People will do anything when it comes to “the gram.” Social media platforms have given rise to competitions between users. Nowadays it’s all about who’s got the most outrageous post. It all started with statuses and then moved its way to pictures of food; who had the best meal? The epidemic that is “sharing everything” has spread like wildfire. People can be seen “gramming” or “snapping” in all situations.

Social Media Users Lack Common Sense: The ‘Sharing Everything' Disease

Innocent restaurant-goers are having their forks slapped right out of their hand so that the food remains perfect for the pic. The “sharing everything” illness resembles a virus that mutates into stronger and crazier forms.  No, it’s not actually an official illness or virus but it sure looks like one! It’s as if people are losing their common sense, getting into risky situations just to post the most fantastic pic on a daily newsfeed.

Snapchat’s “miles per hour” filter lead to multiple tragedies. Several users who were trying to record how fast they were going while driving got into accidents. Some of these accidents were fatal.  A lawsuit was set out against Snapchat, claiming they were responsible for the accidents.

Social Media Users Lack Common Sense: The ‘Sharing Everything' Disease

Snapchat won the case, turning the blame on the people who were irresponsibly “snapping” and driving. CEO’s of social media platforms were relieved by the outcome of the lawsuit and took further steps to ensure the same thing would not happen to them or their users. The Snapchat speed filter is now seen with a warning against using the filter while driving. 

Instagram is a social media platform with 150 million users. Younger generations are said to be giving up on the almighty Facebook and focusing a majority of their social media time on Instagram. The platform decided to fight against the “sharing everything” disease with a dosage of common sense for the users. Instagram has been keeping an eye out on the latest posting trends. They found that users are now forgetting about the dangers of wildlife and taking pictures with animals- you know, the living creatures that are naturally programmed to hunt and eat other living beings? Even when they’re not hunting, they are dangerous, especially in the wild.

Social Media Users Lack Common Sense: The ‘Sharing Everything' Disease

A man posing with a walrus was tragically killed. The animal was said to be playing but ended up dragging him underwater. News like this put “Insta” on high alert.

Instagram users have also developed a trend of taking pictures of endangered animals. Unfortunately, people abuse the social media platform to keep up a less than socially responsible lifestyle.Illegal selling and trading endangered animals, as well as animal abuse, is promoted on the platform. While Instagram does not take down these selfies, or posts that promote the illegal lifestyles, they sure let users know that what their doing might lead to a dark path.

Instagram issued warnings to users who type hashtags such as #lionpet, #tigerselfie, or #koalaselfie.

Social Media Users Lack Common Sense: The ‘Sharing Everything' Disease

Clearly, users are held to a high standard by Instagram. To many, these Snapchat and Instagram warnings are just common sense. Unfortunately, the “share everything” disease has fogged the minds of millions warranting these platforms to send out a reminder of what’s unsafe or irresponsible once in a while.

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