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The Legendary Fight That Brought Kung Fu to American Cinemas

    Kung fu as a film genre and martial arts movies, in general, have long been a popular staple in Hollywood cinema. The incorporation of acrobatic fight stunts, hand-to-hand combat, and real martial arts practices in today’s action movies all originate from the same source. Introducing kung fu to America originated from one man’s figurative and literal battle towards greatness.

    Martial artist and actor, Bruce Lee set the pace for modern action films, and his journey towards acceptance in the Western world remains an influence in America’s movie-making industry. Lee and other action movie icons such as Bolo Yeung, Jackie Chan and Chuck Norris continue to make an impact on both Eastern and Western entertainment alike. Here we will break down Lee’s story as well as other key martial arts masters that have fought their way into our hearts over the years.