The Joker Stairs in NYC Have Become the Latest Tourist Attraction and Fans Can’t Get Enough

Ever since the release of the hit motion picture, Joker, DC fans have found a new obsession that has brought about a surprising tourist attraction. Director Todd Philips certainly worked hard to make his new Batman spinoff drama a success, but we’re sure even he’s surprised by how much recognition it’s getting. Fans are overjoyed at the latest Joker news to surface into the public domain.

Image: The Hollywood Inquirer

If you were keen to re-enact one of the most memorable scenes from the two-hour thriller, all you need to do is head over to the Big Apple. That’s right, Popular Everything is taking you through how the iconic coined “Joker Stairs” have become accessible to the public in New York City, and have quickly become the most booming tourist attraction.

How These Stairs Featured in the Movie

One of the many aspects of the Joker movie that people are obsessing over is its portrayal of a more gritty and urban scene from Gotham City, that we don’t often get to see in the original Batman series. For Mr. Phillips, capturing that realist nature was paramount, so filming in genuine locations such as Brooklyn and the Bronx helped out tremendously; film studios are just so overrated these days.

Image: WORLD of DANCE Magazine

It was in this New York City borough that the Joker put his best foot forward. He danced while descending physically down an outdoor staircase, and metaphorically into his new, criminal mastermind persona. Of course, this scene went down a treat with the loyal Joker fans; many even likening it to one of the greatest cinematic moments of the year. Keen to immerse themselves in this tense movie as much as possible, the fans immediately began their quest to track down the said staircase. Given how open this location is to the public, their search (luckily) didn’t last too long.

The Joker fans don’t do anything by halves, you know. Visiting these steps doesn’t merely involve showing up, snapping a few photographs and returning back home. For this dedicated team, visiting the Bronx staircase is a full-fledged organized day out; and we’ve got the pictures to prove it.

One of the Most Photographed Staircases Ever

Channeling your inner Joaquin Phoenix has never been such an eagerly anticipated pursuit. Fans have been arriving at the staircase located at Shakespeare Avenue in Highbridge as early as 9 o’clock in the morning. They’re all keen to get their photographs before the site gets too packed with other visitors looking to do the exact same thing.

It would appear that even factors such as distance won’t stop the public from getting their desired staircase shot. According to reports, the new tourist attraction isn’t just reeling in local fans, but international ones too. That’s right, people have traveled overseas to set their eyes on the Joker Stairs.

Image: Mail Online

What’s so unique about this particular attraction, is it’s accuracy to the original. A lot of people visit film locations, filled with disappointment as they appear a lot less grand-looking to what they were presented with during the movie. Not this time, though! Todd’s need to keep things 100% real in his movie project, means the stairs are as impressive as the onscreen version.

How to Pay the Iconic Attraction a Visit

If you’re feeling a little inspired to get into the Joker’s evil genius-like mind, visiting the Bronx staircase couldn’t be easier; just a single stop from the iconic Yankee Stadium, and just a quick walk from Manhattan’s 167th Street 4 station. With travel as easy as this, it’s no wonder the site has suddenly been filled with visitors, posing for Instagram photos.

Image: The Hollywood Inquirer

To hone in just how busy this new attraction has become, locals to the area had a few words to say about it all. One resident noted that “Nobody paid attention to this thing before (…) It’s actually nice to see all these people doing this.” Given how populated the Bronx area is with staircases, this doesn’t come as too much of a surprise. It just goes to show what an impact a good movie can have on the world.