low key at the event. That is until the curtains opened and the duo were spotted by the cheering crowd!
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