Rare Photos Taken During the Golden Age of Las Vegas

Hands up if you’ve created a bucket list of places to visit? Many globetrotters have plenty of the same places on theirs. Perhaps it’s Australia that gets you excited for an adventure? Maybe you want to backpack across Asia as you learn to love yourself? Whatever the case, there is a city that has come upon many people’s wishlist time and time again: Las Vegas. This bustling city has been the on everyone’s bucket lists over the years; with the name alone often enough to conjure up images of flashing lights and glitzy shows. But what about before Las Vegas entered the 21st century?

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There might be a good reason that Las Vegas has become known as the ultimate Sin City. The area is filled with gambling, parties, and an atmosphere that seems to last all around the clock. Vegas is tucked away in the Mojave Desert in Nevada, yet it’s grown to be the 28th most populated city across America. So what is it that keeps pulling people back? As well as the strip of nightclubs that brings the area to life, Vegas almost seems as though it can excite many of us and show us a good time before kicking us to the curb. Once you’ve had a taste, you might find yourself wanting to go back time and time again.

Grab It While You Can

It wasn’t until the ‘40s that casinos began to crop up down the famous Vegas Strip. In fact, it was the El Rancho Vegas that first opened its doors in ‘41 and paved the way for many casinos to come. Of course, there was still plenty of land up for grabs to anyone that was willing to take a risk and buy into the area.

Image: TIME Magazine

All they needed was $3 million, and they could do what they liked with their space. Of course, many investors jumped on the casino bandwagon as they wanted to get their feet under the table – and some money in their pockets.

Ready to Relax

The El Rancho Vegas was the first casino, and soon became one of the most popular hotels on the Strip as visitors gathered from far and wide to take in the new city. This snap was taken in 1942, just one year after the building first opened.

Image: Ice Pop

Although the world was still at war, these vacation-goers were ready to put all the conflict behind them and focus on the new city that was coming to life before their very eyes. This was long before the days of packed pools filled with partiers who are all looking for the best social media update; these women were all looking to relax.

Lasting a Lifetime

Of course, if there is one thing that has kept people in Vegas entertained over the years, it’s the incredible performances that have seen entertainers from all around the world gather to show off their impressive skills.

Image: Ninja Journalist

The Bluebell Girls were once the featured act at the Stardust Hotel where they would wow people with their incredible shows. The performers traveled from Paris, and would often use stages suspended above the audience as they transported everyone in the room to another world. This picture was taken in 1958, but the cabaret group kept thousands of people mesmerized for years. In fact, the group trained 14,000 dancers over their sixty-year reign.

The Heart of It All

Fremont Street has grown to become one of the most famous streets in the world. As well as being at the heart of Vegas, this area is now home to the largest video screen on the planet that measures at a whopping 90-foot wide and 1,500-foot long. Everything’s bigger in Vegas, right?

Image: Slot Spinners

It seems as though Fremont Street has always been at the heart of the entertainment industry thanks to the neon signs that dominated the area in 1952. However, this photo of Las Vegas shows how the now-jammed street was once a tad bit less busy than it is today.

The Greatest

Why try and snap a photo of one famous face when you could get two? This person was lucky enough to get close to none other than Audrey Hepburn as she hung out with this mega-star.

Image: Pinterest

The actress and model are joined by her husband, Mel Ferrer, on the right, while Frank Sinatra and Hollywood restaurateur, Mike Romanoff, stand over the pair. The group all got together in 1956, and it looks as though they’re enjoying the atmosphere of the city before wowing audiences with their talents. Vegas certainly has been the home to many stars over the years, and their legacy continues to live on.

Never Have to Leave

It seems as though gambling never stops in Vegas as the casinos are pumped with oxygen to keep people awake – and spending money. However, they really did never have to think about putting the chips away back in the day.

Image: Daily Mail

Some Las Vegas hotels had some outdoor gambling tables that meant their guests could just keep going and going. That’s right; their swimming pools had specially designed gambling tables with poolside bars, so the fun never had to end. Just better hope you didn’t drop your chips in the deep end or you could be taking a dive!

Taking a Gamble

The man in the center of this picture is none other than Jake Freedman – the casino owner who was about to lose a pretty hefty chunk of money. Jake was the owner of the Sands Club but wanted to check out life at the Dunes so that he could keep on top of the competition.

Image: Esquire

There was only one way to see what they had on offer: by pulling up a stool and spending some money. Jake decided to take a massive gamble in 1955 but ended up walking away with a $10,000 loss as a result. That’s about $92,000 in today’s money – a huge loss for most people. Hopefully, it was worth the risk!

The Early Days

Amazingly, the Flamingo Las Vegas is the oldest hotel and casino still in operation on the Vegas Strip after it first welcomed guests in 1946. However, it wasn’t until the beginning of the ‘50s that the hotel began to build up and up with the addition of their water tower and now-famous sign.

Image: Universal Images Group / Alamy

The casino earned its name thanks to the flamboyance of flamingos that reside in the hotel alongside a collection of other birds. As if that wasn’t enough, some guests could even be spotted taking in the new additions from the grass opposite the building. This was only the beginning of this grand hotel.

Some Final Adjustments Before the Show

Many of the shows have grown and escalated over the years. The performances have got more over the top, and the outfits have got more outrageous. However, this Bluebell Girl looks determined to keep her outfit fitting with the original Las Vegas theme thanks to the huge feather headdress teamed with the glitzy bodysuit.

Image: Pinterest

This dancer is making some adjustments to her outfit before her ‘58 show, as in mere minutes she would be performing to hundreds of people alongside her team of fellow dancers. Thankfully, it seems as though the Bluebells only chose the best of the professionals over the years to represent their name.

Looking the Part

Las Vegas wasn’t always about pop singers like Britney and Gaga. In fact, the city was once dominated by the likes of Frank Sinatra and the rest of the Rat Pack as they helped to build Vegas’ reputation from the ground up.

Image: Warner Bros.

They needed to make sure that it was the place to be if they wanted to succeed. Here we see a rare behind the scenes photo of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Peter Lawford on the set of Ocean’s 11 in the 1960s. These iconic stars were often seen enjoying the good life of Vegas nightlife, and who could blame them? After all, Vegas was already beginning to earn its nickname of “Sin City.”

Back in the Beginning

Amazingly, the Las Vegas Club opened its doors back in 1930 with the first neon sign to be fitted onto a hotel gambling establishment appearing just one year later, as well as featuring the second neon sign in Vegas.

Image: Hemmings Daily

It seemed as though this club was about to become one of the biggest across the city as people from far and wide flocked to the latest addition to Fremont Street. The Las Vegas Club eventually moved across the street where the showed off the tallest sign in the city until it sadly closed its doors in 2015. Thankfully, there are still snaps that show off the incredible building back in the early days.

The Rat Pack Comes to Town

Simply put, the Rat Pack was a group of extremely talented, and extremely famous fellas that jammed out together. Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Dean Martin, Peter Lawford, and Joey Bishop rocked the stage with their jazzy fizzles.

Image: Sun File Photo

With names like these gather together, it only made sense for them to be invited for a Vegas Show booking. There they stood in front of the Sands hotel, right where their names were listed as the performing act. These big shots ran the town. Anyone who went to Vegas knew that there was a darn good chance they’d run into these stars.

A Night at El Rancho Before It Burned Down

Here people gamble at the famous El Rancho hotel in Vegas. It was known to have an oasis type atmosphere and a large swimming pool. Within this heavenly resort were smoky and dusty gambling halls where people got down to business and tried their luck.

Image: Mashable

People flocked to El Rancho to get a feel of what it was like to relax and have a good time in Vegas. Unfortunately, the legendary joint burned down in 1960. Now and forevermore, this hotel will remain a memory of good times.

The Era of the Showgirl

Back then, woman aspired to make a career out of being a Vegas showgirl. It was the beginning of an era where women were starting to game their freedom and expression. Vegas was the opening door to such big changes in America.

Image: Private Collection

Today, women still need to work extremely hard to get a spot on one of these shows, but we don’t make a big deal out of it because it’s already something we accept. Men and women both enjoyed watching these long-legged ladies dance in perfect synchrony. The music was blasting, and the city was hustling and bustling.

Kim Smith Trying Her Luck

Of course, slot machines have always been a significant part of the city, and the 1950s were no exception. In fact, some slot machines only exist in Vegas, such as the classic machines, oversized slot machines, and even a zip line machine.

Image: Two Red Dots

Kim Smith was working as a showgirl in Vegas, but that didn’t stop her from enjoying a turn or two on the slots during her break. Thankfully, it looks as though she is having fun judging by the huge smile on her face. While there was still plenty to come from the gambling floor, this certainly was a brilliant place to start for this casino.

Creating History

The Hotel Apache was once a huge part of the Las Vegas skyline when the building first hit the city in 1932. While the majority of the country was still feeling the effects of the Great Depression, this area was about to create a unique experience on the Strip for all their visitors.

Image: Red Book Mag

The hotel featured huge stained-glass windows, but that wasn’t all. The Hotel Apache was also the first hotel in the city to have an elevator. While the building still stands, it has since been replaced by the Binion’s Hotel that closed its doors for the final time in 2009.

Preparing for Greatness

Elvis Presley became the king of so many things throughout his career – including his legendary shows that kept thousands of people entertained over the years. While many of us have seen photos of Elvis rocking out on stage, we now get to take a glimpse at a moment in time when he was preparing for one of his performances.

Image: The Blast

That’s right; someone snapped the star warming up with the rest of his band. It was back in July 1970 when the King of Rock and Roll was about to start his five-year-long stint with the Las Vegas International Hotel, and just seven years before he passed away. Long live the king.

All Glitz and Glam

The ‘50s was the time when Vegas really started to come to life as people from all around the world came to the city to see the latest glamorous shows on offer. Just two years into the decade, casinos such as the Sands and the Sahara welcomed some of the biggest names of the time, including Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., and Frank Sinatra.

Image: Reddit

Their shows were packed full of incredible sights that were often accompanied by glitzy dancers who helped to keep the audience entertained. These shows helped to build some of the most significant careers of the era while also putting Vegas on the map.

Creating the Greatest

There was once a time when The Tropicana Hotel was nothing more than a billboard – and here it is. The sign was first placed in 1955 as the construction workers were busy laying the foundations for something that would go on to become one of the most famous hotels in the city.

Image: Livestly

The Tropicana Hotel eventually opened its doors in ‘57, and the sign states there were just 300 rooms on offer. Now? There are more than 1,400 luxury suites as the building has grown up and up ever since. Ben Jaffe, the creator of the hotel, wanted to make the best in Vegas – and it seems as though he outdid himself with this creation.

The Performance of a Lifetime

The Sands Hotel was at the heart of many great Vegas stories over the years, and the Copa Room nightclub in the hotel was a great place to start. The room was the home of The Copa Girls – a group of showgirls who could help bring any performance to life.

Image: University of Nevada, Las Vegas Libraries

Here they are in 1963 as they surround Frank Sinatra during one of his many performances in the hotel. The musician has already been performing in the city for the last decade, and this was one of his many nighty performances surrounded by nothing less than the greats.

Copa Girls in the Copa Room

The Copa Girls soon became one of the most defining acts of the city thanks to their incredible routines. They could draw hundreds of people into The Copa Room, which was designed to fit 400 guests, all ready and waiting to see the show.

Image: University of Nevada, Las Vegas Libraries

The entire room was designed to replicate the Copacabana theme meaning it was filled with color and lights. As well as getting a chance to witness the showgirls do their thing, guests and The Sands Hotel could also watch many of the greatest singers of the time and witness just about every kind of entertainment possible. It was the ultimate Las Vegas experience.

A Trio of Surprises

These women started out their lives as Hungarian actresses, but it wasn’t long before Zsa Zsa, Magda, and Eva Gabor became some of the biggest socialites on the scene. What better place to call ‘home’ than Vegas? The three were on one of their many nights out to the Last Frontier Hotel back in ‘55 when they were spotted by a snapping fan.

Image: Notably

Between the three of them, there were 20 marriages in total, but that didn’t stop many people from trying to get close to the incredible stars of the time. The Gabor Sisters’ fame meant they were often seen hanging with some of the biggest names in the city.

When Two Become One

Nowadays, Fremont Street is one of the best places to people watch. It’s the street where everyone from all walks of life come together to showcase their skills. However, it was in 1966 that someone was lucky enough to spot none other than Brigitte Bardot and her husband Gunther Sachs Von Opel as they walked hand in hand.

Image: Who’s Dated Who

The couple had flown to Vegas for a whirlwind marriage that surprised the world. Brigitte was at the peak of her incredible acting career, and it seems as though she wanted nothing more than a memorable ceremony to declare her love. Now, they could enjoy their new marriage underneath the flashing lights of the city.

A Day of Relaxing in the ’20s

Although Vegas didn’t become the hustling bustling city that we know and love today until the mid-20th century, the area started to grow as early as the 1920s. In fact, the Ladd’s Resort was one of the first resorts to open back in that decade.

Image: Pinterest

Vacationers could travel to the area in search of some peace from the rest of the world. Nothing could stop these six young women from heading out for a day at the pool. Thankfully, this would have provided all the comfort that anyone could need. As well as almost having the place to themselves, guests at the Ladd Resort also got the wonders of a live orchestra to make things as relaxing as possible.

Taking It All In

While Noël Coward was initially born in England, it wasn’t long before his work saw him traveling all around the world. Noël was a famous playwright who spent his childhood years acting on stage before taking his skills behind the scenes.

Image: Alamy

His plays were usually flamboyant masterpieces meaning he was the perfect fit for the growing Las Vegas scene. Guests at the Wilbur Clark’s Desert Inn were the lucky ones who often got to see his work come to life on the stage. Noël couldn’t help but pose with his name in flashing lights in ‘55. His cabaret shows went on to become some of the most impressive in the city.

Evel Knievel’s Leap of Faith

Vegas has helped to boost many careers over the years – including Evel Knievel’s. The stuntman and Daredevil were always looking for the next best way to leave fans speechless, and would often do anything that most others thought was impossible.

Image: Private Collection

The fountains at Caesars Palace are now some of the most famous water features in the world. This was the perfect place for Evel to make his name. Although the daredevil was determined to make the 141-foot leap across the fountains, he never made it to the other side. The crash left him in a coma for four weeks, but also saw his name go down in history.

The Famous Vegas Vic

Many signs have come and gone from Vegas over the years, but there are none that have become as famous as Vegas Vic. The neon cowboy is now one of the most seen figures from the city thanks to his many appearances in movies and TV programs over the years.

Image: Private Collection

Vic first took to the skyline back in 1951 as the mascot for the Pioneer Club. The casino ran for many years until it finally closed down in 1995, but Vic doesn’t look set to budge. In fact, the sign was restored just three years later and looks set to remain a part of the history forever.

Written in the Stars

One of the many things that come to mind when thinking about Vegas is the whirlwind marriages that take place all across the city. However, not everyone that ties the knot in Las Vegas is after a spontaneous wedding; some are built to last through thick and thin.

Images: Bettmann / Corbis

Actors Joanne Woodward and Paul Newman were two of the lucky ones who used the city as the backdrop for their big day back in 1958. The couple was married for a whopping five decades until Paul tragically passed away in 2008. It seems as though Las Vegas can be the start of many happy beginnings after all.

Viva Las Vegas

Elvis was not only the King of Rock and Roll, but he was also one of the most sought-after faces in Vegas. The musician wanted up to play at the Las Vegas International Hotel for four weeks back in August 1969 and was set to earn $500,000 for his work.

Image: Elvis Info Net

That was until the hotel realized his potential and booked Elvis for the next five years. Now, the musician was set to earn a staggering $1 million a year – around $6.5 million in today’s money. It seemed as though the offer was just too good to pass up.

A Home of the Brave

Las Vegas has been known to host some of the most iconic events over the years. One of the most notorious fighters of all time, Muhammad Ali generated huge headlines during the year 1965. The heavyweight champion was set to fight Floyd Patterson for the first time in none other than Sin City.

Image: Sports Illustrated

Within this battle for the heavyweight crown, Patterson insisted on calling Ali by his original name “Cassius Clay.” In a twist of events, this only riled up his opponent more, resulting in Muhammad Ali to be victorious in the fight.

Tying The Knot

We’ve learned all about Elvis Presley and his strong connection to Las Vegas over the years. Looking at this iconic photo though, who would’ve guessed he felt this strongly about the place?

Image: Michael Ochs Archives

After asking the love of his life for her hand in marriage, Elvis thought what better place to tie the knot with Priscilla than at the Aladdin Hotel in none other than Las Vegas. Happening just a year after they got engaged, the couple was eager to get the celebrations underway. Today, the occasion is still recognized as one of the most iconic ceremonies of all time.

A Casino to Remember

Sure, Las Vegas is renowned for its multitude of brightly lit casinos luring in tourists daily. The title for most iconic Las Vegas casino of all though would have to go to The California Club. People everywhere remember the famous bear logo which developed over the years.

Image: Classic Casino Chips

What makes this casino so unique? It was the longest-running gambling house, standing from 1951-1970. Not only this, but it generated the most success too. Over the years, the various owners of the long-standing casino have gone down in history as some of the most successful business founders.

The Showgirl Who Stood Out From the Rest

Showgirl Linda Lawson had heads turning in Las Vegas for one particular reason. In light of the recent events regarding nuclear testing in the mid-twentieth century, pop culture’s latest trend involved using showgirls as atomic pin-up girls.

Images: Loomis Dean

In May of 1955, Lawson became one of these atomic pin-ups and today remains a legacy. She was crowned “Miss-Cue” by military personnel, after her failure to arrive on time to the shoot at the Nevada Test Site, due to high winds. Here she is posing at the iconic Sands hotel.

A Time of Great Change

Many people would agree that during 1955, Las Vegas was under a great deal of transformation. With over 44,000 living in the Las Vegas valley and over 8 million tourists visiting every year, it was becoming quite the attraction as it began raking in the money.

Images: Nat Farbman + Loomis Dean

It was during this time that institutional lending allowed some huge developments to take place. Various iconic hotels and casinos were built, while world-renowned music artists started performing at popular Las Vegas venues. If it wasn’t for the advancements that happened at this time, Las Vegas might not be as famous as it is today.

The Most Famous Street in Nevada

Taking a look at Fremont Street in the 1950s, it becomes evident to us just how much of an impact funding has had on this location. Even in the middle of the day, tourists can be found wandering the street looking for a good time.

Image: Walter Reed

Featuring in this snapshot of downtown Las Vegas is the famous The Mint hotel. This particular hotel became renowned for opening its doors to famous journalist Hunter S. Thompson and attorney Oscar Acosta, on their first night in Sin City.

A Real Game-Changer

Looking at the Sixties now, and Las Vegas has made quite the name for itself. Its journey from a small desert community into one of the liveliest cities of all time is quite remarkable. At this point, it was more than just a site full of casinos too.

Image: Major Pepperidge

Lounge acts, comedians and musical reviews were just some activities you could find yourself enjoying, as recent funding made it possible for this place to attract a wide variety of visitors. It was common for friends to meet up for a night on the town, walking through the neon lights at the famous Strip.

Playground for the Rich and Famous

Over the years, Las Vegas became a booming success and remains one today. It, therefore, may not come as such a surprise to see these legendary Hollywood stars snapped together in the area.

Image: Associated Press

It may not seem like it today, but back in the mid-twentieth century some of these characters were involved in Hollywood’s biggest ever love scandal. Elizabeth Taylor, Eddie Fisher, and Debbie Reynolds were some of the most sought-after celebrities, and here they were in Las Vegas. Fisher himself was involved in several business pursuits in the tourist attraction.

A Vintage Beauty

Today, we know Las Vegas best for its bright, opulent lights leading you in the direction of some of the most famous nightlife sites, such as the Mirage and the Venetian. Back when it was just finding a name for itself though, things looked a little different.

Image: David Wills

It would seem vintage Las Vegas holds a place in everyone’s hearts. Gangsters ruled the streets and showgirls were styled head-to-toe in feathers and frills.

More and More Stars Visited Las Vegas

Classic Hollywood actress, Janet Leigh was another one of the famous stars who was pictured at the iconic Nevada landmark. In 1953, the star was caught posing on top of one of the signs at the iconic Flamingo hotel.

Image: David Wills

Retro Las Vegas was a glamorous place to be, and this photo proves that point. Anyone who was anyone was desperate to get photographed at one of these cool spots, to make an even bigger name for themselves. The “Psycho” star highlights the beauty of Las Vegas’ golden years.

You Can Visit This Extravagant Casino Today

When the Stardust hotel and casino first opened its doors back in 1958, it was known as the biggest casino resort in the whole of Las Vegas. Today, it celebrates just over 60 years of bringing in thousands of eager tourists.

Image: Charles Phoenix Collection

The idea of Stardust belonged to “the Admiral” Tony Cornero. The southern Californian entrepreneur wowed visitors with its 1,000 guest rooms and 140-foot bar. Today, Stardust has expanded into something considerably larger.

A Comedic Vegas Legacy

Those who were regular Vegas visitors back in the mid-twentieth century will be very familiar with Don Rickles. Supported by the likes of Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, Rickles was known by many as the godfather of insult comedy. Today, his lives on to continue his legacy.

Image: Las Vegas News Bureau

Starting his performances in Strip venues in 1959, Rickles was making crowds laugh instantly and has continued making a name for himself today, at age 86. His most recent performance was held at the Orleans. Keep doing you, Rickles!

The Original Home

Sure, people think of Las Vegas today, and they envisage the classic Fremont Street and the modern hotel-casinos scattered across the place. Back in the mid-twentieth century though, the original Old Strip was all the rage.

Image: Public Domain Archival Image

Take a look at this traditional snap from the 50s-60s era. Would you believe, looking at it today, this was the playground for the likes of Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr.? If you want to relive these iconic memorabilia today, head down to Downtown Las Vegas.

A Whole New Look

Looking at the image above, and we begin to learn how much of an influence the Wild West-style had on the Old Strip. This didn’t last for too long however, as the rise of Googie-inspired aesthetic took the resort by storm.

Image: Private Collection

Taking a look now at this postcard from the late 1960s period, we begin to see a significant change in the way things were presented. The new hotels brought a whole new sense of ‘Googie’ tropes into the street.

The Start of Something Great

Today, people recognize Caesar’s Palace as one of the most notable luxury hotel-casinos in the whole of Las Vegas. Back in 1966, it was opened with a big dream: to be the first themed resort in the strip.

Image: Las Vegas News Bureau

After the idea came into fruition by project manager Jerry Wald, hotel president Nate Jacobson, and founder Jay Sarno, the successes started flowing. The renowned site has now been running for just over fifty years. In that time, it has hosted some of the biggest celebrity names including Muhammad Ali and Barack Obama. Talk about a big hit!

On Set in Sin City

We’ve previously mentioned the connection musical legend Elvis Presley had with Las Vegas. Here’s a little more trivia for you, because you can never hear enough Elvis facts! Let’s take you on tour back to the summer of 1963, during the filming of “Viva Las Vegas” with Ann-Margaret.

Image: Viva Las Vegas (1963)

While the two were on set, they formed a unique bond which even caused this woman to be one of the leading ladies in the star’s life and more importantly, his career. They hit it off immediately, with Margaret even admitting to feeling “so calm about meeting the King.” This was one of the sweetest professional relationships we’ve ever heard about.

The Home of Activism

If we were to study Las Vegas during the mid-twentieth century, you’re likely to find a direct link to the Civil Rights era. Why is this? One crucial meeting was held in this exact holiday resort as if it couldn’t be any more iconic if it tried!

Image: lasvegasblackimage.com

In 1963, activist Bob Bailey was photographed holding a meeting on civil rights right in the middle of Sin City. His dream was to make equal rights in Las Vegas happen for African Americans. Just think, an African American wouldn’t be granted freedom in this entertainment capital if it wasn’t for this very moment.

A Place for Quick Ceremonies

Nowadays, we know Las Vegas as the most renowned center for spontaneous celebrity weddings. But where did it all begin? That would be way back in 1951, with the smart invention of A Little White Wedding Chapel.

Image: alittlewhitechapel.com

Over its duration, this “drive-thru tunnel of vows” held over 800,000 weddings – that’s a lot of ‘I do’s.’ What makes this place so special is the celebrities which jumped on board with it. That’s right, in 1966 Frank Sinatra and Mia Farrow tied the knot in this exact location. What an iconic place to begin your union.

Another Vegas Marriage Ticked off the List

It would seem tying the knot in Sin City was the trend for big names in the mid-twentieth century. Just a year before Frank Sinatra’s big day, American actress Judy Garland took a trip to A Little White Wedding Chapel with her partner, Mark Herron.

Image: Private Collection

Despite this short-lived marriage coming to an end just a few years later, the couple looked absolutely head-over-heels for one another in their quick, drive-thru like ceremony. It stands as one of the biggest celebrity marriages to be recorded in this resort.

Early Las Vegas: A Foodie’s Dream

With the demand for casino industries on the up, came a sudden improvement in the quality of dining in Las Vegas. For the first time ever, customers were thrilled to witness the opening of high-end restaurants in this adult playground.

Image: Loomis Dean

With more success comes more money, and more money means better food! The uproar in visitors meant this holiday resort could open its doors to a variety of different cuisines: seafood, Chinese and even Polynesian. In today’s day and age, it’s not uncommon to go on holiday and be met by a variety of different food types. Back in the twentieth century though, this was a hugely exciting advance.

Room for One More?

There have been some crazy characters on the casino floor over the years, and Tanya the elephant was no exception. The animal performer was a regular in the show at the Dunes. However, this elephant had a pretty unique way to relax during her breaks.

Image: Time & Life Pictures

The animal handlers would often take Tanya out into the lobby so that guests could gamble alongside a real-life elephant. It was back in 1966 that someone captured Tanya at one of her regular tables doing what she did best. Although it certainly created a personalized experience, they have since put a stop to exotic animals on the gambling floor.

Shifting Names

Over time, Las Vegas has become one of the hottest vacation resorts which have just grown and grown in popularity. With its new-found fame, certain features have come and gone. That’s precisely what happened with The Treasury.

Image: Vintage Las Vegas

Situated right on Tropicana Avenue, this hotel-casino has gone through its fair share of different ownership. In its 40 years of running, the gambling site has been known as Howard Johnson Hotel, Paradise, Pacifica Polynesian, and even Hotel San Remo. If you ask us, The Treasury sounds like the best fit.