Fashion trends in the year 1969 are the reason why, if we were ever to do high school again, we’d want it to be in 1969! It stands as a monumental year in fashion history. All rules were shattered while room for new trends arose. 1969 kept it classy, sexy and free-spirited all at once. Strong geometric shapes, pops of bright and bold colors, and bell bottoms are just a few characteristics of the disruptive yet brilliant style revolution.

A noteworthy influence on 60’s trends is the decade’s introduction to color. TV’s, movies and magazines went from black and white to the whole ROYGBIV spectrum, and people loved it! For women’s clothing, the modest and feminine aspects of designs were thrown aside as hemlines crept way above the knee- hello thighs! The shortened shorts, dresses and skirts resulted in the substantial popularity of women’s trousers. Trousers went from being pants worn to get down and dirty in the countryside; to a to fun, flowy and cute trend. At this time in fashion history, there was a heavy emphasis on clothes at were easy to wear like overalls, flared playsuits and other loose clothing. This year’s eclectic collection of fashion trends made waking up to get ready for school an absolute blast…of color that is!