It happens all the time. Fashion trends are the hottest thing one moment and completely irrelevant the next. People go crazy for what’s hot now, but as time passes, one can look back at their photos from the year 2000 and say “what was I thinking?” Sometimes when the hype dies down, a fashion trend can seem so ridiculous that no one would expect it to make a comeback in a million years- and then it does!

The phenomenon is occurring this very year. In the 80’s and early 90’s woman were sporting the “mom-jean,” which are typically high waisted and a tad baggy. The jeans are notoriously unflattering. They may emphasize a tiny waisted, but they do absolutely nothing for the behind! This jean cut has been buried and purposely forgotten, but today, people are regretting they ever threw out those blue thangs.

Celebrity models such as Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and Emily Ratajkowski have recently been spotted rocking the mom-jean. The twist to this fashion trend’s come-back is that these pants are coming back in a different light. Before, they were practical and comfortable, and now they’re just hot. Trendsetters are pairing these jeans with cropped t-shirts and sweaters. With the legs being covered up and toned abs being flaunted, mom-jeans have become the perfect mix of modest and sexy. The way they’re being worn today is making people pray their moms don’t own a pair. While these jeans have taken on a more risque angle, you can also see them worn in a classier yet stylish way. People are taking mom jeans back to their cozy origins by wearing them with oversized sweaters and a pair of Allstars. Taking it one notch up from cozy and a notch down from sexy, you can find these vintage cuts being worn with a tucked-in button down, a flashy belt, and a skinny heel. So, if you’re one of those who threw out your mom jeans or you’re just too young have ever owned a pair, now is the time to buy them because they’re fabulously fit for any occasion.