A Healthy Glow is the New Botox

For a while, plastic surgery was admirable. People with the money to pay for smooth skin at an old age seemed to beat the system. They aged but their neck and facelifts hide all the proof. However, the fact that so many elderly women started taping back their skin, a tight and wrinkle free face is now associated with being old. Young celebrity icons like Bella Hadid and Kylie Jenner went through full face transformations.

In the beginning, their enhancements were subtle, but now they look plain silly. When it comes to skin, it looks like Alicia Keys is the new role model. Her natural glow is everything anyone can hope for. She may have a super long skin routine, but dermatologists say that a simple one is good enough to look beautiful naturally. If you’re just jumping on the road to the healthy glowing skin, here are the basics.