Stars of Today That Bear an Uncanny Resemblance to Beloved Old Hollywood Icons

Everything comes full circle, it seems. The great beauties and hunks of yesteryear are more relevant today than you think, judging by the similarities we’ve found between them and present-day celebrities. The faces of the rich and famous appear to creep up a lot when revisiting old Hollywood classics!

We’re sure that today’s stars grew up well aware of their good looks, but do you think they knew about their old Hollywood doppelgangers? Check out this list of celebrities who bear a strong resemblance to the icons of the past. You’d be forgiven for mistaking which one’s which!

Steven Tyler’s Surprisingly Strong Genetics

Actress Liv Tyler’s strong resemblance to Hollywood starlet Ava Gardner is clear. From their dark chocolate locks to their milky-fair complexion, these two could easily pass for sisters. Even down to the red lipstick; it only highlights more how similar their pout is!

It’s also clear to see why they are both heralded as beauties of their day. You wouldn’t think the daughter of Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler could spawn someone as fair as classic beauty Ms.Gardner! Regardless, her timeless good looks go to show just why they cast her as the elven beauty in The Lord of the Rings.

Which James is Which?

Cultural icon and Golden Age actor James Dean has been making the news lately, despite not having been with us for 64 years. A CGI effects company has been making a digitally resurrected version of the late star which could, in theory, make its way onto the big screen.

But it looks like they needn’t go to the trouble, as we have our very own James Dean of the modern age in real life! And he just happens to go by the same first name – take a look at the striking resemblance James Franco has to the icon. And to think, they weren’t alive at the same time… perhaps Franco is his reincarnation!

History Repeats Itself

Comedian and actress Maya Rudolph is known for hilarious impersonations of people such as Beyonce, Michelle Obama, along with other high figure personalities. But we’d sure like to see her take on gorgeous old Hollywood actress, Dorothy Dandridge.

Their likeness is uncanny and makes it all the more ironic that they’re both of the entertainment industry. With faces like theirs, however, it’s no surprise they were both drawn to being in front of the camera. If you’re not too familiar with either of their work, we can assure you that their talents measure up to their allure.

Differing Ancestry, Same Features

Actress Katherine Heigl is a dead ringer for and Golden Era’s legendary Judy Garland. They share a remarkable physical likeness but despite their American nationality, have mostly different ethnic backgrounds. Katherine Heigl is almost exclusively of German ancestry.

Judy Garland, however, traces her ancestry back to the British Isles – specifically Ireland, England, and Scotland. Nonetheless, the dramatic spirit is strong in these two, as is the bone structure. We’d personally love to see Heigl assume the role of Garland in any possible future biopic.

Deja Vu for Lauren Bacall

We knew we’d seen her before! Ex-Victoria’s Secret model Karlie Kloss appears to have fallen from the same tree as the siren of the Golden Age, Lauren Bacall. They share the same sultry eyes that make us feel like we’re seeing double.

With a resemblance like these two, we wonder if Kloss has been made aware of her twin of yesteryear? Or perhaps news of her younger doppelganger reached Bacall before her passing in 2014. After all, if they chose to masquerade as mother and daughter we wouldn’t question it.

Twinning With a Motown Legend

Actress Taraji P. Henson has a doppelganger in the form of Philadelphia’s Motown queen Tammi Terrell. Their smiles are eerily similar and make us feel a bit like we’re in the Twilight zone. They really do look like twin sisters, but its not just physical attributes Taraji is channeling from her 60’s double.

They’re both equally as adorable as each other, and even share a similar height. But not many people know that Taraji also has a substantial singing voice, providing vocals for a track that ended up winning the Academy Award for Best Original Song in 2006 – talk about twinning.

Interchangeable Individuals

Actress Charlotte Gainsbourg is guilty of mirroring musician Patti Smith during her younger years. They sport similar hairstyles, face shapes and their eyebrows are near identical. Now in her 70s, we wonder if Smith has clocked on to her English-French celebrity twin.

They also share similar styles, both opting for more masculine silhouettes and classic, minimal clothes. The fact that their hair is the same color, length, curl pattern and with bangs is also suspiciously alike. Perhaps Gainsbourg takes inspiration from the punk rock icon.

Comedienne Clones

Will & Grace star Debra Messing could easily pass as vintage comedic actress Lucille Ball. We’re surprised that their likeness even extends to their gorgeous red locks. But it’s their expressive faces that really make this a compelling pair of famous doppelgangers.

These two also share an affinity for comedic acting, both receiving nominations in recognition for their talent. Ball had been nominated for 13 Primetime Emmy Awards and won four throughout her life. Messing has been nominated for five Primetime Emmy Award nominations for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series and walked home with the award once in 2003. Uncanny!

Passing the Torch

Just look at the gorgeous smiles on both their faces. You’d think they’d have to be related with features as alike as these two! Singer and songwriter Brandy Norwood bears a remarkable resemblance to The Bill Cosby Show’s Olga James.

Where James pursued acting, Norwood had an affinity for music. At 90 years old, James has retired from showbiz life. Luckily, we have her doppelganger Norwood to continue gracing us with those beautiful features.

Get Bodied

People have spotted Ocean’s Twelve star Vincent Cassel’s impressive resemblance to iconic dancer Fred Astaire. They both share the same heart-shaped face – a broader forehead that tapers to a point at the chin. And despite what you might have initially understood, they have more in common than you might think.

French actor Cassel has a passion for a certain type of dance; the Afro-Brazilian martial art, Capoeira. Combining elements of dance, acrobatics, and music, it is an acrobatic and skillful performance that was developed by enslaved African’s in Brazil several centuries ago. While a very different type of dance to that of Astaire, both entertainers clearly have an affinity for movement!

Sisters in Fashion

Fashion model and member of the Kardashian clan, Kendall Jenner’s famous features have the catwalks and newspapers before – in the form of Actress and model of the ’70s, Ali Macgraw. With their raven-black locks, straight eyebrows and dark eyes, they appear to have quite a lot in common.

Now in her 80s, we’re sure Macgraw has plenty of wisdom she could share with the 24-year-old “it” girl. As someone with experience of being in the spotlight and navigating the complexities of fame as a young woman, perhaps Jenner could look to her retro-clone for inspiration.

Timeless Beauty in Contemporary Times

Daughter of English musician Phil Collins and actress in her own right, Lily Collins has been recognized as a look-a-like to film and fashion icon Audrey Hepburn for a while now. It’s easy to see why – her facial characteristics parallel those of the Breakfast at Tiffany’s starlet.

And the up-and-coming actress is happy to hear the comparisons: “I’m honored because she is a huge inspiration for me. She’s so timeless and she said so much with her eyes without saying anything at all. I loved her posture, the way she carried herself. She could be so endearing and make you cry and laugh. I loved her demeanor. She’s a total class act.”

Same Face, Different Day

There can’t be much more complimentary than being compared to the siren of the ’50s and ’60s, Bridget Bardot. But that’s the reality for actress Michelle Williams, who has been spotted as a close comparison to the pop culture icon. And the similarities extend beyond their blonde bed-hair.

With their button noses, hooded eyelids, and full cheeks; they really could be blood sisters. It looks like Williams might already have taken inspiration from her iconic double as she appears to be sporting long bangs similar to the style that Bardot popularized.

A Tough Comparison to Live up To

Rapper, singer-songwriter, actress, and producer – Queen Latifah has dipped her fingers in a lot over the years. But one comparison continues to follow her around, and it’s one we’re sure she’s happy to hear of. She bears a remarkable resemblance to Zora Neale Hurston, author, anthropologist, and filmmaker.

Hurston, civil rights activist and “patron saint of black women writers,” is considered the queen of the Harlem Resistance. She led a fascinating life and considering her doppelganger just so happens to be actress Queen Latifah, we’d love the opportunity to see her depict the folklorist in a biopic.

Transatlantic Twinning

Canadian actress Jessica Paré is best known as Megan Draper on the Mad Men TV series. But she’s also getting attention for her likeness to French singer-songwriter, model, and actress, Jane Birkin. And let’s face it; there are worse things to be compared to!

The fact that they’re from different continents just makes it all the more ironic that they look like they could be twins. Their facial similarities are only highlighted by their similar colors – brunette hair, blue eyes, and porcelain skin.

So That’s Why He’s Been Typecast

We’re used to seeing George Clooney in similar character roles – he’s frequently the sophisticated protagonist in the role of authority. Perhaps the reason he keeps being cast in this type is due to his physical similarities to actor Clark Gable, the prolific “King of Hollywood.”

Appearing in more than 60 motion pictures over the course of two decades, Gable’s film success could be said to mirror that of the From Dusk Till Dawn star. Clooney is one of the highest-grossing actors of all time, raking in over $1.9 billion total in the box office and maintaining $61.7 million on average per film.

Femme Fatale, Then and Now

As one of the early Playboy playmates, Jayne Mansfield was a glamor icon of the 50s. So it’s fitting that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles actress Megan Fox should be her modern-day reincarnation. Equally as captivating, they both share those youthful, seductive looks.

When you take away Mansfield’s signature peroxide blonde hair, it’s easier to see the resemblance between the two. And we’re sure Fox is aware of her comparability to the Hollywood siren. Fox always opts for classical flattering makeup and hair – taking inspiration from the greats!

Unforeseen Similarities

Alecia Beth Moore, also known as “P!nk,” has a tough, punky image that’s hard to forget. That’s why it’s all the more shocking to see how much she has in common with Kim Novak, American actress and star of Alfred Hitchcock’s infamous thriller Vertigo.

With their shock of peroxide blonde hair, arched eyebrows, and square jawlines, these two performers have an undeniable resemblance to each other. It’s all the more surprising as they have such opposing public images. One thing is for sure; they’re strikingly beautiful!

Glamorous Gals

As an actress from the Golden Age of Hollywood, Ginger Rogers had the famously good-looks and pin-up style that was familiar to the time. So its a stroke of good luck that her present-day doppelganger, Christina Aguilera, just so happens to love the hair, makeup, and clothes from that era.

Aguilera has made her love of all things vintage very apparent. She has frequently incorporated pin-up culture into her music videos and physical appearance. But it’s the facial similarity that’s really turning our head when comparing these two!

Method Matching

Cinema icon and method actor Marlon Brando may not be with us anymore, but we’ll still see him around – in the form of young actor Ansel Elgort. These two performers share the same broad face, deep brown eyes, and even the same beauty spot above the corner of their mouth!

And we can hardly think of a greater ego-boost than having your looks compared to those of a legend in film. But with that comes the pressure to live up to the Hollywood star. Let’s hope the up-and-coming actor doesn’t feel too burdened to fill the shoes of the late and great Marlon Brando.

Twinning With This Icon Bodes Well for Her Career

Bette Davis is an icon of the Golden Age of Cinema, often regarded as one of the greatest actresses to have lived. She enjoyed 60 years working in TV, film, and theatre, appearing in over 100 productions. Therefore, we think Elisabeth Moss can expect a long career ahead of her with her outstanding performance in Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale and the face of a Hollywood legend!

Moss shares Davis’ sharp jawline, plump lips, and down-turned nose, making her an easily marketable production choice. Not to mention the big doe eyes that both these actresses have to better connect with their audience. Especially on occasions when Moss opts for loose curls (above), she really channels that old Hollywood glam.

Clark Kent Vibes

Star of TV drama Lost and supernatural series The Vampire Diaries, Ian Somerhalder is surely well aware of his devilish good looks. But we’re not sure if he knows just how similar he is to the actor, director, and producer Rob Lowe, who shares his strikingly sharp jawline.

Come to think of it, they look so alike they seem unquestionably related! Their bright blue eyes and tuft of dark hair make these two gentlemen hard to ignore. And once you’ve seen it you can’t unsee it – these two have an undeniably strong resemblance to each other.

English Roses

This editorial photoshoot makes it easy to see why the English fashion model Jourdan Dunn’s looks are compared to that of singer-songwriter Sade. They both have an enviable complexion, accentuated by arched eyebrows and full lips.

Jourdan Dunn is often considered to be among the supermodels of today’s generation. However, she not the only one with fashion prowess. Sade studied fashion design at London’s Saint Martin’s School of Art in her youth and even modeled from time to time. These two gorgeous women have more than a little in common.

From One Sofia to Another

Italian actress Sophia Loren was one of the biggest stars of Classic Hollywood Cinema and one of the greatest beauties of old Hollywood. Luckily for us, her spirit lives on – in the form of the gorgeous Colombian-American actress Sofia Vergara.

Their warm brown eyes and luscious brunette manes are only the start of their similarities. Interestingly, Loren changed the spelling of her first name from “Sofia” to “Sophia” in order to make herself more appealing to a wider audience. Even the real spelling of Loren’s first name is the same as the Modern Family actress!

Sister’s From Another Mister

Actress Isla Fisher will be familiar to those of us who have seen Wedding Crashers, The Great Gatsby, or Now You See Me, among others. With her fiery red hair, she’s a hard one not to remember. That’s why we’re sure she’s familiar with comparisons to fellow red-head and Swedish-born American performer Ann-Margret.

However, it’s not just the color palette that’s making us look twice. Fisher’s porcelain skin and rosebud lips are a dead ringer for those of the retro actress, singer, and dancer. But funnily enough, they even have the same small stature. Both women stand at only 1.60 meters tall!

Uncovering Doppelgangers From the Land Down Under

Once hailed to be one of the most exciting up-and-coming actresses in Hollywood, Sharon Tate’s beauty was well-known. She had risen to fame through her modeling work and marriage. As one of the great beauties of her day, we’re sure Australian actress Rose Byrne would be happy to hear of her likeness to the ’60s “it” girl.

It’s easy to draw comparisons between both actresses. Their perfectly carved bone structure isn’t a common sight! When you add to the mixture their big brown eyes and equally inviting smiles, you’d be forgiven for mistaking them.

They Put a Spell on You

Ghanian-British actress Michaela Coel rose to fame after she created, wrote and starred as the lead in the TV show Chewing Gum. Now her talents have come to light, so have comparisons between herself and legendary singer-songwriter Nina Simone. Both these beautiful women have incredible talent to match.

Simone and Coel are totally twinning – those gorgeous dark brown eyes are hard to miss! Both women have also addressed the issues they faced growing up as black women in a racially-biased society, and incorporate their perspectives into their work.

Striking Women With a More Striking Resemblance

More than a few people have been spotting this particular match in Hollywood – today’s Jennifer Lawrence with yesterday’s Helen Mirren. The latter actress has only aged like fine wine, and if we were Lawrence we’d hope the similarities carry over!

As such stunning women, it’s easy to see how the camera has loved them all these years. But it’s not until they smile that you really see the striking resemblance. Their teeth, their lips, their cheeks – these guys look eerily alike when they grin.

Big Hair, Don’t Care

These two sirens of cinema are could easily pass as sisters, if not twins. American actress and businesswoman Eva Mendes is our modern-day Raquel Welch – the American actress and singer who broke the mold of archetypical women in cinema. As a brunette, she stirred the film scene in the ’60s and ’70s as a brunette in typically “blonde” female roles.

Mendes also has those envy-inducing chestnuts locks and amazonian build. Their facial features are also in line, so much so that we’re wondering if they aren’t somehow related. While their only connection may be their chosen profession, we can see a whole lot more that these two have in common.

Seeing Double

Model Bella Hadid is one of the hottest names in fashion today. But the catwalk was graced with those razor-sharp cheekbones long before Hadid stepped to it. Former supermodel Carla Bruni bears a particularly striking resemblance to the “it girl.”

This side by side shows just how similar they are to each other; it could easily be the same person. From the eyes to the nose to the lips, their features are near identical.

Similar in More Ways Than One

Ex-One Direction star Harry Styles has won many young girl’s hearts over with his handsome looks. But do you think his teenage fangirls would feel the same about Rolling Stones frontman, Mick Jagger? After all, there’s an undeniable resemblance between the two heartthrobs – just likely a different fanbase.

Both celebrities also have an affinity for music and have enjoyed a great deal of success from their endeavors. Styles was named the second on the Sunday Times Rich List of musicians in the UK under 30, with an estimated net worth of £58 million. Jagger, on the other hand, has a net worth of approximately $360 million.