The Kids of Our Favorite Rock Stars Grew up to Look Just Like Their Parents

Rock and roll has seen its fair share of legendary faces. Many icons who rose to fame years ago are still making music today while others have pursued new careers or have since passed away. No matter where they are, most rock gods and goddesses have long left their rebellious days behind them and have entered the wonderful world of parenthood.

The Kids of Our Favorite Rock Stars Grew up to Look Just Like Their Parents 79

While some rock and roll offspring are following in the musical footsteps of their parents, others have decided to pave a path of their own. Regardless, it’s clear that the apple does not fall far from the tree. Whether it’s through their carbon copy features or their shadowing of creative pursuits, these sons and daughters of our favorite rock stars have obviously taken after their parents.

John Lennon & Sean Lennon

It’s safe to say that the son of John Lennon and Yoko Ono, Sean Lennon has taken after his late father in more ways than one. Not only does he bare an uncanny resemblance to the Beatles frontman with his carbon copy eyes, lips, nose, and jawline, but he is also following in John’s footsteps when it comes to his musical pursuits.

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With both his parents in the arts and music scene, 44-year-old Sean was introduced to his musical passion at a young age. Since his early childhood collaborations with his mother, Sean has been a part of several musical projects as a musician, songwriter, and producer.

Bruce Springsteen & Jessica Rae Springsteen

As the daughter of Bruce Springsteen and Patti Scialfa, both members of the E Street band, you would assume Jessica would also find herself in music. However, the 28-year-old instead found success in a completely different line of work. Jessica Springsteen is a notable professional equestrian.

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And sure she shares the same sultry stare, pouty lips, and rock and roll swagger as her father, but that doesn’t mean she had to follow directly in his footsteps. As a showjumping champion, Jessica has been horseback riding since she was four years old and has since ridden her way to the 2012 U.S. Summer Olympic team.

Courtney Love & Frances Bean Cobain

In the case of Frances Bean Cobain, it seems clear that she got her looks and style from her mama. As the only daughter of the late Nirvana frontman, Kurt Cobain and Hole frontwoman, Courtney Love, Frances was born into the rock and roll lifestyle, both for good and for bad.

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After losing her father and temporarily being taken out of the mother’s custody when she was a child, it’s understandable that Cobain decided to find a different path than that of her parents. After attending Bart College to study art, at 27 years old, today Frances Cobain is both a visual artist and a model.

Tommy Lee & Dylan Jagger Lee

As the younger son of Baywatch’s Pamela Anderson and Mötley Crüe’s Tommy Lee, 22-year-old Dylan Jagger Lee, and his older brother Brandon Thomas were bound to have an unordinary upbringing. Despite this, throughout their childhood, both made an honest effort to avoid the limelight. The brothers even went to boarding school in Vancouver Island to avoid the Hollywood lifestyle.

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After returning to Los Angeles, when he was 21 it didn’t take long for Dylan to realize he shared his dad’s love for music. Dylan is currently a member of the band Midnight Kids, which strays quite significantly from Mötley Crüe’s glam metal genre. Dylan has also dipped his toes in the world of modeling, which makes sense since he clearly took after his father in the dashing good looks department.

Bono & Eve Hewson

28-year-old Eve Hewson is the second of four children for U2 frontman, Bono, and activist Alison Hewson. The green-eyed girl has taken a lot after her musical father, including her pursuit of fame, despite her father’s warnings to avoid it. Hewson’s artistic passions brought her to the world of acting rather than music.

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Eve made her acting debut in 2005 in the short film Lost and Found and made her feature-length debut in 2008 in The 27 Club. She has since been in several TV series and movies and is most recently, set to appear in an upcoming Netflix thriller, Behind Her Eyes.

Sting & Eliot Paulina Sumner

Lead singer of the Police and famed solo artist Sting has had six kids since he began his journey into fatherhood. Each of which have taken some form of a creative avenue in their career paths. Sting’s second to youngest child, 29-year-old daughter Eliot Paulina Sumner not only takes after her father in the looks department but has also found commonality in her love for music.

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Eliot began writing songs when she was 15 and signed her first record deal just two years later. She released her debut album, The Constant in 2010 under the band name I Blame Coco. She has released two studio albums since then, Information in 2016 and Nosferatu in 2019. Sumner has also explored a career in acting, taking after her mother, actress Trudie Styler.

Steven Tyler & Liv Tyler

Here’s one father-daughter duo that needs little introduction. As the daughter of Aerosmith’s lead singer, Steven Tyler, actress Liv Tyler has managed to stray out of her father’s shadow to cast one of her own. However, that doesn’t mean that we can’t spot the resemblance from miles away.

The Kids of Our Favorite Rock Stars Grew up to Look Just Like Their Parents68

Liv, who is now 42 years old, has found success as a model, actress, producer, and has even dipped her toes in music. She is best known for her role as Arwen Undómiel in the Lord of the Rings film trilogy. Tyler has three half-siblings from her father’s side and is the only child of her mother, model, and singer Bebe Buell.

Simon Le Bon & Amber Le Bon

Amber Le Bon is the eldest daughter of Duran Duran frontman, Simon Le Bon and his wife, model Yasmin Le Bon. In addition to inheriting Simon’s love for music, as evident through her studies and piano skills, she also took on her parent’s good looks.

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Following in her mother’s footsteps, who was one of the highest-earning models in the 80s, Amber has found success as a fashion model. Throughout her career, the 30-year-old model has become the face of several brands including Forever 21, Smashbox, and Myla swimwear.

Ron Wood & Jesse Wood

As the firstborn son of Ronnie Wood, a member of the legendary rock group, The Rolling Stones, it only makes sense that Jesse Wood pursue a career in music. And not just because he basically looks like a clone of his father’s younger self. The now 43-year-old musician is a member of both the bands Red Racer and Reef.

The Kids of Our Favorite Rock Stars Grew up to Look Just Like Their Parents55

In addition to music, Wood also found himself in modeling. His late mother Krissy Findlay, who passed away in 2005, was also a model. Jesse has modeled for Yohji Yamamoto fragrance campaign and Liam Gallagher’s Pretty Green clothing label. He is also well known for his marriage to TV presenter Fearne Cotton.

Phil Collins & Lily Collins

Talent is definitely something that runs through the Collins family bloodline. Singer, multi-instrumentalist, and producer Phil Collins is well known as the drummer of the rock band Genesis as well as his successful solo career. While his daughter, Lily Collins didn’t choose the musical route, The now 31-year-old continues to find success as an actress, model, and writer.

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As an actress, Lily’s most recent projects include her starring role in the Netflix drama, To The Bone as well as her portrayal of Liz Kendall in the Ted Bundy biographical drama Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile. As a writer, Collins has written for Seventeen, Teen Vogue, and the Los Angeles Times. She has also authored her own book titled Unfiltered: No Shame, No Regrets, Just Me.

Madonna & Lourdes Leon

Madonna’s daughter Lourdes Leon, who is now 23 years old, has managed to stay relatively under the music and Hollywood limelight through the years. Especially considering the fact that her mom has long been crowned the queen of pop and is still making music today. Lourdes is Madonna’s first of two biological children. She also has four adopted siblings from Malawai.

The Kids of Our Favorite Rock Stars Grew up to Look Just Like Their Parents69

Today Lourdes has been dubbed a fashion “it girl” after finding success both as a model and a fashion designer. She started at 14 years old when she partnered with her mother to launch the Material Girl clothing line. Lourdes became the face of the line as well as the Creative Director. She made her runway debut in 2018 at the CFDA/ Vogue Fashion Fun and took on her first major campaign for Miu Miu just last year.

Ringo Starr & Zak Starkey

Some could argue that becoming a professional drummer was etched in Zak Starkey’s destiny. Given the fact that his father, The Beatles drummer, Ringo Starr is the richest drummer of all time, it’s no surprise that Starkey chose the same career path.

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As the son of Ringo Starr and his first wife, Maureen Starkey, Zak began teaching himself how to play drums at the young age of ten. Despite his father’s hopes that his son would pursue a different path, by the time he was 30, Starkey was performing and recording with big names like The Who and Oasis. Today, at 54 years old, he still performs and even joined The Who for their Moving On Tour just last year.

Quincy Jones & Rashida Jones

Actress Rashida Jones is one of seven children to Grammy Award-winning legend, Quincy Jones. And while Rashida did not find herself in music alongside her father, she has definitely made it in the entertainment industry. Following in the footsteps of her mother, Peggy Lipton, Rashida has found success as an actress.

The Kids of Our Favorite Rock Stars Grew up to Look Just Like Their Parents50 1

Rashida is known to many from her time starring in hit shows like The Office and Parks and Recreation. Jones has also made it big behind the scenes as a director, writer, and producer, even winning a Grammy Award for Best Music Film in her documentary Quincy, which follows the life of her father. Most recently, at 44, Rashida can be seen starring in Netflix’s BlackAF.

Paul McCartney & James McCartney

As the only son of Beatles frontman, Paul McCartney and his late wife Linda, 42-year-old James McCartney also found a career path in music. He released two EPs and two albums, Me in 2013 and The Blackberry Train in 2016.

The Kids of Our Favorite Rock Stars Grew up to Look Just Like Their Parents48 1

Besides this, and contrary to his father who still performs today, James has lived a relatively private life. James has also collaborated with his father on some of his solo albums, playing guitar and drums as well as co-writing songs. In addition, he also played lead guitar on Linda’s posthumously released album, Wild Prairie.

Chrissie Hynde & Natalia Ray Hynde

Although the daughter of Pretenders frontwoman Chrissie Hynde and Kinks frontman Ray Davies did not go down the musical path like her parents, this does not mean she did not take after her mother. For one, she seems to have gotten all of her mom’s stunning features, not to mention her rockstar attitude.

The Kids of Our Favorite Rock Stars Grew up to Look Just Like Their Parents9

The now 38-year-old also took a page from her mother’s book it comes to environmental activism. Chrissie Hynde is known for being a strong supporter of PETA and other animal rights groups. Similarly, her daughter Natalia has made headlines for her strong stance against environmental matters such as fracking and the felling of trees.

Ozzy Osbourne & Kelly Osbourne

Ever since The Osbournes first graced our screens back in 2002, we have all been enamored by the quirky Osbourne clan. Made famous by Black Sabbath’s lead vocalist, Ozzy Osbourne, and his lovable wife/manager, Sharon, the world has been keeping up with the Osbournes before the Kardashian sisters were on anyone’s radar.

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And while the show stopped running back in 2005, somehow the family still has a place in our hearts. One of the most active members today is 35-year-old Kelly Osbourne who has since become a recognized media personality. And other than her clear heavy metal style and their mutual claim for fame, when looking at a photo of a young Ozzy, there is no denying this father-daughter connection.

Mick Jagger & Georgia May Jagger

Sadly we can’t all be as lucky as 28-year-old, Georgia May Jagger who was blessed with the genes of her father, Mick Jagger. With those round eyes, full lips, and sultry stare, you can see the resemblance from miles away. Clearly Ms. Jagger took this into consideration when choosing her career path.

The Kids of Our Favorite Rock Stars Grew up to Look Just Like Their Parents 66

Following in the footsteps of her equally stunning mother, Jerry Hall Georgia is both a fashion model and designer. She has worked for big names such as Chanel, Tommy Hilfiger, and Marc Jacob, to name a few. She has also designed collections with Volcom and Mulberry.

Marvin Gaye & Nona Gaye

While it’s undeniable that 45-year-old Nona Gaye completely took after her father in the looks department, what she really inherited were some powerful vocal cords. Gaye began her career in music in the early 90s and has taken on the entertainment industry full-on since then.

The Kids of Our Favorite Rock Stars Grew up to Look Just Like Their Parents41 1

Besides her music, which included a three-year collaboration with the legendary Prince, Gaye also found success as a model and an actress. In the early 90’s she became the face of Armani and was even named one of People Magazine’s “50 Most Beautiful People.” She is best known for her role as Zee in The Matrix film series.

Keith Richards & Theodora Richards

35-year-old Theodora Richards is the eldest of two daughters of Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards and model Patti Hansen. Although she took after her rock star father when it comes to alluring facial features, she actually chose her mother’s path when it came to her career.

The Kids of Our Favorite Rock Stars Grew up to Look Just Like Their Parents72

Like many on this list, Theodora, as well as her younger sister Alexandra, took on a career in modeling. She has appeared in campaigns for Tommy Hilfiger as well as the New Zealand-based Karen Walker label. In 2014, Richards also published a children’s book with her father titled Gus and Me: The Story of My Granddad and My First Guitar.

Lenny Kravitz & Zoë Kravitz

Actress, Zoë Kravitz has certainly made a name for herself through the years. As the daughter of musician Lenny Kravitz and actress Lisa Bonet, life in the spotlight was inevitable for the now 31-year-old. However, that doesn’t mean that she hasn’t earned her spot as a true Hollywood star.

The Kids of Our Favorite Rock Stars Grew up to Look Just Like Their Parents71

She is best known for her role in the Fantastic Beasts films and her starring role in the HBO drama Big Little Lies and is now set to play Catwoman in the 2021 film The Batman. Although known more for her acting and modeling, that does not mean that her father’s musical talents were lost on her. Zoë is also the frontwoman for the band, Lolawolf, who have opened for names like Lily Allen and Miley Cyrus.

Kim Gordon & Coco Gordon Moore

Another progeny of music legends, Coco Gordon Moore knows what it feels to be born under the spotlight. Her parents, Sonic Youth members Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore brought her up around the alternative rock movement of the early 90s, and Coco’s style and aspirations as she grew older naturally followed suit.

The Kids of Our Favorite Rock Stars Grew up to Look Just Like Their Parents37 1

The now 26-year-old chose to avoid music stating she did not want to be constantly compared to her parents. Instead, she is working as a visual artist and model. She has released several chapbooks of poetry and was seen last year walking the New York Fashion Week runways

Johnny Cash & Rosanne Cash

It seems the talent and passion for country music that the late Johnny Cash left behind is living on through his oldest daughter Rosanne Cash. The 64-year-old singer-songwriter saw success in the 1980’s, topping both the pop and country charts. She has released six albums and even won four Grammy awards throughout her career.

The Kids of Our Favorite Rock Stars Grew up to Look Just Like Their Parents35 1

In addition to her successful music career, Cash has also written three books. She has three younger sisters, one-half brother, and two stepsisters from her father’s marriage to June Carter. Many of her siblings, including her stepsister Carlene Carter and half brother John Carter Cash, are also country singers. Seems like country star just comes with the name.

Jane Birkin & Lou Doillon

These gorgeous ladies almost look too similar to tell apart. Thankfully for French singer-songwriter, Lou Doillon the apple did not fall far from the tree and she has adopted all of her mother’s good looks. As an actress, singer, songwriter, and model herself, Birkin spent most of her life in the spotlight.

The Kids of Our Favorite Rock Stars Grew up to Look Just Like Their Parents28 1

So it’s no wonder that her daughter, whom she had with French film director, Jacques Doillon, also sought out a career in the entertainment industry. Lou Doillon dropped out of school when she was just 15 years old to pursue her dreams full time. Since then she has appeared in various projects both in film and television as well as in music.

George Harrison & Dhani Harrison

Next on our lineup of Beatles progenies is 41-year-old Dhani Harrison, the only child of George and Olivia Harrison. And just like the other Beatles offspring, George Harrison’s son also decided to pursue a career in music. In fact, Dhani’s debut as a professional musician came about from him completing his father’s final album, Brainwashed, following George’s passing.

The Kids of Our Favorite Rock Stars Grew up to Look Just Like Their Parents25 1

The album was released in 2002 and went on to win a grammy and Harrison continued his musical career from there. He has released three albums through the band Thenewno2, one album with the band With Fistful of Mercy and most recently, one solo album in 2017. In addition to music, Dhani also shares his father’s passion for movies and has composed several film scores through the years.

Gene Simmons & Nick Simmons

Following the lead of the Osbourne family, Kiss bassist Gene Simmons also introduced the world to his wife and two kids through his A&E reality show, Gene Simmons Family Jewels. It was there that we met his son, now 31-year-old Nick Simmons.

The Kids of Our Favorite Rock Stars Grew up to Look Just Like Their Parents24 1

Following this, Simmons moved on to writing and released his own comic book series Incarnate. He also worked as a writer for The Huffington Post. In addition to his writing career, Simmons performed voice-over work on Cartoon Network’s Robot Chicken and also appeared on the show @Midnight.

Gavin Rossdale & Daisy Lowe

Daisy Lowe got all of her father’s good looks and she is not afraid to show it. As the only daughter to Bush lead vocalist, Gavin Rossdale, and fashion designer Pearl Lowe, Daisy is not one to shy away from the spotlight or the catwalk.

The Kids of Our Favorite Rock Stars Grew up to Look Just Like Their Parents 74

As a fashion model, Daisy has worked for big-name companies like Chanel, Burberry, and Topshop as well as high-end designers such as Vivienne Westwood and Marc Jacobs to name a few. Lowe has also modeled for Elle, GQ, Vogue, and Esquire and is known for never shying away from baring it all for the camera.

Frank Zappa & Diva Zappa

When musician Frank Zappa passed away back in 1993, he left behind an immense legacy in the form of feature-length films, music videos, album art, and 60-plus music albums. Here to carry on his work are his wife Gail as well as his four kids, Moon, Dweezil, Ahmet, and Diva.

The Kids of Our Favorite Rock Stars Grew up to Look Just Like Their Parents76

Being the youngest of the four, Diva Zappa not only looks like a female clone of her late father, but she also took on the famed musician’s affinity for the arts. Diva has taken on acting roles both in film and television including National Lampoon’s Pledge This, Felicity, and Good Girls. She is also a professional designer and owns her own company of knitted clothing called Hand Made Beauty.

Elvis Presley & Lisa Marie Presley

There is not too much we can say about this father-daughter duo that isn’t already well known to the world. Lisa Marie Presley is the only child of the late king of rock n’ roll, Elvis Presley, and actress Priscilla Presley. Taking after her father’s namesake, Lisa Marie decided to pursue a career in the music business.

The Kids of Our Favorite Rock Stars Grew up to Look Just Like Their Parents77

She has issued three studio albums, the latest, Storm & Grace was released in 2012. Since then Presley has been concentrating on her philanthropy and humanitarian efforts. She has four children of her own and has been married four times including to the late king of pop, Michael Jackson, and the king of memes Nicolas Cage.

Dee Snider & Jesse Blaze Snider

Dee Snider, the heavy metal star and former lead singer of 80s band Twisted Sister, was not about to have four kids without any of them learning how to rock. And his eldest son, 37-year-old Jesse Blaze Snider was more than happy to take on that responsibility.

The Kids of Our Favorite Rock Stars Grew up to Look Just Like Their Parents14 1

Although he hasn’t made it big like his father, Jesse has carried on the rock and roll way of life, and music has long been a guiding part of his career. His latest album, Come With Me if You Want to Live was released just this year in 2020. In addition to his release of several singles, theme songs, and albums, Snider is also a comic book writer, actor, and television personality.

David Bowie & Duncan Jones

Besides those piercing blue eyes and prominent cheek bones, David Bowie’s oldest child, Duncan Jones decided not to follow in his father’s legendary footsteps. Instead he took on his own path as a film director, producer and screenwriter.

The Kids of Our Favorite Rock Stars Grew up to Look Just Like Their Parents13 1

Jones is best known for his 2009 film, Moon which earned him a BAFTA Award that same year. He is also responsible for films such as Source Code, Warcraft, and Mute, which was released on Netflix in 2018. Jones is currently in pre-production on his next film titled Rogue Trooper.

Max Weinberg & Jay Weinberg

The Weinbergs are a prime example of “like father like son.” As the longtime drummer for Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band and the bandleader for Conan O’Brien, Max Weinberg continues to see a successful career as a professional drummer. And his now 30-year-old son, Jay is no different.

The Kids of Our Favorite Rock Stars Grew up to Look Just Like Their Parents42 1

Thanks to his father, Jay was exposed to the world of music from an early age. He taught himself the drums by using his dad’s old gear and performed with many bands as he grew up. He even filled in for Max and performed with Springsteen when he was only 18. Six years later, in 2014, Weinberg became the official drummer for heavy metal band, Slipknot.

Carlos Santana & Stella Santana

There’s no denying the resemblance between legendary guitarist Carlos Santana and his daughter Stella. But looks are not the only thing that he passed down to her. Like her father, 35-year-old Stella has also pursued a career in music.

The Kids of Our Favorite Rock Stars Grew up to Look Just Like Their Parents8

The R&B singer/songwriter began her career in 2012 with the release of her self-released EP, Thank You, More. Her most recent album, Yayaya, which mainly focuses on female empowerment, was released in 2019. Stella’s older brother, Salvador, has also pursued a career in music as an instrumentalist, singer, and songwriter.

Bob Dylan & Jakob Dylan

Although yet to hit icon status like his father, singer/songwriter, Jakob Dylan has seen great success through his musical pursuits. And despite the fact that he looks near identical to his father, it seems the musician has chosen to shy away from Bob Dylan covers and tributes and has made quite a name for himself.

The Kids of Our Favorite Rock Stars Grew up to Look Just Like Their Parents65

Dylan has released three solo studio albums as well as six albums with his longterm band, The Wallflowers. The progeny has won two Grammy Awards and his song “One Headlight” was listed as number 58 on Rolling Stone’s list of “100 Greatest Pop Songs.”

Bob Geldof & Pixie Geldof

As the third daughter of the Boomtown Rats frontman Bob Geldof and television personality Paula Yates, 29-year-old Pixie Geldof chose a similar path to many of the rock star offspring on this list. That is a career in modeling and music.

The Kids of Our Favorite Rock Stars Grew up to Look Just Like Their Parents5

As a model, Pixie has been the face of campaigns for several big-name brands such as Levi’s, Diesel and Henry Holland. She has also modeled for Vivienne Westwood and Jeremy Scott. As a musician, Geldof is the lead singer of the band Violet and is also a DJ.

Annie Lennox & Lola Lennox

Rising star, Lola Lennox released her debut single “In The Wild” just this past February 2020. In addition to her musical pursuits, she is also an accomplished model. Although she is the daughter of Eurythmics singer Annie Lennox, Lola does not name her mother as her main musical inspiration.

The Kids of Our Favorite Rock Stars Grew up to Look Just Like Their Parents64 1

The musician plans to release a full album in the near future. Prior to the recent release, Lola wrote several songs for the nature docu-series Serengeti which aired this past summer on BBC and the Discover Network. She also took on the job of voicing the inner monologues for some of the animals in the series.

Billy Joel & Alexa Ray Joel

After one look at singer/songwriter Alexa Ray Joel, it wouldn’t take long to guess who her father is. With those doe eyes and pouty lips, their father, daughter resemblance is really hard to miss. Alexa is the only daughter to Billy Joel and his ex-wife, model Christie Brinkley.

The Kids of Our Favorite Rock Stars Grew up to Look Just Like Their Parents3

Alexa is both a musician and a model. She credits her upbringing for her musical talents saying she had a “unique inside-peek into the songwriting process.” She also says that she learned to write songs the same way as her father (melody first, lyrics second) and that she was composing complete songs by the age of 15.

Beck & Cosimo Henri Hansen

While 15-year-old Cosimo is still too young to tell what his future holds, something tells us that this kid will find his way under the limelight sooner or later. And after turning up alongside his father at the 2020 Grammys, people are already going as far as to call him a future style icon.

The Kids of Our Favorite Rock Stars Grew up to Look Just Like Their Parents 80 1

Considering the fact that he already owns his own clothing line, called Anno Domini, it sounds like they aren’t too far off. Of course his mother, actress, and owner of the Whitley Kros fashion line, Marissa Ribisi probably had something to do with it. Besides the line, however, for now, Cosimo is living the life of a normal teen.

David Bowie & Alexandria Zahra Jones

Revisiting the legacy of the late Ziggy Stardust, let’s take a look at what his 19-year-old daughter Alexandria has been up to. Bowie’s daughter, whom he shared with model Iman Bowie, is currently pursuing a career as an artist.

The Kids of Our Favorite Rock Stars Grew up to Look Just Like Their Parents12 1

Jones has posted her work on her own Depop account where you can find pieces being sold for as high as $200. Contrary to most others on this list, Jones has strayed away from publicity for most of her life. She and her family naturally made headlines following her father’s passing in 2016 however she has yet to show signs of following in Bowie’s musical pursuits.

John Lennon & Julian Lennon

Taking one last look at Beatles offspring, John Lennon’s first son, Julian Lennon which he shared with first wife Cynthia, is also pursuing a career in music. Julian has produced a number of albums since he made his musical debut in 1984 with the album Valotte.

The Kids of Our Favorite Rock Stars Grew up to Look Just Like Their Parents73

Besides his music, Lennon has also produced an award-winning documentary called WhaleDreamers which touches on many environmental issues and has made several television appearances. He has also taken a serious interest in photography.