It’s almost impossible not to catch that contagious holiday spirit. It’s everywhere! Try finding one store in America that isn’t blasting classic holiday jingles. People are pulling out their Uggs and cozying up to a warm holiday flavored coffee. Every TV series is exciting their Christmas episode and that nutmeg smell is following us everywhere.

One place people would expect to be short of the holiday spirit is the hospital. It’s the last place someone wants to be on the holidays. Luckily a special four-legged angel makes his way along hospital floors spreading that holiday cheer with style. Sancho is a Californian pup with a big heart. He cruises around San Gabriel Valley in a decked-out VW. His car is covered in sparkling ornaments. He sports two outfits; one with a candy cane headband and the other involves a stylish laid-back Hawaiian button-down. No matter what outfit he is rocking, you won’t find Sancho without his sunglasses. The smiles he spreads are highly contagious, and the people just can’t get enough of him. The patients look forward to seeing Sancho and his silly costumes. His presence brightens up the day and spreads smiles to the people who need them the most.

Sancho’s positive influence goes beyond the hospital floors. This angel has gone completely viral! You’ll find him all over the internet spreading holiday cheer across the nation! He is surely a huge reason why this time of year is the most wonderful!

Popular Everything decided to place an emphasis on this sensational dog mainly because he sends out a valuable message to the world. His overwhelming cuteness and acts of kindness go to show that the little things in the world make a big difference. All it took to make the world smile was a silly costume and a short trip to the nearest hospital.v