The Most Controversial Shows on Netflix That Are Keeping Everyone Entertained During Quarantine

    We’re all in this together; locked up at home, eating into oblivion. Thank goodness for the streaming service Netflix, where we’re able to watch a multitude of films and TV shows back to back. And these days, they’re more and more prolific in generating stuff that’s hard to stop watching.

    Image: Screen Rant

    Take for example these few shows that have gotten people talking for all the wrong reasons. They’re dividing opinions all over the world with people in maximum binge-watching mode. Some shows are being flouted as cringy while others are under fire for being fast and loose with facts. Check out if you’ve seen the most talked-about TV during the lockdown.

    Too Hot to Handle

    Providing a new spin on the age-old dating show format, Too Hot to Handle sees a group of young men and women get to know each other in a paradise location. Their in for a chance at winning the $100,000 prize money at the end. That is if they can keep their hands off each other for the entire duration.

    Image: Oprah Mag

    And so you have the premise for this show. It’s a celibacy challenge with the people who are least capable of seeing it through. They’re encouraged to get to know each other before jumping in bed, but it’s proving easier said than done for them.

    This format definitely brings a new twist to TV dating shows, but it’s dividing a lot of opinions in the process. For some, watching it is the most laidback fun they’ve had all year. For others, it’s like watching animals in a zoo. As Tech Crunch put it, it’s “the dumbest show on Netflix.”

    The Goop Lab with Gwyneth Paltrow

    This one really gets people riled up. Gwenyth Paltrow’s new show The Goop Lab requires an open mind and loose purse strings. They’re shining a light on alternative health and wellness treatments, with some even claiming to cure the uncurable. But people aren’t taking it in how the show might have hoped, with critics arguing that their “facts” are based on nothing more than pseudoscience.

    Image: Vice

    Many are questioning why actress Gwenyth Paltrow is associating with such “ill-informed nonsense.” But it’s not entirely clear how much of it she believes in. Still, you can watch her get familiar with some pretty out-there and expensive treatments such as psychic readings, “exorcism” energy healing, vampire facials, and cold exposure therapy.

    Love is Blind

    Similarly to Too Hot to Handle, this dating show provides a fresh new format to help young people find the love of their lives. Love is Blind sees a group of singletons meet and get to know one another, all without coming face to face. The logic behind this is that without the distraction of initial physical attraction, can you connect on an even deeper level?

    Images: Insider (left) / Oprah Mag (right)

    If you’re curious to see the outcomes of such a bizarre premise, this show is a go for you. The idea is that couples who hit it off become engaged in real life – all before they’ve ever laid eyes on each other. And it doesn’t disappoint. If you’re like us and enjoy watching episodes back to back, prepare yourself for an evening shouting at the TV. Still, it’s definitely as entertaining as social experiments come.