Fads, trends, and challenges come and go like seasons. They can be cool, short lasting, and more often than not,  they’re strange. Remember when people used to take pictures “planking” on literally anything? What about the cinnamon challenge? People actually shoved a spoonful of cinnamon into their mouths, knowing it’ll make them cough like crazy.

A lot of times the latest viral trend ends after people get hurt while doing it. It’s sad and unexpected. No one thought planking, or having a bunch of cinnamon in your mouth would be harmful, but it turns out it is.

This year’s newest trend seems to be based on a huge lack of common sense. All lines were crossed when teens started posting videos of themselves chewing on laundry detergent pods. It’s just another time millennials have you looking up at the sky, wondering “why?”

Popular Everything is going to go out on a limb and say, that this might be the most obviously dangerous trends of all time. Even with the aspect of danger put aside, this isn’t cinnamon people are eating; it’s soap! That bitter stuff your parents threaten to wash your mouth with when you use bad words. It’s a punishment, so why? Why purposely eat soap?

The trend started after a satirical news organization, The Onion, posted a video of a man eating the laundry detergent pods because they looked “tasty.” What was meant to be a joke became a dangerous reality? An employee at the Florida Poison Information Center said that any amount of ingested detergent from the pods could cause serious vomiting, diarrhea, and even, in extreme cases, death. After eating the pods, people are advised to drink water or milk then call poison control. However, Popular Everything advises people not to eat them at all!