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From Custody to Baby Showers: The Royal Rules Meghan Must Follow With a Baby on The Way

This royal pregnancy rule book made us thankful that we’re just ordinary people! The world is excited & getting ready for the baby on the way! Meghan has been handed a rule book and she has lots of studying to do!

People on all four corners of the earth are ecstatic about there being a new royal on the way! Meghan and Harry are expecting. While most mothers look forward to nine months of maternal bonding and reading loads of interesting books about babies, the royal Family has other plans for Meghan.

A Gender Reveal is Ruled Out!

Gender reveal parties are the thing to do these days. If you’re not having a baby or a gender-reveal, you sure as heck are watching the hilarious videos of kids finding out if they’re having a sister or a brother. The royal family is as private as they possibly can be.

The fact that they even revealed Megan’s pregnancy is a big deal. The royals never announced their baby’s gender in the past, so we’re pretty sure this pregnancy is not any different. Some sources claim that the royals are not even allowed to find out what they’re having before giving birth. We’re not sure how true that is, but we would not be surprised if it were true.

Baby Showers Are Out of the Question

We all dream of a fabulous baby shower surrounded by our best friends and a heap of gifts. However, it’s the gifts that the royals are not into. The royal family might be strict, but they’re also super humble.

Meghan and all the other pregnant royals do not need to be showered with gifts. These wealthy women have the means to buy everything they need.  For this reason, the royals find a baby shower to be highly inappropriate

Rules For Baby Names

Lately, we see people naming their babies with nouns like apple, or star. Although some people find it to be a little strange, it’s really catching on these days. However, even if Meghan wanted to name her baby something creative, it’s not an option for her.

The royals stick to well-known names and hardly deviate into modern trends. This rule can be broken depending on how far down the line of royalty a baby is. While there’s a minimal chance that Meghan’s children will take the throne, the Queen might not mind if Harry and Meghan decide on a modern name for their baby. After all, Harry is sixth in line to the throne.

Royals Announce Pregnancy Only After 12 Weeks

The media suspected that the 37-year-old was carrying a child for a while, and they were not wrong. Many fans said it was obvious that she was pregnant, and wondered why there was no royal comment on the matter. The reason for their silence is that Royals do not announce pregnancies prior to 12 weeks.

The royals try to keep pregnancies on the down-low for as long as possible so that the expecting royal family member can have as much privacy as possible while crucial tests are run on the new baby.

A Pregnant Royal Has Travel Limitations

When the royals are pregnant, they’re highly discouraged from leaving the country. However, they are expected to keep up their usual engagements.

Meghan will attend meetings and all events with her soon-to-be big belly. The reason travel is not recommended has to do with the fact that all their doctors, midwives, and other pregnancy arrangements are located in England. The fact of the matter is that Meghan is carrying royalty, so it’s better that she not take any risks.

The Queen Will Be the First to Know

When Meghan and Harry have their baby, the first person who needs to know is the Queen.

Like most women, we reach for the phone to call our parents when something big happens. Meghan will have to fight this urge. When Prince George was born, Prince William called the Queen to deliver the news of a successful birth himself.

Meghan Will Strike a Pose Hours After Labor

The royals have a tradition of posing for the press only hours after giving birth. This is one of the more stressful rules. Imagine giving birth and then immediately jumping into hair and makeup, then standing in front of a screaming crowd and flashing lights. Underneath all of the grooming, we know these royals must look and feel exhausted.

Although this is the last thing a new parent wants to do its actually a safety measure. The press will do what they can to get a picture of the new baby whether or not they’re allowed. If they were not given the opportunity to take the picture, then they might do something dangerous to get a shot.

Keira Knightly Bashed Princess Kate For the Previous Rule

Kira Knightly Is against this royal rule. The actress publicly criticized the princess for looking too good after she gave birth. She claims it takes a detrimental toll on societies expectation of women.

Keira was in disbelief that Kate stood in front of cameras with her hair and makeup done only 7 hours after giving birth. She fears this creates an unrealistic expectation for a new mother to look this good after giving birth.

Meghan Went Back on Her Rule

For starters, the royal family hardly lets us in on their secrets. Meghan told reporters that she would not be announcing any pregnancies at least until they finished a year of marriage.

The couple has been married for less than a year, and we’re already looking at a baby bump! It looks like the royal couple is so in love that they just could not wait to start a family.

Here’s Why Harry and Meghan’s Kids Won’t Be a Prince or Princess

When a royal child is born, they’re traditionally given royal titles. For example, Princess Charlotte and Prince George are both referred to as His and Her Royal Highness.

When it comes to Duke’s and Duchess, their children are not given this title. This is because they are too far down the line to the throne to get a title. Meghan’s baby will be the seventh in line to the throne, so the odds that he or she will rule are slim to none.

Meghan is Allowed to Give Birth in a Regular Hospital

With all these rules, some people expected Meghan to give birth in a top secret room somewhere in London. The royals prefer their privacy, but health comes before privacy on their list of priorities.

If the pregnancy took a turn for the worst, Meghan would get the best possible care in an official hospital. If she were in a private room, there would not be the same level of care.

Royal Births Once Only Occurred Outside the Hospital

The royal women used to give birth outside of the hospital and under the watch of a doctor. However, Princess Diana changed the rule for herself and gave birth to Prince William in a public hospital.

Ever since Diana had her baby in a hospital, The Royals are allowed to do the same.

Thanks to Princess Diana, Harry Will Witness the Birth

Traditionally, when a royal woman gave birth, no men were allowed into the room including the father. However, Princess Diana had this rule broken for her. Prince Charles was in the room when Prince William was born.

Ever since this rule was broken, it will never be in effect again. Lucky for Harry, he’ll be able to be beside his wife when she gives birth to their child.

Midwives Are Mandatory!

Even though the concept of having a midwife around is outdated, the royals are required to have these ladies on deck during the delivery.

Although rules have changed and the royals are able to birth at a normal hospital, the midwife rule is still a must. The midwives pay close attention to the royal mother and are on call for three months before the delivery date.

A Handwritten Letter Notifies the Country

After the Queen and all other close relatives are notified about the birth, the public gets a royal notification. The Royal family informs the world about the new baby by placing a handwritten note sitting on an easel in the forecourt of Buckingham Palace.

This is a lasting tradition that is going strong, even though we have moved on to more modern and effective forms of communication to let the world know about the new royal addition.

The Country Celebrates With Real Explosions

Most people think of baby balloons to celebrate a new birth. However, the birth celebration of a royal baby is booming, literally! Sixty-two guns go off to salute the new baby. London, you better get your earplugs ready!

Usually, 21 guns go off, but on specific occasions, forty-one guns are added for the special occasion.

A Princess and Duchess Get Royal Maternity Leave

Although Meghan can never escape what it takes to be one of the most viral names on the internet, she’ll have time to focus on motherhood.

When Kate gave birth to Prince Louis, she opted for six months of maternity leave. Meghan will get the same royal treatment. Hopefully, the paparazzi will give her a break.

Royals Are Encouraged to Breastfeed

Back in the day, British royals had a staff of lactating nurses at all times. This meant that newborn royals breastfed from mothers that were not their own. The whole concept seems strange, but this royal treatment dates back thousands of years to the Egyptian Kings.

Meghan won’t have lactating women feeding her baby. However, she’ll be encouraged to breastfeed her own child. The tradition ended when Queen Elizabeth II was born in 1926. Her mother, Princess Elizabeth Alexandra Mary, decided to breastfeed her child herself.

Time to Interview Nannies!

Most people hire nannies when they’re not planning on taking maternity leave for an extended period of time. The Royals, on the other hand, always hire a nanny and they don’t just hire any nanny.

Norland College is the most prestigious school for English nannies. Here they are taught all aspects of child-rearing, specifically for royal children. Their extensive training includes learning how to evade the paparazzi and some serious self-defense moves. Meghan was expected to choose a nanny from this school, but she had plans of her own.

Meghan Will Hire Justin Timberlake’s Former Nanny

Meghan and Harry have the privilege to choose from any professional nanny that graduated from the top nanny schools in England. However, Meghan has a different plan.

Sources say that the two will hire a nanny from Mobile, Alabama. Connie Simpson has worked as a nanny to A-list celebrities such as Justin Timberlake, Jessica Alba, and Emily Blunt. Ms.Simpson was referred to the royals by fellow clients George and Amal Clooney.

No Going For Seconds When the Queen Finishes Her Meal… Even if You’re Eating for Two

Yes, when you’re pregnant, you’re eating for two. But the Royals have a very strange rule about eating after the Queen. Apparently, when the royals eat together, table manners are amped to the next level.

Once the Queen finished her meal, to continue eating is considered impolite. Pregnant royals better eat all their food quickly before the Queen goes off to rest after a meal. Perhaps they should stuff some food in their purse and eat privately in a corner. You gotta do what you gotta do…

The Royal Children Have a Dress Code

Meghan and Harry follow a strict dress code. You’d think they could live their lives through their child and dress him or her however they want, but that’s not the case.

Royal babies have a dress code of their own. Royal experts explain that it’s a standard for royal babies to dress formally in public.

The Royals Must Have A Body Guard

Another royal rule is that the members of the family have to be guarded at all times. While these two traveled all around Australia, a blond woman followed them around with a very serious look on her face.

That’s right, Meghan and Harry walk around with a female security guard. Don’t mess with the beautiful woman because she is clearly tough enough to guard the royal family.

The Christening Outfit is Already Picked Out

All royal children are christened within their first year born. In 1841, Queen Victoria had a lace and satin christening gown made for her oldest daughter. Since the royals are all about tradition, this lace gown was used 62 times since her christening!

Harry and Willam both wore this exact gown on their christening day as well. William’s children got an upgrade for their ceremony as will Harry’s child. The Queen had her senior dresser, Angela Kelly, make a replica of the ancient christening garb. From now on, the replica gown will be used in all ceremonies. After about 180 years, it was time for a new one.

Royals Must Wear Heels, Even While Pregnant

The royal family has a very specific dress code for all their members to follow. One of them pushes for women to wear heels. Meghan was spotted in flats more than one time which makes her a rule breaker.

But if you look at photos of Kate Middleton pregnant, you’ll see her rocking the pumps even with a big belly. Eventually, the rule may be thrown out the window. No pregnant woman can walk round in heels without hurting her back. The worst part is that the heels cannot be wedges.

Meghan’s Mom Is Getting Ready to Move Into the Palace

Meghan’s mother, Doria wants to help her daughter, and surely her daughter wants her around for some help as well.

Sources report that Doria is all set to move into Kensington Palace to help her daughter get through the first weeks of being a mother. Meghan might be the royal one, but now it’s time for her mother to get a taste of the good life.

The Baby Must Have Four Names

If it isn’t enough that the royals can’t choose a unique name for their children, it is mandatory to chosse four names for the royal baby.

The royals choose from a list of recycled names for their newcomers. While the first name is the most crucial, they must also choose three other names from the list.

Meghan’s Father Is Off Limits

Meghan’s father is no longer a part of her life. So much drama stirred up once he called paparazzi and told them where Harry and Meghan’s engagement would take place in return for some cash.

As a result, the royal family shunned her dad. He no longer has a number that reaches her directly, so he is unable to contact her in any way. Her half-sister tried reaching out to her in London with no luck at all.

Meghan’s Father Reacts to the Pregnancy News

Meghan’s dad heard about his daughter’s pregnancy by listening to the news. Although the two do not speak, he said that the news was overwhelming and joyful.

“The first thing I thought about was holding Meghan in my arms as a newborn 37 years ago,” he told reporters.

Prince Charles Bonds With Meghan Over Family Drama

Meghan Markle seems like she’s causing a load of drama in the Royal family. Many people suspect that the royal family won’t tolerate her family drama anymore, but they’re wrong.

Prince Charles had his own share of scandals and family drama. He knows exactly what Meghan’s going through and he’s not judging her one bit. An insider even joked that the two bonded over their similar experiences.

No Shellfish

The Royals have a strict rule about eating shellfish in general. The rule dates back about 95 years ago. They put it into play to help the royal family avoid getting food poisoning.

Even if the Duchess’s cravings are calling for some cooked shellfish, the option is off the table. She better swap it out for something less risky.

The Royal Baby Effect Is a Real Thing!

When Kate gave birth to Prince George, she held him in a white wool blanket as the press snapped their photos of the newborn.

The whole country wanted to know where the princess bought the simple blanket covering the baby. Word spread that it was made by GH Hurt & Son Ltd. and shawl started selling like hot cakes! The phenomenon got the title “the Prince George Effect.” We’re sure that whatever Meghan wraps cloth her baby in will go viral as well

Hard Work Until the Delivery Day

The royal engagements must go on. When Kate was pregnant, she made countless appearances at all sorts of events.

Meghan is expected to keep up the same pace through all trimesters of her pregnancy. However, there are some exceptions. For example, Kate was excused from various engagements due to the severe morning sickness she experienced early on in her pregnancy.

Harry Will Get an Unpaid Paternity Leave

Kate, Meghan, and all other royal women get maternity leave, but so do their husbands. The leave of absence from their official royal duties is unpaid.

However the paternity leave is not mandatory, Harry can continue with his work if he wishes to do so. Surely they’ll have all the help they need.

Royal Women Have a Huge Staff on Their Due Date

In addition to the three mandatory midwives, the royal women are surrounded by a huge staff of professionals ready whenever the time comes.

The staff includes three anesthesiologists, two obstetricians, two special care staff members from the baby unit, four pediatricians, four senior managers and one lab tech who is in charge of blood samples. Maybe all the attention is overwhelming, but at least the royal princesses won’t ever feel like they’re in bad hands.

The Delivery Staff Gets Hush Money

It’s a royal honor to be chosen to work on the medical staff that delivers a royal baby. However, members of this staff have high expectations in regards to confidentiality.

The royals require members to sign confidentiality papers and are sworn to secrecy. They can’t give any information about the pregnancy, and when its time to deliver, the whole staff is forbidden to leak any information to members in the hospital about who they’re tending to.

Doctors Are on Call for Months

The doctors committed to the royal family’s staff are on call for a long time before the birth happens.  

In an interview with “Telegraph,” consultant anesthesiologist on Kate’s team explained how strict his days were on- call. “We were on call for three months… You never know when you need to be called, you need to be in town, and available. If you are at a party, you need to have your car keys and be ready. No drinking!” He told the Telegraph.

Royal Protocol for Social Media

In these modern times, new rules need to be made. William and Kate had their babies in the middle of a social media dominated generation.

They took a picture of their newborn and shared it on the Kensington Palace’s social media account. At least the world can get a glimpse of the newborn. Even if Meghan can’t have a social media account of her own, she can be sure that the picture will be shared with the world.

Who’s the God-Parent?

The common tradition is to choose a godparent at a child’s christening. Since all the royals have an official christening, their parents have the opportunity to choose godparents for them.

Most choose an aunt or uncle to be the godparent, but because close family members already have a role in the child’s life, the royals choose people who are less closely related. Prince William chose college friends, cousins and members of the royal staff to be the godparents to his children.

A Town Crier Announces Royal Births

This tradition reminds us of the medieval times! If you thought town criers didn’t exist anymore, then you should take a trip to London. Town criers shout any breaking news to the public, including news about royal births.

Tony Appleton is 81-years-old, and served as the town crier for Prince George. Criers make their announcement official with the ring of a bell and the words, “God Save the Queen.”

Diana Banished Cloth Diaper Rule

Traditionally, royal babies wore cloth diapers. Today, no one could even imagine using a cloth diaper. It’s messy and not efficient. When Diana had her babies, she assured the public that her children would wear disposable diapers.

Diana told reporters, “I’d be pretty sure the baby will have disposable diapers rather than the cloth ones. I think it will be ordinary nappies, the ones that most people’s babies use… I think the royal family will, like any family, adapt with the times.”

Harry and Meghan Can Choose Not to Be Royal, So Their Kids Won’t Have to Be

Royals do not have to stay royal if they do not want to. Harry and Meghan would not be the first to ditch the whole royal act. The only issue is that Harry and Meghan are already so famous that not being royal wouldn’t make any difference in the amount of attention they get.

They would have the same amount of attention either way so it might not make much of a difference.

Harry Said Life As a Royal Was Tough; He May Not Want the Same for His Kids

Harry has mentioned that being a royal is something that is more of a burden than it is a privilege.

Although he may have more power than most, the responsibility can be overbearing. He sometimes wishes he could just go to a grocery store without being watched.

Meghan May Have Broke the Glove Rule, But Now That She’s Pregnant It’s More Serious

Royals must wear gloves when they’re shaking hands with the public. This rule is to prevent the spread of any contagious germs that may cause sickness.

Meghan broke this rule in the past, but now that she’s pregnant it’s more serious than ever. She’s carrying royalty and can’t risk the baby’s life. Let’s see if she’ll break it this time around…

Diana Broke The Glove Rule Multiple Times

Princess Diana and Meghan were both royal rebels. Diana was known for her kindness to others.

Meghan also struggles with all the royal rules. Her warm heart had her ditching the gloves when she greeted people. A handshake with a glove is a cold handshake.

Royals Must Control Their Emotions No Matter How Raging Their Pregnancy Hormones Get

Pregnancy has a lot of side effects that are tough to deal with, and this rule is no help at all. The royal family needs to look and act calmly in public at all times. Even tears of joy need to be held back.

Meghan will have to watch “The Notebook” and cry whenever emotion builds so she can get it all out of her system before going into public.

Harry Does the Unbelievable and Hugs a Fan

A fan approached Prince Harry and leaned in for a hug. Hugging is totally against protocol but this time around Harry did a surprising thing. He leaned in and reciprocated the hug.

The fan was in shock and said meeting Harry was one of the best moments in her life. Maybe Meghan is rubbing off on her prince.

A Little Too Affectionate With Fans

As we said earlier, Meghan Broke the Glove Rule even though she’s pregnant. The same day that Harry gave an unexpected hug to a super fan, she went around shaking hands.

Perhaps these small things are a little protest against such strict rules. It looks like the Queen will have to decide to turn the other cheek or take action.

Meghan’s Sister Is Turned Away From Palace, but She Sends a Letter

Meghan’s half-sister has spent the past months trying to mend the relationship between Meghan and her father. Meghan’s sister has Multiple Sclerosis which takes a massive toll on her muscles.

She said she wrote a letter in an elegant font because she can’t use her fingers. Meghan has cut all forms of contact with her father and half-sister. So the only way she could get that letter to Meghan was if she hand delivered it. She flew all the way to London and handed the letter to the guards at the palace. Samantha said that when she got the letter to the guards, she felt that the mission was complete.

Royals Have to Wear Coats, Meghan’s Costs $935

Wearing a coat is definitely a royal rule that calls for some fun shopping. Royals are encouraged to wear coats in specific situations and are not allowed to walk around with them on their arms.

Meghan wears a Stunning $935 pinstriped jacket to die for. If she can’t take it off it better be fabulous

Pregnancy is Taking a Toll, Meghan Misses Events in Australia

So far, Meghan has already skipped a royal event. Harry told reporters that “pregnancy takes a toll.”

He’s probably referring to nausea, dizziness and or all the other side effects women experience while pregnant. The Queen would never want one of the royals faintings or causing a scene at an event.

Have You Ever Seen a Royal in Sneakers

Have you ever seen a member of the royal family wearing sneakers? We bet you haven’t and especially not on a royal outing in Australia.

She and Harry spent the day on a sailboat, smiling and holding hands. Meghan is not standing for any royal restrictions now that she has a baby on the way.

Royals Cannot Wear Black

While this rule may seem like the least of their problems, it’s actually a big deal. Black is the most flattering color. Every pregnant woman clings to black clothing because it helps them appear slimmer.

Meghan is constantly getting photographed so she might really want to wear this dark color. After all, the camera does add ten pounds. Meghan owns a lot of dark navy clothing to compensate for the lack of black in her life, and it looks great on her.

Meghan Has to Accept All Gifts

Meghan and the rest of the royals have a strange rule about accepting gifts. Royals are often handed grifts left and right. Fans hand them teddy bears, flowers, letters, and drawings.

Although Meghan is not allowed to have a baby shower, she’s ordered to accept all handouts. Imagine walking around with a baby bump and a bag filled with random objects from fans. Luckily Harry and their staff are there to hold on to the extra baggage.

Meghan’s Friends Can’t Accept Gifts!

Jessica Mulroney was the unofficial bridesmaid at Meghan and Harry’s wedding. Meghan’s best friend was offered an 81,000 euro Jaguar. Jessica reportedly turned down the amazing offer, and people suspect that it’s because it’s against the rules of the royalty.

When the new Duchess of Sussex’s best friend gets a cool car, the world hears about it. It’s a perfect marketing opportunity, but the royals do not want to be used to boost a company’s success.

She Can’t Choose The Baby’s Religion

The Royal family is a family of the Protestant Anglican church. You’d think Meghan would have the freedom to decide which church she wants her child to attend if at all.

As we mentioned before, her babies will be christened in the Protestant Anglican church just like the rest of the Royal’s have.

Short Hemlines Are Allowed!

If you look back at Kate Midleton’s pregnancy, you’ll find her in shorter dresses than usual. Pregnant Royals are allowed to shorten that hemline when they’re baby bump is out and about.

Meghan sports a short white dress and looks super cute too! The shorter hemline shows off her legs and helps her outfits look more flattering. The rules about hemlines are basically lifted for the sake of flattery.

Hiding Their Smooches … At Least They Try

The royal Family is not into PDA at all! They try to maintain a respectful reputation and avoid anything that could ruin them. The Royals don’t want to appear looking anything less than classy, so paparazzi photos of smooches are forbidden.

Meghan and Harry can’t share an intimate moment in public. They need to hide their smooches and save them for when the cameras are not around.

Meghan and Harry Must Take Separate Flights

A romantic plane, boat, or train ride will have to be set aside. Members of the royal family are not allowed to travel together. The reason is to prevent them from dying together if there is any sort of accident.

It’s a slightly morbid thought, but it makes sense. It looks like they’ll just have to meet up at their destination.

Royals Don’t Have Custody of Their Own Kids

This rule started in 1717 with King George the II. King George did not want his child to have the godparent that his dad chose for him.

King George wanted to have control over this situation so he had the parliament pass a law that the kids would not be in their parent’s custody. So the custody is the King and Queens.

The Custody Law Was A Struggle for Princess Diana

Princess Diana had her issues in her marriage. She was very unhappy, so she and Prince William were separated.

She wanted to take Harry and William with her to Australia for some time, but she was not allowed. The kids were not legally in her custody, so she had no legal right to take her own children where she wanted.

The Unspoken Rule: No Privacy

Being royal is totally glamorous, but everything has its pros and cons. Although this is not an official rule, it’s a rule that comes with a royal title. The royals have little to no privacy.

Everyone is obsessed with the family members and are eager to know the smallest details about them. Meghan has no privacy, although she might be used to it since she was a celebrity before she was royal.

It’s A Boy!

Finally, the moment we were all waiting for has arrived! On Monday 6th May, the Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry, and his gorgeous wife Meghan Markle revealed the birth of their baby boy. We could hardly hold back the happy tears!

Weighing a perfect 7 pounds and 3 ounces, the happy couple welcomed their new bundle of joy into the world in the early hours of the morning, 5:26 AM to be precise. How many of your gender predictions were correct?

All About the Name

So, it looks like the wait is over. What we’ve all been dying to know for the past nine months is what these two lovebirds will name their new addition to the family. Let us take a minute to update you all!

Get ready for this: the latest addition to the royal family has been named *drum rolls* Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor. Adorable, right? What’s interesting is that, unlike his toddler cousins, the new baby and seventh in line for the throne has a name which does not stem from previous family members. Meghan and Harry chose this name for it’s modern ring to it, while still keeping the royal tradition.

Proud Dad Moment

Life for the royals is non-stop, and doesn’t this moment prove it! Just minutes after his first son was born, Prince Harry was quick to give the press what they wanted in an on-screen interview.

While most fathers are what can only be described as flustered, emotional wrecks after the birth of their child, Harry was poised as ever as the press fired their questions. With a huge grin, the Duke of Sussex admitted: “It’s been the most amazing experience I could have possibly imagined. How any woman does what they do is beyond comprehension.” We can’t wait to watch this adorable father-son bond flourish over the years.

Meeting Great Grandma

Just two days after the Duke and Duchess of Sussex turned their family of two into three, a family function was called for. That’s right, Archie finally got to meet his Queen of England great grandmother for the very first time!

After their family photocall in St George’s Hall, Windsor Castle was taken, the family of three united with Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip and Markle’s mother, Doria Ragland. Lo and behold, the meeting was a success! Sources say this “was such a lovely moment with Her Majesty. Everyone was so touched.” Someone pass us the tissues!

Saying Hello to Auntie and Uncle

After a quick visit to Bletchley Park on one of her many royal engagements, Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, joined her husband Prince William to take the trip up to Frogmore Cottage to meet their new nephew for the very first time. It’s been an exciting first few days for little Archie!

This has been a long-awaited moment for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, with William admitting he was “looking forward to seeing them in the next few days when things have quietened down.” We’re sure this family function was filled with smiles!

Keeping It to Themselves

One thing that may have surprised you about the birth of the latest member of the British monarchy was Harry and Meghan’s decision to keep some details under wraps from public knowledge, such as the location of little Archie’s birth.

We all remember those iconic shots taken when Kate Middleton and Lady Diana Spencer stepped outside of the hospital in which they gave birth, cradling their new son or daughter. For Markle though, the decision stood not to reveal the place her first baby was delivered, or that is until they’ve celebrated it properly as a family, anyway. We love a little mystery! It turns out there may be a specific reason for this.

Keeping it Real

So, we bet you’re now all wondering what the happy couple’s plans for parenthood will be, so here’s the full scoop. Both Meghan and Harry would like to ensure baby Archie lives life as normal and as free from royal privileges as possible.

So, how is this goal achieved? Step one: the family of three have moved away from their luxurious home in Kensington Palace, to their cozy country home, Frogmore Cottage. Talk about enforcing humble beginnings!

Like Mother, Like Son

Where have we heard this before? The decision to raise a child in the royal family with a normal upbringing is certainly not an entirely new concept, in fact, we bet there was one specific person in mind when Harry and Meghan made this important decision.

Back when she was a new mother herself, Lady Diana Spencer (mother of Princes Harry and William) decided to give her boys a childhood just like anyone else. Growing up out of the spotlight herself in Los Angeles, we’re sure this won’t be too hard a task for the humble Meghan Markle.

Going Without a Title

Harry and Meghan had a dream to raise son, Archie, in their own way; so that’s exactly what they’re doing, and good on them! Another of their big parenting decisions regards an important naming process.

Typically, when a new member of the Royal family enters the world, they are given a title. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have chosen to overlook this choice, however. They were given the options to make their son an Earl of Dumbarton, or Lord Archie Mountbatten – Windsor, but the flashy names didn’t interest them!

Who Will Archie Take After?

It’s still early days, but people are already speculating about what kind of person baby Archie Harrison will turn into. Of course, everything can change in terms of a newborns’ looks and personality in a matter of weeks, but for now, Markle left us with these cute compliments on her son.

During their photocall at St George’s Hall, Markle sang Archie’s praise while posing in front of the cameras with him. The Duchess announced: “He has the sweetest temperament. He’s really calm.” If only this were the case for all newborn babies!