Stars Who Literally Know Their Worth: Celebrities Who Insured Their Body Parts for the Weirdest Reasons

It may come as a shock to many of you that someone would ever insure their body parts. It’s hard to put a price on things, let alone people. However, celebs insuring body parts is not something unusual. This trend began back in the days of old Hollywood when ‘silent-silver screen’ star, Ben ‘Crosseyed’ Turpin insured his eyes for $25,000.

Image: Twitter

As you know, trends sometimes have a way of making history. Everyone from sports stars, models, actors and actresses have had certain body parts insured. In many cases, those prices are absolutely groundbreaking. Have you ever looked down at your legs and thought to yourself, ‘Wow, these things are worth millions?” Well, this list of big-name celebs made the moves to make that a fact.

America Ferrera Insured Her Smile for $10 Million

Are you wondering why this pretty young lady looks familiar to you? Have you watched the ABC TV series, Ugly Betty? America Ferrera plays the role of an ugly duckling with braces in the TV show. Isn’t that ironic? Of course, America doesn’t require braces as she needed throughout her role.

Image: Imgur

The actress took out the $10 million insurance for her smile and teeth back in 2006 in aid of raising awareness. This charity program is for women wanting to fix their teeth for employment purposes and for free! America later stated, “It’s so flattering having your smile insured for $10 million. I never imagined doing that.”

Adam Lambert Insured His Voice for $48 Million

Adam Lambert decided to have his voice insured for a whopping $48 million while he was preparing for various promotional appearances. His agent released a comment to the press, saying, “Insuring singers vocals is a big deal. Adam’s voice is his bacon.” Adam outspent Bruce Springsteen by $42.3 million.

Image: Pinterest / British GQ

Well, Adam isn’t leaving anything to chance when it comes to his voice. The American-Idol runner up decided that he could never risk anyone stealing his voice. Just joking. If I had an angelic-like voice and it was my career, I would probably do the same thing.

Rihanna Insured Her Legs for $1 Million

This isn’t a case of ‘I’m obsessed with my legs.’ Rihanna didn’t insure her own. After she was named the face of ‘Celebrity Legs of a Goddess’ by Gillette Razors, the company decided to have Rihanna’s stems insured in case of any scratches or damages for $1 million. Well, she has beautiful legs.

Image: Glamour Magazine

It’s hard to feel sorry for her that she had a company insuring her legs. One day when she’s old and ready to retire, she can enjoy the insurance while traveling the world. But can you imagine how much pressure that must be, having to rely on your body parts?

Ben Turpin Insured His Eyes for $25,000

Ben used to be one of the biggest film stars during the silent film days, thanks to his crosseyed trademark. While many people out there would much rather go and have this seen to or fixed, Ben Turpin felt very different about his eyes.

Image: Twitter

In fact, Ben made the best of it. When life hands you lemons, eat them. Instead of spending money on fixing his eyes, Ben had them insured. This was a precaution he took in case his eyes ever uncrossed. Thus began the celebrity insurance trend. I mean, we guess that makes sense seeing his career depended on his eyes.

David Beckham Insured His Body for $195 Million

Okay, ladies, let’s keep calm. The handsome and skilled ex-player, as you know, made millions while playing and was often seen as an untouchable and unbeatable soccer player. With this kind of attention financially and skillfully, the player found the need to insure his body.

Image: Tumblr

Players used to play rough with him due to his status. So, he decided to insure his body for $195 million in case of injury on the field. This is the highest recorded payment towards body-insurance in the history of sports. If we had bodies like David has, we’d also insure ourselves.

Jennifer Lopez Insured Her Behind for $27 Million

Jennifer, the feisty actress, dancer, singer, songwriter, author and fashion designer, has a significant insurance policy on her behind. Jennifer’s costs more than a villa or Lamborghini does. If any of you have seen it, you probably would agree with its value!

Image: Vogue

Even though Jennifer is famous for shaking what her mama gave her in tight-fitting clothes on stage, we are almost positive she would keep her career with her moves alone. Nonetheless, if you have an insurance company wanting to insure your backside, why not?

Cristiano Ronaldo Insured His Legs for $144 Million

Back in 2009, Cristiano’s team, Real Madrid, decided to take out an insurance policy on their most significant player to protect their investment. If you think Real Madrid valued their player by paying $144 million, then you will be shocked to hear that they also paid Manchester United 94 million euros. That’s quite an expensive transfer deal.

Image: Twitter

Cristiano made a statement saying, “Football in England is extremely different, it’s more engaging and physical. Some teams are aware of the fact that they can’t compete with you, so they kick you and try to cause damage somehow. It’s annoying, something had to be done to protect myself from injuries.”

Julia Roberts Insured Her Smile for $30 Million

Our golden girl. Julia has one of the friendliest, most beautiful smiles-and boy, does she love smiling too. If you remember watching television ten years ago, I’m sure you will remember various movies starring Julia Roberts and her beautiful smile!

Image: Marie Claire

Julia is widely known as the American actress with a big, pretty smile, hence paying $30 million to provide her mouth extra protection. It’s kind of hard to imagine what could possibly go wrong. However, the policy covers anything from cracked lips to serious mouth injuries or illnesses, anything that could potentially affect Pretty Women’s smile.

Troy Polamalu Insured His Hair for $1 Million

Let’s call Troy the man with the million-dollar hair. When we picture Troy, all we see is his black curly locks that stick out the sides of his helmet and runs down his back. Troy’s hair was insured by the shampoo brand called Heads and Shoulders. They kept his curls looking long and healthy for 11 years.

Image: Reddit / Steelers

With such information about insurance policies made public, it can make you a target to negative media or attention. Once Troy was playing a game, and of course, his prized mane was targeted by an opposition NFL player. Luckily, he failed in his attempt to ruin Troy’s look. Troy wears his million-dollar hair long and proud as an attribute to his Samoan heritage.

Mariah Carey Insured Her Legs for $1 Billion

We’ve probably all wondered how Mariah Carey reaches such high notes and manages to sound good while doing it. It’s not surprising if one would assume the singer would want to insure her most significant asset, her voice. However, this is not the case here.

Image: TMZ

The star decided to insure her legs instead, for a groundbreaking $1 Billion! Yes, you’re reading this right, a billion, not millions! Surprisingly, this happens to be one of the greatest insurance policies in the world ever to be taken out by a celebrity. Even though Mariah rarely tours and performs anymore, her insurance is still valid.

Gene Simmons Insured His Tongue for $1 Million

Many of us have conflicting opinions about this legendary bass guitarist. He used to put on quite the show for his fans out there. He wasn’t shy to go all out to make sure his fans were entertained and amazed by him. ‘Kiss’ wouldn’t have half his reputation if it wasn’t for his iconic tongue.

Image: Flickr

The frontman had his tongue insured in the early 1970s. Having been so famously known for his tongue move, he’d be crazy not to trademark it! You’re probably thinking the same thing we are, we don’t think he knows that he has competition with Miley Cyrus.

Taylor Swift Insured Her Legs for $40 Million

Like Mariah, the famous pop singer Taylor insured her legs for $40 million, purposely neglecting her voice because she feels confident she will never lose it. We know that $40 million sounds like a lot to pay for legs (Not forgetting Mariah’s insurance for $1 billion).

Image: Twitter

However, it’s not a lot at all for Taylor. Did you know that in 2017 when she released her album Reputation, her album earned her just over $1 million a day for the whole entire year? After making so much, insuring her toned legs for $40 million doesn’t sound as bad as it did before. Additionally, keep in mind that this insurance policy can cover anything from blemishes to shaving wounds.

Merv Hughes Insured His Mustache for $370,000

A few of you might not recognize this Australian cricketer. If you are into sports, you might have heard of him or seen him on tv with his ‘stache. Merv has been rocking this bristly handlebar style mo’ for quite some time now. He eventually decided to have it insured during his cricketing days.

Image: Movember

Even though he was quite the prominent player on the field back in his day, he might also be remembered for his drinking talents and dashing ‘mo in the ’90s. Don’t worry, if you want to grow a large mustache like Mervyn’s, we don’t think he’d mind.

Heidi Klum Insured Her Legs for $2 Million

Who doesn’t know Heidi? She’s only one of the most beautiful Victoria Secret models ever. She is gorgeous inside and out. We wouldn’t be shocked if she insured her entire body but that’s not the case here. The famous model insured her legs purely because there is a chance she could miss a step while strutting her stuff down the walkway.

Image: Pinterest / CelebMafia

The funny thing is though, Heidi reportedly has a scar on her left leg. Unfortunately, her left leg is a little less valuable than her right one. Isn’t that strange? Throughout the years, Heidi has made a good living off her modeling career, her commercials and TV shows. Monthly payments for her insurance policy shouldn’t be that much of a headache.

Jimmy Durante Insured His Nose for $50,000

Don’t you adore people with a good sense of humor and a peaceful spirit? Why feel bad about yourself or your appearance? Who decides what’s different or beautiful in society? This classic comedian used to make endless jokes about his “Shnozzola,” eventually making it his trademark.

Image: Pinterest / Kay D’Angelo

Jimmy loved his trademark so much that he eventually decided to insure his nose back in the 1940s. Keep in mind that in those days, the $50,000 was a lot of money back then. If you aren’t sure who Jimmy is, he was an American singer, comedian, pianist, and actor.

Kim Kardashian- West Insured Her Behind for $21 Million

The one and only, Mrs. Kim K West, who everyone loves to hate and love at the same time. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star is famous for her killer curves. If you had such a well-known hourglass figure and you were in her financial position, wouldn’t you insure your behind too?

Image: Pinterest / Zorairis

Well, Kim surprisingly wasn’t the one who decided to insure her backside. No, friends, that would be Kanye West. Kanye, a proud hubby who loves his wife for all she’s worth chose to invest in those assets. He paid quite the price to insure the stars behind.

Gennaro Pelliccia Insured His Tastebuds for $13 Million

We know this sounds odd and hard to believe but this is entirely normal. A lot of people find themselves insuring their tastebuds this way. Gennaro Pelliccia is Costa Coffee’s chief taste tester. So yes, his tastebuds are essential.

Image: Flickr

With an annual turnover of over $282 million for Costa Coffee, it’s probably in their best interest to make sure their No. 1 star’s tastebuds are in perfect shape. After 18 years of experience, Gennaro can distinguish the difference between 1000 different tastes. Can you imagine having such a unique skill?

Dolly Parton Insured her Chest Twice, for $4.4 Million

Global icon Dolly Parton initially insured her chest for a sum of $600,000 back in the early ’70s, which is understandable. However, what’s odd, to say the least, is that she recently took out another insurance policy on her chest for $3.8 million.

Image: Youtube

Strange decisions like these can’t help but raise questions. Why would she need such a hefty insurance policy on her chest if she no longer performs music or television? Let’s put it this way, if the Queen of Nashville suddenly suffers from a deflating chest, we wouldn’t be surprised, if you know what we mean.

Daniel Craig Insured His Whole Body for $9.5 Million

Well, even James Bond requires a bit of protection from time to time. It’s only natural. Daniel Craig was asked to perform his own stunts during the James Bond movie, so it’s no wonder he had his whole body insured! Have you seen the crazy moves he performs?

Image: Reforma

Daniel performed life-threatening stunts like jumping off buildings, high-speed chases and helicopter rides in most of his 007 movies! I guess if your career depends on such high risks it’s only reasonable to have your entire body insured. Well, we are glad you finished filming and came out healthy. Now go and enjoy a martini!

Tina Turner Insured Her Legs for $3 Million

Tina Turner may not be in her prime anymore but that does not mean that she still hasn’t got it. The beautiful, American-Swiss singer still adores her famously long legs. After insuring them for $3 million, she always takes good care of her legs, keeping them in tip-top condition.

Image: Tina Turner Blog

Tina Turner had chosen quite a busy career path involving a lot of activities like dancing, acting and performing. Of course, anyone could fall or get hurt at any given time. This is different. Strutting your stuff around in heels all day long can be quite dangerous.

Papa John Insured His Hands for $15 Million

Yes, the ex-pizza CEO had his dough-tossing hands insured. His golden, million-dollar hands are worth more than a house, coming in at $15 million! If you think about it, each finger costs $1.5 million! Next time you eat a Papa John Pizza, know that hands worth millions created your pizza recipe!

Image: Thrill List

The custom-made policy would cover anything if something were to happen to his precious hands. According to the insurance company, Johns’s hands are the key ingredient in the pizza chains’ success, one of the world’s biggest. All this time, we assumed the key was the garlic sauce.

Madonna Insured Her Chest for $2 Million

If you are a fan of Madonna’s or you have watched one of her music videos, you know that Madonna has no limits. Whether it’s through crazy gorgeous outfits or her perfectly choreographed dance routines, Madonna will do anything to keep her fans happy. If we had to guess what she’d insure, we’d think it would be her voice or her legs.

Image: Vanity Fair

Madonna does have very toned legs and a very toned body. However, that was the least of her worries. She decided to invest in the health of her chest to have them protected. Many of us would say that her cone and studded bras seem to be the only critical factors here.

Miley Cyrus Insured Her Tongue for $1 Million

Various insurance policies seem reasonable, whether it is a long-term investment or for injury purposes. However, Miley seems to have thought of the un-thinkable, tongue insurance. As odd as that may sound, Miley the ‘Twerk Queen’ paid a lot to ensure her tongues safety.

Image: Glamour

One might find this investment odd. But you never know…After all, she always has her tongue out. To make things easier understanding her actions, it’s her signature move, camera= pull a tongue!

Holly Madison Insured Her Chest for $1 Million

This Playboy princess appears to be afraid of the unknown with her implants. Media and fans are always complaining or advising Holly, saying that her balloons could explode at any moment. All those comments could make you insecure and live in fear. So, why not insure them?

Image: Fox News

The Girls Next Door star made her big decision while filming in her Las Vegas show. Her policy covers a range of things that could potentially bring her harm. Let’s hope Hugh’s ex-gal won’t suffer from plastic surgery failures or any other health failures!

Brooke Shields Insured Her Legs for $1 Million

Brooke Shields first shot to stardom as a child actress, and everybody knew her name after starring in her breakthrough movie, Pretty Lady in 1978. She then made a career out of her undeniable acting talents, modelesque looks, and was well-known for her spectacularly long gazelle-like legs.

Image: IMDb

Actually, throughout her career, one of her most infamous assets has always been her long, goddess legs. So, she did what any multi-millionairess actress would do in her position. She wasn’t prepared to take any leg-breaking risks as an actress, so she insured her goddess limbs for a cool $1 million.

Bruce Springsteen Insured His Vocal Cords for $6 Million

The gravelly sounding rock icon, Bruce Springsteen first rose to fame in the 1970s with his acclaimed album Born to Run. He has since managed to wow us with his gravelly-like vocal talents for over five decades, earning him the reputation of “The Boss.”

Image: Dailymotion

Bruce is now one of the world’s best selling artists and was even inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. So, since, his whole career gravitates around his gravelly rock voice, he made sure he was the boss of that too and insured his vocal chords for a whopping $6 million.

Kylie Minogue Insured Her Derriere for $5 Million

After the Australian “Princess of Pop” Kylie Minogue strutted out in her gold shorts in her infamous “Spinning Around” video, fans far and wide were spellbound. While she had already proved that she has the talent, looks and star quality, the video plunged her derriere right into the limelight.

Image: Daily Mail

The pop princess first broke out in the 1980s and never seems to age. She’s still spinning around, shaking her booty, wowing us with her talents, now and looks better than ever. Just to be on the safe side, she insured her infamous derriere for $3 million. She defended how “You never know what the future holds. It could become a pear.”

Keith Richards Insured His Middle Finger for $1.6 Million

In one of the strangest insurance sightings on our list, the legendary Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards opted to insure his finger. It wasn’t just any old finger, it was specifically the middle finger on his left hand, and he insured it for a staggering $1.6 million.

Image: Medium

Now for any musician who ranks as one of the greatest guitarists of all time, it might seem natural to insure the asset that you use to strum your guitar. We’re talking about both hands. But Keith Richards is no ordinary rock star, he’s always been a little eccentric, so perhaps he’ll insure one of the other fingers soon.

Wine Expert Angela Mount Insured Her Tastebuds for $17 Million

After landing one of the most enviable careers on the planet, Angela Mount has made a name for herself as a wine connoisseur and gets paid to literally sample and buy wine for Britain’s chain, Somerfield. She’s even earned her worthy reputation as the “woman with the golden tongue.”

Image: The Nation

While she is now famous for her expensive taste, she’s also even more famous for insuring her tastebuds for a jaw-dropping $17 million. She defends how, “my taste buds are vital to my job because I sample thousands of wines for quality control and to find new wines to sell.”

Betty Gable Insured Her Legs for $1 Million

As another shining Hollywood starlet from the 1940s, Betty Gable made a name for herself as an actress, singer, pin-up girl and dancer. Her movie career grossed over $100 million in the box office. She was also well-known for her “million-dollar legs.”

Image: Blue Velvet Vintage

Betty was well aware of her prized assets, and famously quipped how, “I became a star for two reasons, and I’m standing on them.” So she wasn’t taking any risks and insured her long, luscious legs for literally a million dollars.

Dancer Michael Flatley Insured His Feet for $51.8 Million

American-Irish dancer, Michael Flatley wowed us all with his fast-moving feet in show-stopping musicals like Riverdance and The Lord of The Dance. As a testament to his success, he’s credited with reinventing and popularizing Irish dancing for the modern generation of show-goers.

Image: New Jersey

Just as Michael sold-out arenas, he also broke the Guinness Record for his lightning-fast tap-dancing feet. So after years of crowd-pleasing dancing, he decided to insure his precious agile feet for a cool $51.8 million. He cited how it was only practical, after years of dancing had “wrecked his body”.

Bette Davis Insured Her Waist for $28,000

As one of the starlets from the Golden age of Hollywood, Bette Davis earned a reputation as one of the greatest actresses in showbiz history. While she was renowned for her acting talents, she was also known for her diminutive waist.

Image: Harper’s Bazaar

So, while she was at the peak of her career, the next natural step was to insure her waist for $28,000. Back in the day, this was quite a hefty sum and the equivalent of $2 million today. Interestingly, the reason was to insure herself against weight gain, and we could all do with a little protection against that!

Fernando Alonso Insured His Thumbs for $13 Million

Formula One Champion, Fernando Alonso has dominated the world of motor-racing for a while now, and is considered a national hero in his home country of Spain. So since he makes a living out of his world-class driving agility, he’s also jumped on the insurance bandwagon.

Image: Wiki News

For Alonzo, his thumbs are his driving weapon and essential to his career. So he insured just his thumbs, not the rest of his fingers for a whopping $13 million. The logic behind this specific insurance claim is that “a sign of victory and that everything is under control and well-protected.” 

Jamie Lee Curtis Insured Her Legs for $2.8 Million 

After her breakout role in the cult 70s horror movie, Halloween, Jamie-Lee Curtis earned a reputation for herself as the “Scream Queen.” She has since become one of the most recognizable faces in showbiz, with a string of hits to her name, and a star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Image: Fanpop

While Jamie was at the peak of her career, she appeared in movies like Perfect as a fitness instructor and some commercials for L’Eggs Pantyhose. Since she was already making a fortune out of her enviable pins, she decided to protect her prized long-legged assets for a massive $2.8 Million.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Insured Her Chest for $2.5 Million

Looking at Jennifer, it’s hard to guess what she decided to insure considering how beautiful she is from head to toe. Turns out, she insured her 36c ‘chest’ for $2.5 million each. We understand that this may seem ridiculous to many for valid reasons, we get the feeling too. Regardless, it’s a smart move!

Image: Reddit

Jennifer had her chest ‘done,’ and sometimes augmentations come with a lot of risks. Wanting to ensure something doesn’t go wrong with her implants makes total sense. Insurance doesn’t only cover damages, keep in mind that we tend to age, making gravity our greatest enemy. One day Jen will be proud of her investment.