Team Hoyt: The Incredible Story of a Father & Son Who Broke All Barriers

    This is the story of two men who were determined to break all boundaries. Rick and Dick Hoyt have run hundreds of street races, marathons and even triathlons as a team. When everyone told them they can’t, they went on and made sure that they could. Rick Hoyt was born with cerebral palsy. Doctors told his parents that Rick would never be able to do anything and that he had very little brain function.

    The news was hard for them to handle, but there was something about Rick that gave them the feeling that the doctors were wrong about his abilities. Only until one extraordinary opportunity came their way did they realize just how right they were and how wrong the rest of the world was. Their story proves that there are no boundaries when it comes to love, and it’s inspired so many people, including Ben Affleck, to be better. Just when they were about to listen to the “professionals,” the Hoyts learned something incredible was going on, they just needed the tools to fully understand it. Once they got a hand of it, they discovered way more than they ever expected that they would. Here’s what Rick Hoyt’s parents discovered about him. Prepare to be shocked!