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Restaurants Around the World Are Coming up With Creative Solutions to Remain Open During This Pandemic

With so much of our everyday lives changing lately, it’s comforting to see that some food places are going the extra mile to stay open and safe. It’s hardly essential to eat out, but it’s a feel-good luxury that isn’t going down without a fight. Take a look at our pick of the food service’s best solutions.

creative solution restaurants are using to give their customers a safe experience2
Image: National Post

Above, people have found a way to keep date night alive. Mediamatic ETEN is the Amsterdam-based restaurant that offering customers an alternative way to dine “al fresco.” You can book dinner for two in one of their miniture greenhouses, where you can enjoy a four-course meal all-the-while keeping your distance from strangers. Even the waiting staff don’t come in!

It’s proved wildly successful for the business since the global pandemic. And they only made the decision to start offering meals in their greenhouses back in March. They’re providing a safe way for people to get out of the house and retain some of life’s simple pleasures.

Redefining Meals on Wheels

One cafe in Thailand is redefining what it means to have meals on wheels. In a bid to keep people two meters distant from their staff, Art of Coffee discovered an ingenious way to keep business open as usual with the use of some rope, boxes with wheels, and a slight table rearrangement. The cafe servers need only roll customers their drink orders, and pull the tray back towards them.

creative solution restaurants are using to give their customers a safe experience1
Image: Reuters

In a bustling city like Bangkok, extra measures need to be taken to discourage the spread of the virus. Art of Coffee’s shop owner explained: “I took this idea from social distancing in China. We heard that it works in curbing the outbreak of the disease and preventing new infections.” They’re also encouraging customers to pay electronically only to further limit contact.

Don’t Bear a Grudge

It’s not their fault that people aren’t keeping the recommended one-meter distance from each other! Cafe’s in Paris have come up with a bizarre and entertaining way to ensure that people stay in their lane – by using giant teddy bears to prevent over-crowding. And its proving quite successful – people are sitting in available seats between the fluffy stuffed teddy’s.

creative solution restaurants are using to give their customers a safe experience4
Image: Insider

In fact, it’s not the only strange solution that’s been spotted in the city of love. A bar in Paris took to suspending bizarre cone-shaped shields made of transparent plastic from their ceiling to envelope eat-in customers. The result – a lot of steam fogging up the screens. While it may not be perfect, it’s still another imaginative way that the foodservice industry is protecting people as we patiently wait out this period.