We all have that one friend who suffers from a severe case of germophobia and battles the agonizing fear of suffering a painful death if he or she doesn’t get a daily dosage of sanitizer… Now, we’re not by any means trying to be judgey here, but come on, this friend is a little over the top, don’t you think? FALSE! Popular Everything hates to break it to you, but it turns out many objects, used daily, are much dirtier than you think. If you claim it’s bogus, make sure to explore this exclusive archive, suffused with all the secrets and germy truths of your everyday objects. Let’s just say, by the time you’re done reading this; you’ll most likely find yourself on an unexpected antibacterial-product shopping spree.

1. Gas Pump

Pump it banananana – but be sure to wash your hands after, because this bad boy is fueled by more than petrol. Gas pumps are infested with the germs of every person that ever laid hands on them. So, the next time you’re licking some Cheeto powder off your fingers, remember there was a pumper before you, that might have forgotten to wash his hands after using the toilet.