The Most Moving Moments Captured During the George Floyd Protests This Week

We’ve seen a huge national outcry this week in response to the unjust killing of George Floyd. An overwhelming number of citizens have hit the streets to object to the treatment he received as an unarmed black man by four Minneapolis police officers, forcing people to confront racial bias in America’s law enforcement.

With so much chaos going on this week, we wanted to share some of the uplifting moments that have developed across the states. Touchingly, people have been responding to the current events and coming together for the better good.

Image: Post Gazette

Above, two law enforcement officers in Pittsburgh, Police Chief Scott Schubert and Officer Jon Bradford knelt on the ground and raised their fists in solidarity with peaceful street protestors. The demonstration on West Liberty Avenue, Beechview, was demanding justice for the killing of George Floyd.

Community Clean-Up

Protesting can be a messy business. That’s why these citizens offered up their time and energy to help clean up the messy streets of Minneapolis after protests occured. Whether it’s discarded cardboard signs or drink spillages, these individuals know the value of looking after public spaces and keeping the streets clean – quite literally.

Image: Good Morning America

It was May 31st, and this grassroots community, many of which had been protestors, gave up their free time to help get Minneapolis looking normal again. We find it especially moving to see these people pitch in together for no personal gain.

The Supportive Police Chief

At a “Justice for George Floyd” event in Houston on May 30th, Police Chief Art Acevedo comforted a protestor in a touching show of solidarity. He walked beside her, arm in arm, and joined the march in confronting racial bias. He has even become something of a local celebrity for his continuous show of support for the protestors.

Image: ABC News

He has been seen hand in hand with other protestors and even gave an impassioned speech at one rally over George Floyd’s unjust killing. Just like the protesting citizens, he has been calling for more police accountability and a reform of the cash-led bail system. He explained that release “should be based on [their] public safety risk rather than how rich [they] are.” This image is just another moving moment that happened during the protests.