The Most Hilarious Photobombs Ever Achieved

It looks as though photobombs have turned from awkward accidents to hilarious works of art. Some people have managed to perfect the skill and can now transform the most standard of photos into knee-slapping masterpieces.

Best Photobombs Ever 9

These days, no one is safe from falling victim to a photobomb and these pictures are here to prove it. Whether it’s an uninvited wedding guest or a surprise addition to the annual family vacation, here is our collection of some of the most epic photobombs to date.

Star Power

Do these photobombers look familiar to you? Its comedians Jimmy Fallon and John Hamm barging in on some family’s photo. It turns out this duo had a whole afternoon of photobombing photos such as these.

Best Photobombs Ever 1

Tonight Show host, Jimmy Fallon and his guest star, Jon Hamm thought it would be hilarious to surprise tourists visiting NBC’s 30 Rock in New York City. And they were right! If we were this family, we would have this photo framed.

Out with Duck Face, in With Giraffe Face

This giraffe was more than ready for its closeup, barging in on this couples photo. The animal even has its tongue out, a selfie pose some of us are all too familiar with.

Best Photobombs Ever 2

In reality, the giraffe is probably just hungry and waiting for a snack but we would like to think that the animal is much more cunning than we expect. If you look closely, it’s even looking at the camera.

That One Friend

There’s one in every group. We all have that friend that never knows how to take a serious picture, always making silly faces as soon as the camera comes out.

Best Photobombs Ever 4

This girl went above and beyond the call of silliness and decided to take her antics into the background of her friends picture perfect moment. Her gal pals look all dolled up and ready to snap their next profile picture…She had another plan for this photo.

Into the Wild

This is the most adorable photobomb that we have ever seen. The little chipmunk must have thought the camera was holding some delicious treats because he went straight for the lens.

Best Photobombs Ever 5

We are glad that the couple posing in the background found the humor in the chipmunk’s curiosity. Although the photo they had planned definitely makes for a cute couple pic, we much prefer this accidental snap.

Uninvited Guest Star

Here’s another familiar face. This couple had no idea when they ventured to a local park in New Orleans, that their adorable couple photos would feature this hilarious guest star.

Best Photobombs Ever 3

Comedian Amy Schumer, and her expecting baby bump jump right in on the couples engagement photo shoot. Schumer saw the couple posing in the park and just had to get in on the action.

A Not So Tickled Elmo

A usually cheerful Elmo is caught looking out of character as he looks on at Woody getting all the attention. Who knew the Sesame Street favorite could get so jealous?

Best Photobombs Ever 7

We guess Elmo is used to getting all the love, but even the happiest of stars are allowed to have their off days. Meanwhile, Woody and his tourist friend have no idea that the devastated Elmo is photobombing their picture.

Photo Ready Husky

This husky was craving all the attention during the last holiday gathering. He was not going to let them exclude him in the family photo, even if that meant being sneaky about it.

Best Photobombs Ever 10

We have to agree with the husky that all family dogs deserve to be up front and center in any family photo. However, the man sitting behind him doesn’t seem to agree with the sentiment.

Lovesick Llama

This couple celebrating their rustic wedding at a local farm did not expect the locals to get in on their wedding photos. A lonely llama looks longingly at the couple as they lean in for a romantic kiss.

Best Photobombs Ever 11

The llama almost looks like its jealous of the newlyweds. We are sure that he will also find love one day. Let’s just hope that the couple does not get too close. Llamas tend to spit when they are unhappy.

Love Triangle

This almost looks like a dramatic plot point of a soap opera. The man in the back looks on at the happy couple as if he had just had his long lost love stolen from him.

Best Photobombs Ever 12

In reality, the angry looking man in the back is just having fun as his friends pose in front of him. We can’t imagine what their reaction was once they aw how this photo turned out.

Someone Forgot to Knock

We aren’t sure who to call the photobomber in this photo. It seems the dog was trying to have a private moment when this family decided to pose for a photo.

Best Photobombs Ever 15

The poor pup looks up at the commotion only to find out that his me time was caught on camera. What makes this moment even more hilarious is that the dog is looking right at the camera while he goes about his business.

Free Hugs!

This emotional photobomb was clearly not welcome. A tourist visiting Stingray City in the Cayman Islands had an unexpected surprise while swimming in the clear blue waters.

Best Photobombs Ever 16

This tourist must not have gotten the memo that stingrays would be roaming around her during the excursion. She could not handle having the sea creature jumping in on her photo.

Always the Bridesmaid, Never the Bride

Every wedding’s most tense moment happens when the bride tosses her bouquet and all the single ladies group up behind her in hopes to be the lucky lady who catches it.

Best Photobombs Ever 17

This wedding had an unexpected participant at its bouquet toss. The man looks up at the flowers with as much hope, if not more as the other ladies. We can’t tell if he is making fun of the tradition or genuinely wants to be the next bride to be.

Reaching for the Stars

Here is another seemingly accidental photobomb. The waiter was just minding his own business, bringing meals over to their respected table when a young patron trying to help reaches for the plates.

Best Photobombs Ever 18

Unfortunately the height difference lead to an unfortunate situation and it just so happened that the young couple waiting for their food was getting their photo taken at that exact moment. As a result, the waiters look of shock made for a hilariously timed photo.

Next Level Skills

Unlike some of the other photos on this list, this photobomb was no accident and we have to commend this guy on his skills. These adorable couples just wanted a beautiful photo together on the beach.

Best Photobombs Ever 19

This agile guy had another plan for them, however. Just as the photographer snapped the picture, he took a giant leap and succeeded in jazzing up the photo. We hope these beachgoers have a sense of humor.

Smile for the Camera

This girl with the daisy in her hair just wanted a gorgeous beach photo but her friend had another plan. She saw the photo moment and took it as an opportunity to put on her craziest face possible.

Best Photobombs Ever 20

She could not have guessed that the picture would turn out this hilarious. She looks like such an odd ball behind her friend’s innocent smile. We are positive they had a good laugh over this one.

Happiest Place on Earth

This Disney vacationer just wanted to cross the street and had no idea he was ruining this couple’s moment. A man wanted to make his Disney proposal perfect for his fiance to be, but unfortunately, the photo moment was hijacked.

Best Photobombs Ever 22

He got down on one knee right in front of the iconic Disney castle and even planned for someone to be ready with the camera. What he didn’t take into consideration was the crowd of other visitors that would be passing by as he popped the question.

Troll Alert!

These unsuspecting girls wanted to snap a photo before they hit the town but their friend decided to peak his head in and completely kill the vibe. Their similar fashion choices deserved a photo but this guy felt left out.

Best Photobombs Ever 21

We aren’t sure how he managed to get his face to look so much like the troll meme, but somehow he nailed it. Not only that but he took his photobomb to the next level by creeping in unnoticed by the girls.

Wedding Crasher

Sometimes the best photobombs happen completely on accident. That is definitely the case for this beachgoer who was just minding his own business, walking along the water when he stumbled on a wedding happening on the sand.

The Most Hilarious Photobombs Ever Achieved49

He’s only human so naturally, he stopped to watch the bride and groom say their “I dos.” Unbenkownced to him, however, he was becoming an honorary member of the wedding party. Somebody get this man a white button-up and orange flower.

Party Much Pattinson?

These three friends were out on the town enjoying their girls’ night when they decided to take a photo to commemorate the occasion. They did not even spot Twilight star, Robert Pattinson before he could photobomb their moment.

The Most Hilarious Photobombs Ever Achieved32

Is it just us or does Pattinson look like he’s had a few more drinks than he could handle? Not too drunk to nail this photobomb. We can only imagine how happy these girls were when they saw the result of this pic. Hopefully at least one of them are fans.

Missed Opportunities

Judging by this guy’s equipment, he is no amateur when it comes to wildlife photography. But unfortunately, even the most experienced photographers sometimes miss the opportunity for the perfect photo. Poor guy was just admiring his photo reel when a surprise guest came along.

The Most Hilarious Photobombs Ever Achieved48

He had no idea that the mountain goat was standing behind him, and that he was clearly ready for his closeup. Thankfully he had a friend with him who was ready to capture the moment. We can only hope the goat was not feeling territorial that day.

Someones Becoming Vegan

This dog just found out where fish come from and he is not happy about it. The human friend that decided to take his dog along for a fishing excursion does not feel the same way, however. He held his catch up with pride and couldn’t wait to snap a selfie.

The Most Hilarious Photobombs Ever Achieved47

His four-legged fishing buddy wanted nothing to do with it and did not even try to hide his judgmental glare. It won’t be long before he refuses to eat his kibble and requests vegan food only. Now that he has seen where fish really come from, he will never un-see it.

God of Thunder and Photobombs

This couple is enjoying their vacation, enjoying the beautiful green landscape and relaxing by the pool with a couple of beers. Just like anyone, they wanted to take a vacation photo of themselves and the view. Our guess is no one told them that Thor was standing right behind them.

The Most Hilarious Photobombs Ever Achieved44

Well maybe not Thor himself but the actor who plays him at least. Sometimes Avengers need vacations too and actor, Chris Hemsworth who plays Thor in the Marvel cinematic universe is no exception. And of course, he not only nailed this photobomb, but he also looks handsome as heck while doing so.

Here Comes The…Second Cousin?

This poor guy fell victim to a case of the wrong place at the wrong time. He was hoping to catch a photo of the bride and groom as they walked out of the church but did not realize that he was blocking the view for the hired wedding photographer while doing so.

The Most Hilarious Photobombs Ever Achieved46

We can only guess that the man attempting to jog away from the photographer’s line of site is somehow related to the newlyweds. So hopefully the family got a good laugh out of this one and that he wasn’t actually a complete stranger.

Unexpected Celebrity Encounter

Now we aren’t sure who is photobombing who in this case. It could either be that this woman saw Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler and strategically posed in front of him to snag a sneaky photo. Or it could be that Tyler himself is the photobomber here.

The Most Hilarious Photobombs Ever Achieved42

Either way, we are sure the woman was happy to walk away with a photo of the rock n roll legend. We can only wonder what Tyler is saying to her while this photo was being taken. Maybe he invited her for a real photo and not just this seeming accidental snap.

Proud Hiking Buddy

This llama was not about to let his human hiking buddy take all the credit for their hike up Machu Picchu. The Inca trail which leads to the top of this climb is 25 miles which can take days to complete. So its only fair that both get to take the monumental selfie once reaching the top.

The Most Hilarious Photobombs Ever Achieved43

Truth be told, there are actually many llamas that make this area their home. So this adorable fella was probably already waiting at the top when a friendly visitor arrived wanting to snap a selfie. Fun fact: Peru is actually home to 90% of the alpacas in the world and 26% of llamas.

Just Part of The Family

Comedian Jason Segel couldn’t help but intervene when he saw this happy couple taking their engagement photos. And judging by the smiles on their faces, they had no objection to him crashing their photoshoot. I mean, who wouldn’t? It’s Jason Segel.

The Most Hilarious Photobombs Ever Achieved41

Naturally, as the funny man that he is, Segel has the best face on for this photobomb making the moment even more hilarious. If we were this couple, we would definitely print out and frame this particular photo. This will make a great story for the kids one day…

Zombie Photo Invasion

Now, this is a photobomb like we’ve never seen before. Apparently this young couple was posing for some photos before heading out to enjoy prom night together when they had some unexpected guests crash their party.

The Most Hilarious Photobombs Ever Achieved27

Turns out, the couple was taking their pre-prom pictures in Senoia, Georgia, right by the set of AMC’s The Walking Dead. The hit show, which follows survivors of a zombie apocalypse, is filmed primarily in Georgia. Although they tried to avoid the set itself, it looks like the cast of zombies still managed to make their way into their photos.

The Wedding Singer Part 2

Comedian Adam Sandler has come a long way since his The Wedding Singer days but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t still hold a soft spot for making wedding days that much more epic. Our guess is he saw this couple taking photos on their special day and happily obliged to crash one of their pictures.

The Most Hilarious Photobombs Ever Achieved29

This couple looks ecstatic that the star managed to photobomb their moment. If you ask us, the real star of this photoshoot is the prominent mustache that Sandler is proudly sporting.

Hay There Kids!

This horse looks like he is the host of the next big children’s program. Move aside Barney, there’s a new mascot in town. Next big break or not, this stallion really seems aware of what he’s doing. He wasn’t going to let the kids be the only star of this photo op.

The Most Hilarious Photobombs Ever Achieved31

Luckily the kids think the horse is being hilarious and they aren’t terrified by his playful photobombing strategies. We can only imagine what a horseback riding trip with this guy would be like. Hopefully, these girls have the patience for all the antics sure to come.

An Especially Romantic Crosswalk

Comedian Zach Braff was just minding his own business, crossing the busy street, and sipping on his venti Starbucks latte when he found the perfect opportunity for a photobomb. For once, the photographer’s focus was on someone else besides him and he just wasn’t having that.

The Most Hilarious Photobombs Ever Achieved40

This innocent couple just wanted a romantic wedding shot on the streets of Times Square. And it probably would have been a beautiful shot if it wasn’t for Braff intervening. Whether or not they were happy about it all depends on if they are fans of the Scrubs star or not.

Jogging His Way Into an Awkward Situation

What is it about romantic moments such as this one that always leave an open invitation for someone to photobomb. Granted this poor jogger seemed to have done so completely by accident so we wont hold him too accountable.

The Most Hilarious Photobombs Ever Achieved30

The guy on one knee had the perfect proposal planned out. He and his girlfriend made plans to go to the park, seemingly just to walk their dog. Right as they passed a scenic spot along the water, he got on one knee and popped the question, even having a friend waiting there to snap a photo. Too bad he didn’t think about the other park-goers that might get in the way of the perfect moment.

Friendly Game of Photobomb

These two were enjoying a LA Dodgers game and were ready to snap a selfie when comedian Ken Jeong took matters into his own hands. Guess he thought they were taking themselves way too seriously so he put on this silly face to lighten the mood.

The Most Hilarious Photobombs Ever Achieved35

Leave it to Jeong to catch us all off guard with his antics and completely one up this photo op. Let’s face it, whether it’s through unexpected photobombs or through his roles such as Ben Chang in Community or Mr. Chow in The Hangover movies, Ken Jeong always makes every scene ten times more entertaining.

She Forgot Her Invisibility Cloak

This woman must have thought that she was sneaky, but the girls waiting for their photo in front of the Epcot globe were not amused. Her tip toe strategy proved unsuccessful, and the woman managed to mess with the moment.

Best Photobombs Ever 24

In some ways though, the woman helped them out. Everyone who travels to Disney World tries to take a photo in front of the Spaceship Earth globe. At least these girls will have a hilarious photo there that will stand out among the rest.

A Royal Affair

Who says the royal family can’t be silly? Sure, they have lots of strict rules they need to follow when representing the crown, but even the most well-mannered folk need time to let out their inner child once in a while. And Prince Harry is no exception.

The Most Hilarious Photobombs Ever Achieved36

Once this duke saw the opportunity to let loose, he did not pass it up. And the result is a hilarious surprise photobomb. We aren’t sure if the picture takers meant to get him in the background or not but we are confident they were happy with the result none the less. Not many people have a photo like this of Prince Harry in their album.

Aquaman Defending His Territory

What a perfect spot for a wedding photoshoot right? Who wouldn’t want the opportunity to pose with your new husband or wife next to this beautiful view by the ocean? Granted, the happy couple had no idea that Aquaman himself would be there protecting his kind.

The Most Hilarious Photobombs Ever Achieved37

Ok ok, it might not actually be Aquaman but rather actor Jason Momoa, who plays him in the DC cinematic universe. But Momoa is clearly committing to some serious method acting with this photobomb. Does he carry that trident with him everywhere?

Hey Paul

This couple was taking their wedding photos when a random cyclist stopped in to say, “Hello, Goodbye.” Beatles frontman and rock n’ roll icon, Paul McCartney did not realize he was riding right through a wedding photo shoot until he saw the lady in white.

Best Photobombs Ever 23

Having a soft spot for a good love story, McCartney stopped to apologize and luckily the photographer managed to snap the moment. Who knew photobombs were such a fun hobby for these stars.

Brotherly Love

If this isn’t the perfect example of FOMO, then we don’t know what is. The little boy clearly felt offended that he wasn’t being included in his sisters’ photos.

Best Photobombs Ever 26

He did not take this lightly. The little guy decided to hijack what would have been an adorably perfect snapshot. He even brought a nearby stick to properly express his anger.

Paparazzi Moment

We like to call this a reverse photobomb. Actor, Jake Gyllenhaal was just sitting for dinner when this couple took a selfie, catching the star’s eye. We aren’t sure if they realized he was there or purposely tried to catch Gyllenhaal behind them.

Best Photobombs Ever 25

Most celebrities don’t like to be disturbed with photos when they are sitting down for a meal. This couple seems to have found a way to cheat the system with their not so sneaky selfie.

Dave Chappelle’s Show

Just leave it to the legendary comedian, Dave Chappelle to take a romantic moment and turn it into a hilarious photo opportunity. Just as this couple was celebrating their engagement, Chappelle found it the ideal moment to sneak into the shot.

Best Photobombs Ever 6

Ohio couple, Tommy Sauders and Emily Eldridge set out to a local brewery in Yellow Springs Ohio for their engagement photoshoot. Chappelle, who lives in the area just had to get in on one of their photos. He later told the couple, “we’re gonna go viral, man!” Guess he was right.