You probably learned about the liver in your high school bio class, but if you were of the professional class-nappers, Popular Everything is here to refresh your memory by giving you the simple gist of its primary functions. Your liver is a large, vital organ that sits on the right side of your tummy. Its main jobs are to filter blood, neutralize toxins in your body, produce hormones and store energy. Liver failure is something none of us should have to experience, so it’s crucial you be aware of its early signs.

Many of those who suffer from liver complications don’t realize they have a problem until it’s too late. Liver failure is a sneaky condition, and if you’re not careful keeping a healthy diet, exercising regularly and visiting your doctor occasionally, the odds of catching it early on, will not be in your favor. Popular Everything presents to you below, the eight most common signs that your liver needs attention.

1. Abdominal Swelling

Signs Your Body Shows if Your Liver is Failing

If your tummy is abnormally bloated for no apparent reason, you might have a condition called ascites. This disorder is the consequence of a failing liver which causes an imbalance of proteins, causing fluid to accumulate in the tissues.

2. Bruising

Signs Your Body Shows if Your Liver is Failing

When the liver is damaged, it produces fewer proteins, essential for proper blood clotting, meaning you may be more susceptible to bruising and bleeding. Be sure to consult your doctor if you’re experiencing abnormal bruising.

3. Fatigue and Faintness

Signs Your Body Shows if Your Liver is Failing

Fatigue and weakness can be two symptoms caused by many different things, but if you’re feeling unusually tired, you might be suffering from low blood-oxygen levels and waste accumulation.