Whether you fall into the category of health freak or are guilty of some junk in your trunk, Popular Everything assures you there are loads of dirty, little secrets you don’t know about your favorite foods.

Ten Foods That Are Bad and You Should Never Eat - Brazil Nuts and Beets

As the number of web-spews increases daily, misleading health-theories have become more and more common. Consequently, we don’t blame you for being brainwashed by all the bull-crap lies of clueless bloggers. With that being said, it’s essential for your well-being to do some research before you believe anything. Popular Everything is here to educate you, hoping that the next time you’re about to shove a McNugget down your throat, maybe you’ll think twice.  Be sure to send us a thank you card for saving your life!

1. Left Over Rice

Ten Foods That Are Bad and You Should Never Eat - Left-over Rice

Known as one of the healthier carbohydrates out there, rice is a universally adored dish. However, if you’re a left-over-lover, you better be careful because next-day-rice can be more toxic than Britney Spears. If cooked rice is left at room temperature, bacteria can develop if reheated and produce toxins which can cause vomiting and diarrhea. So, next time you’re about to stuff your face with last night’s Chinese take-out, you better toss it out or eat it cold if you don’t want to have an unwanted accident at work.

2. Nutella – Spreadable Lies

Ten Foods That Are Bad and You Should Never Eat - Nutella

So, you’re craving something sweet but don’t want to end up looking like Fat Amy. Nutella is one of the most popular go-to-foods for sugar lovers. While many think it’s a relatively healthy choice, Popular Everything is going to reveal the ugly truth of your beloved hazelnut-delicacy. For starters, Nutella is filled with sugar, fat, MSG, sodium and tiny grams of protein. Also, the spread contains a whole lot of modified palm oil which is toxic to our bodies.

3. Splenda- Sweet Sucker

Ten Foods That Are Bad and You Should Never Eat - Splenda

Though Splenda has been marketed as a great sugar-substitute, it has some detrimental side effects. For one, consuming Splenda can impair your appetite regulation and cause weight gain. Also, studies have proved that Splenda decreases the good bacteria in your gut and increases the pH level in your intestines. Our advice? Stick to brown sugar or just eat fruit!

4. Processed American Cheese

Ten Foods That Are Bad and You Should Never Eat - American Cheese

Resembling yellow plastic, American cheese is one, huge food disaster. While its bland taste and strange texture are appetizing to some, this stuff cannot be legally called cheese. American cheese includes less than 51 percent real cheese, and the rest is a concoction of artificial crap. Don’t believe us? Consider that American cheese has a six-month shelf life, so it’s packed with additives and materials that shouldn’t be put into your body.

5. McNuggets

Ten Foods That Are Bad and You Should Never Eat - McNuggets

McNuggets are one of the most popular finger-fast-foods in the industry. While these divine creations are made of a lean meet, which might appear to be a healthy advantage, the other ingredients McDonald’s adds in, make its nutritional value questionable. McNuggets consist of 75 percent fat and contain many harmful substances such as TBHQ, which is a petroleum derivate, found in pesticides, cosmetics, and perfumes. This chemical has scientifically proven to be linked to stomach tumors. More like McYikes!

6. Coconut Oil

Ten Foods That Are Bad and You Should Never Eat - Coconut Oil

We hate to break it to you, but America’s current biggest health fads, coconut oil, isn’t exactly so beneficial to your health. This oil is extremely high in saturated fat which can lead to high cholesterol levels and potentially causes heart attacks. 

7. Trix

Ten Foods That Are Bad and You Should Never Eat - Trix Cereal

One of the more popular cereals in America, Trix are claimed to be just “for kids.” However, Popular Everything is here to let you know that these delicious, colorful balls are incredibly high in corn syrup, sugar and artificial flavorings, all detrimental to your health. So, no, Silly Rabbit, Trix are not for kids or any human, for that matter. 

8. Brazil Nuts

Ten Foods That Are Bad and You Should Never Eat - Brazil Nuts

A favorite health food, Brazilian nuts, can be surprisingly hazardous to your body. Aside from being high in calories and fat, if over-consumed, these nuts can cause selenium toxicity which causes brittle hair and nails. Also, they can cause diarrhea, rashes, bad breath and spotty, colored teeth. Nuts, huh?

9. Microwave Popcorn

Ten Foods That Are Bad and You Should Never Eat - Microwave Popcorn

We all enjoy an occasional movie night and microwave popcorn is usually part of the deal. Despite it being a product of corn, which is supposedly healthy, there are harmful consequences to eating this salty snack. There’s a chemical in microwave popcorn called diacetyl, which can cause lung problems and the substance, PFOA, which is toxic and labeled as a human carcinogen. Gastrointestinal issues, weight gain, tooth damage are also potential consequences of eating this stuff. You’re better off eating home-made popcorn.

10. Beets

Ten Foods That Are Bad and You Should Never Eat - Beets

Although beets are known as precious gifts of the ground, they aren’t exactly as healthy as you think. We won’t deny that they’re healthier than a double cheeseburger, but you might be surprised by the severe side effects these purple thingies can have on your body. Kidney stones, rashes, unstable blood pressure levels, tummy aches, and liver harm are all potential consequences of eating this veggie.

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