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Royal Christmas Traditions We Wish We Could Join In On

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. Whether or not you celebrate the holiday, you still feel it in the air. Neighborhoods and stores are covered in bright lights, holiday songs blast on the radio and Starbucks finally brings back that delicious gingerbread latte.

Everyone has special ways to go about their holiday. Families come up with some pretty unique traditions that get passed on from generation to generation. The royal family is no exception and you would be surprised to find out that not all their traditions are as stuffy as you would think. Read on and find out what it’s like to spend Christmas in an actual palace.

Custom Cards

Every year the royals look forward to the most joyous time of the year. But many are unaware that during the holidays Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip practice some serious penmanship.

These two royals send around 850 cards to friends, family and world leaders. This Christmas tradition is sweet but a lot of physical work because the cards are all personalized with a signature by the queen herself.

Queen Elizabeth Gets a VIP Shopping Experience

We all know Queen Elizabeth is in her 90s, so we expect that she gets a little help with her Christmas shopping. However, this independent woman prefers to conquer her own tasks.

It has been reported that Her Majesty enjoys doing holiday shopping on her own. Luxury department store Harrods stays open after hours so that the queen can have the place to herself as she picks out gifts for her loved ones.

Presents for Buckingham Palace Staff

The entire staff at Buckingham Palace gets a holiday gift from the royal family. In order to be considered for the present, they must have worked for the royal family for over a year.

The value of this Christmas token increases with seniority. Junior staff members get a gift worth approximately $36 dollars. Every year this amount increases and maxes out at around $45 dollars.

Christmas at the Sandringham Palace

Traditionally, the royal family celebrates their holidays at the Sandringham House. This is one of the queen’s favorite retreats and has been part of the British Monarchy since 1862.

The property is a country house located in the parish of Sandringham, Norfolk, England. Queen Elizabeth spends her holidays here from Christmas until February. Here the family has about 60 acres of garden to explore and for the kids to play around in.

Riding in Style

Queen Elizabeth has to get to the Sandringham House one way or another and it sure isn’t a stroll across the park or a royal carriage ride away! She must take a more advanced form of transportation.

Her Highness rents out an entire train carriage for her and a few members of the royal family. Now that’s traveling in style!. You might think to arrive to the palace on time is of utmost importance, but that this isn’t the case.

Arrivals in Order of Importance

The queen and Prince Phillip go to Sandringham House one week before Christmas. The rest of the family members are allotted specific times to arrive at the house.

The most junior members of the family must come earliest. The most important royals like Prince Charles and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge show up last.

Not One but Two Christmas Trees

One Christmas tree is not enough for the royal family. The former royal chef, Darren McGrady, said that there is one large Christmas tree in the house and an additional silver tree in the dining room.

Staff decorates every branch to perfection with white lights and dazzling ornaments, including glittery pine cones and gold stars, plus a traditional angel on top of the tree. The silver tree is absolutely stunning and is about 30 years old.

Family Time

On Christmas Eve, The royal family lay out their presents on trestle tables and will exchange their gifts at teatime the next day. It’s a dedicated tradition for the royals to celebrate together as an entire family.

The invite list includes family members only. Royals can only bring their significant other if they’re married. But the queen has made exceptions to this rule before.

The Queen Bent the Rules for Meghan

The rule clearly states that a member of the royal family can’t bring a significant other to the Christmas gathering unless they’ve tied the knot.

However, the rules bent during Christmas 2017 when Harry brought Meghan; who was his fiance at the time. Although the queen isn’t always one for rule-breaking, she sure took a liking to Meghan.

Finishing Touches on the Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree is always cut from the queen’s grounds on the Sandringham estate. The staff decorates the tree with ornaments, tartan ribbons, and Queen Victoria’s glass angels. After everyone arrives at the Sandringham House, the younger members of the family gather around the tree to hang up the last few ornaments.

Although most of the decorating has been conquered, the kids enjoy contributing to the beautiful arrangement. The royal children get to hang a few ornaments on Christmas Eve. The tree is not complete without the queen’s final inspection.

Making Sure the Tree Meets Royal Standards

Former chef Darren McGrady confessed that the queen sneaks down to the tree later in the evening to make sure that the children placed the ornaments to her liking. She would then rearrange when necessary.

The practice of decorating the tree came into the royal household because Queen Victoria’s mother was German. In Germany, the idea of decorating trees was a fairly regular practice.

The Pre-Christmas Lunch

Every year the queen hosts a pre-Christmas lunch for the extended family at Buckingham Palace. There are typically around 50 family members in attendance.

This lunch is meant to be a great opportunity for the family to bond before official festivities begin. The meal is no casual affair. The royal chef prepares an indulgent feast including special Buckingham Palace gingerbread.

Exchanging Gifts the German Way

Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip, and their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren reportedly take part in their gift exchange on Christmas Eve rather than Christmas Day, in a nod to their German ancestry.

They wait until after the afternoon tea party and then the whole family gathers to open their gifts. The family later gathers in the red drawing-room at 6 p.m, where gifts have been secretly laid out for each family member. This is where the Windsors like a gift with an admittedly silly tone.

No Christmas Morning Gifts for Meghan

Like most Americans, Meghan is used to opening her gifts when she wakes up the morning after Christmas Eve. She is used to pajama parties with the fam and gathering around the tree to open presents.

This will be a different type of celebration for the new addition to the family. Hopefully, Meghan will be able to hold off until much later in the afternoon to get her presents. The German tradition is to reserve Christmas morning for church.

Cheap and Silly Gifts

It’s no surprise that the royals are a fortunate family. They don’t really need to give one another lavish gifts. Because really, what can you give a royal that they don’t already have?

In the family, they try to be as funny as possible with clever gag gifts. Even Queen Elizabeth shows off her funny side. Silly presents that have been exchanged over the years include a leather toilet seat and a leopard print bath mat.

Kate Gave Harry an Instant Fiance

Before Harry met Meghan, he was an eligible bachelor on a mission to find the perfect woman to share his life with. Sister-in-law Kate Middleton gave him a “Grow Your Own Girlfriend” gag gift.

Kate wanted to poke fun at her brother-in-law. We’re sure the Duchess of Cambridge’s jokey gift received quite a few laughs from the royal family, and even jokester Prince Harry himself; as the two are very close.
Kate’s gift was a true winner.

Harry’s Surprise for the Queen

It’s a long-standing tradition in the royal household to exchange funny presents every year and according to reports, the annual gift-giving happens at 6 pm every Christmas Eve. Prince Harry has a great sense of humor, and we hope his grandmother does as well.

Years ago, Harry bought the queen a shower cap that read “Ain’t Life A B****” on it. Just the thought of her wearing this is over the top hilarious. Yep, he is officially the prankster of this family and we adore it!

The Brothers Go Head to Head

Sports events seem to go hand in the head with wealthy families. These brothers have always been competitive when it comes to soccer. The two princes go head to head every year during their Christmas time soccer match.

The brothers also dress in festive gear to show the holiday spirit. Every year they wear their favorite sports socks and play a game with the staff at the Sandringham Estate.

The Black Tie Meal

Christmas is a special event and the royal family sure makes it feel that way. In the evening they enjoy a lavish buffet, with 16-20 different items spread out for them to choose from and chefs on hand to carve the meat. Dinner time is a black-tie affair!

They don’t partake in the embarrassing Christmas sweater attire or wear matching pajamas. Fancy suits, ball gowns, jewels, and tiaras are the things you’ll see at this dinner party. Another tradition that is upheld by the queen is the senior chef enjoying a toast with the family after serving dinner.

The Queen’s Favorite Cocktail

Every party calls for a little alcohol. The queen serves her favorite cocktail at her Christmas dinner. The cocktail is called a “Zaza,” but apparently each royal has their drink of choice.

Prince Charles drinks cherry brandy while Prince William and Harry guzzle down a pint of Sandringham cider. This special cider is made with apples grown on the Sandringham grounds.

Prince Charles Leads the Walk

The royal family wakes up and heads to church on Christmas morning. The church visit is a tradition. Prince Phillip leads the crew on a walk to morning services. However, last year Charles led the walk to church.

A very busy season of festivities continued for the royal family as they walked to St. Mary Magdalene Church in Sandringham for the morning service on Christmas Day. After the church service, the family will return to Sandringham for a traditional Christmas lunch. 

The Epic Christmas Lunch

Food is at the heart of Christmas Day for many families and the royal family is no exception to this. When the royals return to the Sandringham House after church, they get ready for the feast of a lifetime.

The family sits down and enjoys roasted turkey, traditional sides and pudding for dessert. The queen is also partial to chocolate too – she’s said to like dark chocolate the most so there’s always room for a sweet treat.

The Queen Pre Records Her Christmas Message

After lunch, they will sit down to watch the queen’s speech and let their food digest. The queen broadcasts a message to the country on December 25th. The tradition began in 1932 with a radio broadcast.

Queen Elizabeth has been the messenger since 1952 but his message isn’t actually recorded on Christmas. Queen Elizabeth pre-records the message in her white drawing-room a week before the message airs. It is broadcast on television, radio, and online.

David Beckham’s Favorite Christmas Tradition

David and Victoria Beckham are known to be quite close to members of the royal family. In an interview, David Beckham confessed that his favorite Christmas tradition is watching the queen’s broadcast.

Now that’s the cutest thing this epic soccer star has ever said. Hopefully, the queen knows that the most handsome man on earth is watching her. The queen’s smile here says it all.

The Queen’s First Christmas Message

This is an image of the queen recording her first Christmas message in 1957. Today we can watch her broadcast on the television and on the Internet, but back then times were different.

The queen broadcasted her first message on the radio. This yearly tradition has been going on for 66 years and is still going strong. An estimated eight million people watch the message each year.

A Royal Game of Charades

Queen Elizabeth is said to be a fan of playing a game that involves guessing a word or phrase from an acted clue given for each syllable. It’s a tradition that the family plays a game of charades during the holidays, with the queen allegedly considering herself best at the game.

Her Majesty enjoys charades so much, the royal family is said to stay up until midnight watching her act out a celebrity, book or film. It was even reported that Meghan was asked to tone down her acting skills to prevent from winning the competitive guessing game.

The Queen Does Some Stand-Up Comedy

Believe it or not, the queen becomes quite the jokester on Christmas.
In the UK, there are special Christmas crackers that have corny jokes inside. On Christmas, the queen reads these out to her family.

She actually used to come up with her own jokes in her younger years. Sources say that today, the only one who finds these jokes funny is the queen herself. In the end, it’s her party; she can joke if she wants to.

No One Sleeps Before the Queen Calls It a Night!

According to Sir William Heseltine, one of the queen’s former private secretaries, it’s considered bad form to go to bed before Her Majesty.
Of course, not everyone is a fan of this rule. According to Sir William, Princess Diana truly struggled to stay up as late as the queen, who apparently can be quite the night owl.

No one is allowed to go to bed before the queen. As a reminder, this woman is in her 90s, yet she still stays up later than most people. The queen reportedly goes to bed around midnight every night.

The 20 Foot Christmas Tree

Although Queen Elizabeth and the rest of the royal crew spend Christmas in the Sandringham House, she still gets crafty at the Windsor Castle. The royal staff put up a 20 foot Christmas tree that’s absolutely stunning!

The tree is grown on the Windsor Estate and is decorated in gold from top to bottom. The tree has is so elegant and put together that it fits right in as part of the royal family.

Royal Holiday Hunt

For more than 20 years, Harry, along with his brother, Prince William, and their father, Prince Charles, has participated in the traditional Boxing Day pheasant shoot held on Sandringham estate.

While the queen sits back and relaxes, Prince Phillip and the boys will take part in a traditional hunt. Last year the Duke of Sussex skipped the outing at the request of Meghan, who isn’t a fan of hunting,

Movie Night in the Ballroom

After the church services and the fancy meals are over the royals have the tradition of watching a movie in the ballroom. The royal family might just gather in the evening to watch a movie, just like other families around the world.

The ballroom at Sandringham is often used for more formal occasions, but there is a screen installed on one of the walls that can be pulled down and have a film projected onto it.

Weighed Before and After Dinner

There’s a bizarre tradition of weighing each member of the royal family before and after Christmas dinner. This tradition is supposed to be funny, but we’re sure not everyone loves broadcasting their weight to the family.

The tradition started out with King Edward VII, who wanted to ensure that his guests ate well at his Christmas meal. Today they keep the tradition. The whole family is weighed on a set of antique scales.

Meghan Asked Harry to Skip Out on the Pheasant Hunt

The royal family’s long-standing tradition is to hunt pheasants on Boxing Day. While we already know that the animal-loving Duchess of Sussex won’t be attending this event; rumors spread that she asked Harry to decline the invitation to the hunt.

Meghan has already broken several royal rules, and surprisingly she was able to pull this one off as well. We guess the queen really does take a liking to Meghan because this tradition was broken by Harry after 20 consecutive years.

Princess Diana Didn’t Get the Memo in 1981

On Christmas, the royals exchange funny and cheap gifts. However, no one informed Diana on this tradition before she attended her first royal Christmas in 1981.

While the rest of the family brought quirky little gifts, Diana brought cashmere sweaters for the rest of the family. This was obviously a little embarrassing but rest assured she adjusted to this tradition by the next Christmas gift exchange.

Meghan Got the Queen Laughing

Harry was sure to let Meghan in on the funny gift exchange before she attended her first royal Christmas on her first holiday with the royals. Meghan bought the queen something totally hilarious that the queen absolutely adored.

Meghan reportedly gave the queen a singing hamster which follows the tradition of the royal family giving each other gag gifts for Christmas. The queen approved, apparently laughing when she opened it.

Princess Anne’s Hilarious Gift to Prince Charles

Yes, the royals have a joke gift only policy and it seems a sense of humor runs in the royal family. Princess Anne is quite the jokester. She especially loves poking fun at the Prince’s high maintenance needs.

Princess Anne bought Prince Charles a white leather toilet seat. Apparently, the Prince loves it so much he even takes it on his trips around the world. Cheers to Anne as that was not only a funny but useful gift fit for a prince!

Prince Andrew’s Wife Sticks to the Bathroom Theme

What do you get the family that literally has everything? Cheap and joke gifts are encouraged and Duchess of York Sarah Furgeson decided just that. She bought her husband a leopard print mat for the bathroom.

These two were known for their loving relationship. Even two decades after their divorce they are still close and reluctant to let a good relationship go. Fergie is still around with her children for the royal traditions.

Meghan was Treated Like the Queen Because of This Tradition

Mrs. James, an expert on royal pregnancies over the centuries, said that the women in medieval times were seen as a powerful matriarch while carrying a child and were waited on hand and foot before anyone else.

We wonder if this tradition was held when Meghan was pregnant. We do know that Meghan was in good hands while the baby was growing. Now that baby Archie is here they will be enjoying their royal Christmas even more.

The One Game They Won’t Be Playing

The royal family sits around at the queen’s home in Sandringham every year and plays fun games like charades on Christmas Eve. However, there is one game that is forbidden in the royal family.

Every year over the festive period and they often sit down together with a board game but, according to Prince Andrew, they are not allowed to play the classic trading game Monopoly. British royals are prohibited from playing this famous board game. Unfortunately, the family gets too competitive against each other and it’s no longer a positive experience.

No One Goes for Seconds After This Happens

Although stuffing their faces is clearly an important Christmas tradition, hence the scales, the royal family has a strict rule about eating. Since everyone has to follow the queue of the queen, that also applies to starting or finishing a meal.

When the queen starts eating, the rest of the dinner party is allowed to eat. But you better eat quick, because as soon as the queen finishes, everyone else must finish as well. No one can eat after the queen finishes her meal.

No Garlic for This Queen

Many families take pride in their Christmas chicken recipe. One of the common ways to spice the bird is with garlic. Apparently, someone meeting and greeting as often as the queen doesn’t want particularly pungent breath.

However, when the queen has strict rules about garlic. Her Majesty won’t eat anything with too much garlic or onions. The queen does not like the taste and makes sure that not a trace of garlic enters any of the foods that she and her guests will eat.

The Dessert They Wait for All Year

All families wait until they finally get to eat the Christmas dessert that they’ve been waiting for all year. The royal family has a very specific dessert that is a long-standing Christmas tradition.

After they get through their large dinner, everyone makes sure to leave room for brandy butter and pudding. This English dessert is a tradition in many families throughout the holidays. It often includes Guinness, rum, and brandy in the mix.

Married Women Don’t Come Down for Breakfast

While the men and the rest of the family go downstairs for breakfast on Christmas morning, the married women do not attend. Women remain in their bedrooms at Sandringham for their first meal of the day while the men go downstairs at 8:30 am sharp for a hearty breakfast.

Traditionally, a lighter meal is brought up to their rooms. The ladies generally opt for a light breakfast of sliced fruit, half a grapefruit, toast, and coffee delivered to their rooms. This gives them time to appropriately dress for the holiday.

The Royal Origin of the Tree

For the royal British family, the Christmas tree dates back to King George III. His German wife is said to have set up the first Christmas tree at the queen’s Lodge in 1800.

However, Christmas trees were popularized by Prince Albert in 1848. Now they have 20-foot tall trees. Three trees have been placed in the Marble Hall at Buckingham Palace, and garland has been fixed along with the grand staircase.

Kate Middleton’s Christmas Outfit

Kate and William have been enjoying the Christmas break with their three children and looked in great spirits as they walked to church, smiling happily at the crowd. The mother-of-three wore her trademark brunette tresses down and curled. Kate wore a burgundy dress coat by Catherine Walker and a headband by Jane Taylor.

Her stylish look was accessorized with a red Bayswater clutch by Mulberry and a trusty pair of burgundy Gianvito Rossi heels. She definitely takes first place for last year’s royal family Christmas outfits.

Meghan and Kate Walk Side by Side

On Christmas day the royal fab four reunited for a walk together to the family’s annual church service, and all eyes were on Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton. 

Despite all the news about them not getting along, they seemed to be getting along during the holiday celebrations. The sister-in-laws strolled side-by-side seemingly having a good time.

Was the Queen’s Speech Directed at Kate and Meghan?

The wives of Windsor, whose “differing personalities” were said to be at the center of the rift, celebrated Christmas with the queen and the rest of the royal family in Sandringham earlier this week where they are reported to have got on famously. 

In the queens annual Christmas speech, she said that people need to put their differences aside. Apparently, some people suspect that she was directing her statement at Kate and Meghan.

The Queen Drove to Church

It is a tradition for the whole royal family to walk to church on Christmas morning, but Queen Elizabeth was missing this year. She was instead driven to Church. Her husband Prince Philip decided not to brave the cold weather and stayed at home after retiring from public duties last year.

She was not feeling up for the walk so she saved her energy for the rest of the day’s festivities. Although the Christmas Day service is a private, family event, Philip, in his late 90s, is rarely seen in public these days.

Prince Phillip Stayed Behind

The queen was not the only one who was missing on the Christmas morning walk. Prince Phillip was also not there with the rest of the family.
He didn’t even make it to church this year. He has not been feeling so well and therefore has taken the quiet morning hours to rest up and get ready for the remainder of the day.

He was seen attending the queen’s annual Christmas lunch in Buckingham Palace a week before but was last seen in public during his granddaughter Princess Eugenie’s wedding last October. Buckingham Palace said the Duke of Edinburgh is in good health.

Meghan Markle Hugs Instagram Fan

One of Meghan Markle’s fans was waiting for Meghan in the crowd after the Christmas services. She had been holding a sign wither her Instagram username. Meghan had been in touch with the fan through the social platform back when she was starring in the show Suits and she recognized the username.

She went to give the 17-year-old fan a hug and even engaged in small conversation. These were a group of girls on Instagram that Meghan would interact with online before she was a royal.

Savannah and Isla are Super Cute

Savannah and Isla are the queen’s great grandaughters. They are daughters of Autumn Kelly and Queen Elizabeth’s oldest grandchild, Peter Philips. These two gals are growing up so fast and looked absolutely adorable.

They walked beside their father dressed in outfits that looked like mini versions of Kate’s outfits. These two looked like mini princesses. It was reported the girls call Queen Elizabeth Gan-Gan.

Princess Charlotte and Prince George Stayed in for a Nap

These young royals were also not at church on Christmas morning. According to Kate, they woke up exceptionally early to open their gifts and were too tired to make it to church.

Who can blame them? All kids want to open up their gifts as soon as possible. These youngsters let out all their energy and they still have many more events to attend for the exciting day.

Meghan’s Baby Bump

Last year was Meghan’s first Christmas as an official Duchess of Sussex. She wore dark navy blue and a heavy coat to keep her and the baby warm.
Her chic and classic look featured matching accessories, including a fascinator and a structured black leather bag.

Markle’s Christmas Day ensemble featured black boots with a bit of a slouchy shape. Her baby bump was out for the world to see. Meghan hinted at her due date and everyone was excited about the new royal to be born!

Princess Kate is Quite the Hunter

This Boxing Day, Kate went hunting with the rest of the family. While Meghan is opposed to hunting, Kate is quite fond of it. The Duchess of Cambridge has been participating for years.

She and Prince William have gone hunting on several occasions throughout the years. Sources say that Kate even has her own gun. Kate even got to bond with Prince Charles better through the sport.

Meghan Not Only  Stayed Behind… She Went Home

It’s the royal family’s tradition to go hunting on Boxing Day. However, we all know that Meghan loves animals and is a vegetarian. This year, she not only skipped out on the tradition but she headed back home.

She did not want to be associated with the event. Harry missed the event to stay with the Duchess of Essex and make sure his pregnant wife was in good company. Meghan decided to lend a helping hand by volunteering.

Little Harry in His School Play

As kids, Harry and William would always look forward to Christmas every year. Growing up, the boys’ grade school would put on a Christmas play every year to spread the Christmas spirit.

Prince Harry had the role of a shepherd and he looked so incredibly cute. We’re not sure how William dressed but we know these boys enjoyed dressing up and playing during the holidays.

Santa Takes the Princes for a Ride in His Slay

Every year the royals celebrate an elaborate Christmas. For these young royals every year they had an exciting and memorable Christmas experience. Here they got to ride in Santa’s slay next to a big bag of gifts!

The young princes looked forward to this holiday because of all the exciting Christmas traditions and extravagant gifts they received as kids. They celebrated Christmas on a whole different level than most kids.

The Queen’s Christmas Play in 1943

When Queen Elizabeth was just a young princess, she used to put on plays for Christmas to entertain the entire royal family. Here she is with her sister Princess Margaret in 1943.

The sisters acted out Aladdin at the Windsor Castle. The young queen who was only 17 at the time is seen here participating in this fun tradition with her sister who was only 13 when this picture was taken.

Prince Charles Throws a Holiday Charity Event

The royal family is all about charities, especially during the holiday season. In 2004 Prince Charles hosted a Christmas party for children suffering from Leukemia. These kids watched as Sergeant Mark Bevan of the queen’s Dragoon placed ornaments on the tree.

For over 40 years His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales has been a leader in identifying charitable needs and setting up and driving forward charities to meet it.

Throw Back to Christmas in 1982

Princess Diana and Prince Charles sit with the young Prince William at the Kensington Palace during the holidays. The young prince was only about six months old here and was one of the youngest members of the royal family at the time.

By this time Diana knew all the rules and traditions when it came to celebrating with the royal family. The new princess had to learn the hard way, a year before in 1981 when she didn’t realize the theme of the holiday gift exchange.

Charitable Like His Mother

For Christmas 2016 Prince William, Kate, and Harry volunteered in London with the Mix youth service. Here William can be seen celebrating with the kids building gingerbread houses along with other volunteers and counselors of the organization.

The royals joined in on group discussion sessions, both online and in-person, during the beginning of the event and then moved on to making their own holiday decorations. Prince William did some pretty nice work with this sweet house.

Princess Kate Wraps Christmas Gifts

The charitable Kate spent her 2014 Christmas at the Northside Center for Child Development in New York City. The Duchess bonded with children and helped wrap presents. The youngsters, who receive support from a Harlem-based mental health center, welcomed Kate to their institution, excited to have a real princess as their visitor and smiled with delight.

Kate was accompanied by writer and poet Chirlane McCray, at the public appearance, where she also wrapped Christmas presents for the children before heading off for an intimate lunch at the British Consul General’s official residence.

Meghan Markel’s Pre-Christmas Deeds

About a week before last year’s Christmas celebrations, Meghan Markel visited a care center in England. British entertainers and celebrities came to spread the Christmas spirit to those who will spend their holiday in a care home.

Meghan has always loved doing charity work. Before she was a royal, she was traveling the world empowering women in third-world countries. However, the residents of the care home noticed something other than her kindness.

Meghan’s Hidden Talent

Meghan Markel’s visit to a care home right before Christmas helped shed light on an underrated talent of hers. The residents of the care home could not help but notice her incredible penmanship.

Her handwriting was impeccable and looked almost too good to be true. It turns out, Meghan taught employees how to gift wrap and bind books in the store she used to work at in LA; Paper Source. Meghan is truly one special gal.