We all have that one friend who suffers from a severe case of germophobia and battles the agonizing fear of suffering a painful death if he or she doesn’t get a daily dosage of sanitizer… Now, we’re not by any means trying to be judgey here, but come on, this friend is a little over the top, don’t you think? FALSE! Popular Everything hates to break it to you, but it turns out many objects, used daily, are much dirtier than you think. If you claim it’s bogus, make sure to explore this exclusive archive, suffused with all the secrets and germy truths of your everyday objects. Let’s just say, by the time you’re done reading this; you’ll most likely find yourself on an unexpected antibacterial-product shopping spree.

1. Gas Pump

Pump it banananana – but be sure to wash your hands after, because this bad boy is fueled by more than petrol. Gas pumps are infested with the germs of every person that ever laid hands on them. So, the next time you’re licking some Cheeto powder off your fingers, remember there was a pumper before you, that might have forgotten to wash his hands after using the toilet.

2. Shopping Cart

Taking an occasional trip to your local market is something we all do, with the awareness that some harm might come to our wallets. But damage our health? Now, that’s a new one. Believe it or not, but every time you lay your little fingers on a shopping cart, you’re secretly egging on a fierce army of germs. Don’t freak out; all you need to do is disinfect the handle with an antibacterial wipe, and those germy suckers will be running for their lives in no time!

3. Public Bathroom Stall Latch

Let’s talk about public bathroom stall latches. Locking the door might protect you from stranger danger, but it won’t save you from the threat of the malicious bacteria, thriving on those nasty stall latches. Think about how many people have emptied their bowels and then unlocked the door, with unwashed hands. If you think that’s disgusting, consider those latches are NEVER cleaned. Our advice? Unlock the door with some toilet paper gloves or just hold it in for god’s sake.

4. ATM

Before you punch in that PIN and discover the money you don’t have, be warned that those machines are seriously infected with harmful bacteria called Bacillus and Pseudomonads. If you don’t know what those are, that’s okay because we don’t either. What you DO need to know is to disinfect your hands afterward and you should be A-Okay!

5. Drinking Fountain

Mostly lurking in school hallways and park zones, drinking fountain spigots can carry over 2.5 million bacteria per square inch. That’s five times dirtier than anything we’ve mentioned on this list, so far. Do yourself a favor, and buy your own bottle of water.

6. Escalator Rail

Riding an escalator can be a thrilling experience to some and holding onto the rails, is a classic safety precaution. But have you ever considered whose beastly hands were on those rails first? Maybe a kid who picks his nose and eats it, maybe a cat lady, who enjoys licking fish off her fingers, or perhaps a homeless dude, whose last shower was in 1987? Shall we continue?

7. Parking Meter

When you pay for parking, you’re simultaneously gifting your hands with a benevolent basket, bountiful in bacteria. As parking meters are objects handled by many different people, it’s only inevitable that they be a popular bacteria estate and a serious health hazard. So, before you reverse, remember to whip out that Purell and clean those infected hands!

8. Beard Hair

Hipsters, listen up! Your beloved beards may be a little dirtier than stylish, as studies have proven beards are one of the sneakiest culprits of germ- spreading. Particles found in beard hair have been compared to the bacteria found in your poo, meaning that bush is as dirty as a toilet. If that doesn’t phase you, maybe the nest of creepy crawlers often found inside, will. Just saying…

9. Elevator Buttons

There’s really no need for an extensive explanation. Elevators are used by thousands of people, every day. Think about how many gruesome fingers have touched the buttons and then think of all the germs they carry… Get us a bucket please, cuz we need to hurl!

10. Fridge Handle

Let’s be real, how often do you clean your fridge handles? If your answer is never, you should probably grab some Lysol and spray that bacteria away!

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