Rare Photos Taken During the Golden Age of Las Vegas

    Hands up if you’ve created a bucket list of places to visit? Many globetrotters have plenty of the same places on theirs. Perhaps it’s Australia that gets you excited for an adventure? Maybe you want to backpack across Asia as you learn to love yourself? Whatever the case, there is a city that has come upon many people’s wishlist time and time again: Las Vegas. This bustling city has been the on everyone’s bucket lists over the years; with the name alone often enough to conjure up images of flashing lights and glitzy shows. But what about before Las Vegas entered the 21st century?

    Image: Telegraph

    There might be a good reason that Las Vegas has become known as the ultimate Sin City. The area is filled with gambling, parties, and an atmosphere that seems to last all around the clock. Vegas is tucked away in the Mojave Desert in Nevada, yet it’s grown to be the 28th most populated city across America. So what is it that keeps pulling people back? As well as the strip of nightclubs that brings the area to life, Vegas almost seems as though it can excite many of us and show us a good time before kicking us to the curb. Once you’ve had a taste, you might find yourself wanting to go back time and time again.